tagSci-Fi & FantasyHunter of Evil Ch. 04

Hunter of Evil Ch. 04


Chapter 04: feral orgy

If there was one side effect of Murdoch's curse that he wasn't fond of, it was the insanely potent libido that coursed through his blood. He was surrounded by four werewolves but he couldn't find the strength to oppose them as their claws stripped his clothes and he was pulled to the ground. All four were still in human form, the appearance of lithe, nubile young women. All but one of them had smallish breasts that matched well with their thin, tight bodies. The breasts of the fourth (who's hair was as black as the night) were like a pair of watermelons. She pulled Murdoch's lips to her erect nipples and he began sucking and kissing her mounds with a fervor. The blond and redhead meanwhile ran their moist tongues along the length of his shaft as if it was the world's last ice cream while their nails ran tantalizing over his balls. The one with white and brown striped hair (he assumed she was their leader) sucked on his ear as she took his left hand and guided it to her pussy. His fingers touched the folds and the lips opened for his fingers. "You will beg to join us," she gasped in his ear as three of his fingers slid into her snatch.

At the moment Murdoch was not in a position to disagree as the dark-hair took the hand that was already under her and she also guided it to her dripping cunt. At that moment, he felt one of the other two (he couldn't tell as his head was still buried in breasts) close her lips around the head of his cock while the other used her tongue to pull his balls into hers. Murdoch's fingering ministrations grew more intense as the oral pleasures consumed his senses. The night was filled with the moaning, growling and howling of the girls on top of him as one of them reached orgasm. He too could feel his loins grow with the need to release when the two at his crotch stopped. He actually whimpered a moment before he felt the parts of his manhood again engulfed. Apparently they had traded and the new girl that was upon his cock was beyond incredible. He shuddered as she took his entire length into her throat before pulling back slow, sucking as hard as she could. The dark-haired one howled as another orgasm soaked his hand and the leader joined her soon after. The sensations were too much and Murdoch began bucking, thrusting instinctively as his body coiled in preparation. Finally it was too much and his body was rocked by an earth-shattering orgasm that ripped a pleasureful cry from his body.

He lay there a moment, gasping for air as he surveyed the sight. The faces of Blond and Red were covered with his cum (some was even in their hair) while Dark and Stripe were caked with sweat and gasping as well. Red spoke, her hand cradling his cock, "Look mistress! He remains hard without any effort from us!"

Their leader crawled over and took the penis in her hand. She stroked and fondled it almost reverently a moment before straddling the hunter's lap. "Think he can seed all of us gals?"

Their eyes and smiles turned into a predatory lust as they moved into new positions. Dark stayed on his right, moving her slit up and down his fingers as Blond pulled his left into her. He watched Stripe lower her hot snatch onto his hardness before Red's hairy cunt lowered over his face. He didn't like to eat fuzzy pussies but the scent of sex drew his tongue to her slit. Still wet and hot from their earlier session, the girls were soon humping whatever part of him was at their disposal – he could even feel Red and Stripe lean forward and begin kissing and fondling each other. Their pussies thrust harder and harder upon his hands, tongue and cock until the entire orgy erupted into one simultaneous orgasm.

"Oh god! That was beyond incredible," moaned Stripe as she slid off him. "Mmmm.... still hard too," she winked at Blond. The four of them rotated counter-clockwise so that now Red was on his left with Stripe on his right. Dark lowered her very soaked cunt onto his lips while Blond took him into her. The process repeated until all four had cum again (though this time they were a little off) then, another rotation. They rotated one more time so Dark could have her turn on his cock while Blond rubbed her loins on his face. By now Murdoch was getting desperate for a final release but it seemed that the lust was beyond his control. He could feel their teeth nipping at his skin and he wondered how much longer it would before they tried to convert him. The hunter enjoyed this final leg of the orgy until he felt himself and the women begin to shudder with impending orgasm. He arched to drive his rod as deep into Dark as he could as he angled his mouth and bit into Blond. The sudden and different sensation caused her to howl louder than anyone had until Murdoch's cum erupted into Dark and her cry almost deafened him. The hunter hadn't realized how hungry he had gotten as he greedily lapped at Blond's blood while his cum poured and poured into Dark, overflowing onto his thighs. He felt Stripe and Red go through their throes and slump off his hands. Free, he grabbed Blond's hips and held her to his mouth while she and Dark continued to wither in a never ending chain of orgasms. At last the blood slowed and his cock went limp. The last two women fell off him and they all lay still as small "aftershocks" continued to course through them.

Murdoch, his face, thighs and hands dripping with cum, got onto his hands and knees and crawled over Dark. She halfheartedly batted at him as he kissed up her body, pulling another moan from her. He took his time, every brush of his lips inducing a twitch. The hunter reached the wolf's neck and savored it while she spread her legs pulled him to her. He waited until they were touching before biting. Dark's eyes snapped open as she tried to fight back, but Murdoch had the leverage and she was too weak from the previous orgy. Her voice had also fled her and only a quiet gasp escaped her throat before he last breath did. Murdoch stood up and wiped his mouth as a second wind coursed through him. These women were stronger than any of the other wolves he had faced earlier. He turned to try and finish off the remaining pair.

"I'd prefer it if you joined us willingly but... I simply must have you in my pack," said the leader as she and Red stood.

"Jadra!" shouted the other woman. "He's killed them!"

The leader moved faster than anything Murdoch had ever seen as she tackled him, her teeth sinking into his shoulder.

But she jumped back and began spitting. "I'm afraid you'll find me a bit... distasteful," the hunter chuckled.

"You're bitten. You will become one of us," snarled Jadra.

"You can't curse one already cursed," Murdoch replied.

At that moment the two women attacked. Their snarls filled the air as Murdoch ducked beneath their pounce. Both of them began transforming with fur sprouting over their bodies, nails growing into full claws and fangs filling their jaws. Their coats matched the rest of the hair, even Jadra had a mix of blond and brown hair save for a silver patch on her torso. Murdoch readied himself as they grouped to attack him. It was less than a second before they charged again, their claws and arms a blur. For a moment they danced, all three of them in ballet of violence where none could land a solid blow until Jadra's claws raked his back and Red stole his breath with a kick to the chest. Murdoch staggered as the women started to circle him. They are too fast, he thought. I've got to try harder.

This time they came from both sides. Murdoch blocked, ducked and weaved between their blows, the fight a blur to any observer. At last they were able to dig their claws into his shoulders and throw the hunter into a tree, shattering it.

"You are... different," mused Jadra.

Murdoch struggled to his feet, glaring at the werewolves before a roar of his own broke the night air. Charging forward he slammed his shoulder into Jadra, knocking her aside as he backhanded Red. Before she could recover, he drove his fist into her stomach. Her breath taken, Red stumbled as Murdoch pulled her to him and tore open her throat.

Her body didn't even hit the ground before Jadra tackled him. Stars flashed in his vision as her claws dug into his arms, pinning him. She lunged, her fangs aiming for his face when she suddenly fell back.

"I was wondering when you'd show up," Murdoch laughed as Alaine helped him to his feet.

"You look like hell," she teased. Her eyes settled on his cock a moment and widened before she turned to pull her spear out of Jadra's back. "There was a small wave that attacked the town but we drove them off."

"I've incapacitated most of these. We'll need to make sure we–" Murdoch stopped when the werewolf stirred.

The two of them stared as Jadra stood back up. Her height and muscles were growing as the fur grew thicker and her face grew longer. When she spoke, her voice as almost a growl. "I cannot die!"

"Ideas?" squeaked Alaine.


The two took off into the forest as fast as they could with Jadra right on their heels. As they were running, they came upon the ruins of an old stone building. Lifting Alaine onto his shoulders, Murdoch pulled ahead of their pursuer and dove inside, slamming the door closed. The two of them crouched in the middle of the floor and readied themselves. The thundering of the wolf's feet grew louder and louder... but nothing happened. The snarling of the enraged beast suddenly stopped and the night grew eerily calm.

"Now what?" asked Alaine.

"She knows we're going to ambush her the second she comes through that door," said Murdoch. "I bet she's going to try and lure us outside..."

"But we can wait till sunrise," Alaine finished.

They sat for a long minute, listening for any sign of the werewolf but heard only the usual sounds of the night.

"What do you suppose this place was?" wondered Alaine.

"Looks to be a small monastery," Murdoch answered.

Suddenly the wall behind them exploded as Jadra charged. But the structure was too unstable and began to collapse in on itself. Grabbing Alaine, Murdoch lunged for the door...

It was awhile before Alaine realized that the darkness blinding her was not death. Judging from the heat above her and the breath washing over her face, she realized Murdoch was propped over her. The door had fallen on them followed by debris of the ruin and the only thing keeping them from being crushed was her friend.

"Are you ok?" she whispered.

"This... is.... very heavy," Murdoch grunted, a bead of sweat falling onto her cheek. "I don't know how long I can hold it."

"It's... not much," said Alaine, her hand brushing his stomach. "But thank you."

"For... getting us... killed?" he chuckled before dropping closer to her as the weight settled.

"For giving us every second we can have," she answered, leaning up to touch her lips against his.

Murdoch returned the kiss and it grew deeper. "I... I love you Alaine."

Taking his face in her hands, she whispered back, "I've always loved you too."

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