tagNonHumanHunter Takes Predator

Hunter Takes Predator


It was October 30th reaching the end of the 8pm, and the sun had gone down, draping darkness over the land. You wouldn't think North Carolina to be a horrifying place at night, but driving through the highway and along the wooded area, it took on a brand new definition. It was especially spooky considering all the missing reports around the area that sparked the interest of Lyle.

Lyle drove along the deserted roads with his high beams on in front, speeding in his black truck, and looked on for interesting sights. There'd been reports of attacks all around the country side, and locals even recall seeing two women attacking cattle. From cattle came local business owners. They were mostly men, as Lyle had figured. He conducted his research learning of the break in at the local mausoleum where the bodies of two girls had gone missing.

The police suspected theft, but Lyle knew otherwise. The master vampire was near, and his prey was now hungry predators. He finally reached the end of the road looking out on to a half built construction site. He knew this is where they would likely be hiding. If not here, then underground. When he stepped out from the truck, he could smell the rank odor of corpses. He covered his face cringing, he just couldn't find where they were being stashed. Obviously the vampires were prone to feeding and not producing new vamps, which was a relief.

Lyle took his sword sheathing it along his back, and held out his crossbow preparing for the trip. He slipped on his head light and turned grabbing his cell phone. He took a soft breath and rang his cell preparing to hear his wife's voice just once before he went in to battle. He'd heard the ringing and turned yelping in horror as a male vampire shambled out from the darkness lurching at him. He dropped the phone along the ground and wrestled with it, rolling around the ground and pinned it down with all his might. With one swipe, he sliced its head from its shoulders and stepped back as the body went limp.

He panted wiping his face, annoyed at the sloppiness, and rushed over to the phone hearing "I'm sorry," over the phone from. He picked up and held his phone up listening for a moment, "Jenny, I'm here." She sighed saddened and continued, "I'm leaving you, Lyle."

"What?" he gasped looking back.

"I've been seeing someone else for the last year," she sighed, "I just want someone not so committed to his job."

"I told you my job isn't easy."

She sighed feigning sadness.

"We have passion, you've always said I'm the best you ever had..."

"You are, but I want more, I've been cheating on you with Mex," she insisted.

"Max?" he sighed in disappointment, "He's my best friend...!"

"I'll wait for you to talk more and I'm leaving in the morning with him," she replied coldly, "I'm sorry."

She hung up before he could argue. He sighed in disbelief, looking around and examining his options and felt a wave of rage wash over him. He tossed the cell in to the truck, closing the door and rushed in prepared for a battle. He aimed his crossbow in front and dropped in to the second level of the site where it led to a cave like closing covered by tarps and girders. It was obvious no one had been to this place in a while, and what he could tell the workers had been fed on. Their bodies were tucked in to corners. He shot arrows in to their hearts to ensure safety and pressed on.

He changed his gun, aiming ahead and tossed a flare in to a dark hole ahead of him. Within an instant the hiss of the flare transformed in to hisses of monsters. He stepped back and within moments the two female vampires slid out, hands bent in to claws, their pale skin pressed against their tattered clothing. They were well preserved, if very vicious, but he'd taken no chance to admire their morbid beauty. That was their way of distracting prey. He tossed the bolo net on to them causing them to screech in anger, and before he could aim, they'd torn through it with their sharp talons lurching at him. He stepped back kicking one then the other in to the walls and shot the gun with precision.

Two cuffs bound the dark haired vamp against the wall by the wrists, firmly bound in to the wooden wall. He shot again pinning the blond vamp with both wrists raised to her side. They realized they vulnerable positions crying out in anger and squirmed struggling to break free.

"Where's the master?"

They paused hissing, and he approached the dark haired vamp with a crucifix. She flinched crying out in pain.

"Your master?"

She hissed for a moment and cackled looking in to him, "How's your wife, Lyle?" she laughed as her partner chuckled in the other end. He beamed in anger smacking her defiantly and then clutched her neck in fury. She smiled rubbing her knees in to his crotch seductively, and he hesitated stepping back. He tore her top off with one motion unveiling her large breasts and pulled her head back kissing her neck as she hissed. He clutched her breasts anxiously, kissing and sucking them, and finally dropped his pants sliding in to her as she flinched hissing. He pounded her against the wall gaining a heavy rhythm and grunting in pleasure as she hissed.

Soon the hisses of defiance melted in to soft moans of pleasure as she panted. The session became so heated her blond partner halted her squirming and watched in mild arousal as they proceeded to fuck. Her pale long legs now wrapped around his waist, her predatory hisses turned in to moans of sheer pleasure even she couldn't hide. There was a reason why his soon to be ex wife called him the best, and the dark haired vamp discovered as the humping persisted inspiring amorous moans and cries of pleasure. He turned her head kissing her, and in the heat of the moment they traded kisses. He panted very aroused and satisfied that she'd been so heated she didn't take a bite out of him.

She gazed at him somewhat shocked and in heated, squirming and flashing her tongue along her sharp fangs. He rushed over to the blond partner pulling her head back and slid in to her from behind as she cried out in pleasure, moaning and welcoming him. He panted moaning and pounded her round rump anxiously, grunting and smacking her cold skin as she moaned, licking her fangs in euphoria. He clutched her right breast with one hand and ran his left hand down her gorgeous face kissing her deeply and slid his finger in to her mouth as she sucked on it moaning with every hard thrust. He cringed as she bit in to his finger sucking from the wound, but it didn't stop his momentum, as he pounded her harder, prompting her to open her mouth and moan.

He stepped back noticing the dark haired vamp had broken free and tore him from the ground dropping him to the floor. The blond vamp broke free as he lay back prepared to welcome his fate. Before he could await his dead, the dark haired vampire mounted him and continued the motion, clutching his shirt with both hands and rode him fast and hard, moaning and crying out.

The blond vamp slid around kissing him deeply and passionately as he clutched her head, moaning and taking the pounding from her partner. She slid up allowing him to suck on her large bosoms, and moaned with joy. After the session heightened, he grunted aloud cumming in to the dark haired vamp and released in to her, enjoying the release, and looked down as the pair nipped in to his shoulder sucking on the dripping blood, and trading blood soaked kisses, almost as if trading ecstasy. He lay spread, clutching the dark hair vamps firm behind as they sucked on his wound for a few more minutes, delighting as he allowed them to savor their own pleasure.

The sun soon rose upon the site, and Lyle stumbled to the truck sliding in to the driver's seat and looking out on to the morning sun. He observed his small shoulder wound and looked back in to the storage section of his truck as the two vamps sat in the darkness smiling at him. He smirked in delight and turned driving. He knew his house would be the perfect den for the trio to share their sexual pleasures over and over. And as long as they had Jenny to feed on, they'd enjoy their taboo hobby for a very long time.

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