tagInterracial LoveHunters and Predators Pt. 03

Hunters and Predators Pt. 03

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1

The following day, Angie picked up Sean and Mandy for another bout of meetings at her firm. Her boss, Amos was bugging her because he felt Sean was stalling. Angie had a feeling Sean was enjoying himself in town. And she was enjoying seeing him and spending time with him.

Mark would soon be leaving on business for several days, and Angie found herself feeling relieved, something which gave her a pang of guilt. However, things were a bit tense between them, because of Sean. She had played hostess to many of her firms' clients, but Mark had never been jealous. She started wondering why a black man made her husband feel so insecure. She decided to play it safe that day, and left the hotel soon after dropping Sean and Mandy off.

Sean relaxed in his suite that evening, taking a hot, lavish bubble bath, smoking a blunt, sipping Dom Perignon, and stroking his fat cock.

When he was just another kid in high school, women generally ignored him. White women would not even talk to him. However, the moment it became clear to all that he would have a top flight career as a basketball player, woman had started throwing themselves at him. As he joined the NBA, the groupies chased after him. White women were the worst groupies of all, there was always some tall, slim blond journalist, assistant, waitress, or just plain groupie, with her pink mouth wide open for his black cock. He was lucky that an O G took him to the side and warned him that he should watch them hos, or they would be squeezing on the rubber, pulling it off or trying to make it burst. If it wasnt for the O G, Sean might have ended up like O J, falling in love with a blond, getting used and then trying to murder her.

However, young Sean realized that bitches (especially white hos) weren't shit, and he treated them like cigarettes, he smoked them and tossed them in the trash can. The only women he cared about were his mom, his sisters and Mandy.

Sean had always taken pleasure in turning white women into his sluts. He knew how much the white man hated it, to see a black man who was rich, successful and fucking a hot white woman.

He also enjoyed fucking white women because they were usually under fucked and unsatisfied from the white man, with his little cock and lack of stamina. It was a pleasure to give them a real man's cock for the first time in their lives and watch them go crazy. If he fucked a black woman, or a white woman who had already fucked black men, he had to give it his best, to impress her. But a white, Asian, Latina or even Arabian woman who had never had black dick was so easy to impress. It was enough, to just sit back and let her knock herself out on his cock.

The other thing he liked about white woman was that they could be dominated and made to do perverted, dirty ass shit. It was hard to pull it off with a black woman, but with his bad attitude, he could and had made white women suck his dick, eat his balls and lick his ass, and then he fucked them in all their holes, and watched a whore go wild. Hell, he had even made white men do that shit. It was something he loved, to have the white folks just kneel reverently before him and slavishly worship and praise his black genitals with their hands, mouths and holes. It just felt right. And white folks loved it too. It didn't even take much, to make them start moaning and groaning with pleasure as they slavishly sucked and slobbered away like little, cheap, natural born whores.

Sean had been turning out all sorts of women, from all sorts of races, with all sorts of pussies, asses and faces, in all sorts of places for a good 12 years now. Somewhere along the line, he had fucked a couple of arrogant, player hating, racist white boys in their faces and asses and liked it so much he added it to his repoitre. He had never felt guilty about fucking and using them. He had never desired anything else. His life consisted of working, making money, and breaking whores.

However, lately, he had started feeling like something was missing from his life. It was the something Angie had talked about, the day she had picked them up from the airport, a steady relationship, intimacy, trust, love, affection, children.

Sean was feeling agitated. He began to wonder if Chad was right about him. Did he really want to settle down? Could he settle down at all? He liked Angie, yet he was feeling excited about what he had agreed to do. The thought of fucking the attractive, alluring white wife, excited him immensely.

He could just picture it, taking the attractive, faithful, loving white wife and mother of two, and turning her into his cum slut. He imagined her on her knees, her big glassy hazel eyes shining up at him, as he stuffed her mouth full of his big, black cock, making her go so crazy for it, throwing her mouth at it, choking, gagging on it. Then he pictured her on her hands and knees, bending her fine, pale ass over, as he grabbed her by the hair, spanked that ass and stuffed his big, fat black cock into her stretched asshole.

Sean's cock became hard as a rock and he went crazy with lust. Yet Sean suddenly felt something he had never felt before, he felt guilty. Angie didn't deserve it. She was a good woman, a good mother, and a good wife. She sure didn't deserve it, to be slut fucked.

It was dumb bitches, like the blond masseuse, Bri, that deserved it. His face twisted into a sneer as he remembered her, acting weird and unfriendly just because he was black, and then suddenly drooling all over him when she found out that he was rich ex sports star with millions of bucks and a jet air plane.

As he thought of Bri, a nasty smile crossed his face. He decided the tall, slim masseuse was gonna get it. He would fuck and debase her, and if she was good, he might even take her along to New York, to massage, suck and fuck him whenever he needed to relax.

Instantly, he picked up his phone. She sounded so excited when he called her. He told her he was getting a massage table delivered to his room. She said it was expensive and he chuckled, then she said, "silly me," and chuckled too. He said he needed a massage pronto. However, she wavered for a second. She said she had discussed it with her fiancée and he said he did not want her to do it.

"Tell him you're visiting a girlfriend."

"Can he come along too?"

"No. Listen Bri, I don't have time to waste. You come around in half an hour to my room, you earn 200. You don't, or your bring Rick along, you get nothing."

"I will be there. I mean, I just wont tell him anything. See you soon. And thanks Mr Smith."

"Sean. Please. And I want you in that sweet uniform, alright?"

"O k. Bye-e-e-e Sean!"

Within 3 quarters of an hour, Bri had set up a massage in Sean's bedroom. He got her to have a couple of scotches and share a blunt with him, as she asked him excitedly about the life in New York and all the places he had been.

"You should come visit me up in New York. I'll send you a ticket and I'll show you around."

"What! You would!" she nearly squealed with excitement. Then she sobered up. "I couldn't! I mean, Rick would go nuts."

"Its your life. Just because you're marrying the dude doesn't mean you cant make decisions for yourself. I mean, a beautiful, young woman like you with your talent would make ten times as much in New York. If you are serious about it, you can come up, I'll help you find a nice job, I got contacts. And you can have a place to stay. Hell, I could even help you set up your own place."

"Oh really! I don't believe this!" she gasped.

"Believe you me Bri, with my kind of money, I can make it happen. If I want to. And I want to!"

"Oh thank you so much Sean. Gosh! I don't know what to say!" she looked like she wanted to fall down on her knees and kiss his feet. "This is all happening so fast. I need some time to think about it."

"Take your time."

Bri was slightly tipsy and stoned now. Sean stood up and stretched himself languidly. "I think I am ready for your magical hands now."

"Just lay on the table like the last time, while I change. I mean, I couldn't wear the uniform outside, coz I am off duty today." she said. "You are gonna love my massage today, Sean. I will blow you away!" she said, feeling so excited.

Sean lay back as an excited, enthusiastic Bri gave him a wonderful massage. Bri was feeling very excited as she did his back, arms and legs. The sight of her pale hands on the dark, oiled skin of the black rich man who wanted to take her to New York was exciting her so much. She had never thought about going there. All her future plans had been about marrying Rick and starting a family, in their little hick town.

But now, she suddenly had new perspectives, just because she had gotten to know this rich, wealthy, attractive black man. She was sure Rick would never agree to that. But then, maybe Sean was right, she thought. Why should he have to decide for her. After all, he had referred to Sean as a nigger and said many nasty things. He was just jealous and a racist, Sean was actually really such a nice guy, she thought as she worked on Sean's exciting, dark, muscular legs.

Bri was feeling so aroused and excited as she worked her way up his big, muscular thighs, digging her pale fingers into his muscles, wringing and working them, turning them to jelly. She then slid her dainty hands in under his towel and massaged his ass, careful to keep the towel low this time.

"Mmm. That's good. My butt needs that, from sitting in a chair all day" Sean said, his voice several notches deeper.

"I am glad you like," Bri rasped again, blushing, as she kneaded his ass, enjoying stroking the soft yet firm flesh.

"Why don't I remove the towel so you see what you are doing."

"No!" Bridget gasped. But Sean pulled the towel off and tossed it on a chair. "You are very naughty."

"Come on, we are both grown folks. And I am sure I have nothing you haven't seen before. Unless you and your boyfriend are virgin country folks," he chuckled dirtily."Is it true you are all virgins here before you marry?"

"No!" she gasped with a laugh. "Who told you that?"

"I heard it through the grapevine. Now, come on, stroke my sores away..." He shook his ass a couple of times.

Bri laid a hand on each of his ass cheeks. Suddenly, she thought of Rick for a second and froze. He would freak out if he saw this. But he couldn't And what he didn't know wouldn't hurt.

She couldn't believe her hands were on a black man's naked ass. It was so dark and firm. And it felt good in her hands. And her hands looked so sexy on it. As she started kneading it with her slippery, oily fingers, her eyes strayed between his legs. She saw a pair of big, fat, hairy black balls, and a long, thick black cock. He had to be hard, she told herself. He was bigger and thicker than Rick. He couldn't be soft.

Bri felt excited, dizzy and lightheaded. She ripped her eyes off Sean's dark genitals and forced them to look at his harmless back as she worked both his cheeks, hearing him rasp and sigh with pleasure. But her eyes kept straying to his black cock and her sexual arousal kept increasing.

"Thank you. That was wonderful. Lemme turn around now. My chest is tense from my workout," Sean said and rolled onto his back.

Bri's heart quickened as she gazed at his dark, defined belly and his muscular chest. He was simply awesome. Bri gasped and blushed.

"You alright," Sean asked, smiling.

"You are a very good looking man," Bri rasped.

"Thanks. Lemme close my eyes and enjoy this."

She was glad he closed his eyes and his chest rose and feel evenly. Her hands trembled with excitement as she oiled his belly and chest. She felt so excited as she felt the ridges of his belly muscles under her fingers. She fought a strong desire to trace and caress them as she massaged in circles around his navel. She finished his belly and sides and slid up to his powerful, deep chest. She loved taking his muscles in her hands and squeezing them. She worked around nipples and then stroked over them.

She stole a look at his face. His eyes were closed he looked completely relaxed, as if he was sleeping.

Bri gave in to a compelling urge and looked between his thighs. From the front, his cock looked even larger and longer. It simply fit to his awesome body.

"Oh my gosh!" Bri gasped. Back in her high school, there was a girl in her class who had preferred dating black guys. Everybody had called her a nigger whore. Bri had never thought she would want to fuck a nigger. But with Sean, she felt different. He wasn't a nigger. He wasn't black. He was rich. And so attractive and sexy. She felt woozy and her hands itched as she looked at his big, black cock.

Rick had downloaded the instructions on dick massages from the Internet, and Bri thoroughly enjoyed practicing them on her fiancée. She loved holding his dick in her hands, stroking it, making it grow hard like a rock and finally explode. She felt faint as she imagined stroking Sean's big, black cock. She couldn't stop looking at it.

"See something you like Bri!" Sean said and startled her so much she gasped and jumped.

"What! EH. Sorry sir. I think I should get the towel."

"No. Take it in your hand. You know you want to Bri."

"No! I cant. My boyfriend..."

"Will never know. I'll give you another hundred if you massage it."

"No!" she shook her head vehemently, blushing profusely.

"Here," Sean took some bills from his bag. "Two hundred. Plus the other two we agreed on."

"I am not a whore!" she rasped, looking at the crisp notes eagerly.

Bri was agitated. She couldn't touch his cock. That would be like cheating on Rick. And with a nigger at that. She couldn't She shouldn't. That was so low.

"Rick and I are getting married," she wailed desperately. "I cant do that!"

"He wont know. Now, do it Bri." he waved the money in her face. Her eyes followed it. They darted to his cock and back to the money, again and again. Then she looked into his smiling face. She sighed.

"Alright. I will do it. But you don't touch me. Alright."

Sean nodded and his smile deepened. "Of course not."

Bri went to a dresser and got a box of Kleenex tissues. She pulled out several.

"Grab the chair," Sean said, sitting upright, swinging his legs off the table. Moving his ass to the edge, he planted his feet on the floor. "Sit here," he pointed between his legs. His long, dark cock and big balls were lying on the white sheet, right before Bri as she took the position. She oiled her hands thickly, looking very agitated. She shook them and took several sharp, short puffs of breath as if she was warming up.

"Here goes!" she rasped, her face blushing deeply. "Please close your eyes and don't look."

"You must be joking!"

"gosh!" she pouted. "This is so embarrassing. I cant believe I am doing this."

Bri's shaking hands reached to scoop up Sean's cock. She stared at it as if it was something dangerous, like a venomous snake.

"It doesn't bite Bri. Stroke it baby."

Bri tried to calm down and remember the massage techniques she had practiced on her boyfriend and soon to be husband.

She held Sean's cock gingerly and started milking it, grabbing it at the base, pulling her hand off it and repeating with the other in fast, alternating strokes.

"Slow it down Bri and grab that cock for real. I ain't even feeling anything," Sean said, in a husky, dark voice.

"I gotta oil it first. Be patient," she snapped in a rasp, seeing his cock turn all slick and slippery and develop a dark gleam that excited her.

"I am just excited," Sean laughed. Bri managed a grin but her blush was deepening.

She took his cock in a strong, firm grip, sinking her fingers into the soft flesh. It felt so hot and spongy. As she started stroking it in slow, deliberate, smooth strokes. She intensified the pressure, forcing the dark, oiled organ to shoot out of her hands as she pulled them off. She saw and felt it harden and swell rapidly, and begin to throb. Soon, it grew so fat she could hardly that her hands around it. It looked beautiful in her pale hands, a dark, thick, veined, velvet shaft, gleaming from the oil.

"Fuck! That's damn good! Keep it up baby" Sean groaned deep in his chest.

Bri beamed with pride and joy. She had thought she would fuck it up, because she was so nervous. Now, she began to feel confident. She was suddenly sure she would manage, and do such a good job that Sean would probably throw his whole bag of money at her.

"Shit! Bri, you're good with a cock. Stroke that black cock white girl!" Sean gasped. She gave his face a quick glance and it was a mask of arousal. His eyes were narrowed down to glowing slits.

Bri felt powerful as she peeled the foreskin back and gazed at the thick, plum sized head. It was velvety, dark and shiny, and split by a big pee slit. As the musky smell of his cock wafted into her nose, she felt faint headed and her mouth started to drool.

She grabbed the base of his cock firmly with one hand whilst the other clamped around the thick, round tip. She started wringing her hands in opposing directions, twisting his dick in her slippery palms as she moved them slowly towards each other until they met in the middle of his long, hard shaft. Then she pumped the lower hand down to the base and the upper up to the tip and pumped them back together again, repeatedly, draining and milking his cock from both the ends to the middle and back out.

The blood rushed into Sean's dick and and it kicked in her hands.

"Oh my goodness! Motherfucker!" Sean exclaimed.

Bri placed her palms on other side of his thick shaft near the head and pressed them together. She rolled his cock like a primitive man making fire, only slower.

"You like!" Bri rasped, looking up into his eyes. Her eyes were glowing like coals and her face had a wild, wanton look to it. She was enjoying her power over him.

"Damn right I like."

"How about I flick the head like this?" she teased in a husky, thick, excited voice as she stroked and flicked the sensitive spot on the underside, where the head joined the shaft his excited dick, alternating with one slick thumb and then the other. Sean gasped and his hips twitched.

"Or should I roll it like a door knob?" Bri teased, sliding her palm over the big, round head and rolling it round and round over his sensitized head.

"Oh fuck! Don't stop...." She kept it for a while, as her other hand pumped up and down his shaft, squeezing more and more blood to his head in milking motions.

"Damn! Bri!!!! Shit!!!"

"is that all you can say..." Bri teased, really getting into now, feeling all feverish and nasty, dirty. She had never done anything so wanton and freaky, not even with her boyfriend, and she felt so good. She felt like she was high on lust, running out of control but she never wanted to stop.

"What will you say when I do this then? Huh?"

She wrapped her palm around his cock head and forced it down, making his slick head push through it. As her hand descended to the base of his thick shaft, the other repeated the motion. She made his cock push through one hand after the other, repeatedly, gradually building up the speed till her hands were moving in smooth blur .

"Does that feel like you are fucking a never ending pussy?" she teased, remembering something her boyfriend had said as she did it on him. "is that what it feels like huh?"

She was breathing heavily and fast now, and so was Sean.

"Yesss!!!!" he gasped.

"Fuck! This is big fucking cock, you know that! A big fucking black cock!" she sneered in a lust filled voice, gripping it in both hands, sinking her fingers into it like she wanted to make it explode. Her face was twisted in a snarl. "A big fucking cock!"

"Shit! Wank that nigger dick, you dirty talking slut!"

"Yes!!! I wanna make you cumm. I wanna make this big, black cock cumm!"

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