tagInterracial LoveHunters and Predators Pt. 04

Hunters and Predators Pt. 04

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1

Angie was all jittery and nervous the next morning. After Mark drove off with the kids, she thought about her predicament.

She felt greatly disappointment with Sean. She really liked him and had never thought he would do something like that to her. She considered discussing her problem with Mark, but she dismissed the idea. He would do something emotional and stupid, like picking a fight with Sean, and would lose his job. His boss, Amos would rather fire Mark than have the lucrative negotiations with Sean messed up.

Angie went through the contract. It included all the benefits that Sean had promised her. It was a dream job. One did not get offered such a wonderful contract. There was nothing in it about her dressing up or being Sean's whore.

She considered simply telling Sean that she wasn't interested in working for him. She was not obliged to take the job or ever see him again.

But Angie dismissed the idea. She would be the biggest fool in history, to turn down such a job. She decided that she would take it, but would have to find a way not have sex with him. Sean could have any woman he wanted, he didn't need her. She had a dim hope that the things not included in the contract were just part of his wacky humor, that he did not mean them seriously. But she doubted that. She knew that Sean wanted her. She found him attractive too, but he would just have to respect the fact that she was married and would not cheat on her husband. Period.

Angie showered and dressed. She tried not to look sexy. She put on her plainest, biggest panties. She slipped into a plain white, long sleeve shirt and a modest, navy blue skirt that went below her knees. She slid on mid thigh stockings and high heels. She tied her hair in a pony and only put light, pink lipstick.

Sean and Mandy were waiting for her at the reception, ready to go.

"Can we talk about your proposal from last night?" she asked Sean as Mandy talked on her cell phone.

"We will have to do that later. Lets go. Come on Mandy!" Sean said to the black woman, without giving Angie more than a glance.

Mandy briefly put her call on hold till they were in Angie's car, then she continued. Sean sat besides Angie as she drove off.

"Listen. I am going to set up my own distribution network in this region. You will have to do some head hunting for me, people with experience in the logistic business in this state. As well as marketing people with contacts. I will pay you a premium on anybody you can woo from other companies. 20K per head. Of course, if they fuck up, I will hold you accountable, so you better find good people. Can you manage that?"

"Look, I haven't agreed to work for you."

"You would be a fool not to," Mandy quipped in from the back. "by the way, you are looking gorgeous, hon."

"Can you find those people?" Sean asked.

Angie thought about it. 20 grand per head? She knew everybody in logistics. 20 k.

"Of course. I will get the best heads, if you are prepared to pay them more. But Amos will be pissed at me. And my husband works for him."

"You work for me, remember?" he smiled at her suddenly, his face becoming all nice and friendly. "By the way, Mandy is right. You look gorgeous today. You are a natural beauty. Now, park the car a second. We want to discuss Amos' offer with you."

"I shouldn't I mean, I work for him..." Angie protested but she pulled over.

Angie felt a bit guilty as she pointed out that Amos was overcharging Sean on several things. But she decided that Sean's offer of 150k p a was much more attractive than the 60k that Amos paid her, including her bonuses.

Sean decided to stall and learn more about what Amos could do for him, before he would do it alone, or with someone else.

Mandy and Sean stayed at Murphy's until early evening. Angie then drove them to the Hotel. Mandy said she was going out about town with Chad. Sean asked Angie to join him for supper, then they could discuss his job offer.

The coast was clear as her husband, Mark, was putting in overtime. A babysitter was taking care of her children and she called to say she would be back later.

Angie wanted to start talking, but Sean said he never talk business on an empty stomach. Angie did not want to eat in the hotel restaurant alone with Sean. She would feel conspicuous, as all the stuff knew her and they would gossip.

Sean ordered over room service and Angie remained out of sight as the food was delivered. They had a tasty supper and a bottle of fine wine. They then retired to the living room and Angie perched nervously on the edge of a couch. Sean sat besides her casually and fired up a fat joint. He took three deep tokes and exhaled thick, pungent clouds. Then he passed it to Angie.

"I don't smoke."

"Do it. Its weak." He told her and it sounded like an order. Angie had only smoked a couple of times before and she was soon feeling buzzed. Some of the tension went out of her.

"So, Angie, have you made up your mind?" he asked casually, sinking back into the couch besides her,

"I would like to come and work for you. But I don't want to become your whore!"

"You don't wanna become a nigger whore! Is that it?"

"I am a married woman! I have a husband and kids! Look Sean, you can get any woman you want, young, pretty, black, white, anything. Just leave me alone. You cant have me."

"Its not like we will be fucking all the time. Its just that when I am in town, or when you come up to NY to give me reports, I will expect access to you."

"Sean, why are you doing this to me. I like you and I respect you. How can you?"

"I wanna fuck you!"

"No! You are being an asshole. I love my husband and I will not cheat on him!"

"What he don't know wont hurt!"

"I will know. And you will know. What will you think of me?"

"I will make you a deal Angie. We will fuck for," he glanced at his platinum Rolex for a second. "Lets say for the next hour. If you don't enjoy it, we will never have to do it again. And you can still have the job."

"No! I just want to work for you and that's all."

"That is non negotiable. I am giving you the chance of a life time. One hour. If you really love your husband and are so put off by the idea of cheating on him, then it will be easy for you to say you don't want my black dick in your white pussy or mouth, ever again. Think about it whilst we smoke another blunt."

Angie fidgeted in her seat as they finished the blunt. Sean lit one for her and another for himself. He put on some Al Green music and excused himself as he made a couple of phone calls.

Angie blotted him out and focused on her dilemma as she puffed on the joint. The idea of cheating on her husband with the black man made her balk. Cheating on her husband was something she had never thought she would do.

But Angie felt that she just could not let the great offer he was making her pass through her lap. The bonus for finding the people alone would bring her 200k. She could pay off all their entire mortgages. And the fringe benefits she would have from the job would allow her to give her children a much better life.

As her joint roached she stubbed it out and knocked down her glass. She decided that she would make a sacrifice and let the black man have her once. But she would just switch her mind off and let him get it over and done with. After all, going by Mark, it would last just a few minutes, and she definitely wouldn't enjoy it. She wash herself clean, and start a brand new, affluent lifestyle.

Sean returned to the couch and sat down next to her.

"Have you made up your mind?"

Angie nodded and cleared her parched throat.

"Alright. I will do it. But you are just wasting your time, because I wont enjoy it."

"We will see," he said with a confidence that scared Angie. "Now, lets seal our sweet little arrangement with a kiss..."

"Sign the contract first," Angie said, pushing it between them.


"How do I know I can trust you?"

"Angie, I call the shots here. Come here."

Angie rasped as his dark eyes bore down into hers. She blushed redly.

"Oh my goodness..." she whispered, looking at his thick, dark lips, She was going to cheat on her husband and have sex with a black man. Her eyes opened wide like a trapped animal and her lips quivered with fear.

"Come on girl. I ain't gonna kill you," Sean chuckled.

Gently, his arm slid around her body. He pulled her into his warm body and squeezed her hip as he nuzzled her face. She tried to avert her mouth. His lips kissed her cheek. Then his hot, thick tongue licked her face. She gasped sharply, feeling a strong impulse to run. But he held her firmly in place. His other hand cupped the back of her head, grabbing her hair tightly, holding her still. She looked at him with wide, rabbit eyes as his mouth descended on hers. His thick lips engulfed hers. He lapped her wetly. She jammed her lips shut.

"Open your mouth. Don't play with me!"

He pulled on her hair and she winced and gasped. Then he shoved his thick tongue into her mouth. His hand descended to her jaw to force her mouth open as he explored her with his thick tongue. He took his time, and licked the insides of her lips, her gums and tongue.

Angie remained frozen stiff till he finally pulled back. She could not resist a strong impulse to wipe her lips after the black man had just kissed them.

"Oh, so you reckon I am a dirty Nigga huh?" His dark eyes bore down on her.

"No! Its not that! You are a very attractive man Sean, but I don't wanna do this. I cant.." she whimpered.

"Look, you belong to me for the next hour. Do a good job and we can enter our new, bright future together. Unless you want us to call it all off right now."

There was an open threat in his words. Angie sighed, realizing he was forcing her hand. She could either fuck him, or let everything slip through her fingers.

"O k. Take me, do what you want and get it over and done with..." she rasped, blushing. "But no kissing!"

"Ah ah. You are going to kiss me, Mami! A nice, deep, wet kiss. Impress me, alright?"

Angie inhaled deeply. Then he pulled her onto his lap, forcing her skirt to rise high around her hips. He grabbed her hips, squeezing hard, so that it was almost painful, and pulled her cunt down onto his cock. She felt a large, hard fleshy bulge under his longs, pressing into her womanhood. She fought down her fear and revulsion.

"Now, come kiss me honey..." he said in his deep, dark voice that caused showers all over her skin.

She knew she had to give him a little something. She was determined to delay fucking him. In fact, she wasn't even sure she could go through with it. She decided to give him a short, wet kiss, to stall a little.

Angie exhaled. She licked her quivering, pink lips making them wet. His dark face filled her vision as her face descended to his. She closed her eyes . She had always been told she was a great kisser. Mark always said it. She felt a sharp pang as she thought of her husband. Then she blotted out any thoughts of Mark and opened her mouth licked his lower lip. It felt like a thick, soft cushion. She sucked on it and nibbled on it.

Sean opened his mouth and sucked on her lips. His lips felt so full and so thick and she had to admit they were great to kiss. She dribbled her saliva on them, then she sucked and nibbled on them. She was aware of his fingers sinking even deeper into her hips, pulling her against his cock as he ground it into her. It seemed to have grown incredibly large. She felt a sizzling tickle in her cunt. She suddenly felt was woozy. She pulled back and gasped.

"Did you like that?"

"You can do better. We ain't teen age virgins..."

So saying, Sean rolled her on her back on the couch and slid on top of her, pushing her legs up and squeezing his body between them.

Angie felt scared and trapped suddenly. She whimpered and tried to push him off, but he was too strong and determined. His face had an animal shine as it descended down on hers. He squashed her mouth with his and sucked her tongue into his mouth. He teased it, sucking on it, nibbling it. Then he forced it to a long, slippery dance with his. Angie felt her body melt like butter. She got scared and yanked her tongue back into the safety of her mouth.

But his lips remained latched to hers. Now he shoved his tongue into her mouth. It was so big and thick. He took possession of her mouth and explored it like he owned it. She felt his hands slide in under her skirt. She felt his hands slide around his hips, palming her ass cheeks.

He kneaded her ass globes like dough, squeezing her cheeks together and pulling them apart, again and again, causing her panties to rub again her clit. Angie couldn't believe there was a hot, excited tingle in her pussy. She could feel the juices flowing into her cunt, in an ever growing tickle.

"I don't wanna do this! No!" she whimpered into his lips.

He pulled her ass onto his cock, grinding it into her cunt. The large, hot bulge between his pants throbbed against her cunt, scaring her, yet pulling her cunt like a magnet.

Sean dry humped her, rubbing his cock into her pussy slit as he ravished her lips for ages. Then she felt him shove his hand between their bodies. She tried to pull back frantically, but his hand grabbed her cunt and squeezed it hard.

"No!" Angie wailed, blushing beet red and feeling desperate fear and anger. "Stop that at once Sean! Stop it!"

She used her sharp, commanding voice that would have had her husband backing off fast, as she grabbed his hand and tried to pull him away. But he was too strong and he simply ignored her.

"Yes Angie!" His voice was so thick with lust.

"I can't do this Sean. I am sorry. But I feel like a whore!"

"Then be a good whore for the next hour."

His face was like a dark, hard mask. Angie felt like a whore as she exhaled and released his hand and let him have his way. Shame washed over her as he casually squeezed her cunt through her panties.

His other hand bunched and pushed her panties into her ass crack making them like a thong. His big middle finger slid into her crack and stroked her where no other man had ever touched her. Angie felt a sharp electric shock as he lightly stroked her asshole. She jerked sharply and squirmed desperately, whimpering.

Her horror deepened as he yanked her panties off her cunt and she felt his fingers carousing her bush casually, as if he owned her pussy. Then they were dabbling in her soft, tender slit.

"No Sean!" she whispered desperately. "I don't want this. Stop it. Lets just call it off. I wanna go home to my husband and children."

"Its too late," Sean grunted, his eyes twinkling, his face breaking into a smile. "You are a whore, Angie. Don't fight it."

He shoved a knuckle into her opening. Angie yelped sharply and slapped his face hard. He glared at her with angry eyes that scared her. Then his hand shot out and grabbed her throat. He sank his fingers in, choking her wind, and pinned her to the couch.

"Listen, white bitch!" he growled in a threatening, dark voice. "You have just fucked up big time. If you even act up once more, you are in deep shit. I will gag you and rape your white ass! I mean, your asshole, bitch!"

Something about the mean look in his eyes and the nasty, cold edge to his voice scared the shit out of her. Angie whimpered and worked her mouth but no words came out.

"I am gonna fuck you, is that clear?" His fingers sank deeper into her soft throat. Angie tried desperately to breathe but she couldn't "I said is that fucking clear?"

Angie had thought she could detach herself and get it over and done with. But fucking the black man theoretically had been much easier. Now she realized that she had bitten off more than she could chew. And there was no way out. She whimpered desperately and nodded her head frantically. Then she sank back into the couch like a deflated ball. They both knew she was his to do with as he pleased.

He released some of the pressure on her throat and she gulped air desperately. He grabbed her blouse and ripped it wide open, sending her buttons flying in all directions.

"Now, lets see them big tits!" He grabbed her bra and tore it apart, where the two cups met, and her big breasts spilled out. Her chest was flushed red and her pink, crinkled nipples were big, stiff, and turgid.

"I knew you were loving this!" He sneered and her eyes became glassy. "Now, lick my finger and get it all wet for your pussy..." he shoved his digit into her mouth. She could taste her musky pussy on it. He pressed it into her tongue roughly, making her moan sharply at the pain.

"Lick the motherfucker. Suck it like a cock!" he growled impatiently and cuffed her head hard and yanked on her hair sharply, twice. Then he returned his digit to her mouth.

Angie sucked it desperately. He slid it in and out of her mouth, stroking her tongue and the insides of her cheeks. Then he pulled it out and it was gleaming with her saliva.

"I am gonna play with your little, white pussy, spread your fucking legs." Angie whimpered, blushing deeply as she complied. "And pull your panties off your pussy. Do it now!" He growled and her blush went even deeper as she pulled the lace garment off her strawberry bush and pink, pussy slit.

His wet finger descended to her womanhood in slow motion. He lodged the thick tip in her opening and rolled it round and round.

"Look at that black finger fucking your pussy, and you cant do shit about it!"

Angie glared in disbelief, seeing and feeling him sink his black finger into her soft pinkness. He started sliding in and out, and rolling it round and round. A moan escaped her and her hips shuddered.

"Yeah. You love it, don't you bitch!"

She had never felt so powerless and humiliated. She stifled a sob and tears rolled down her cheeks.

But Sean showed her no mercy. He finger fucked her, burying his digit into her depths, stroking the walls and roof of her tunnel. She couldn't believe how good it felt. Her back arched of its own accord, and her pussy pushed at his finger. Angie felt such shame as the juices flowed into her cunt. When he pulled his finger out, it was shining with her juices. He held it her nose and it was reeking with the musky scent of her arousal.

He shoved it in her mouth and made her suck it again, looking at her with amusement. She averted her eyes and sucked his finger, tasting her cunt. Her mouth salivated immensely and she swallowed and sucked hungrily on her finger. She realized with shock and disturbance that she was feeling a strange pleasure. He made her lick his thumb too.

He returned his digit to her cunt and rolled it extensively around her opening, making her hips twitch against her will from the exquisite pleasure. Then he eased it into her hole and it was sucked in by her hungry pussy. He found a rough spot on the roof of her cunt and started stroking it, firmly, in small circles, as he he hooked his thumb over her clit and started teasing it. It nearly exploded at the first touch. Angie felt bubbles bursting on her skin. Even as she sniffed and sobbed, her hips started rolling. A moan escaped her.

"Yeah, get into it slut! Show me you love it!" Sean's finger sloshed in and out of her dripping cunt as his thumb stroked her clit with growing speed. Angie felt a rapidly growing heat in her pussy. She gasped sharply and her hips started bucking sharply.

"Aaaa!" she cried sharply as he jammed his digit all the way in her and stroked the back of her pussy, his thumb pressing into her fat clit. He ground his hand tortuously into her and Angie gave a long, prolonged moan from deep down in her chest.

"Fuck, I need to taste that fucking white wife pussy of yours!"

Sean grunted and slid down her body. He ripped her panties off her and shoved her legs up into her chest. Angie wailed and tried to cover her pussy with her hands. Sean laughed and bit them hard. She yelped sharply and pulled away her hands and jammed her eyes shut.

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