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Hunter's New Game


I'd finally found a job I loved. I was working as a writer for the WWF. My entire day was filled with coming up with interesting storylines for the various wrestlers and their personas. I loved almost every minute of my day. And most of the people I worked with.

The one dark spot in my day was Paul Levesque. Otherwise known as Triple H or Hunter Hearst Helmsly. He was cocky and rude and seemed to question every idea I came up with. He would sit in writing meetings almost sneering at me. As if he was daring me to come up with a story line for him, just so he could shoot it down. It took all of my self-restraint to not slap the sneer off of his face on a daily basis.

The worst came when I created a vampish manager and Vince decided that I would fill the part myself. Paul seemed to delight in assuring me that I wouldn't last a week in the ring, or on camera.

One afternoon while I was talking to one of the costume people, Paul stumbled upon us, "What's going on here?" He asked as he looked over Margie's shoulder at the drawings of costumes she'd created for me. "Is this what you are going to be wearing?" He asked, a smile spreading across his face.

Margie nodded and held the drawing up to give him a better view. "What do you think?" she asked. I dreaded his response.

He pretended to study the drawing for a moment, "Well I like the idea of a full body leather suit, but I think a mask would make it better, you know, kinda hide the obvious flaws." He laughed at his own joke and walked away.

"What is his problem?" I said through clenched teeth as I fought the urge to cry. Margie shrugged nonchalantly but said nothing.

My character seemed to take off quickly. I was paired with one of my favorite people, Adam Copeland, so that Lilith and Edge formed a relationship. I loved the rush of the crowd and the energy they gave me.

After several months it was decided that Edge would get a push to see if he could work at the main event level. He seemed to take to the role and I loved the exposure that the push brought. Once again I found myself only finding one dark cloud; Paul. As a result of Adam's push I now had to face Paul every night on the mic. The upshot was that we could say all the mean and nasty things to each other that we really felt.

After a long run it was decided to end the storyline that involved both Edge and Triple H. We scheduled an ending that would involve me interfering in their match and embarrassing Triple H. It wasn't a clean ending but it left the door open for revisiting the storyline if we needed to.

On the night of the show I did everything that I was supposed to do only to have Paul intentionally sabotage the entire plan so that rather have me embarrass him, he turned the tables on me, leaving me alone in the ring with him.

Without thinking I began yelling at him, "What are you doing? This was not how this was supposed to happen!"

"I like this ending better." He said with a shrug.

"You are not on the writing team! You have no say so in what happens!"

"What the hell's wrong with you? Are you on the rag or something?" He punctuated the sentence with his "Triple H signature" sneer.

The rage bubbled to a fevered pitch before I could control it.

Before I really realized what was happening I'd slapped him hard across the face.

For a moment the entire arena froze. Even the audience knew that something big was about to happen. I stood staring at Paul wondering what was going to happen next. He turned back to face me, and the heat in his eyes nearly knocked me off of my feet. I started to move away from him only to have his hand shoot out and grab the handful of hair at the back of my skull. I wasn't sure what was going to happen next, but my heart raced with an anticipation that I was not used to. He pulled me close to him so that he was looking me in the eye while I looked up at him. I could feel his breath on my face as he glared down at me. Strangely I was not afraid of what he was going to do; rather I got angrier with each passing second. He was holding me by the back of the head as if I was some object or something. I started to struggle to free myself of him and slapped him hard again hoping that he would just drop me. Nothing prepared me for his next move. He mouth descended on mine, crushing against me while his free hand moved to my ass and pulled me against him. The heat of his touch seemed to move through me, igniting something I didn't even know was there. I heard voices behind me, but didn't care. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and tangled my own hand in his hair. Finally he let go of the back of my head and now both of his hands were on my ass, lifting me. I followed his lead and wrapped my legs around his waist, relishing the feel of his strong body between my thighs. His tongue entered my mouth and seemed to tease me. I tightened my legs around his waist and thought I heard a deep growl in response. Something inside me responded to him and almost purred back at him. His whole body seemed tighten at once, despite the tight leather of my suit, his fingers dug deep into my ass.

I felt hands on my waist pulling at me. Instinctively I held harder onto Paul, and his hands held me tightly. Again I heard voices, only they seemed more insistent this time. The hands on my waist pulled harder and I found myself slowly being pulled away from Paul.

When I finally looked around I saw the strobe light and heard Edge's intro music. I turned around and saw Adam looking at me with an expression that said, "What the hell are you doing?" Before I could say anything to him, he moved quickly passed me and punched Paul. It took me a moment to realize that he was probably doing exactly what his character would do if 'Lilith' had been caught with Triple H. Paul, for his part, sold the punch very well, then allowed himself to be dragged out of the ring by X-Pac.

The rest of my time in the ring was a blur. Adam got on the mic and made some threatening comments towards Triple H and then took my hand and led me out of the arena. Once we were past the curtain he dropped my hand and turned to look at me, a huge grin slowly spreading across his face. "So...?"

I waved a hand to cut him off, "I don't want to talk about it," I said and immediately went to my dressing room, on my way passing several guys who tried to stop me to talk to me. I waved them away and closed the door behind me. I sat down and without really thinking began unlacing my boots. I ignored the knocking on the door, even as it went from simple knocking to loud pounding. Finally I heard someone testing the doorknob. Within a few seconds Paul was storming into my small dressing room.

"What the hell was that?" he demanded.

It took me a full minute to realize that he was blaming me for what had happened in the ring between us. "You grabbed me!" I yelled as I threw one of my boots in the general direction of my bags.

"I didn't think you were going to kiss me!"

"I...I kissed you?" I stammered.

"Uh...yeah! It wasn't my idea!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "You pulled me against you! You put your tongue in my mouth! I fought against you! Oh my god! Were we even in the same ring tonight?" This time I threw my other boot directly at his head, missing by only inches. As I looked for something else to throw at him I saw him advance on me out of the corner of my eye. I backed away from him. If this had been a real locker room I would have ended up backing into a locker, but since it was a regular room converted I only ended up pressed up against the wall with him standing over me. Part of me wanted to run, but part of me wanted nothing more than to stay put and see how this played out.

Once again I could feel his breath on my face. I could feel the heat of his body seeming to radiate out. He was still in his wrestling gear and the light scent of baby oil combined with his own musky scent told me that he'd not showered yet, but had come straight from the ring. His hand moved to the front zipper of my suit. His eyes locked on mine as he pulled the zipper down. Although I have fairly large breasts the suit was cut close to my body, providing a level of support. As a result I never got into the habit of wearing anything underneath it. The zipper was pulled all the way to my waist where he stopped. His eyes moved over me for a moment before returning to mine.

"You know you're an obnoxious bastard don't you?" I said as I looked up at him.

Again he sneered, "As much as you know you're an overbearing bitch." As he spoke he lowered his face to mine, letting his lips brush against mine until he was able to punctuate the sentence with a kiss. I stood still and allowed him to part my lips with his tongue. As we kissed his hands moved to the opening in my suit and pulled it open further, my breasts were exposed to the cold air of the large room. He roughly tugged the suit down over my shoulders, until my arms were free of it. I looked up at him and began tugging the suit over my hips. Within seconds I was standing before him fully nude.

His eyes moved over my body, "You're naked."

I laughed, "Ever the Einstein of the locker room."

Anger flashed in his eyes and he was instantly on me. His hands were in my hair and his mouth was covering mine roughly, almost bruising my lips. His mouth moved from mine, tracing a path to my neck where I felt his teeth nipping at the tender skin. I moved my hands over his strong chest, stopping at his nipples to tease them gently. A deep growl seemed to vibrate from inside him. My breath came faster in response. I turned my face towards his and our mouths met in a heated kiss. His fingers were tangled in my hair as we kissed. My hands moved back down his chest to his trunks, within seconds I had pulled them off and he was standing exposed in front of me. He stepped back and looked at my nude body again. Now it was his turn to tease my nipple. "Do you want this?" He asked suddenly.

"What?" I asked, I'd been jarred slightly by his question and couldn't really focus as he was still rolling my left nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

He moved closer to me and bent lower so that his lips were just beside my ear, "I asked you if you want me to throw you up against this wall and fuck you until you scream." He punctuated the question by biting my ear lobe and sucking on it.

My mouth was suddenly very dry. I swallowed once and answered him with a raspy, "Yes."

"Now you know I can't hear you when you whisper."

I heard myself whimper softly, "Yes." I finally managed to get out.

A malicious smile tugged at one corner of his mouth, "Yes, what?"

I answered without even thinking, "Yes sir."

His expression flickered a little as he blinked, "Now, I just wanted you to tell me what you want me to do to you," he lowered his voice so that it was just above a whisper, "but I like the way you think." There was a new glint his eyes that made my stomach quiver a little bit.

"I want you to fuck me, please."

His brow rose slightly, "Mm, I love hearing you beg." He slipped his hand between my thighs, "And your pussy's very wet. I had no idea you were such a slut. God, I'm gonna fuck you so damn hard."


He reached around and grabbed my ass with both hands, lifting me up and slamming me against the wall. A soft moan escaped as he pressed his mouth against mine. The moan just got louder as he entered me and began thrusting his cock into me. Now his mouth was beside my ear again, "That's it bitch, let me hear you moan for me."

Without thinking I did as I was told, moaning even louder while I tangled my hand in his hair. He surprised me with another deep growl and his teeth came down hard on my neck. When I felt myself being moved away from the wall, I tightened my legs around him and didn't fight him as he carried me over to a bench and laid me on my back. From this position I could move my arms from around his neck where they had been helping support me, to around his waist. Looking up at him I could see his face as my fingernails dug deep into his back. Another growl came from deep inside him. He reached down and grabbed my arms and pulled them above my head, catching both wrists with one hand and holding me tight. He looked down at me and smiled, "You've always had such hot tits," With his free hand he grabbed my left breast and squeezed it while his mouth closed over the nipple. I arched my back up slightly and heard my own voice, whisper his name.

He pulled away and out of me, his cock was wet with my juices, "Roll over," he demanded. I'm not sure why, but for a moment I just looked at him. Without warning his hand shot to the back of my head and grabbed my hair, "Do what I told you bitch!"

I turned my back to him, but before I could get into position I felt his mouth on the back of my neck, biting and sucking. A deep moan escaped my lips, when his hands reached around my body and grabbed my breasts. His right hand slid down the front of my body to my pussy, "Is all this juice for me?" He whispered in my ear.


His index finger moved over my clit while he spoke, "I think I told you to bend over!"

"Then you bit my neck," I whimpered softly.

"Are you arguing with me?" He asked, his voice took on a hard edge.


"I think you were. Now bend over with your hands on the bench so I can give you the spanking that all disrespectful little sluts deserve."

I don't know why I did as he instructed, but I did. I put my hands on the bench while leaving my feet firmly on the floor. Paul moved behind me for a moment before a hard smack landed on my ass. The sting of his bare hand against my backside excited me, but I didn't have time to really enjoy the sensation before another smack landed, and another. Each smack excited me more even as I could feel the tender flesh burn. Before long I could feel my juices running down my thighs. Paul surprised me by running his fingers up my inner thigh and slipping them deep inside me, "You really are a dirty little slut aren't you."

Instead of responding I shuddered deeply, which caused Paul to laugh softly. "On your hands and knees on the bench." He ordered.

The bench was so narrow that I had to hold my knees tightly together in order to get into the position he wanted me in. I could feel his heat as he moved behind me, straddling the bench and pressing his hard cock into me. His hands held my ass tightly as he eased himself in. His voice was deep when he spoke, "Your so fucking tight! You're going to make me cum so damn hard you fucking bitch!" His words touched a primal part of my brain while his cock moved in and out of me. "God damn!" He groaned as he pumped his hips. I couldn't believe how good he felt deep inside me, and how his words were effecting my body. I lowered myself from my hands to my elbows, now the rough wood of the bench was grazing my nipples as he pounded into me. I felt the familiar tension began to build and I tightened my inner walls around Paul even more, his continued thrusts sent me over the edge. I heard my own voice growling as I came hard around his cock. Another hard smack landed on my ass, "You are such a bitch!" With those words he thrust deeply into me and came with an echoing growl of his own.

We stayed still for a moment before Paul pulled out of me and gave me a sharp smack on the ass, "That was great." He grabbed his trunks and started to put them on.

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked, as I reached for my bag.

"Well I can't walk out that door with nothing on. Besides, smart money says that there are at least thirty guys on the other side of that door." He nodded his head in the direction of the door.

I shrugged, "Let 'em wait. I'm not done with you." I reached over and grabbed his trunks out of his hands. I pulled a belt out of my bag and put it behind my back. "Give me your hands." For a moment Paul just studied me, as if he was debating what he was going to do. After a moment he offered me his hands. I found the ends of the tape he had wrapped around his wrists and began unwrapping it from him. He said nothing but kept his eyes on me. When I had about a foot off of each wrist I looked up at him, "Stand up." I said firmly. Silently Paul did as he was told. I followed suit and then stepped up on the bench. From that position I could almost reach the metal beams that crisscrossed the ceiling of the room that had been turned into my dressing room. "Put you arms over your head." Again Paul seemed to hesitate. I reached down and grabbed my belt, looped it in half and ran the loop over his cheek, "You will do what I tell you to!" I said, my voice firm.

Very slowly Paul raised his arms over his head and allowed me to tie the bandages around the beam. While I worked the tape into a knot I felt Paul's tongue teasing at my breasts. After I had him relatively secure I pulled away from him, and gave him a hard look, "Did I give you permission to touch me?" I asked.


I laughed softly, "I think you've forgotten to show me the respect that you your self only just recently demanded of me," again I ran the loop of my belt over his cheek.

"No, Ma'am, you did not give me permission to touch you."

"Very good," I stepped down from the bench and walked around him, moving the lopped leather over his skin, "Now I wonder how many lashes calling me a 'bitch' would deserve. What do you think?"

"I don't know....Ma'am."

"Why don't we see how much of a man you are. I'm going to whip you with this belt. You tell me when to stop, and I will....after giving you twenty more lashes."

"Thank-you Ma'am," He said softly.

I deliberately let the first lash land diagonally across his back, but I didn't put enough force into it for it to leave a mark. I positioned my body so that I could deliver the lashes with ease. It didn't take me long to develop a rhythm that Paul seemed to almost lean into. After fifteen strokes I was impressed with his stamina. The flesh of his back was red and visibly tender. Since he'd said nothing however I continued to let the belt fall against him. Eventually each stroke was met with deep grunts and moans from Paul. The sounds he was making were intoxicating and made me want more. I kept striking at his back, watching intently as he began to writhe.

After what seemed like a delicious eternity I heard his voice, "Please..." He said softly, between gasps of air.


"Please Ma'am...stop."

"You know that you're going to get twenty more lashes don't you?"

He seemed to whimper, "Yes Ma'am."

With each lash he bucked slightly and I could hear him grimacing. Finally it was over. I dropped the belt on the floor and stood silently behind Paul while he tried to regain his breath. After his breathing slowed I moved close to him. His body tensed as he felt my breath on his tender back. Tentatively I touched him, starting at his hips and slowly moving my hands up his back. Eventually I could resist the temptation no more. I moved closer to him and began to slide my tongue up his spine. I could hear his breath catch in his throat and his body seemed to quiver beneath my touch. "I'm going to untie you now..." I didn't even need to finish the sentence when I hear the tape ripping. I looked up just as he was pulling his hands down. He turned and faced me, "Why didn't you do that before?" I asked.

"You didn't tell me to...Ma'am." He said, his voice soft.

I moved around him, looking at my handy-work marked across his back. Paul stood silent as my eyes moved over his body; I was impressed to see that his lashing had excited him. His breath stuttered a bit when I reached down and stroked his hard cock. Finally I pointed to the bench, "Sit!" I ordered. He did as he was told and looked up at me. I ran my hand over his cheek as I moved closer to him. Paul's eyes moved over my body as I placed one knee on either side of his hips. Very slowly I eased myself down onto him and watched his face.

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