tagBDSMHunting Atalanta Pt. 04

Hunting Atalanta Pt. 04


She wasn't coming.

It was five to six and she hadn't arrived yet. Hunter knew he was being insecure. A woman like Athena had the kind of pride that kept her from hiding from men like him. Nonetheless, when his doorbell rang at six pm sharp, it was as if his entire body breathed a sigh of relief. His lady had come to him.

She was wearing a severe grey pantsuit and high heeled boots. Her hair was secured to the back of her head with a large clip and her face was free of make up save the blood red she'd painted her beautiful lips. Her intentions would have been clear to anyone. Athena was trying to appear unattractive so that he would go easy on her. It was a cheap trick and they both knew it. Hunter had no intention of going easy; he would see it all, have it all, before the night was over.

"You look nervous." he told her.

"I'm not" she said with a lift of her chin.

As Hunter closed the space between them, Athena stood her ground.

"Good" Hunter said, taking a step towards her, "Because I'm going to touch you here..." he ran the tip of his finger over her breast "...and I'm going to have you here..." he'd moved behind her and curved his hand over her buttocks "...and here" he moved in front of her and slid his hand between her legs, "...and by the end of tonight, you'll tell me you belong to me," she could tell him anything she wanted, but her body couldn't. His touch, his insolent scrutiny, was making her wet. He could feel it.

"I belong to no one," she retorted with lethal precision.

"We'll see about that," he replied calmly "I think it fair to assume you've come to fulfill our agreement. Complete and total submission; body and soul, for one night,"

Despite her excitement, to Athena, his words sounded like a death sentence.

"I'm an honourable woman. I've come to prove it."

"Good...then no more insolence. Think whatever the fuck you want...but tonight, you are MINE,"

Athena only blinked, and bowed her head.

"Good girl. Now follow me"

He led her down the hallway to his bedroom. He didn't bother looking back to see if she was following. They both knew it was too late to turn back now. It was a Dom's paradise: a large, four poster bed with restraints attached to every post and covered with black satin sheets. Beside it was a sturdy chest of drawers that provided easy access to toys, towels and implements of torture.

"Nice digs" she said with grudging admiration. She didn't want to like this man; he was an enemy.

"I thought you'd like it" Hunter said with a smile, and then he commanded, with a firm tone in his voice. "Strip, Athena. Bra and panties is fine for now,"

"Do you want me to take them off, or do a strip tease," Athena asked sarcastically, then hissed her irritation when Hunter slapped her ass hard.

"No sarcasm, Athena. I ordered you to strip,"

Athena glared at him as she undid the buttons on her jacket. With a shrug, it fell to the floor. She then removed her boots, blouse and trousers.

Hunter walked around her, examining the feminine slope of her back, the long, slightly muscled legs, flat stomach, and breasts shaped for a man's hands. Her ass was luscious. Two perfectly shaped, golden brown orbs enhanced by a black lace thong.

Athena's eyes squeezed shut, fighting the combination of arousal and shame as Hunter slid his hands lasciviously over her body. The man aroused her more than any had in a long time.

Standing before her in tight blue jeans and a white T-shirt, he looked delicious. She'd always had a thing for men in denim. It looked like Hunter intended to exploit every advantage he thought he had, and she hated him for it.

Just get it over with, she told herself. Get it over with, go home, and torture your slaves until Hunter's memory is purged forever.

"You're gorgeous," Hunter said, not bothering to hide the blatant male appreciation in his voice. Male appreciation was something she was familiar with, so Athena didn't understand why Hunter's reaction pleased her so much.

"Look at me," he commanded.

With a deep breath, Athena opened her eyes.

"I think we'll start tonight with honesty..." he began, locking his eyes with hers. "I'm going to ask you questions, and you're going to answer truthfully. If I think for one second that you're lying, you will be punished. Understand?"

"People like you tend to confuse insolence with honesty. I'm not so sure I want to take that chance," she said coldly.

"You don't have much choice do you, Athena?"

He said her name as though he were savouring it.

Athena glared at him, her breasts rising and falling with irritation, but she nodded in acknowledgement.

"Good," Hunter said with a smile, "How do you feel?" he asked her.

"I feel like fighting you. I don't want to be here and I don't like the way you're treating me," she said through clenched teeth.


"I feel like I'm setting women back hundreds of years,"


"By the very act of submitting to you," Athena replied. "I don't think very highly of male Dominants," She continued, "I think you chose female slaves out of hatred and contempt for women. You treat us like sex objects to compensate for the fact that you men are becoming increasingly obsolete,"

Athena braced herself for a slap. She knew she'd said too much. Had she been in Hunter's shoes, the offender would be on his knees, covered in welts and begging for mercy.

To her surprise, she saw no aggression, no anger in Hunter's face, only curiosity.

"Go on," was all he said.

Athena had no idea what he was playing at, but she complied anyway. To hell with the consequences, she was out of there at dawn anyway.

"In North America and most of Europe, with equal employment opportunities, men are no longer needed as the sole provider for their wives and children. With the development of artificial insemination, and the number of sperm donors out there, you boys aren't needed to have children either. Thanks to modern technology, a vibrator has become an acceptable substitute for sex with a man. As far as I'm concerned, you Male Dominants whip women and call them sluts in an attempt to convince yourselves that despite all our new found freedom, we're nothing but whores who can't live without a good deep dicking," she said, her final words dripping with contempt.[A2] "Well said," Hunter said with a tilt of his head, "But that doesn't account for the hundreds of women who willingly submit,"

"Masochists," she said dismissively "Women who hate themselves for being born. They turn to male Doms because they think that's the way it should be. The big strong male subduing the helpless female,"

"But how would you know if you've never submitted?"

"I've been a slave before,"

"You might have been a slave before, but did you submit?"

Athena hesitated.

"Did you submit?" Hunter asked more strongly. Grabbing her chin in his hand, he forced her to look into his eyes when she answered.

"No. Not completely," she said at last.

"Then your argument is null and void. In the past, I've spent as much time beneath the lash as I have wielding it, and I can tell you that you'll never know what it's like to receive the ultimate submission, until you've surrendered yourself,"

"A pretty speech, but I think its bullshit," she said matter-of-factly.

"Think what you want. It won't affect tonight's outcome. How long has it been since you've had sex?" he asked abruptly.

"With a man? About a year,"

"Why so long?"

"I fuck, I don't get fucked. When I have sex, it's with a vibrator or dildo. I don't need the bullshit that comes with having sex with a man."

"Ever been on the receiving end of anal sex"


"Have you ever fucked a woman?"

"All the time,"

"Are you the butch or the female?"

"The butch,"


"I don't like to lose control."

Hunter nodded in understanding.

"I think that's all the answers I need. Take off your bra and panties and get onto the bed," he told her.

He'd been playing around long enough. It was time to start breaking her.

Squeezing her eyes shut, she unclasped her bra, slid her panties down her legs and climbed onto the large bed. Once she regained her honour, she could go home and forget him. Until then, she had to let the fool have his fun.

"Spread your legs"

She moved her ankles apart.

"Wider...Hold yourself open for me"

Athena glared at him before she spread her legs even wider and obediently slid her hands down her body. Biting back the shame, she parted her cunt lips, resisting the urge to kick him as he crawled onto the bed and bent to get a better look.

"Beautiful..." he murmured, admiring the perfect petals of flesh and immaculately trimmed pubic hair, "...Absolutely beautiful... This is making you wet isn't it?"

Athena bit her lips, refusing to answer.

"You like being this exposed..." he continued, his eyes never leaving her cunt, "You're just too stubborn to admit it," he said, and with those words, he slid a finger inside her. Ignoring her gasps, he pulled it out to show her the wetness glistening on his finger, and, with his eyes fused to hers, he slowly sucked it off, tasting her, savouring her.

"Stand up Athena," he commanded.

With a grunt of irritation, she pushed herself off the bed and stood before him, stark naked, her breasts slowly rising and falling with controlled arousal. Hunter stared at her breasts and cupped them. Just as he thought, they fit perfectly in his hands.

"You are mine," he told her, pinching her nipples. Athena gasped and closed her eyes, turning her head away from him.

"Never!" she said with clenched teeth.

"Mine" he repeated, sliding a hand over her torso and between her thighs.

"You are deliciously wet" he told her, squeezing her nipple with his free hand until she opened her eyes. In them he could see excitement, shame and rage all fighting for dominance inside her.

"My body may enjoy this...but I never wanted to submit to it," she said, breathing heavily through clenched teeth.

"On some level you did. Turn around Athena," he commanded, his voice deepening.

"I never did!" she spat, turning around. She regretted her words instantly. Before she could fight him off, he'd shackled her wrists to the front posts of the bed. With her arms above her head, she could do nothing to stop what he planned for her. She was a slave. Totally at his mercy...no more than body made for his pleasure, and while her body craved what was coming, in her mind she hated it.

Hated the wanting, the helplessness, and the dark addictive shame.

"I've heard enough insolence from you...it is time you learned what it means to be bent to another's will. You can claim you're doing this to regain your honour, but that doesn't matter. There's fuck all you can do escape me! You are mine!" he punctuated his words by bringing a riding crop down on her ass.

"Mine!" he said whipping her again.

"Mine! Mine! Mine!" he whipped her again and again, until the welts rose on her ass and she was biting her lip to keep from gasping in pain.

A moment later, she heard the crop hit the floor. Hunter moved onto the bed in front of her. Cupping her chin in his hand, Hunter kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth and biting her lips. The kiss was meant to brand her, but Athena had played this game before. With a growl she threw herself into the kiss, biting his lip and forcing his tongue to duel with hers. She was fighting him, fighting the arousal, fighting her helplessness. She was no slave.

Hunter had other plans. With all his strength, he forced his lips from hers and slid them down her neck. When he arrived at her breasts, he reached into his pocket. He sucked her nipples slowly until they swelled under his lips and tongue; until Athena began to arch herself involuntarily against him. Bringing his hands up to her breasts, he took one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

Athena gasped as something clipped her left nipple, and then moaned as Hunter clamped the other.

"I believe you're familiar with these," he said, applying the connecting chain, "Have you ever worn them yourself?"

Athena wouldn't answer...so Hunter tightened the clamps, watching the tortured ecstasy on her face at each exquisite pinch.

"No!" she screamed at last, arching her back towards him as he pulled on the chain.

"It's a shame..." he said, moving behind her.

"Go fuck yourself!" she hissed.

From behind her, Athena heard her him pick up the crop. In desperation she writhed, trying to dislodge the clamps from her nipples while at the same time attempting to squirm away from the hot kiss of the whip. She knew her struggles were futile, but that didn't seem to stop her. No matter how hard he struck her, Athena refused to beg. He could tear her to shreds, but she would never plead for mercy. She was no slave.

Though she would never admit it, she fought herself as much as she fought him.

Hunter whipped her on the ass, back and thighs over and over, until his arms grew tired. She was a stubborn woman. For all he'd been doing to her, she'd never begged him to go easy. Breaking her was proving a more delicious challenge than he thought. He whipped her again and again, until the golden brown skin had turned deep red, and welts rose all over her beautiful satin skin. Dropping the crop, he stepped towards her and placed his lips at her ear.

"You're a wilful slave" he said, placing deliberate emphasis on the last word. "I've whipped you, clamped you, and bound you and yet you never beg..." he bit down on the side of her neck and pulled the connecting chain of her nipple clamps, "Let's see what happens when I fuck you."

From behind her Athena heard plastic tearing before Hunter's strong hands grabbed her hips, pulled her back against him, and eased the head of his cock inside her.

As he moved deeper, she could feel her eyes roll backward. He felt so good.

His cock was the perfect shape...as though it had been made for her. It had been too damn long she'd had sex.

She was angry with him, she knew she was. She was no slave; no sex object to touch, whip and fuck, she hated her helplessness, and yet... The rage, the shame, the whippings, and the clamps had all caused an arousal that had bordered on excruciating pain.

He intended to torture her, she knew he did. With every stroke inside her, the head of his cock rubbed her G-spot. Nonetheless, whenever she made it to the brink of orgasm, he simply slowed his thrusts or stopped moving. He repeated this several times, and the torment caused her to whimper, and tears to roll down her cheeks. To make matters worse, Hunter's hands slid around her. While he teased her clit with the fingertips of one hand, he pulled on her nipple clamps with the other. She wanted to kill him.

He brought her to the brink over and over again, bringing her to the edge, waiting until she calmed down, and then bringing her up again. He wanted her so desperate she would do anything, anything to ease the pressure inside her.

"You need to come don't you?" he whispered in her ear, his deep, sexy voice a torture in itself.

In response, Athena leant her head back against his shoulder, breathing heavily.

"That's not good enough" he said, flicking her clamps with his fingers.

Athena gasped but said nothing.

Hunter pressed hard on her clit and thrust once, deep inside her. Athena moaned.

"Beg me, Athena," he commanded as her inner muscles clutched frantically at his cock. She tried to lunge backwards but he moved with her.

"Beg me," he whispered again, spreading the lips of her cunt wide with his fingers, letting cool air of the room stimulate her where she was most sensitive.

"No!" she screamed.

"You may be proud, but I can feel how much you need me," he said huskily, "You're soaking the both of us in your arousal. Give in to me Athena. I know you can't last much longer, and I can go at this for hours. Teasing you, tormenting you, taking you to the brink and leaving you there without ever letting you go over. What you don't seem to realise is that the power to come is all yours. All you have to do is beg me. Empower me with the privilege of pleasuring you," Hunter breathed in her ear, fighting for control. Her inner struggle was more arousing than anything he'd ever felt. He'd never seen someone fight it this much. They'd been fucking for over an hour now, and she had yet to utter a single plea. With his teeth clenched, Hunter thrust hard inside her and made three circles around her clit with his fingers, teasing it, but never actually touching it.

"Please..." Athena whispered at last.

"Please what?" he asked, tightening her clamps.

"Please...let me come. I need to come" she moaned, hating her helplessness. Hating that she needed him this badly.

Hunter pressed inside her, and she arched.

"Please... I beg you, do with me what you will, but PLEASE let me come!" she cried, straining against her bonds, trying to absorb him into her skin. She needed him. She would die if she didn't have him.

It wasn't quite what he wanted to hear, but for now it was more than enough. Please was the ultimate word of submission, and he'd finally forced it out of her. With a growl he thrust brutally inside her.

Athena writhed on him, under his teasing fingers, for at that moment she needed nothing more than his tongue on her neck, his hands on her body, and his cock inside her. When she came violently a moment later, her hips rocked savagely against him while her muscles squeezed his cock in an effort to possess him. The strength of her orgasm, the depth of her pleasure, was enough to send him over the edge. At that very moment, he was as much a slave to her as she was to him. In those brief moments in the aftermath orgasm, they were no longer master and slave, but two equals, completely lost...

In each other.

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