Hunting Camp

byDr. Bull©

Ray & Mitch had been hunting together since they were fourteen, from rabbits to elk they enjoyed getting together and spending time in the outdoors. If they got their meat it was a plus, but mostly they enjoyed being together. The two old friends that only had this one time a year opportunity to spend time together. They would spend a week each year at the "Cow Camp" a place built by Mitch's family in the early 1900's, it sits in a small valley in the mountains on the edge of a national forest, acres of private land and national forest lie around it. The old log cabin was still in use by Mitch's cousin, who still runs cattle on the place; the barn also made from logs and had a hayloft and a shingled roof. A stream ran by the cabin down to the corrals and a spring brought fresh water up just steps from the cabin door. The inside of the place was rustic, wood fired cook stove and an old wood heating stove kept the main room warm. A round oak dining table with four miss-matched chairs sat in front of the southern window, the table had been there as long as Mitch could remember, in fact, nothing had changed much since he was a child. A mouse proof hutch sat in the corner behind the table and along the north wall a huge "Chuck" box built by Mitch's grandfather to haul food and what not, while they were on the trail. A big brass bed sat in the northeast corner of the room on the east wall a door led to a second room with more beds. The backroom was hard to heat and seldom used, but handy summer months of the year.

Back home, Mitch had been out sighting in his rifle and was cleaning it. Karen was looking at some rips in his hunting vest that needed sewing up. "Honey, can I buy you a new vest?" She asked.

"Nope," Mitch ran an oily patch down the bore of his rifle, "I like it," He and Karen had the same discussion nearly every year; it was an old Carhart vest with a leather patch he could slide additional ammo into and big pockets. "Besides, I always get lucky in it."

Karen giggled at the remark and threw the vest over on Mitch's hunting pile, then walked back to the bedroom. Mitch watched her swing her ass as she walked away from him. Ten years of marriage and two kids, she was sexy as ever. It had taken time and effort on her part to get back close to measurements she was in college. When Mitch met her, she was a 36-24-38 C-cup, twelve years latter she was a 38-25-40 with a D-cup. A sight to see and Mitch loved to look. In their bedroom Karen pulled the new vest out of the bag, she had been worried he would want to keep the old one, but then an idea popped into her head on the best way to give it to him.

In the kitchen, Mitch finished cleaning the rifle, and was checking over the inventory he had sitting by the front door. He and Ray were going up the mountain in the morning to do some scouting before opening day; it was good that Karen had sent the kids to their grandparents so he could leave his stuff out to check it without worrying about the kids playing around and getting hurt. Knives were sharp, food gathered, clothing, toilet paper (because the critters usually ate what was left in the outhouse), rifle, shells and spotting scope. Yep he was ready to go.

Mitch had his back to her when Karen came back to the living room, "So, do you think you could get lucky in this?" Her voice was low and sexy. He turned around to look at her; she stood wearing nothing but a new vest almost identical to his old one. It was zipped up a few inches at the waist her breasts pulled together with her right nipple just poking out past the zipper. The hem sat upon her hips, the view of Karen's reddish-blond bush was unobstructed. "Somebody is going to get lucky in this vest any way," she pulled the zipper down a bit further allowing the fabric to part and her breasts further out. Her left nipple came out to join her right, sliding across the zipper pinching it just a bit. Her nipples are large compared to many women, nearly dime size in circumference and they stick out a good half-inch, sensitive, the metal crossing it brought both of them to full attention. She had her pouting lip thrust out as she looked at her nipple then at Mitch as if she were helpless.

"Here let me help," Mitch smiled as he leaned over moving the zipper to the side of her breast then first kissed then suckled on the wounded gland. Cupping the other breast in his hand Mitch worked his way up her neck and then kissed her deeply as he unzipped the vest sliding his arms around her grabbing her naked ass. "Does that fell better?"

"It does!" Karen snuggled to his chest holding her naked body to his, the soft flannel shirt and jeans felt good on her skin, "do you like my present?"

"Well from what I've seen it looks good," Mitch held her back so he could look at her, "and you're wearing my favorite birthday suit under it." He smiled as she stepped back modeling it. "It looks great on you, better than I could ever look in it."

Karen backed up a bit farther and turned on the radio, almost on cue Van Halen screamed out of the speakers, 'GIRL... REALLY GOT ME NOW, YOU GOT ME SO I CAN'T SLEEP AT NIGHT....' Gyrating her hips, she danced, bouncing those D-cups, squeezing them together and swinging her hips. Mitch was enjoying the show as Karen flipped the vest back and forth covering her breasts one at a time, then flashing both as she thrust her pussy towards him.

"OH SHIT!" Karen ducked behind the counter and pulled the vest over her breasts, and then half squatted she streaked past him and down the hall trying to cover herself with the short coat tails on the vest.

Mitch looked around to see what the hell happened, behind him standing at the door hand raised to knock was Ray, eyes wide open in disbelief, hand frozen ready to knock. Mitch went to the door and opened it.

"I uh... I... thought we might pack... the truck... tonight. Sorry if I interrupted something." Ray stammered and blushed for a moment then, as was his manner, he composed himself as if nothing had happened. "So, can we load it anyway?" Since his divorce from Lyn a couple years before, Ray had a steady mixture of women running through his bedroom. Karen had commented once that Ray must have a big dick to keep that many women constantly rolling through.

We hauled out the equipment for the week and put it in Ray's big Ford 4X4 a couple loads and everything but the perishables were stowed away. I kept my .308 in the house along with my ammo; they would load with the food in the morning. We went back in the house to find Karen sitting in her chair still wearing the vest, now zipped all the way up, along with a pair of shorts, still sexy as hell, but now all her parts were covered.

"Uh Hi Karen," Ray was blushing again, "sorry about... uh... you look ... uh well great tonight."

"It wasn't your fault Ray," Karen was blushing a bit also; "somebody forgot to mention you were coming over." She glared in Mitch's direction, "I sorry you had to look at old lady boobs, probably throw you off sex for a while." She giggled.

Ray did not even think as he blurted out "oh no they were wonderful... uh ... shit." He was not sure if he should shut up or keep apologizing.

Mitch pulled his fat out of the fire, "Drink anyone, beer or a shot?" Ray and Mitch both had beers and Karen a shot of tequila, the guys talked about the trip and Karen had a second shot, the zipper on the vest was slowly dropping down and more of her breasts were showing. Karen stood up and walked over to where the two men looked over a map. "Ray," she grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the door, "I love you, but I'm about to fuck your friend, so you either have to leave or watch."

Ray could take a hint, even a broad one. "OK, OK, I'm out of here, see you in the morning. As he stepped outside, he looked back at Karen and said, "I had a choice?" She closed the door and the curtains.

"Now where were we?" Mitch turned the radio back on as Karen unzipped the vest and pulled her shorts off. "Get naked and lie down mister!" She fucked him hard in the living room wearing the vest the whole time.

"Do you think Ray would mind if I came up this weekend?" Karen asked as she fixed Mitch breakfast the next morning, "I haven't been to cow camp in months." Karen loved spending time there, so seldom was anyone around she would often go topless and sunbath. The mountain was much cooler in the summer, but as fall approached, the temperatures could be colder.

"I'm sure he won't mind, what are you thinking?"

"Just thought I would get out of here, maybe fix you boys a decent meal." Karen smiled, "you might even get lucky."

"Bring the jeep and come on up," Mitch was sure Ray would agree. Finishing breakfast, Mitch heard Ray beep the horn, "time to go, he packed the cooler out to the truck as Karen followed packing his rifle. She wore the Carhart vest over her t-shirt and sweat pants.

"Ray," Karen removed the jacket handing it to Mitch, "you be safe up there," her nipples stiffened against her t-shirt in the cool morning air, "and you, mister... I'll see you soon." One-step above Mitch, Karen on the patio she pulled him to her breast, then bent over and kissed him.

Both men looked admiringly at her headlights showing through the light shirt. Mitch put his new vest on and got in the truck.

The next two days went as expected, up early, scout until noontime then lunch and a nap, walk some timber and keep looking. The Indian summer weather was quite a challenge with no snow in the high country, nothing was moving. It was noon, opening day, when Ray and Mitch pulled up on a ridge a mile from the cabin. They could see it below them and Mitch's red Jeep sat near the door. "She knows we won't be in till dark?" Ray asked.

"Yep," Mitch pulled out the lunch they had packed as they looked around on two other ridges sat vehicles facing towards the cabin. The hunters were out of their rigs and appeared to be looking at the cabin with their scopes or binoculars. "What are they looking at?" Mitch asked as he bit into his sandwich.

"Karen." Ray was looking through his binoculars.

"What?" Mitch grabbed the spotting scope and focused it on the cabin below them, there soaking up the sun oblivious to the fact she had an audience sat Karen, topless reading a book. "CRAP! Now what should I do," Mitch said aloud to no one in particular.

The glasses never left Ray's eyes as he ate his sandwich, "Enjoy the show, that's my plan."

"Asshole, it's not your wife,"

"True, but what are you going to do?"

Mitch knew he was right, it would take thirty minutes or more to get to where she was to do what... embarrass her. Mitch opened the door on the truck to step out.

Karen had arrived at the cow camp around eleven, it was hot down in the town and she was glad to be out of it. Well into the seventies, it was still warm on the mountain, she cleaned up a bit around the cabin, and men could be so messy on their own. She pulled Mitch's sleeping bag off the bed in the main room and made up the bed with the sheets and comforters she had brought with her. "That will be better that sleeping in a bag," she said to herself. Grabbing a camp chair from the back of the Jeep, she sat it up facing the sun. It only took a couple of minutes for the sun to warm her up. She looked around and saw no one. Thinking to herself that the road in here was rough enough she could hear anyone driving up well before they got there; she stripped off her shirt and bra to catch some rays.

"What now?" Ray asked, as Mitch got out.

"As you suggested, I'm going watch the show. And as any self respecting pervert with the set up I have would." Mitch grabbed his camera bag and set the spotting scope up on its tripod took off the eyepiece and snapped on the camera link that turned it into a powerful lens. "I'm taking pictures." Ten minutes later, after Mitch had taken quite a number of photos, Karen stood stretched and went inside. Twenty minutes later, they and the other hunters decided she was not coming back.

Mitch and Ray left the truck parked where it was and walked the trees in the small canyon that emptied towards the cabin, they knew elk liked the area and could sense them near by. As dark fell the weather had a chill to it, things were about to change. They pulled off the ridge down the two-track that lead to the cabin, they saw a number of vehicles on the main road going by in the distance, back to town or to one of the resorts or campground. "Mitch," Ray said to him as they pulled up next to the Jeep, "I sure am glad your family settled here before some one else took our hunting spot."

Karen had a roast warming on top of the kitchen stove and it smelt great. Dressed in one of Mitch's old flannel shirts and jeans she looked like she belonged with the cabin. Mitch lit the heating stove as the temperatures outside dropped. Ray loaded the firewood box from the pile they had put up outside the first day they were there. They had dinner, a few drinks and played a few hands of cards by lantern light. Mitch banked up the fire with logs and a couple pieces of coal for the night then shut it down as it warmed the cabin nicely. Even into the back room where Ray's bedroll laid out.

They had been laughing and telling stories for a couple hours, when Ray reached in his bag and pulled out a small box. He lit the hand rolled joint and offered it to Karen. "None for me," she declined, "I'm still missing most of my college years." She laughed, "But you boys go a head."

Mitch knew as he took his first hit it was a mistake, he could drink or smoke, but the combination always kicked his ass. Ray and Karen also knew it but said nothing. By his third hit he felt it coming on, he passed on the fourth round, as the room seemed to heat up. He unbuttoned his shirt and felt the earth spin.

"You ok Honey?" Karen smiled knowing what was happening, Mitch never got sick, but his senses always multiplied, he was on his way to 'La La Land.' Where he would lie back and enjoy the world around him. Karen loved to tease his body, playing with him in his high. Ray had sent him home to her "fucked up" a number of times.

"Hot," was all he could say, as he staggered to the bed stripped in front of them and crawled into the fresh sheets, their coolness felt good on his skin.

"Sorry," Ray apologized to Karen half-laughing, "it's always to tempting to see him do it to himself."

"Don't apologize, he's a big boy." Karen had a smile on her face, "besides you send him home fucked up and then I get to play with him."

"Huh?" Ray did not understand.

"When he gets like this he is like a big sex doll, I can do to him anything I want and it drives him wild. At the same time it turns me on, so thank you for the many fuck sessions you have given me... without even knowing." Karen smiled at Ray, blushing slightly.

You are... uh... welcome? And he is a lucky guy." Ray said with a grin, he could hardly imagine Karen telling him this, his friend was indeed a lucky man and about to get lucky again. "I can go..." he motioned towards the back room.

"No," Karen looked over towards Mitch still covered up to his neck, "he isn't ready and I have a story to tell you first." She replied. "You know Lyn and I are still close?"

"Yes?" the comment struck him as odd, his ex-wife was not part of their normal conversations. They had parted as well as a divorce could, they still had feelings for each other, they just could not live with each other anymore.

"She told me a story some time ago about before you got married, you were dating at the time. It was before Mitch and I had even met.

"Yes," Ray was intrigued.

"Lyn and Mitch were looking for you and drinking, not finding you they went parking... sort of." Mitch pulled his covers down a bit as Karen continued, "They both told me they didn't have sex, but she did end up naked. She told me she wouldn't let Mitch touch her but she was so excited just having her boyfriend's best friend see her naked, when they finally found you she fucked your eyes out."

Ray sat back, taking a long drag on the joint, not sure what to say. They were not married at the time and they were no longer married, so should he be pissed? "So, why tell me this?" he asked.

"A couple of reasons," Karen blushed, "I know Mitch has felt a bit guilty all these years."


"And Lyn was so excited by it she still gets turned on thinking about it today."


Karen stared at the floor, "When I saw you at the door or when you saw me, dancing for Mitch..." She looked up at him, "I knew almost how she felt. It was exciting, but only for a moment. I want it to last longer." Behind her Mitch through back the blankets, his naked body exposed. "He is ready, are you?" She picked up one of the two lanterns burning on the table and moved it to the stand next to the bed.

"So all you want is me to sit here and watch?" Ray was even more confused, yet turned on.

"Just like porn on TV, watch and enjoy. She stood next to Mitch, facing Ray, her hands trembling with excitement as she unbuttoned her shirt slowly, when she reached the bottom her bra showing. "If I chicken out?" She looked at Ray questioning.

"I can go to bed now and jack off with what I've already seen," Ray commented gently.

Ray sat back, his stoned mind drinking in every move as Karen removed her shirt dropping it on top of the pile Mitch had left on the floor. She reached behind unclasping her bra, halfway off she hesitated, and then let it slip off her arms on to the pile. Her nipples were hard as dime sized rocks sticking out from the half-dollar size areolas that were pink and puffy.

The light from the lantern danced across Karen's skin, not daring to look at Ray she unbuttoned her pants and then slid them down her legs kicking them off, her light blue panties hardly covered her bush. She was nearly naked in front of Mitch's best friend, her pussy was soaking wet and it turned her on. Down came her panties next, as she bent over a rush of pure adrenalin pumped through her. Standing up straight looking at Ray, he was sitting back rubbing his dick through his pants as he stared at her. It was amazing!

Karen walked over to Ray, bent over and kissed him lightly on the cheek, her hand caressed his leg, "Remember at home, alone, and watching porn on TV." She whispered in his ear. Turning away she set her eyes on her target, Mitch's nude body became her sole obsession.

Ray could believe Karen's story, but to have it followed by her stripping in front of him? Her breasts bounced as she walked across the room toward him. She stroked his leg, her finger ran the length of his hardened cock, as she walked away he admired her fine ass. Ray watched as Karen climbed onto the old brass bed that squeaked as soon as her knee touched it.

"Oh," Karen squealed, "SQUEAKY BED!" She bounced up and down; Mitch's hand raised then flopped back. Karen's grin was wide, "Hey lover, I want to play." crawling on her hands and knees, her ass swaying in Ray's direction. She reached out letting her fingers trace through his chest down across his belly to his legs, caressing the edge if his cock and testicals, making his dick twitch to life.

Sliding between Mitch's legs, opening them wide Karen massaged him with her tittys, starting at his groin and rubbing back and forth until she reached his chest, leaning forward, her body covering his. Kissing him, she moved back down Mitch's body stopping with her breasts over his hardened penis, slapping it back and forth between her mounds of dangling flesh.

Ray watched in awe as Karen teased Mitch's body, sucking on his nipples, then as she rubbed her tits across Mitch's dick, tickling the head wit her nipples. Karen looked his way, smiling at him as he sat slowly stroking his man hood. Then she dove, sucking Mitch's stiff penis into her mouth. Deeper and deeper she stroked with her tongue swirling around the head. Then releasing it from her mouth, Karen stroked him with her hand as first she licked his ball sack, then sucked Mitch's left testicle into her mouth rolling it with her tongue. She sat up, glanced once more in Ray's direction to see him playing with himself. Moving forward Karen slid Mitch's throbbing member in to her warm tight hole, the old springs squeaked rhythmically as she increased her speed. Karen's large breasts rising and falling to Ray's delight as the lantern light gave them a warm glow. The old bedsprings acted like a trampoline bouncing them more and more as Karen slammed up and down. Laughing she thought, it was like riding a bronco keeping centered on his hard-on.

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