tagNonHumanHunting the Hunted Ch. 01

Hunting the Hunted Ch. 01


Editor: GaleWillow


Chapter 1

Benjamin couldn't sleep. This was the third night in a row he couldn't sleep. He sat in his bedroom looking out the window staring at the moon. It was full and shone into the room lighting everything around him. Normally the heavy curtains were drawn in order to keep out the light but since he was awake he had pulled the curtain back and was just staring at the night sky.

His wife Annie lay beside him sleeping on her stomach, she was wearing one of his T-shirts to bed and was naked from the waist down. She was more or less leaning on her right side, right leg straight out, left leg up and bent at the knee. This had caused the sensuous curve of her hip to be accentuated by the moonlight exposing her gorgeous ass to anyone in the room. She had kicked her blankets off in her sleep and was totally exposed and open to her husband. This presentation was not helping Ben sleep.

The room already smelt of sex. In fact over the last three days and nights they had had sex at least once, if not twice. Tonight had been rather more intense than the previous nights as evidenced by the copious amount of semen leaking from both her ass and pussy. She had given him head in the beginning of the evening and he had gone down on her, which she thoroughly enjoyed. He could eat pussy better than any of her previous lovers and her little clitty just loved all the attention his glorious tongue wished to give. And fuck, god could he fuck, he had extraordinary staying power. For a forty-two year old man he fucked like he was eight-teen. There were nights she was afraid he would never stop. Every time they had sex he proved that size wasn't everything, it was what you did with what you had, and mind you he was hung rather nicely and had a package most men would be very very happy with.

They had met twelve years ago when he was working as an addictions counsellor in a half way house for teens and she was working with unwed mothers. Their mutual concern for youth brought them together and their love for one and other blossomed from there. He was thirty at the time and she was twenty-eight. Both of them had been through previous relationships and weren't really looking for anything, but that's the way it usually goes though, when you're not looking you find it and when you are looking it never seems to come. Ben's wife had died in some freak car accident which he still didn't talk about and she had left an abusive boyfriend/fiancée. It always amazed her at how he had stopped bothering her shortly after Ben came into the picture. There was no drama and explosive bullshit that had been so typical previously. Roger had shown up to her work wanting to talk shortly before Ben had come to take her to lunch. Roger had been somewhat erratic prior to Ben's arrival and when Ben came the two talked and Roger thanked Ben, shook his hand and took a card to go see one of Ben's fellow counsellors to talk about his rage issues. There was no yelling, no screaming, no theatrics, Ben simply spoke calmly and quietly and Roger listened and left. The last she had heard he had married and was doing well; some people are just oil and water she thought.

The next day Annie got up and went to work, leaving Ben at home. He had the next three days off work and then there was the weekend. His plan was to begin to get ready for the change of season. It was September and summer was over. Soon the leaves would be changing and the weather would be getting cooler. He was in the garage working on his bike when he felt it more than saw or heard anything. Seconds later he heard the motorcycle and then saw it as it came lumbering down his street with the familiar potato, potato, potato sound that was indicative of all Harley's. It was 1972 Electro Glide without the fairing and had leather saddle bags. The driver stopped at the end of Ben's driveway turned off the thundering engine and parked the bike. The Shovel Head wasn't a bad motor although Ben still liked the old Pan Heads. The bike was in good condition and was fairly clean and well maintained. Chromed front forks, the spoked wheels were cleaned and polished indicating the rider took care of the bike as well as rode it, and front disc brakes gave away the year, front discs came in, in '72 and the Pan went out around '66.

The rider was a tall man, standing about 6' 5" or 6' 6" weighing somewhere around 210 maybe. He was stocky, not overly muscular but big enough that he likely intimidated more folks than he didn't. Ben had always been fairly good at sizing folks up from far away. He was wearing dark charcoal grey jeans, matching jean jacket, black leather boots and a black T-shirt. The protective sunglasses he was wearing kept his eyes concealed and hugged his face tightly. His hair was almost shoulder length and was curly; his helmet had caused his hair to mould tightly to his skull giving him that pervasive helmet head look all riders had to put up with, unless you lived in some place like Ohio or Illinois. The bandana that was around his neck had initially covered his face when he had pulled up again increasing the intimidation factor.

Pulling the bandana down revealing his face, which was ruggedly handsome did little to reduce Ben's apprehension. "Hello Russell. It's been a long time."

"Twelve or thirteen years at least, where's the Knuckle?" The big man said as he came up the drive.

"Traded it in for the EVO, gotta' get with the times. Besides Fuel Injection, and no cold starts. I'm getting to old to kick 'em anymore." Ben said referring to the kick start on the old Electro Glide. As the big man continued his approach Ben felt a pang in his stomach and his senses went on alert. "That's far enough Russell."

Without even being aware that he had done it, Ben had a large crescent wrench in his right hand, gripping it tightly. His entire stance had changed. His feet were now shoulder width apart, legs bent at the knees, body turned towards the big man in a protective stance, left shoulder forward, right arm back holding the wrench. The sinew in his muscles, elastic and stretched, ready to pounce at the oncoming perceived threat.

Russell froze in his tracks and didn't move. "Easy there Ben I'm not here to fight."

"Take your Jacket off and put it on the ground." Ben said in a very controlled voice, moderate tones. He watched tentatively as the big man did as he had asked. Once the jacket was off he saw it. Brown leather harness straps around both shoulders. Russell was now bent at the knees squatting in the drive, hands out in front of him; he had folded the jacket and laid it on the ground.

"Now sling that harness off your shoulders and put it down beside the jacket." Again Ben watched carefully as his directions were followed to the letter. The harness was attached to a leather pouch that sat in the middle of the big man's back, it was at least 18 inches in length maybe longer and was a minimum of 6 or 7 inches wide, a bone handle protruded from the bottom of the pouch which was at least 10 inches long and fairly thick, it looked as though it was made to be held by a very large hand.

"Fuck." Ben mumbled as the object was placed on the ground. Again Russell had complied with everything Ben had asked, still in the exact same posture. Squatting on the ground arms out in front of him, palms down, fingers spread, sitting still and awaiting the next instruction. His facial features were calm and unwavering. Although he hadn't removed his glasses Ben knew his eyes would be looking straight ahead, staring blankly and trying to present as non-threatening as possible.

"Is that thing fucking silver?" He asked straight out, might as well cut to the chase, no sense beating around the bush.

"Yes." The answer was simple and direct just as he had knew it would be.

"Jesus Christ I'm getting too old for this shit." Inside he was kicking himself. It was all there, the weird dreams, the lack of sleep. All his old senses were coming back and haunting him like when he was younger.

"Who sent you?"

"Gran." Again the answer was direct and to the point.

"Awe, Fuck."

"She says to tell you Annie's pregnant."

Immediately his mind went back to last night and to all the previous nights before but especially last night.

They were in the kitchen doing the dishes. Annie was wearing a white blouse with a black pencil skirt. She had taken off her shoes but still had her nylons on; they were the sexy kind with a distinguishable pattern that accented her beautiful legs and calves. The line that went up the back of the stocking always did him in and caused his eyes to wander up to her sexy ass. 'God.' He thought, 'she was built for fucking.'

"So I was telling him... that green hedgehogs don't eat yellow flowers." She had stopped drying the dish in her hand and was staring at him. "Are you even listening to me?"

"What? Yes of course I'm listening to you, I always listen to you, I love you." He was caught and he knew it. He had no idea what she was talking about he was lost in the beauty that was her. Her face, her eyes, the shape of her mouth and the sexy tongue that hid within, she was everything he could hope for in a women and a partner, they weren't just lovers they were friends.

"Ok listen smart ass if you weren't so good looking I'd have to kick you to the curb." Her smile gave her away. She was neither serious nor upset. She loved this man and the fact that she had just caught him looking at her ass and not listening to what she was saying kind of turned her on at the moment.

"Oh rough, well I like rough." He smiled back at her and put the cup he was holding back into the sink and began drying his hands.

"You do, do you? Well how about this?" She startled herself at that moment as she reached up and grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled it open. The buttons from his shirt popped and scattered across the kitchen, landing on the floor and in the sink. His broad chest was immediately exposed to her and his scent inflamed her. He had always smelt good, his cologne was soft but masculine, not over powering and offensive. She pushed him back and to the wall. He towered over her all 6' 2" inches of his 200 pound frame to her 5' 6" inch tightly packed curvaceous body. Immediately her mouth went to his chest and his nipples, she sucked and nibbled his chest, every once in a while biting a little harder than she normally would have. Her own arousal took over. Her nipples were erect and hard almost to the point of discomfort as they pushed against her black laced bra. The crotch of her panties was become wet with the fluids of her sex as she could feel the heat build in her loins. Soon she would want him inside her; she would want something inside her.

He remained against the wall not moving, hands to his sides letting her take control of the situation, allowing her to explore this side of her personality and use his body as her foil. Her hands went to the side of her dress and she undid the clasp and pulled the zipper down. Her skirt pooled at her feet. Her mouth continued to press into his chest, licking and sucking as she went from one nipple to the other then down his stomach and back up, her lipstick smearing as she went. She began to feverishly unbutton her blouse and let it fall off her shoulders and to the floor along with her skirt. There she stood before him in her nylon stockings with the infamous line trailing up the back of her leg, and her black lace bra and matching panties. He loved to see her like this, wild, wet and wanton, the thong panty serving to accent the shape of her hips and buttocks, the lace bra hold her firm breasts in place accentuating her perfect form and shape, leaving him mystified by her beauty. She grabbed his belt undoing the buckle and pulled, it slid through his belt loops and came free, and she tossed it to the floor. Now for the button at the waist of his pants, she undid the first one and then pulled causing all the buttons of his button fly pants to pop open, revealing his underwear. 'God he looked sexy in boxer briefs.' She thought.

"I am going to fuck your brains out." Her voice was deliberate and forceful, leaving no doubt as to her intentions.

"Arrrgh!" He moaned as her teeth scraped his chest. Her hands moved down his sides to the waist of his pants. She firmly took hold of each side of his pants and pulled down taking his underwear as she went. His amazingly rigid cock leaped up like spring board once the material of his boxers fell away from his body. Immediately she grabbed his cock and began to stroke him up and down, pulling his precum to the mushroom head of his cock.

"I am so fucking wet." She declared as she ground the crotch of her panties into his leg and hip. She continued to move her hips in tiny circles increasing the friction of his body against her sex. She reached up with right arm and hooked her hand behind his neck pulling him to her. His face met hers and they kissed hard and passionate. Her tongue slipped into his mouth and began dancing and twisting with his, their lips mouths appearing to devour each other. The exchange of their tongues going back and forth into each other's accepting orifice, like the interplay of two duellists seeing who give first. She continued to hold him closely to her with her right hand as her left snaked down between them and into her panties, they were drenched. She shoved one then two fingers into the folds of her pussy piercing the mouth of her sex; they became soaked with her juices. Her fingers began to slide back and forth over the opening of her pussy, smearing her sex and increasing the flow of her liquid arousal. She felt the tiny bud of her clitoris begin to harden and grow beneath its protective hood. Soon it would begin to protrude from its hiding place, its sensitive nerve endings openly seeking to increase her pleasure exponentially. She pulled her hand from her crotch and brought to their joined mouths feeding both of them the essence of her arousal.

His body rejoiced in her actions. Her scent increased his excitement, stimulating him further. It became more and more difficult for him to hold back and simply receive erotic attention, soon he would have to react and openly participate in their love making. Soon his desire would become overwhelming and his need to take her override any thoughts of simply taking what she had to offer. He had never been a passive lover and they both new it. Neither of them had been passive in their love for one and other. Both had demonstrative traits that drove the other to heights of sexual bliss.

"God look how hard you are." She couldn't take her eyes of his erection. She stroked and pulled on it marvelling at his size and feel in her hand. Quite quickly she began to use both of her hands to stroke and pleasure him. His balls were heavy and tight against his body indicating the potential of his eminent release. Her mouth watered and she drove her head into his crotch engulfing his cock into her mouth and throat. This was not the first time she had taken him like this, but every time she had it amazed him.

"That's it suck my cock. All the way down your throat." He said as he felt the head of his cock slide over her tongue hit the back of her throat where it paused before she push herself forward on his length shoving his cock past the point of where her gag reflex was and into her throat. His eyes rolled into the back of his skull and he slumped against the wall as the pleasure she was causing him overtook him.

"You're such a nasty fucking bitch. Fuck I love you." He regained his focus and fought the urge to pump. She held his solid member out and away from his body; it was slick with her saliva. She gasped as she released it from her throat and mouth her eyes watering from the strain. She loved his cock. With both hand she continued to stroke him, squeezing the shaft tightly causing the bulbous head to flare menacingly as though it were about to explode the content of his balls.

"I am going to make you cum so hard you are going to scream." She announced. At no time was she looking at him as she spoke, she was speaking directly to his cock as though it were a living breathing entity on to itself. Again she took him into her mouth bobbing her head up and down his shaft. Her tongue played mercilessly over the head and shaft of his prick swirling back and eliciting moans of pleasure from her partner. His knees weakened and he buckled sliding to the floor. As best she could she followed him down to the floor, helping to keep him on his back.

"Oh god! Fucking eat me!" She insisted as she lifted her head from his cock and straddled him, bringing her panty clad pussy over his mouth. Annie was hornier than she had been in months, these last three nights she couldn't get enough of his mouth, his tongue or his cock, and she hungered for him. Her scent was intoxicating. He did as she said burying his face in her sodden panty, pulling the drenched gusset aside so that he could have better access to her slit. The outer labia of her sex were shaved clean, from the top of her gorgeous sex to her anus. There was a little tuft of hair at the top of her Mons that indicated that she was a true blonde but other than that she was bald. She had always taken issue with pubic hair coming out of the sides of panties or bikinis, it just wasn't seemly. Neat and trim and sexy was her motto. He liked her this way, wet and slick.

There they were in the kitchen on the floor their passion over taking them. Annie was sucking his cock while Ben ate her. Neither of them fully naked, neither fully clothed, their passion consuming the too quickly to care. His tongue was exploring her folds and delving deep into her center, making her more and more aroused. She flooded his mouth and he drank deeply from her. He spread the lips of her pussy apart with his fingers opening her up to his mouth and tongue. His face was saturated with her essence. She smelled like sex, alluringly feminine, arousing in him all that was masculine, the Yin to his Yang, her soft to his hard. Again he buried his tongue inside her drawing forth her sexual essence. She moaned loudly encouraging his effort and deeply sucking his cock into her throat in return. His passion soaring to match hers, he began to lick her from top to bottom, swirling over the hood of her clit feeling the bud hardening beneath his tongue pausing long enough to tease and arouse and then moving on. His tongue travelled to her anus. This time he pulled her ass checks apart opening and displaying her perfect rosebud. Her body tensed in anticipation of what would happen next, Ben was a generous lover uninhibited and willing to explore. His tongue pierced her anus and immediately her mouth came of his cock in a distinctively guttural groan.

"AaaaRrrrgghh!" She moaned loudly. There was no denying what was happening to her she was fully sexual and aroused. Her body craved release.

"Oh you fucking bastard. You amazing, fucking man. Eat my ass you prick." She was wild and alive with sexual energy. She ground her ass into his face forcing his tongue into her further. Although she loved him desperately this was no longer about his pleasure it now about hers. She was going to ride his face.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck." She groaned continuing to rock back and forth over her lovers face. She sat up and balanced herself on top of him bracing herself against his thighs as her ass undulated over his mouth and tongue.

"You fucking bastard. Yes, yes, yes." She continued. "Now my cunt, eat my cunt."

He willingly obliged as she dragged her hips across his face bringing the opening of her sex to his mouth. At first his tongue split her lips apart and pierced her center, than he removed it from the gapping mouth of her sex and travelled to her clit. Now she was wet and soaked and the little clit that hid behind its protective hood was no more. It was hard and aggressively poking out from its hiding place, nerve endings screaming to be touched, to be licked, and to be sucked.

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