tagSci-Fi & FantasyHunting The Storm Ch. 01

Hunting The Storm Ch. 01


Hunting The Storm


"That guy's a pain in the ass," Captain grunted as he got out his chair on the flight deck and went downstairs. "Don't crash into anything," he said, winking at Pilot.

"What is it now, Bump?" His disdain for the ships engineer was obvious, and had been obvious for a long time. In fact, he was now the only one on the crew that would speak to him.

"Look," the hunchbacked round little man pointed.

Captain moved over to the window to see what the hell he was pointing out now and sighed. "Alright. What is that?"

"BP2-93 panel, Captain. It's just drifting there. Can we stop and collect it?" The eagerness in his tone was pathetic, and Captain knew saying no was like smacking a puppy, but in this case it was unavoidable.

"No, you know the rules, Bump. You're not allowed to try and make your own fucking ship out of scrap and crap that's floating about." He wondered how many more times he'd have to tell the creepy little hunchback that before they docked at their destination. "Go do something useful like de-crud the boiler. I haven't been able to get a decent hot shower for weeks now."

Yes, Captain," Bump replied, reverting to his normal sullen self.

Captain watched as he wandered off with that weird walk of his. If he wasn't such a good engineer he'd have been airlocked a long time ago, but because he kept the Bolt-On sailing he was forgiven a lot.

"It's been a lot," Captain mumbled as he headed back up to the flight deck. There was six of a crew on The Bolt-On. Captain was the ships commander, with Pilot who was responsible for navigation and steering the ship in dock. She was also the second-in-command of the cargo vessel and probably the closest thing he had to a best friend aboard.

Cook took care of the food rations, ensuring they were eating nutritionally, the rations were managed to last each voyage and she went ashore whenever they docked and resupplied too, while Guarder and Gunner were their two security and weapons experts. They were also twins, identical tall and athletic redheads who were just as deadly manning the ships guns as they were armed with nothing at all.

Six of them aboard The Bolt-On. Captain, Pilot, Cook, Guarder, Gunner and Bump, and at one time or another over the last three weeks, Bump had spied on them all in the showers, installed hidden recording devices in their rooms and both Cook and Pilot had woken in their bunks to find him standing over them, fiddling with himself.

In the last three weeks he'd had eleven beatings, but it was like a compulsion with the guy. For the last two weeks he'd been confined to the engine room and his meals were taken to him, but only a couple of days ago Captain had relented and let him out. So far he'd behaved, but it had only been a few days and he didn't trust him in the slightest.

"What did that little creep want now?"

"More space crap floating outside," Captain said, resuming his seat on the flight deck. "Where were we?"

Pilot smiled and sat down astride his lap. "You were telling me about your night with Cook, and how she showed you her rolling-pin trick," she said. Captain loved how her short blonde hair framed her angular face. Her hands moved to his trousers, flicking at the buttons with her long fingers until she could fit her hand inside.

Captain groaned. "Now that's nice."

"I know," she said, her blue-green eyes twinkling. "Now pick up the story."

"Last night, of course," Captain said, reaching up to unzip her top while her hand gently stroked his hardness. "Well, Cook was in my cabin, and we'd been playing for a bit, and then she asks me if I want to see a trick, so I shrug and tell her to show me. Well, next thing is she's got this big plastic rolling pin from her bag. Must be like half a metre long and as thick as your wrist."

Pilot gave her wrist a little jerk, drawing an involuntary moan of pleasure from Captain. "This wrist?"

"That's the one," he said, nodding. "So then Cook ask me how much of this big pin do I think she can fit up inside herself, right? Well, I had a look at it, and I figured that if she took half of it that would be pretty impressive."

"Which hole did she put it in?" Pilot asked bluntly.

Captain grinned and winked. "My story. Don't be impatient."

"Impatient?" she said, raising her eyebrows at him. She let go of his erection and stood up, rapidly shedding her clothes until the only thing she had on was her AMACS device. Captain raised his hips and slid his trousers down, leaving them around his ankles, and seconds later Pilot was back above him, lowering herself down on his mast.

"Oh yum," she said, adjusting herself until she had sank down and taken him all. "So, rolling pin?"

"Well, let's see. She started off with it in her pussy, right, slowly feeding it in until she had nearly half of it rammed inside her. Fucking impressive," he said, clenching his lower stomach muscles, causing his cock to twitch inside Pilot. She loved that.

He heard a slight growl from her and grinned, but continued with the story. "So next thing she's rolling over onto her hands and knees and she's got me in her mouth, making me all hard again."

"With her rolling pin still inside her?" Pilot asked, slowly beginning to roll her hips back and forth.

"Yep, still inside her, and that's not the best bit. While she's got me in her mouth, she turns round until her body's over my chest, and this rolling pin is right over my face, right?" Captain paused at a particularly nice sensation as Pilot began to massage him using her own muscles, gripping and releasing him inside her. He cleared his throat.

"Then she takes the big pin out and places it against her asshole and begins to slowly, really slowly, push it in, pausing every so often to let it slide back out a little, but always pushing it back in, and before I know it she's got three quarters of the damn thing up her ass."

"It's fucking impressive, ain't it?" Pilot smiled, her motions on his cock a little more than gentle now as she began to grind her pelvis on his.

"I know. So impressive that I came there and then, right in her mouth, and being Cook, well she never wasted a drop," he said, smiling. He reached a hand up to her left breast and rolled her nipple between thumb and finger. Captain knew from previous experience that he could make her orgasm from that alone.

Pilot groaned, almost purring like a kitten as he manipulated her hard little nub. "Don't stop, Captain," she said firmly.

"Ride me then," he ordered. "We've still got a lot of work to do, remember."

"But all work and no play makes Captains balls explode," she said, winking.

"Keep this up and Captain's balls will be exploding sooner than you think."

"Good." She began to really ride his cock now, plunging up and down on it like one of the pistons on one of the old Steam engines he'd seen in a museum from Old Earth. Captain gripped her nipple and began to twist it a little as her breasts bounced. He knew that drove her nuts, and with his other hand he began to press down on her leg, encouraging her to go faster and faster until he could see that familiar expression appear on her face.

Pilot reached orgasm with her usual explosion of breath and her single, loud moan, all wobbly and trembly that lasted no more than a few seconds, but never failed to make him join her. He felt that tingle in his balls, that imminent explosion that he knew was coming. He could see she knew it too.

"Where do you want it?" he growled, his muscles tight and rigid with the impending explosion.

"In me," she moaned, and he complied, cumming inside her luscious hot and tight pussy. He remembered at the last instant to let go of her nipple, having once squeezed it so hard in the past that she'd been sore for days. His orgasm left him tense and rigid while he spurted, then panting and exhausted moments later.

"I like it when you cum," Pilot said, smiling as she stood up suddenly, leaving his cock wet and cold in the climate-controlled air of the flight deck. She grabbed her trousers and yanked them on, then bent over and took him in her mouth, cleaning him quickly with strong licks and tender sucks, first on his softening cock, then around his balls, hips and lastly a tongue darting under his testicles.

"Get it all?" Captain said, smiling at his second in command.

She frowned. "Of course." Pilot shrugged, her breasts bouncing a little. "When do I ever miss a spot?"

"Far be it from me to doubt your awesome skills," he smiled, looking down at his softening penis. "And they are truly awesome, Pilot."

"I know," she winked. "More later?"

"Of course, but once we've got our work done," he reminded her with a smile.

"Good. That was fun, but I've got an itch up my ass that only your cock will scratch," she winked.

Captain laughed. Pilot was a fun, energetic lover, but she was insatiable too. If it wasn't for their job of flying the Bolt-On and its cargo, and the frequent checks they had to do to the systems, then he knew she'd be fucking him nineteen times per day.

He pulled his trousers back up, checked his pistol was still in it's holster and pressed the button that took his chair from fully reclined to upright and brought the command console around in front of him. He put his thumb on the Atmospheric Monitoring And Control System attached permanently to his wrist, known as AMACS for short. Everyone in the crew wore them, tying them to the ships systems and ensuring that their responsibilites were monitored regardless of where they were. The Command Console activated.

He pressed the comms button. "Report in."

Pilot's face appeared on the top left of the console, even though she was only a few feet away from him in her own chair. "Pilot. Nav's good."

Another face appeared, this time a shorter woman with short brown hair. Her large, brown eyes looked at him. "Cook. Kitchen and Supplies are good. Also, dinner smells fantastic." She winked, knowing the whole crew would be watching at their own consoles.

Two other faces flashed up on the screen, identical in nearly every way except their hairstyles. Gunner answered first, her red hair kept short around the sides and back but long and spiky on top. "Gunner, offensive weapons are all set, Captain."

"Guarder, defensive weapons are one hundred percent too, Captain," her twin sister replied, her longer hair resting on her shoulders.

He saw everyone's expressions fall as they saw Bump appear on their screens, his cabin walls behind him covered in old fashioned pornography print-outs. "Bump. Engine's good, Captain. Boiler will be another hour or two and then the hot water will be fixed."

"Thankyou all," Captain told them. "The Bolt-On is good." He pressed a button on the command console and the faces all disappeared. He considered his ship for a moment, the cargo transporter they all called 'The Bolt-On' because of it's construction method. It was made with sections that fastened together like some modular kids toy. The Command module with its three floors, the upper being the flight deck and Captains cabin, beneath it the crew room and kitchens and on the bottom another two bunk rooms and food storage. Added to that module had been a long corridor, designed to dock cargo containers against, a solar engine compartment with two thrusters, and at the front, a recycling unit to keep them going in oxygen and water and a fuel storage unit. After it's first journey two cannon-ports were added from the command module, but the whole thing was bolted together, then each component weld-sealed on. Hence the nickname, 'The Bolt-On'.

Despite it's origins, they were all immensely proud of their ship. They had one of the highest and most consistent transport records in thei sector and carried a lot of civilan and military tech between the Mars, Jupiter and Saturn colony outposts.

The one drawback of their ship was that it was unsuitable for atmospheric flight, so it never got any closer than the colony outposts, space trading ports set up around the human-populated planets.

"Nav diagnostic?" Pilot asked, interrupting his musings. "Or did we do that yesterday?"

Captain checked his logs, scrolling through several different screens with agile fingers. "Thruster efficiency and Engine performance now," he said, knowing this was one of the dullest checks they had to do. "Nav diagnostic later."

"Oh balls," Pilot muttered. "You sure we can't just ditch it and fuck some more?"

"Work first, play later," he said, knowing that would have been a great motto for the ship.

It had been a long shift, but it was nearly done. The systems were all on automatic, Bump was confined to his quarters in the engine room for trying to slip a handfull of his semen into Cook's drink, and they'd not long finished dinner. Cook was being rewarded for all her hard work, and she was currently sitting on Captains cock, getting butt-fucked with her feet up on the table as she watched Gunner and Guarder on their hands and knees on either end of her favourite rolling pin.

"I hope Pilot hurry's back," Cook moaned as Captain hammered his cock in and out her ass as she lay on top of him. "I could do with her licking my cunt right now."

"Or sucking my cock," Captain said, nodding agreement.

"Yeah, but only after you've cum, Captain," Cook chuckled. There was something lusty and hungry about Cook, Captain thought. Where Pilot was all sharp angles, straight shoulders, hard and firm, Cook was all curves, curled dark hair, soft breasts and an ass that shuddered whenever you slapped it.

"They're gonna cum," Cook murmured over her shoulder, twisitng to the side so he could see the twins, Gunner and Guarder fucking each other on either end of the half-metre rolling pin. The table shook as they pounded back against each other in some beautfiul symphony of harmonised moans, the noises of the old wooden table making a deep base rhythm on the crew room floor.

The redheads reached a crescendo, their backs arching and breasts jutting out, both of them crying out and collapsing onto the table at the same instant.

"I like watching them lick each other at the same time," Cook murmured as she continued to thrust herself up and down, his cock flying in and out of her ass, her well known favourite place to be fucked.

"I like watching them lick me at the same time," Captain said, grinning. His hands found her breasts, much softer and fuller than Pilots were earlier. He dragged his hands down over them then back up again.

The AMACS on Captains arm buzzed, as it did on everyone elses. "All hands, report to your posts," Pilot's voice interrupted, appearing on the wall console. The expression on her face let them know without a doubt that this was no joke.

"Report," Captain said, immediately lifting Cook off his cock and reaching for his trousers.

"Looks like pirates, Captain."

Pirates. Cargo thieves, slavers, rapists and occasionally murderers too. There weren't many of them around the system, but they had a reputation for ferocity.

Captain pulled up his trousers, made sure his pistol was in place and ran for the stairs. There was a loud thud as the rolling pin hit the table, the twins leaping off either side and racing to the two cannon ports on the port and starboard sides.

He reached the flight deck and threw himself into his chair, seeing Pilot's fingers darting madly over her controls, throwing the ship into evasive maneuvers with one hand while adding power to the thrusters with the other.

Captain flicked his own console to see what was chasing them. His eyes narrowed as he recognised the shape of an old military Company ship, though he could immediately see it had been modified. The extra guns to the sides were pointed right at them and the glow from the thrusters seemed far brighter than normal.

"We won't be able to escape this one, Captain," Pilot said, interrupting his thoughts as he reached the same conclusion. "Should we jetison the cargo containers?"

That was a commonly used tactic for evading pirates, Captain knew, and he'd used it himself in the past. Put the valuable cargo in one place, head your ship somewhere else and force them to choose what they wanted. Ninety nine times out a hundred they went for the easy and rich pickings of the cargo and left the crew alone.

Captains fingers rattled on the Command console and several loud clunks echoed from the corridor to the engine bay as the four large cargo containers were released from the ship. Pilot hit the thrusters, heading the ship off to port as fast as she could, and Captain flicked his view back to the Pirate vessel behind them.

It turned with them. "They're following us."

"Submit or fight, Captain?" Pilot asked immediately.

The faces of Gunner, Guarder, Cook and Bump appeared on the right side of his console.

"Fight," said Gunner.

"Agreed," Guarder added.

"While I enjoy a good fucking as much as the next girl, it's got to be on my terms, so I say fight too," Cook replied, her laser-rifle cradled against her breasts.

"Maybe we can buy them off?" Bump said, looking hopeful.

"Shut up, Bump," Gunner and Guarder said at exactly the same time.

"Pilot?" Captain asked, wanting her opinion too.

"We let them board and kill them," she shrugged, her expression intense as she manipulated the ship to squeeze every ounce of power out of it.

He flicked his eyes to the other side of his console, seeing the Pirate vessel had closed the distance.

"We fight," Captain ordered. "Pilot, spin us around. Shields to the front. Gunner, Guarder, give them hell."

"Captain!" Pilot's shout rang out. "Incoming!"

He saw the incoming missile flying at them at an impossible speed, and as he moved to seal all the doors on the vessel, he watched it get too close to avoid.

The ship shook, throwing him and Pilot out their chairs, plunging the flight deck into instant darkness, the only light coming through the thick windows from the stars outside, casting everything into cold, dark grey shades.

"Come on," he told his second in command, heading to the small cabinet at the top of the stairs. He hauled out two of the laser-rifles and handed one to her, jamming an extra pistol in his belt.

They raced downstairs, seeing Cook clambering to her feet, half-dressed with her rifle in her hand. "You check Gunner," Captain told Pilot as he raced along the short corridor to the Starboard cannon-port to see if Guarder was okay.

She was crouched in the doorway, still naked but with a huge rifle in her hands, it's muzzle as wide as Captains wrist. "What the fuck is that thing?" he blurted.

"Ship clearance system," she said quickly. "Like the old fashioned shotguns. Fires loads of little rounds and fucks people up." Guarder stood up. "Engines offline?"

"Everything's offline," Captain replied. "Come on, through to the crew room. You might as well get dressed up for the fight too."

He followed her back along the short corridor, his eyes as always drawn to her ass as she walked in front of him. Captain couldn't help it. It was like a fixation for him, and besides, he knew she didn't mind. He'd had his cock inside it dozens of times over the last couple of years.

Captain shook his head, clearing it of lustful thoughts as he focussed on their situation. Thier options now were seriously limited. No cargo, a direct hit from a missile on their engine bay, putting the whole ship offline and probably killing Bump at the same time too. The engines were a bigger loss as far as he was concerned.

Life support was offline so they had a limited supply of oxygen, and he hoped that they were about to be boarded by these Pirates, because at least then they stood a very slim chance of being able to board their assailants ship and escape. A ridiculously remote chance, Captain knew, but their only choice. Otherwise they'd drift here and die.

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