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Huntress of the Night


Huntress of the Night takes place in the same world as Search for the Goddess. These events happen 90 years before Search, so it is not required to read Search side by side with Huntress for a true understanding. All characters engaged in sexual acts are 18 or older. Human, none human, consent and non-consent. Comments welcome.


She ran for her life, faster than she did not believe possible for her. Not that anyone was around to notice her speed. It was midnight, and the townsfolk were indoors. The people had learned long ago to be off the streets nine after noon. Of course the younger people had trouble believing the worry. The village was located fairly close to the mountains that wolves hunted on, but that was no reason not to walk around your own home. That was how the woman, long blonde hair with blue eyes and the fair skin of the northerners, ended up running for what she assumed to be her life. She had spent the night in the woods with her lover, and had hoped to sneak back home to avoid a scolding from her parents. As the woman darted between two houses, she wished desperately that a scolding was the worst of her problems. She was about to turn a corner when something grabbed her arm and threw her to the ground. She hit the cold cobblestone with a groan before glancing up in fear, they had found her. Two males stood above her, leering at her with red eyes. They only wore pants, they had moved barefooted and chested through the cold night to get her. Not that these grey skinned monsters needed to worry about cold. As their pointed ears and deformed faces showed, they had moved beyond human feelings long ago. Now they were vampires, and new ones from their looks.

The one that threw her licked his lips before nudging his friend, "So what do you think? Worth coming to this speck of a village?"

The other nodded as he looked her up and down, liking what he saw in the well-endowed human, "Oh yes, there is always some fool that ignores their elders and goes about at night. This little slut for instance."

The girl hissed at that word and tried to crawl away. Chuckling, the first vampire leapt at her, pinning her down and pulling her head up by her hair, "Guess she doesn't like being called a slut."

"Hard to deny it though. The smell of sex is still on her. Sneak out for a romp did you girl?"

The girl bit her lip as the first vampire palmed her breast and gave it a squeeze, very aware of how his body pressed on top of hers, "We would have saved you to trouble of dealing with some mortal."

The girl squirmed under the vampire, uncaring that it only excited him. As he tore open her blouse and pinched her bare nipple, she whimpered in fear.

"Please...let me go...please don't kill me...."

"Kill you?" The second vampire stepped in front of her and knelt. To her horror he pulled down his ragged pants and let loose the largest dick she had ever seen. Granted the village was small and she did not have much to see, but he easily beat her lover. The vampire smirked at her reaction, "Nice, huh? I admit I wasn't much to look at down there as a human. But vampirism enhances more than just your strength and lifespan. Don't worry, we won't kill you. Such a waste. We are just going to fuck you, suck your blood, and do it again every night. She not like that answer?"

The last part was directed at his friend, who had to adjust himself to keep the now thrashing girl down, "Guess not. You're no good at wording things. Let me try. You can either take it or die. See?" The girl stopped struggling as the hand that had squeezed her breast moved to her neck. Grinning, the vampire slid off her and turned her onto her back. The human had a nice rack, and her nipples stood hard in the cold air. The first vampire lifted her shirt and spread her legs as the other dangled his cock above her face. The girl whimpered and pleaded but made no move to escape.

"Lick it." The girl hesitantly stuck out her tongue and gave the tip of his cock a few flicks. She stopped to cry out in shock as the other monster pushed his cock into her pussy without warning. The human groaned as the largest manhood she had begun pumping into her. The second vampire glared at his friend and the girl before shoving his own cock into her mouth. It was an awkward angle for her, not that he cared as he began pumping her mouth.

"Don't forget about me you human slut."

"Try and enjoy it. Look on the bright side, you're getting the best fuck of your short life and you can't get pregnant off a vampire."

She was not feeling so lucky as both vampires picked up speed and forced more of their cocks into her. She let out a moan around the dick as the other leaned in and pulled at her breasts. The vampire in her mouth looked ready to say something when a small object pierced the back of his head. The monster collapsed into dust as a small silver dagger clattered on the ground. The girl choked and spit out dust from her mouth as the remaining vampire looked around in surprise. He stopped thrusting, but did not pull out. The girl panted for air when the vampire hissed at the rooftops. A woman watched them from about. In the moonlight, her very long black hair framed her pale skin and violet eyes. She wore a long purple robe under a leather bodice, boots, and steel bracers. The front skirt of the robe was cut open in a triangle to give her long legs room to maneuver. Silver throwing daggers like the one on the ground crisscrossed her ample chest on their straps.

The vampire hissed again with a faint trace of fear, "Huntress."

The woman nodded before leaping off the roof and landing gracefully away from them. Her movements were graceful even as she drew a crimson bladed rapier and strode toward them. The girl gasped as the vampire grabbed her neck again and chuckled. Her lower body heated up again as the vampire began thrusting again. The woman did not slow her pace.

"Stop right there human. I've got this poor little slut right here. You don't want me painting this street red do you?"

The woman smirked cockily as she gave her rapier a quick swing, "You don't want to lose the one thing keeping your ass-ugly head connected to your body, do you?"

The vampire pulled the girl up and forced her to straddle him as his dick pushed deeper into her. Groaning from the feeling of an unfamiliar size in her the girl began to move her hips and ride his dick. Humans, give them a good fucking and they break down easy. The vampire ignored the small pants and moaned in his ear as the woman still approached, apparently not caring that there was a human body in between them now. No matter, he could disarm her was the sword was pushing through his victim. If the girl survived, he would just fuck them both. The woman raised her rapier and thrust out. The vampire was about to reached out for the sword when a sharp pain exploded from his back. Whipping his head back, he watched as a red bladed rapier stabbed through him.

Both black haired women smirked as the blade hit the heart, reducing the disbelieving vampire into dust. No long held up by her attacker, the girl fell right through the falling dust and into her savior's arms.

Its job finished, the illusion of the woman faded away just as the rune on one of her steel bracers darkened. Pulling the poor girl close to her the woman smiled.

"Sorry for making you go through that so long. I needed the illusion to distract him while I made my way around. What's your name?"

"Christine..." The girl panted out as she relaxed. She may not have wanted it, but the vampire had gotten her body worked up. She could almost feel his hand on her breast, squeezing and rubbing...Christine's eyes flew open to find her savior doing just that. A blush crept onto her face as the woman began planting small kisses up her neck. The girl squirmed in embarrassment.


"Kara." The woman said after a long lick and lowering Christine onto the ground.

"Kara. What are you doing?"

Kara smiled as she lifted up the skirt and cupped Christine's pussy with her free hand. The other was still busy working her breasts, pinching her nipples playfully as Christine gasped. Unlike the rough treatment of the vampires, the violet eyed woman was more tender and teasing on her. Kara leaned in and nibbled at her lower lip. Christine started moaning softly under Kara's touch.

"Just easing the tension. Vampires are like animals that take what they want. A hot little thing like you should get more. Besides, think of it as my reward for saving you."

With that Kara slipped two fingers into Christine's pussy. The village girl's moans became muffled as Kara brought her into a kiss. Christine was in heaven right now as the digits moved in and out of her wet opening. Kara was the most skilled person she had ever had, far better than the clumsy hands of her village lovers. The two continued to kiss as Kara fingered her into an orgasm. Now completely worn out from her sex filled night, the girl slowly faded into sleep.

Kara wiped Christine's juices off her hands before lifting the girl up. She was sort of disappointed that Christine had dozed off before Kara could get her own release; damn vampires had worn down the poor girl.

"Was that really needed, Kara?" The warrior turned around to grin at the white haired young woman who was walking up to her. The newcomer wore the white monk's robe that marked her a servant of Luna, Goddess of the Moon. The white hair that framed her dark eyes was itself a sign that the moon deity had chosen her as one of her most powerful servants. Caren Strun had never told Kara was her hair color was before the blessing, and she did not intend to. The silver crescent moon dangling from her neck shone in the light of the real thing.

Kara shrugged as she glanced down at the sleeping Christine was a bit of lingering hunger, "I couldn't let her body be ravaged by those idiots. I had to make sure it was alright."

"Right." Kara knew Caren didn't buy it, she never did. But the monk had learned a long time ago that she could not stop Kara when she was horny. It was like fighting a dragon with a piece of cotton. So she just took the girl from Kara and looked her over.

"A simple spell can repair the clothing; I will leave a note suggesting that she not tell anyone about tonight. With luck we can keep our prey from learning about these two dying long enough to take them by surprise."

Kara nodded and began making her way over to the nearest building. Taking a deep breath she jumped up and grabbed the edge of the roof and lifted herself up, "Meet you back at the inn then. Oh right, she might have some dust 'up there' from tonight. Better check it."

"What!" Caren looked up to yell at Kara, but found nothing on the roof but snow. Damn that woman to hell.


What happened to Christine was not uncommon in the northern lands of Haron. A region of cold, ice, mountains, and snow, Haron was home to beings both natural and supernatural that are not found in the deserts of Sabacc or the plains of Solan. Cryomancer mages, werewolves, dread wolves, and frost dragons were some examples. Chief among all of them were the vampires. Near immortal monsters that lived off the blood of the living, vampires had been a menace to the people of Haron since before the old kingdom had broken. With not King and the land ruled by many warlords and chiefs the problem had only gotten worse over the centuries. They took what they wanted and killed who they wanted. Which was, ironically, how the black haired woman walking on the rooftops of the village came to be feared by them.

Kara had only been eight when her family had been part of a caravan heading through the mountains to Stormhold. A party of vampires fell on them, with Kara being on the only survivors by chance. She had been held down and forced to watch as her father was killed and her mother raped before the rising sun drove the monsters away. She had sworn to wipe out the vampire race in its entirety.

Kara was twenty five now, and while she was still a long way from her goal, the vampires knew who she was. Kara the Huntress they called her, the beautiful human that wiped out a force of fifty vampires and slew their Vampire Lord. The rapier she used, Bloodbane, was once that Lord's weapon. Its tip dealt instant death so long as it pierced the heart. And so here she was, looking for the group of vampires that the two she killed came from. Word had reached her that vampires had been hunting in this area more than usual for weeks now. She could not let that slide, so she had come to dust all the bastards. But first, she thought as her stomach growled, she needed food. Jared had better have gotten them a room.


"You put far too little faith in me, Kara." Jared Baxt turned the page of his book as the two sat in the inn. Unlike the muscular man, who only had a cup of tea, Kara was tearing into a cut of meat and gulping down ale. To strangers, it looked like the man dressed in hide clothing should be acting like a barbarian. They clearly did not know Kara. Swallowing it with a sigh, Kara shrugged.

"Well you did fail to get us that room in Iceport."

"Because you would not even apologize for having sex with the owner's son in the stables." Jared's tone was as even as Kara's smirk was devious.

"He came on to me, remember? Besides, how was I supposed to know he was getting married? I can't read minds Jared."

Like Caren, Jared had learned it was rare to win with Kara. Or, Jared had learned before Caren did. Kara and Jared were childhood friends, his family had taken her in after she lost her parents. While Kara had always been fiery and free willed, their deaths gave her a reason to focus those emotions into killing vampires. Jared had joined her after choosing not to become a monk of Jar, the God of Knowledge. Though he never said it to her, Jared found the skills he had learned studying to be more useful helping Kara than recording it in some library. The two have a loose sexual relationship, which meant whenever Kara could convince her friend into screwing her. In his own way, the calm and studious man was almost as impossible as Kara with that.

"You could have asked what the ring on his finger meant, perhaps?" Caren slumped into the empty chair of their table with a sigh.

Kara waved off the comment as she gulped down some more ale, "Ignorance is bliss. He wanted my pussy, I wanted his cock. No need to muddle the situation with other things. Of course, it could have been avoided if SOME people had just relieved my needs."

Jared simply turned another page while Caren blushed. Only a year younger then Kara and the Luna Monk had had far less sexual relations then the Huntress. She had met Kara and Jared while trying to drive some bandits from a village. They had taken her hostage and tied her up for their pleasure later. Kara had arrived and killed them and, much like with Christine, had her own way with Caren before releasing her. As Kara later claimed, Caren had an amazing body under that monk's robe. She had been outraged at the treatment, but after learning from Jared that this perverted woman was the Huntress herself she decided to stay with them. For all her character flaws, Kara was very devoted to her job and Caren had helped kill many monsters. She absolutely refused to sleep with Kara; Luna knows what would happen to her next.

"So, Christine all right?"

"Yes, safe in her room with unknowing parents. We should not rely on her ability to stay quiet though."

Jared nodded and sipped his tea, "We have the general location of the next down. If we set out in the morning, we should find them with plenty of sunlight to spare."

Kara crossed her legs and stretched, well aware of the looks the men in the inn gave her as her long legs fell out of the skirt opening or as her large breasts pushed against the bodice. She enjoyed the attention; it meant she had plenty of choices for tomorrow night's victory sex if Jared wasn't up to it. But that came second on her mind. The hunt came first. With the sun out she could find the monsters in their hole with no room to escape. Just the thought of it made her caress the hilt of Bloodbane in anticipation.

"Agreed then. Well I best get some rest then."

"Rest?" Jared asked with a raised brow as Kara stood and finished off her ale.

"Well, first I think I'll finger myself into sleep. Unless anyone here wants to help?" Jared shook his head and Caren shot her a mortified glare. Shrugging, Kara strode up the stairs to their room.


The three were up and walking through the snow covered forest as soon as the sun lit up the sky. Days in the northern lands could be short, and they had a job to do. Caren and Jared combed the ground as Kara flitted from tree to tree for her prey. Vampires were both a clever and obvious race as a whole. At night they stalked the land, fearing only the most dangerous hunters such as the dragons and hunters like Kara. But their true enemy was the sun; its rays meant a slow and burning death. Only the Vampire Lords, the oldest and most powerful vampires, were the exception. Besides having regained a true human appearance and great power, the Lords could walk in sunlight with only a drop in their power. But the Lords were few and for the most part stayed in their mountain castles. No Vampire Lord would lower himself to being in a cave and preying on a tiny village. So Kara only had to look for signs that someone had tried to block out the sun. She soon spotted such a sign as a cave came into view. The entrance was been hastily covered in foliage to keep out the morning rays. Vampires, clever at night but painfully obvious in the day.

Kara leapt down from her tree and glanced around. She was supposed to go and find Jared and Caren, let them know the nest was here and storm the place. But that would take too long, the forest was huge and they could be anywhere. Kara drew out a silver throwing knife and dug it into the bark of a tree. If they passed by before she was done, they would see it and join the fun. She drew Bloodbane and walked up to the cave. Brushing aside the foliage, she crept into the cave and made her way deeper. These vampires were really clueless; this cave seemed deep enough to have plenty of darkness away from the sun. That barrier was more of a signal to their presence than a bloodstained snow pile. Must be newly turned if they made such a mistake. Another idea came to Kara just as something broke close to her. As she coughed on the gas, her last thoughts before passing out were that maybe it was a trap.

Kara opened her eyes and growled in annoyance. It was a trap, way to go Kara. The cave was dimly lit by a few candles scattered around, but she could see them just fine. The three vampires that stood around her were more advanced than she though, more than the two from last night. Their grey skin had begun to fade into a pale color similar to humans, and their eyes had gained the faintest flicker of the glow that vampires developed as they aged. Their strong bodies and large, erect manhoods were also on display since none of them had clothes on. A quick pull of her arms told her that they were bound behind her back. Bloodbane, the throwing knives, and her runed bracers were too one side of the cave, well beyond her reach. She had a pretty good idea were this was going.

"Three naked vampire men in a cave. Guess I know how you guys pass the days."

The monsters hissed in disgust before stepped forward, "And one bound and helpless human that could not smell a trap. I cannot guess how you are called the Huntress."

Still trying to loosen the rope binding her arms, she smirked at him, "Oh, you know me? I guess the mountain of dust I could make out of your dead friends does earn me some reputation."

One of the other vampires snarled and stepped up to strike her, but the leader held up his hand, "You have a sharp tongue human, I wonder how it will be filled with our meat."

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