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Hurricane Harvey


Dear Readers: This story is my latest fantasy fueled by recent events and is in no way intended to minimize or be disrespectful to those who are suffering a great loss. As always, thank you for your continued support and kind emails and comments ... you're the Best!

YogaKay XOXO


Hurricane Harvey was expected to make landfall at six p.m. and Corpus Christie, Texas was getting ready. Grocery stores were half bare and the lines at gas stations in the coastal city were growing as people either hunkered down in their homes or started driving north.

Gloria Smith was still trying to decide what to do when her i-Phone buzzed. It was her mother. Briefly, the thirty-year-old woman paused as she stared at the screen. She already knew what her Mom was going to say and she really didn't want to hear it again. Nevertheless, Gloria pushed accept and spoke, "Hi, Mom."

"Gloria...tell me you are driving!" The older woman's voice sounded irritated.

"Not yet...I'm still...."

"You need to grab your cat and get moving."

"I'm not sure I'm leaving...I just bought this house...I don't want to just drive away!" Gloria looked around her artfully decorated living room and sighed. It had taken the social worker more than two years working a second job to save for the down payment. Now, a category four hurricane was barreling towards her small stucco home and she hadn't even finished unpacking.

"Gloria! You're being stupid...you could get hurt. Property can be fixed, you can't. Please get in the car and come home for the weekend...your Dad is worried too."

"I ...."

Gloria's mother was frightened, so she upped the ante. "Gloria, your father and I love you so much...we just want you safe...we wouldn't survive if something happened to you."

Gloria's shoulders slumped with guilt at she listened. She knew she was being manipulated but it didn't matter. Gloria was a good daughter and she was going to do what her mother asked.

"Okay Mom. I'll leave."

"Thank God! You need to hurry...."

"I know; I gotta go. I'll be in Austin as soon as I can." Gloria hung up and set her phone down. Now that she had promised her Mom that she would leave, she got busy. The petite blond woman headed down her white-tiled hallway and entered her guest bedroom. Sliding open the small closet, Gloria grabbed a large black and pink suitcase and placed it on a denim futon. She opened the case and left the room.

The first thing she did was grab her laptop off the kitchen counter and placed it in the case. Then she began stuffing toiletries and clothes into the hard-sided suitcase. As she was packing, a fat orange tabby cat hopped on the futon.

"Hey sweetie." Gloria scratched the oversized feline's ear. Squinting his eyes, Griffin accepted Gloria's affection and began to purr. "We are going on a trip, Griffin...everything is going to be okay." Continuing to pack, Gloria walked over to the bedroom's only window and looked outside. Everywhere she looked an unnatural stillness met her eyes and Gloria started to feel a little anxious. She really did need to get moving.

Gloria went to her one car garage and got a medium sized kennel for Griffin and carried it into her great room. The minute the orange cat saw the soft-sided pet carrier he shot out of the room. Gloria shut her suitcase and rolled it to the front door. Then she went looking for her cat.

"Kitty...kitty...kitty." Nothing. "Kitty...kitty...come on Griffin." There still was no response so Gloria went to her small galley-style kitchen and grabbed a can of tuna from the pantry and began opening it. The fat tabby couldn't resist the fishy smell and was soon rubbing up against Gloria's bare legs. "There you are." Gloria fed Griffin a bite of tuna and scooped him into her arms. "Sorry, sweetie...we got to go."

Gloria carried her beloved pet to the guest bedroom and began trying to get the agitated cat into the carrier. Griffin meowed in protest as she gently pushed him inside the black case and zipped the lid closed. "You'll be fine...I promise." She ran a hand nervously through her shoulder length blond hair and stared into space for a moment. Griffin kept meowing and with a small shake of her head Gloria stopped worrying and began to truly hurry.

She carried the pet carrier down the short hallway and placed it by her suitcase. To the sounds of an angry feline, Gloria loaded a bag of cat food, a case of water and a box of protein bars into her ten-year-old Ford Fiesta. Afterwards she grabbed her leather messenger bag and slung it over her shoulder. With one more look around her new home, Gloria sighed. There was no way to know when she would be coming back or what she would returning to and the petite woman felt sorrowful.

With her full lips turned down, Gloria rolled her suitcase to the blue car and placed it the open trunk. A drop of water hit Gloria's arm and she looked up to the gray clouds. The outer bands of hurricane Harvey had arrived and Gloria grabbed the still protesting feline's pet carrier and locked her freshly painted purple front door.

She placed the carrier in the backseat of the economy-sized car and slid into the front seat. Starting the car, Gloria kept trying to console Griffin. "It's okay Griffin, we'll be in Austin in no time." She pulled out of her driveway and began driving north towards Interstate 37. The streets were strangely quiet as she passed boarded up houses and empty playgrounds.

The vacant roads disappeared as she neared the major north bound highway. Cars of every color and size packed with cherished belongings clogged the entrance lane and Gloria maneuvered into line to wait her turn. Griffin kept complaining as Gloria sat impatiently. She already regretted letting her Mom talk her into leaving and the mass of creeping cars in front of her Fiesta did not help calm Gloria's qualms.

It took close to an hour before she entered the Interstate and sprinkles had turned to rain. Slowly she inched her way North. Griffin's complaints ceased and Gloria turned on the radio. Eminem began rapping while she continued inching forward. About halfway to San Antonio, the rain became a downpour and the gale winds began to blow fiercely.

Gloria gripped the steering wheel tightly as gusts of wind rocked her small car. Windshield wipers swished back and forth and appeared to make no difference in Gloria's visibility and she struggled to follow the tail lights of the truck in front of her car. The undersized woman began to feel threatened as she realized she may have waited too late to safely leave.

Just when she thought things couldn't get worse, her check engine light turned on. The car was still driving okay but the red warning light on her dashboard made Gloria's stomach sink with fear. If her ten-year-old Fiesta quit running she had no idea what she would do in the rapidly building storm. With nowhere to exit, she just kept moving forward.

Rain was blowing sideways on the packed highway when she felt her engine give one last shudder. Now coasting, Gloria steered the vehicle to the freeway's shoulder. Tears formed in her slanted green eyes as she realized how truly stuck she was and Gloria hit her steering wheel and yelled, "Fuck!" repeatedly. Griffin began meowing with urgency and Gloria stopped screaming at her situation and took a deep breath.

"It's okay Griffin...we're going to be just fine" Gloria didn't sound convinced as she continued comforting her pet. She flipped on her hazard lights and pulled her smartphone from her bag. She needed to call for help and she needed to let her parents know where she was. Panic began to build as she realized her cell phone didn't have service and her tears started rolling. In the near black-out conditions the anxious woman huddled down in her seat to wait as one car after another passed her by.

The wind kept buffering her car in the pouring rain as Gloria continued worrying. She worried about her parent's reaction when she didn't arrive. She worried about being side-swiped by another car and she worried about drowning in a flood. The longer she sat on the side of the freeway, the more concerned she became. Closing her eyes Gloria leaned her head back and struggled not to start bawling.

"BOOM...BOOM," the sound of someone beating on her car window startled Gloria and she jumped with a soft scream. Griffin meowed in protest as the stranded woman began unrolling her window. Water splayed her angular features as she struggled to see the person standing beside her car. It was impossible to see who it was in the deluge.

"Hey...what's the problem. Are you okay?" The male voice was low and sounded urgent.

"Yes! Thank you." Gloria yelled through the cracked window. "My car's quit running... and my phone isn't working."

"You can't stay here. You're going to get hit...come on, I'll give you a ride." Gloria only hesitated for a second.

She opened her car door and stepped into the heavy rain. Immediately she was drenched. Her blond hair turned dark as her green knit dress molded to her curvy body and she looked up at the tall stranger and yelled, "I have to get my cat."

The man stepped back and Gloria opened the rear driver's side door and grabbed the black pet carrier and her purse. Slipping the bag over her shoulder she held the now screaming cat to her chest and followed the man to the back of her car. Truck lights broke through the falling water and Gloria could see a white extended cab pick-up with its hazard lights on.

"Get in!" The man opened the door on the driver's side of the oversized truck and waited for her to go first. Gloria pushed the pet case across the dark leather seats and stepped on the running boards. Crawling across the front seat rapidly, she placed the carrier on the floorboard and fastened her seatbelt.

Then she watched as the man took his seat and slammed the pickup's door. Water dripped from his navy blue ball cap as he turned his head and smiled. "Hello...I'm Clay." The older man's bright blue eyes studied the soaked woman as he continued speaking, "I'm headed to my house. It's not far."

Feeling self-conscious in her soggy knit dress, Gloria wrapped her tanned arms around her large breasts and gave Clay a slight smile. "Hi. Thank you so much...I'm Gloria. I didn't think anyone was going to stop. I really appreciate this."

"I almost didn't, but then I thought, Hell, someone might need help...I couldn't just keep going." As he spoke, Clay began nudging the truck back onto the Interstate. Slowly they inched forward. Griffin began meowing as they joined the crawl of traffic. "Somebody isn't happy!"

"That's Griffin. He's freaked out...sorry, he's usually very mellow." Clay cast his eyes toward Gloria. Even in her disheveled state the thirty-year-old woman looked amazing and Clay couldn't help but notice. Her dark blonde hair was plastered to her head and highlighted Gloria's angular features. The thin green dress might as well have been see through and despite Gloria's crossed arms, her curvy figure couldn't be hidden.

"No problem...he'll calm down." Clay turned on his blinker and began to exit the freeway. "Only a little further."

Gloria cast her green eyes sideways and studied the man. He was handsome. That couldn't be denied. His features were beautifully masculine and his salt and pepper mustache only made him look manlier. But that doesn't really matter, Gloria thought nervously, I don't know him. Briefly she imagined that Clay was a bad guy and she felt herself begin to tremble. No one knew where she was.

"Is your phone working...my parents are expecting me in Austin. They are going to be so frightened." Her voice could barely be heard as the sounds of a hysterical feline combined with the rapidly moving windshield wipers.

"Sorry, my cellphone quit working over an hour ago; the landline at the house should still be working. You can call them from the ranch." Clay continued driving. Finally, he came to a dirt road that looked more like a muddy creek than a place you could drive. There was a metal gate barring their way. "Hold on." He put the white truck in park and jumped out into the sideways rain, "I'll be right back."

Clay opened the large gate and returned to the vehicle. He drove through it and parked. Once more he exited the truck. Clay secured the gate and got back into the pickup. "Just a little further." His deep voice had a slight Texas drawl as he spoke. Clay began driving down the mud slicked road.

About halfway down the road, the truck hit a large puddle of water and mud splattered the side windows startling Gloria as she stared out the muddy glass apprehensively. She didn't know where she was or with whom. And this truth made her feel vulnerable in a way she hadn't ever felt before. Silently she chewed on her lower lip as the truck began lurching forward.

"Don't worry, I've got four-wheel drive." Clay shifted gears and continued driving. A few minutes later the truck came to a sudden stop as he announced, "We're here."

Gloria could see a large barn to her left as they pulled up to a two-story yellow ranch house. Clay pushed a button attached to the dashboard and one of the oversized garage doors began slowly creeping open. Clay pulled into the garage and shut off the pickup's engine. Then he pushed the garage door opener and the white metal door slowly lowered.

Clay opened the truck's door and turned to Gloria, "Hand me the cat."

As soon as Gloria lifted the carrier, Griffin resumed his protesting. "Here...sorry, he's so freaked out."

Clay took the carrier with one hand and shrugged, "I think everyone is a little."

With a smile of gratitude, Gloria opened her door and hopped out. When she came around the truck and stood in front of Clay she realized just how hunky her rescuer was. He had taken off his ball cap and his thick brown hair was cut in a military style. The gray at his temples accented his bright blue eyes and Clay's angular face wore the weathered lines of man who had worked and worked hard.

Clay placed the carrier on the floor and removed his navy-blue windbreaker and hung it on a hook by the door that led into his home. Water dripped from both onto the gray custom painted garage floor as they made eye-contact briefly.

Looking away Clay said, "There's a mud room...give me a few moments and I'll bring you something dry to put on." Gloria nodded. "I'll be right back," and he opened the door and closed it behind him.

Clay pulled off his well-worn cowboy boots and set them in the corner of the large tiled area. Quickly he removed his wet clothes and dropped them into the white washing machine that sat on the far wall. Nude, he opened a door that led into a large rectangular kitchen and flipped on the overhead light, and without pausing he headed down a long wood-paneled hallway.

As Clay entered the master bedroom he flipped on the light and headed to his bathroom. He turned on the bathroom light, took a gray towel hanging on the wall and dried his hard-trim body. Taking a fresh towel off a shelf hanging on the far wall Clay returned to his bedroom. Clay opened the closet door. The walk-in closet was more than organized. It would have passed any military inspection. Custom built shelves lined one side of the large space and were filled with undershirts that had been identically folded and organized by color. On the other side hung freshly-pressed pants and oxford shirts. These too were organized by style and color. Clay grabbed a light blue t-shirt from a shelf and pulled it over his head. Then he took a pair of neatly folded faded jeans from the bottom shelf and slipped them on.

Looking around his closet Clay tried to figure out what Gloria could wear. The woman was tiny and pants weren't even an option. Looking at his oxford style shirts he decided they were the best choice. They were long enough to be a dress on her he reasoned internally.

He grabbed a long sleeved white one. Pausing Clay imagined how the busty young woman was going to look in the white fabric. Immediately aroused, Clay internally chastised himself for being a perv and put the white shirt back and grabbed a soft dark denim one instead. As he began to leave his bedroom, Clay paused and began to think. He thought about how lush Gloria's body was. He thought about how beautiful she was and he thought about how her nipples would look poking through white fabric. Without another thought he quickly did a U-turn and returned to his closet. He returned the denim shirt back to its original spot and grabbed the white one he had rejected previously. Hoping she didn't button up the garment "too much," he retraced his steps.

Gloria was down on her knees baby talking to Griffin through the carrier's vented sides when Clay opened the garage door carrying the white shirt and the folded towel. He almost groaned out loud when he saw her bent over the unhappy feline. Her full rounded ass wasn't completely covered by the wet fabric of her dress and Clay felt himself harden slightly.

"Here." Clay did his best to keep his growing arousal out of his voice. He was trying to help Gloria not frighten her.

Gloria stood and turned, "Thank you. I can't believe I left everything in the car...I hope it'll be okay." Briefly she thought of her laptop washing away and she grimaced.

"I'm sure it will be fine." He wasn't sure, not at all but why make her feel worse he thought.

"You really think so?" Gloria's looked up hopefully.

"Uh, to tell the truth...it could go either way." Clay looked like a small boy that had been caught fibbing and that made Gloria laugh. Clay looked at her a little strangely before he added, "Come on in the mud room and you can get out of those wet clothes."

"What about Griffin?" Gloria cast her green eyes towards the carrier.

"I'll make a litter box for him while you change...go on...you must be miserable." With one more glance at her pet Gloria opened the door and stepped into the oversized laundry room. Clay followed her and pointed to the washer, "Put your wet things in there...I'll go make a litter box, I keep kitty litter for oil spills." Shutting the door behind him Clay returned to the garage.

"Okay cat...here goes." Clay walked over to built-in shelves and retrieved a clean oil pan. Then he grabbed a fifty-pound bag of cat litter sitting next to the wooden shelves and tore it open. Taking the oil pan, he scooped up a large amount of the gray colored gravel.

"I'm done." Gloria opened the door and stepped into the garage.

Clay closed the cat litter bag and turned around. He tried to keep his expression neutral as he greeted Gloria. It wasn't easy for the fifty-nine-year-old man. She looked like a dream to him. His white oxford shirt stopped right before her knees and she had left the first three buttons unbuttoned. Now braless, her firm size D breasts hung free and Clay couldn't help but notice how they swayed as she stepped towards him.

"I made a litter box for Griffin," Clay held up the pan. "Why don't we get him settled."

"Oh, thank you so much Clay...I'm truly grateful." Gloria went and picked up the kennel.

"This way we'll get him settled and then you can give your parents a call...I'm sure they're sick with worry." Clay motioned for Gloria to follow him and headed inside the old ranch house.

Clay led her through the mud room and through the kitchen before stopping in a large outdated living area. There was a wide stone fireplace on the right wall with a dark wood mantle. Over the mantle hung the head of a five-point buck. Two full sized brown leather couches formed an L in front of the fireplace with a large square coffee table placed between them. A long wooden dining table surrounded by chairs filled the left side of the homey room. Most of the white walls were covered in faded family photos and an assortment of antlers and animal heads.

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