tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHurricane's Super Villain Ch. 01

Hurricane's Super Villain Ch. 01


I had just been hired as a WWE Diva and was to play the Hurricane's evil nemesis, Fyre. She sort of reminds me of a flashier Catwoman. My outfit was to be a fire-print tube top underneath a fishnet long sleeve shirt. Leather pants with fire print around the legs. Red contacts, and black hair with bright red streaks. She wears a mask much like Catwoman's purple one. Only red, with fire on the sides of it. Of course, a black cape with fire print at the bottom. Fyre was everything I envisioned her to be. Sexy, gothic, and a super villain! No one would know who the Hurricane's evil nemesis was, as they never heard her voice, just notes leading to her whereabouts. My personal favourite part of the story line was the sexual tensions, gee, I wonder why?

All the girls treated me as one of them from day one. I learned a lot from Victoria and Trish Stratus in particular. I did a couple weeks of house shows, and dark matches just to get the feel and rush of actually wrestling in front of a crowd. Of course I didn't wrestle in my costume since we didn't want anyone to know who I was....

Soon enough, Hurricane receives his first black envelope while seen going through his belongings. He reads it: "If it's an evil doer you do seek, look for one with mountain peaks. This may not be who you think, use your mind and make the link." He pauses and continues "Whassup wit dat?!" As he rushes out of his locker room into the hallway.

A match between Test and Chris Jericho takes place. After the break, Hurricane comes to the ring. He reads the note aloud again. "I call anyone with 'mountain peaks' back there to come out here and face me man to man. Who else comes out but Scott Steiner. Hurricane accuses him of writing the note and asks why he is turning to evil. Steiner declines the accusations and says it must be someone else because he didn't write the little love letter to the Hurricane.

Steiner leaves the stage, and Hurricane demands someone else comes out. Jackie comes out from behind the curtain and says she obviously has the biggest puppies in the WWE. No argument there. However, why would she do evil when she's perfectly content kicking Victoria's ass? No contest. Jackie goes backstage and leaves Hurricane in the ring.

Hurricane talks to the fans for a moment about how he is getting frustrated when the lights dim. A flash of fire comes up on the Titan Tron. Another note is shown. Hurricane leaves the stage and returns to the back.

After the promo, when he comes back stage. I'm standing there with a huge smile on my face and open arms. Hurricane and I hug and talk about how well received it was and how it's gonna play out to be a really good story line. We return to our dressing rooms.

2 more weeks of this note giving and promos go on. You can tell the fans are dying to know who it is, they think it's a man since I haven't been showing myself or talking or anything. Finally the big day comes. It's Unforgiven and the previous week's note said he would find out who I am at the PPV, and I have intentions. The intentions remained unknown.

Hurricane is visibly worried as he comes down to the ring. His eyes scan the crowd left and right like that of a mouse looking for predators. As he is wrestling, his mind is obviously not on Christian, his opponent. The two men wrestle for about 4 minutes, and they knock each other out. Both are laying prone in the ring when the place goes dark. I jump out from my spot under the ring, slide in and kneel, straddling Hurricane's prone body.

The lights come back up and the crowd seems in shock, some think a woman has jumped out of the audience. However, I have a mic in hand.

I lift the mic to my lips and speak, "Hurricane, how silly of you to automatically think I'm a man. Super villains can be female too." I drag a fingernail down the part of his cheek that is exposed. His prone body moves a little and his head moves to the side. The crowd goes crazy as I lean over and press my lips to his, making sure to get black and red lipstick on him before getting up. Christian is seen rolling around a little, and the kiss seemed to have revived the Hurricane. He wipes his lips, looks at his hand a little confused, and looks up at me, eyes wide. Christian gets up and lunges at the Hurricane. I step back, out of the ring and watch in satisfaction as the dazed Hurricane gets beaten by Christian. I grab his cape, jump back in and wrap it around his neck. I pull tight on it and strangle him as the ref rings the bell. After a minute I let go, and tug his head to the ring, knocking him over. I stride out of the ring grinning like a witch as I walk up the ramp.

Two weeks of my harassing the Hurricane pass, interfering, causing him to lose, and confusing him with my coming onto him. At the RAW before the PPV, No Mercy, I definitely took No Mercy on him. I ran into the ring from the audience, and whacked him from behind. He stumbled over onto his knees and I proceeded to kick him until he was laying down and was dazed. He grabbed my leg knocking me down and easily overtaking me. He stood up, pulled me up and grabbed me by the arms. He looked into my eyes and screamed "Vertebreaker!!" Loud enough for the first dozen or so rows to hear. They cheered.

I panicked, then threw myself at him, pressing my lips to his again. Before he pulled me away, I parted his lips with my tongue. He looked surprised at my sudden move, then gave in. I got a little confused myself, since his giving in wasn't supposed to happen until No Mercy. I went with it though, the moment I felt his tongue graze across mine I was in another world. He moved his hands from my arms to my waist, pulling me strongly against his body. I felt his hands creep down and grasp my ass, pulling my hips into his as our tongues darted about each other. Unfortunately, the moment had to end. I slapped him when my hand was free and ran from the ring, onto the stage laughing at my crafty 'getaway plan'. Hurricane, once he regained his bearing, followed in pursuit of his feminine foe.

Vince was not at all upset with our carrying ahead of the story. "That was well received," he said to us. "Maybe at No Mercy we can take it to another level backstage. That's what I was planning to do, but now that it is drawn out over 2 nights it is much more interesting." We thanked him, and headed for our locker rooms.

I was still in my wrestling garb when there was a knock at the door. It was Shane, still in his complete outfit.

"Yeah?" I asked.

He shut the door behind him. "I'm sorry about what happened out there... It just sort of, well, happened."

"Don't worry about it." I replied. I tried not to make eye contact because I know he would sense it.

I noticed him bite his lip. And stood in front of him. "What?"

He grabbed my shoulders and pressed me into the wall, immediately following, his lips pressed hard into mine. I was shocked for a moment, then regained my composure and pressed my lips into his. He kept me nailed to the wall with his hands as his body pushed into mine. I moaned into his mouth as he parted my lips and probed my mouth with his tongue. I was about to do the same to him when he broke the kiss and started licking down my neck. Moaning in response, I ran my fingertips down Hurricane's spine. He began sucking on my neck and lifted my mask off, and I did the same to him.

Shane backed up a little, lifting off my fishnet shirt and then moved his tongue to my chest, licking the cleavage. I moaned, and pulled him up as my mouth went to his neck and started licking down. My hands moved up his body and unhooked his cape, letting it fall to the floor. As I kissed his neck, my hands went up his shirt, pulling it up. I moved back to pull it over his head then pressed my lips to his again. We shared a passionate kiss as my hands explored his chest, and as his hands explored mine. He tugged off my tube top and pulled me against him.

Shane grinned at me and pushed me back against the wall as I moaned. He let his hands rub down my shoulders, to my breasts. His hands rubbed each one and his fingers carefully flicked my nipples. Looking down, I spotted his dick hardening in his wrestling tights. Once again, Shane kissed me. More lustfully this time, his tongue darted around in my mouth as mine did the same in his. He massaged my breasts while I rubbed my fingers down his spine.

He broke off the kiss "I know it's only acting, but I really have been lusting for you."

Between moans I replied "Same here, but I really do like yo— Ahhhh god..."

Before I could finish speaking I felt his hands rubbing between my legs. Between moans, I kissed Shane's neck and lips. I felt his hands searching for the zipper to my pants and I guided his hands to the back. He unzipped my pants and tugged the tight-fitting leather off of my legs. He gazed at me with lustful eyes, and I became a little flushed, realizing I was standing in front of him with only my panties on.

Shane gazed at me for a minute before saying "Where are my manners?" With a slight grin, "I'm basically clothed and you're almost in the nude!" He took off his boots and slipped his kneepads off from over his wrestling tights.

"You helped me with mine," I said, "Let me help with yours." Shane smirked as I stepped toward him. I hooked my fingertips in the waist and tugged down. He stepped out of his ring tights and we stood facing each other. Me in my panties and him in boxer-briefs.

Shane advanced first, leaning his head down and licking down my right breast to the nipple and sucking a bit. His hands wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer as I let out a small moan. He switched sides and flicked his tongue against the other nipple until it was hard as well. He stood back up and gently twisted my nipples in his fingers as I moaned softly. I leaned over, dragging my tongue down his chest, licking around his abs for a minute before taking my tongue off his body. "Someone hasn't showered yet." I said

"Why bother when I'm just going to get all sweaty again?" Came his reply with a sly little grin.

I shook my head and tugged at his boxers. I pulled them down and he stepped out of them. Shane found himself a seat on the locker room bench. I knelt in front of him and looked in his eyes for approval. He nodded and I could tell by the look of anticipation and lust in his eyes just what he wanted... Read part 2 next :)

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