tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHurricane's Super Villain Ch. 02

Hurricane's Super Villain Ch. 02


...I moved in and kissed his abs. Shane smiled at me and held my hair back gently out of my face. I kissed down some more until I was hovering directly over his dick. He didn't say anything, he just watched and let out a small gasp as I flicked my tongue once at the head. I let my tongue drag in circles around the tip. I licked up and down the sides of his dick for a minute. Shane let out slight moans that were barely audible. He brushed my hair back again and I pressed my lips against the head of his dick.

Shane let out a low, slow moan as I pushed my lips down, taking his dick into my mouth. I kept a strong seal as I pushed my lips down until I deep throated him. "No one's ever done tha—aahhhh—t before.." He groaned. I slid my lips up and smiled at him then took his dick back in my mouth again. I moved my lips up and down about half the length of his dick this time. He moaned quietly as he could while I worked on him. I kept my lips firmly around his dick while my tongue darted around inside my mouth. I held onto the base of his dick with a hand to keep it steady as I quickened my pace. He moaned in response as my mouth moved faster against his shaft.

Moaning, Shane lifted slightly off the bench and I could sense his coming orgasm. He moaned and leaned his head back against the wall. I had originally planned on stopping once getting him this far but he just looked so damn sexy like that. I kept on sucking his dick, deep throating him every now and then. Shane started panting, and as his hands let go of my hair they gripped the bench and he lifted himself up a bit. I reached up and quickly put my hand over his mouth as he moaned, his release coming into my mouth. I kept on sucking with one of my hands over his mouth to keep the whole arena from hearing. He gripped the bench tighter as he came into my mouth. Once he finished, I licked all around his dick cleaning him up as best I could.

I stood up and walked to the sink, spitting his cum out. He looked at me as if to say "You don't swallow?" Sensing his impending question, I said "Another time." He smiled at me and walked over to stand behind me. I was wiping my face up in front of a mirror and he wrapped his arms around my waist. Shane started kissing my neck and I watched him in the mirror. He looked so intent on what he was doing, I thought it was adorable.

He kept his lips against my neck and hands around my waist as he walked me backwards. He lifted me up with ease and sat me on a table. He walked back in front of me and kissed me again, this time his tongue came into my mouth. He moved his tongue around caressing mine as his hands ran down my arms. He kept kissing me as his hands found my breasts and began twirling the nipples. I moaned into his mouth but he pushed me over gently with his hands still on my breasts. He broke off the kiss and stood leaning over me. His mouth kissed my nipples then he drug his tongue down my stomach.

He smiled at me and I smiled back. He let his tongue rub between my pussy lips and I moaned slightly. Propping myself up on my elbows, he also gently pushed my legs apart and tugged me down so my pussy was at the edge of the table. Shane rubbed at my clit with a finger while his tongue licked around it. I let my head lean back but kept up on my elbows. He moved his tongue up and down my pussy, pressuring in some areas which made me moan.

Shane leaned down and dragged his tongue along. He then began tongue fucking me to my pleasure. I was moaning as quietly as I could while he moved his tongue in an out of my pussy. His finger was still rubbing at my clit, heightening the pleasure. His tongue and finger switched places after a few moments. I could feel his tongue flicking up and down my clit while he fingered me. I slid off of my elbows and stuck my fingers in my mouth to keep myself quiet. Shane moved my hand and offered his free fingers to my mouth which I took. I moved my hands to my breasts and tugged at the nipples while he pleased me.

Moaning madly, I arched my back. Sensing my climax, Shane immediately shoved his tongue in my pussy again and I trembled. Almost screaming, I pressed into his tongue and came. He licked up as much as he could while my body arched in spasms of pleasure.

As I calmed down, and my orgasm receded, Shane stood fully and leaned over me, kissing me. We kissed for a minute and he broke it off.

"I want to fuck you." He said bluntly.

I grinned in response, and through gasps of breath I replied "Give me a few minutes. That was awesome."

I sat up on the edge of the table, and Shane pulled himself up beside me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into him.

"My Hurra-senses tell me you enjoyed that." Shane said jokingly.

"Do you really need your "Hurra-senses" to tell you that?" I asked as I playfully slapped him on the arm.

"Nah, not really." Came his reply.

"I didn't thin— mmmm...." I never finished my sentence as I felt his tongue drag from my neck up to my earlobe.

Shane's hands moved right to my nipples, rubbing at them and pulling them gently as his tongue licked my neck. I leaned across him, allowing him better access to my neck and he took advantage of it. He licked up and down and sucked gently in some areas. He stopped at my ear. "Stand up." Came his words, quietly and deeply. As simple as they were, they were lustful.

I did as I was told, and he stood up in front of me. Shane picked me up to my amusement and carried me to the shower. He let me down onto my feet, and turned on all six showers in the small shower room. I stood under the first one, rubbing my hands down my body in a very seductive sort of way. I could see his eyes following my hands, and then the water as it continued its path down.

He came over to me and pulled me against his body. I could feel Shane's hardon pressing against me as he leaned in to kiss me. We kissed a moment and I stepped back from him. He looked at me with a confused expression then smiled as I laid down so 2 showers were hitting me, one on my legs and one on my chest.

Shane climbed ontop of me and felt my breasts a moment as he moved into position. He pushed my legs gently apart and rested himself between them. He closed his eyes and opened them, becoming an animal in that instant. The lust in his eyes was firing. Shane held himself up with one hand and used the other to rub his dick head against my clit roughly. I moaned, and within that instant I felt his dick head move between my pussy lips and start to push into me.

I spread my legs further and he shut his eyes, slowly shoving his length in my pussy to the hilt. He held it there for a moment.

"Holy fuck..." I moaned.

"Your pussy's so fucking tight." Shane grunted as he started pulling out of me.

Once Shane had everything but the head of his hard cock out of my pussy, he pushed himself up and thrust it all back inside of me at once. I moaned and arched my back up in response to this.

He started fucking me good and firm, filling my pussy with his cock on each thrust. The water was running down both our bodies as he fucked my pussy and nibbled on my lips. One of his hands went to my breasts, massaging them alternately. Moaning, I rubbed my hands down his soaking back. Shane propped himself up on both hands and shut his eyes, putting his entire weight on his thrusts. I moaned loudly, and upon one entrance, he kissed me, grabbed me and rolled over so I was ontop of him.

The water of the shower was at my back, he watched carefully as it trickled down my breasts and onto his body. I pushed myself up so I was straddling his midsection. I let myself sit squarely on him, his entire cock firmly inside my tight pussy. I rolled my hips around, grinding him inside of me. Shane grabbed my hips and moaned in response to this. In a moment, I started moving up and down on his stiff dick. I impaled myself each time. The room was filled with sounds of lust, our moaning and wet bodies coming together. Shane started thrusting up as I came down allowing for an even deeper fuck. We were both moaning loudly and nearing our climax.

I gripped my pussy even tighter around his cock on purpose. He let out a loud moan and grabbed at my hips tightly, slamming me down even harder on his wanting cock. I gritted my teeth and moaned through them. I felt my orgasm come. I grabbed his arms and without realizing it, scratched his shoulders and upper chest red. He moaned sharply in surprise then in pleasure as his orgasm erupted. I howled and threw my wet head back as I felt his cum come inside of me. He pushed me up and down a few times before I climbed off of him and lay beside him in the shower.

We kissed for a moment and then stood up. We both washed up in the shower. And came out. He had to put his wrestling clothes back on since everything else was in his locker room.

"Next time," I said "Fyre will catch her Hurricane and have her way with him." I winked at him.

"Not if my Hurra-senses tell me she's around." He replied.

I walked up to Shane and pulled his mask on. I put mine on as well. "We'll see about that." I kissed him and ran my fingertips down his chest.

He took off his mask. "I can't wait until No Mercy."

"Yeah, after my whole capturing you thing, you stumbling out of my room after hot passionate sex with a wild super villain will look very real." I said slyly. He looked at me funny. I punched him gently on the shoulder. "It's because you really will be stumbling out of my room after hot passionate sex with a wild super villain." I grinned.

Shane smiled, kissed me, slapped me on the ass and left my locker room.

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