tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHurricane's Super Villain Ch. 04

Hurricane's Super Villain Ch. 04


"Ughhh...." Hurricane awoke with a grunt. His eyes flickered a moment then opened, realizing he was not where he last remembered. He looked around, his eyes searching wildly for any hints of where he was. He took in the room, it was dimly lit. Nothing strange in the room though. He pulled his arm forward and quickly looked up. "Huh?" came his gasp. He was handcuffed to the wall, his feet also shackled down.

Hurricane rubbed his cheek against his shoulder. His mask was still on. Good, one less thing for him to worry about. He leaned his head back and sighed. His eyes then scanned the room again and noticed something lime green on a chair. He looked down and saw his boots beside the chair. Slowly, he looked down. "What in hell?!" came his remark. He was shackled to a wall, in the nude, save for his mask.

A cloaked figure entered the room. "Who are you and what do you want?" Came Hurricane's demanding words. No answer. The figure lit candles around the room and dimmed the overhead light further. Hurricane pulled against his handcuffs, the clinking sounding throughout the room. The figure lit the last few candles and turned sharply, striding towards the chained Hurricane.

"What do you want with me?" Came Hurricane's words, followed by the clinking of his restraints. The figure walked up close to him, and breathed on his neck. Hands brushed across his chest, slowly out along his arms to his hands. He turned his head and looked at the hands, discovering the villain to be a female. Hurricane grunted his question again, as he felt the tip of the figure's tongue on his neck. With the clink of his handcuffs again, the figure stepped back and disrobed. The figure, fully clothed under the robe was revealed.

Hurricane scowled and grunted. "Fyre," he pulled at the handcuffs "I should've known."

Fyre grinned and stepped toward him, once again breathing on his neck knowing it as his weak spot. "Tell me what I want to know." She said as her tongue flicked his earlobe.

"N..no." Hurricane stammered. He bucked against the wall and sent Fyre backwards a bit. Hurricane tried to kick her but just heard his shackles clank against the floor.

"It's a pity. A super hero without a sidekick." She moved forward, her hand grazing down his chest and stomach to his navel. Her fingers playing with his piercing a moment before trailing back up to the middle of his chest again. "Tell me what I want to know." She demanded again.

"Never." Hurricane stated, with confidence.

Fyre grinned. "Well now, aren't you a confident one? I bet I can break you." She purred. Hurricane grunted and bucked in response as her lips pressed against his. Hurricane kept trying to move his head, but Fyre's lips kept finding his. Finally, she grabbed his chin and held him still. Her lips pressed roughly against his. She broke the kiss off and looked at him.

Hurricane swore. He tried to kick again but only heard a clanking sound for his efforts.

"My, such language!" Fyre smirked.

"I'll never tell you anything! You could do damage with this info--"

His rambling was broken off as Fyre quickly shoved her tongue into his mouth as he formed the "o" he was about to say. Hurricane tried to move his head, but Fyre quickly grabbed it and worked her tongue around inside his mouth. Hurricane bucked against the wall and shook his arms, only resulting in a slight movement.

Fyre stepped back when she was satisfied and grinned. "Ready to speak yet?"

"No." Hurricane replied.

"Fine. I will enjoy torturing you." She grinned and stepped toward him. Her tongue sticking out, the tip gently touching his right nipple. Hurricane gasped and arched his back against the wall. Fyre grinned and licked around his nipple, sucking it into her mouth a moment. Hurricane laid his head back firmly against the wall and bit his lower lip. His back still arched, Fyre dragged her tongue across his chest to his other nipple. Teasing it, her tongue flickered back and forth around it. Finally when her tongue rubbed across it, Hurricane let out a low moan from the back of his throat.

"Looks like the super hero is supersensitive, hm?" She stood back and looked over his body, a slight glaze of sweat glistening on it already. Again, she stepped forward, nipping on his nipple. He grunted and thrust his arms forward to no avail. Between her teeth, she grunted "Tell me now."

Hurricane shook his head and opened his mouth wide, with only a slight gasp escaping it. Fyre hissed and pinched his other nipple in her fingers as she let go of the one with her teeth. Hurricane grunted again. Fyre allowed her tongue to trail down his sweat-glazed body. The rise and fall of his chest and stomach pressed her tongue against him, then pulled it away again. His breaths were heavy and deep. Fyre glanced up at him with an evil glint in her eye and scraped her nails down his stomach.

Hurricane clenched his teeth and formed his hands into fists. His feet pulled at his shackles. Fyre's hands stopped at his waist. Her hands began rubbing down his tense thighs. Hurricane laid his head back again and opened his mouth with no sound. Fyre's fingertips massaged his thighs slowly, as he felt the tip of her tongue touch the head of his dick.

Hurricane moaned and pulled at his handcuffs. Fyre's tongue snaked around the head of his dick but no further. Hurricane moaned in short gasps as he looked down.

Fyre glanced up quickly at him. "Tell me what I want to hear."

"N... Never." Hurricane stammered under his breath.

"Fine then. I'll tell you what. Most evil villains like to say what they are going to do, so I will tell you. You may be a super hero, but you are a man. I'm going to bring you to the brink of orgasm and leave you there until you can't take it anymore." She grinned. "Lather, rinse, repeat."

Hurricane's eyes widened, then without word his cock was engulfed into Fyre's mouth. A loud moan escaped his mouth and a shiver went up his spine. Hurricane clenched his fists and pulled at his restraints. His upper back pressed firmly to the wall as his eyes shut tightly. He gritted his teeth and turned his head to the side with a moan.

Fyre allowed her tongue to rub along the length of his dick as she sucked the super hero. Reaching up, her fingernails dragged down his thighs slowly as the movement of her tongue. In a swift movement, Fyre deep throated Hurricane, sucking as hard as she could. She looked up at him.

Hurricane pulled roughly on his restraints, and gasped sharply. His back arched up from the wall, and a low moan escaped from the back of his throat. Clenching his teeth, his entire body shivered.

Fyre quickly slid him out of her mouth and stood in front of him. She reached out and put her hands on his clenched fists. She let one of her hands move over his arms, and drag a finger down his sweaty chest. "Tell me now."

Hurricane breathed heavily and laid his head against the wall. He wanted release in more than one way, but his conscience took care of him. "..No." Hurricane gasped. He swallowed hard and laid his head back against the wall. Looking Fyre in the eyes, he grinned as he saw her look of disbelief.

Fyre smirked right back and his grin faded. "Fine." Her tongue licked right across his chest, from nipple to nipple. She allowed her tongue to drag down, and back up again, caressing his chest with her tongue. She moved down further, flickering her tongue about Hurricane's navel ring playing with it a bit. Hurricane gasped as her hand wrapped around his dick, stroking up and down it slowly. She grinned up at him. "I've given you enough time to settle down, now it's time to bring you to the brink again."

Hurricane shook his head and moaned as he felt the familiar texture of her tongue on his cock. Her hands still stroked up and down while her tongue flickered around the head. After about a minute, Hurricane was panting and moaning uncontrollably. Again, Fyre stood up and looked at him.

Fyre demanded he tell her, and Hurricane just shook his head no. She proceeded to lick every available inch of his body except for his groin area. Hurricane was trembling from ecstasy in his shackles. She kissed his dick once and flicked her tongue teasingly on it. "You want another repeat?" Fyre laughed. "I could do this all day."

Hurricane's eyes widened at those six words. "All day" rung in his mind. Hurricane shook his head vigorously and kicked his feet around. "I'll talk, I'll talk!" He screamed.

Fyre stood and raised an inquisitive eyebrow. Hurricane lowered his eyes and opened his mouth. Nothing came out. Fyre grabbed his chin and raised his head up, looking in his eyes. Hurricane cleared his throat and muttered something under his breath.

"What?" She asked with a grin.

"Fyre..." Hurricane trailed off.

"I grow weary of this. Must I torture you some more?"

Hurricane shook his head vigorously no. He laid his head against the wall. "Fyre is my sex goddess and I am her super hero toy." Hurricane grumbled.

Fyre smirked to herself then stepped close to him. "And...?" She whispered into his ear and stepped back. When he didn't respond, she licked her fingers and rubbed one on each of his nipples. "And...?" She repeated her question.

Hurricane pulled at his shackles and grinned. "I could of broken out of these things but I like being shackled down." Hurricane threw his head back "I LIKE IT!!"

Fyre laughed in amusement and continued rubbing his nipples. She stopped, to remove her own shirt then pressed her bare breasts against his sweaty chest. Hurricane groaned as she kissed and licked at his neck. Fyre reached up and unlocked one of his hands from the handcuffs. Hurricane rolled his wrist a moment and reached for his other hand to unlock it. Fyre laughed.

"If you want out you'll have to get the key." She put the key in her mouth and stuck her tongue out which had the key on it.

Hurricane wrapped his free arm around her waist and pulled her tight into himself. He shoved his tongue wantingly in her mouth; a want she could tell was not just for the key. Hurricane flicked his tongue around her mouth returning the earlier favour, paying no attention to the cool metal. He moved his tongue deeper and finally broke the kiss off. He stuck his tongue out which now had the handcuff key on it.

Hurricane unlocked his other hand and rubbed his wrists. Fyre watched intently as he reached down to unlatch the restraints from around his ankles. He took a moment to stretch then grinned. Fyre smirked, and Hurricane flashed her a mischievous grin.

"Villains always get what's coming to them." Hurricane grabbed Fyre much to her amusement and locked a passionate, lustful kiss on her. He turned her around and backed her into the wall he had just been shackled to. Without her realizing it, Hurricane handcuffed Fyre to the wall in the same cuffs he had just been in.

Fyre grinned. "I like where you're going with this. So super heroes can be bad, hm?"

Hurricane didn't answer. His hands were immediately at her breasts, one on each one. His tongue snaked along her neck while his hands massaged her breasts. He licked her lips carefully while his fingers rolled her nipples. After flicking his tongue against each nipple, Hurricane dragged his tongue down Fyre's body. He licked around her navel then down further and over her leather pants.

Hurricane grinned as he tugged Fyre's pants off. He used his teeth to pull her panties down around her ankles where she kicked them off. He stuck his tongue out and rubbed the tip along her thigh, slowly up. Fyre moaned quietly as his tongue touched her shaved pussy. He flicked it between her lips then gave a long lick, stopping to flicker against her clit. Again, Fyre moaned a little louder and Hurricane stood up.

"To answer your previous question," Hurricane whispered as he licked Fyre's neck. "I'm not being a bad super hero. I'm just punishing the villain." He grinned.

"Mmmm... I like the sounds of this." Fyre rubbed her body against his.

Hurricane grabbed one of Fyre's legs and wrapped them around his waist. Fyre stared intently at him as he positioned himself properly. Fyre pulled against the handcuffs holding her to the wall to remind Hurricane of the control he had. Hurricane grinned and pressed the head of his dick against Fyre's pussy. He bit his lip and rubbed it up and down between her pussy lips. Fyre bucked her hips against him and moaned as his head entered her. He grabbed her back and pulled her slightly away from the wall as he slid himself into her.

"You teased me until I cracked.." Hurricane begun. "Now I'm going to fuck your brains out until you can't take it."

Fyre grinned and Hurricane pulled back out of her. He grabbed her hips and thrust into her with all his strength. Fyre moaned and pulled on her handcuffs. Hurricane grinned and repeated this a few times. Fyre looked at him through lustful eyes and pulled her other leg up around him clasping them both tightly around his waist. Hurricane held her hips and began thrusting in and out of her with all his power.

Fyre closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, moaning between them as Hurricane penetrated her with every inch of his member. Panting, she started bucking her hips toward Hurricane's to meet his thrusts. Their sweaty bodies came together as their passionate moans filled the room.

"Ahhhhhh fuck..." Fyre groaned.

Hurricane planted a deep lustful kiss on her as he thrust. Fyre returned the favour and tugged on the handcuffs again. Hurricane broke the kiss and leaned his head back, moaning as he gave her his all, putting every ounce of his super strength into his hips. Fyre gasped then moaned loudly as his cock penetrated her as hard and deep as she ever had it.

Fyre pulled herself up on the handcuffs and pressed her body towards Hurricane's. He pulled out of her a moment and grabbed the handcuff key. He fumbled with it and finally managed to unlock her. Fyre disregarded the pain of her wrists and flung herself at the Hurricane. They fell into a sweaty mess on the floor and Fyre quickly positioned herself over his dick, pressing it into her.

She began fucking Hurricane, who soon grabbed her and flipped her over to pin her on the floor. He thrust into her from above, his sweat dripping onto her body. Fyre moaned and spread her legs as wide as she could, also arching her back up so her hips were off the floor.

Hurricane paused a moment and breathed heavily. "Holy good sex!" He exclaimed.

Fyre rolled her eyes and then rubbed her hand through his matted green hair. After, she scratched lightly down his back. "Shut up and fuck me." She pressed her hips into him again.

Hurricane grinned his corny grin then it turned to lust again as he started thrusting back into her deeply. Fyre leaned her head back and moaned as her hands scratched gently all over his body.

Hurricane pushed himself up so just the tip of his dick was inside of her. Panting, he bit his lip and threw his head back and he thrust into her to the hilt as hard as he could. Fyre howled and arched her back up. Hurricane grit his teeth, fighting back an impending orgasm. He gripped her shoulders and continued penetrating her. Completely focused, his dick throbbed inside her. One of his hands trailed down her body and started rubbing her clit while he fucked her.

Fyre threw her head back and scratched Hurricane's shoulders. He moaned as he felt her pussy tighten around his throbbing dick.

"Oh fuck." Hurricane gasped. He drew almost completely out of Fyre then drove himself back in. He threw his head back and moaned in ecstasy as he finally released after a night of sexual torture. His body shivered tensely as he came. Fyre grabbed his shoulders and moaned feeling the rush of energy inside her. She bucked her hips up and screamed out as her own orgasm came. Her pussy clasped tight around Hurricane's dick.

"Fuck.. Hurricane... Ahh yes.." Fyre panted and moaned between breaths.

Hurricane mumbled incoherently but Fyre picked up certain words and knew he was talking dirty.

Finally, his orgasm subsided and he collapsed on top of her. Kissing her, they curled up together in a sweaty pile on the floor. Hurricane's hand rubbed up Fyre's chest to her neck, and slowly up to the side of her face. He removed her mask and kissed her. Fyre, now unmasked did the same thing to Hurricane.

"I never dreamt role-play could be so amazing." Shane groaned, still panting. "I'm all fucked out.. for tonight anyway." He smirked and kissed Fyre.

Smiling, she kissed him back. "Never say never there, Shane. I knew The Hurricane had a sexual streak. Maybe I'll exploit it some more."

Shane grinned evilly. "Maybe next time I can be the villain."

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