tagRomanceHurry, Late For Work

Hurry, Late For Work


“Damn it!” Jessalyn Hendricks could not believe her luck. She had hit every traffic light between her apartment and her office. She was already 15 minutes late for work. Standing now in the lobby of the massive skyscraper that housed her law firm, the elevator slammed shut in her face. Desperately, she hit the open button, but her attempt was in vain. She debated taking the stairs, but quickly vetoed the idea. Jessalyn could not imagine trying to run up to the 38th floor in a pair of heels and a skirt. She checked her watch. 9:15 am. Great.

Jessalyn had a meeting scheduled for 9:30 am with a new client, and she needed the little bit of time to prepare and compose herself. Noah Jennings was huge, rich and powerful. He was looking for an attorney to settle alimony disputes between him and his ex-wife. The last thing that Jessalyn needed was a cocky, twenty-something business owner complaining about women and his pathetic life in general. Then again, Jessalyn knew she should be grateful for this opportunity. If he was pleased with her work, he might ask her for additional help. Additional work meant additional money. If she ever wanted to open her own law firm, Jessalyn would have to do some ass-kissing.

Jessalyn was busy pondering the opening presentation she had prepared when she was bumped from behind. “Excuse me, I am so sorry!” a deep male voice apologized to her back. Jessalyn whirled around and found her face buried into a very broad, well-built chest. She stepped back and looked into the face of a very handsome stranger. “Someone was trying to get by me, and the lobby just isn’t big enough,” he offered as she stared at him dumbfounded. Finding her voice, Jessalyn managed to squeak out an okay before spinning around again. She did not recognize him. Working in such a huge building meant that she did not necessarily know all of her neighbors. She would definitely have to find out who he is.

The elevator doors opened, and Jessalyn stepped in. Mr. Handsome stepped in behind her. She pressed the button for floor 38, and asked where he was going. He said he was going to a law firm, not sure which one, though. There were too many in the building to guess. He reached into his leather briefcase to search for the information. The doors shut and the elevator began to rise.

Jessalyn stole a glance at him while he searched. About 6’4”, black hair, baby blue eyes, and a body to die for. Or, at least, to beg for. This guy was no couch potato. He was clean cut, clean-shaven, and smelled like heaven. His musky scent drifted through the elevator and tickled her nose, causing goose pumps to jump onto her arms. His navy Armani suit and blue tie set his eyes off perfectly. Damn. Mr. Handsome looked up at her and noticed her checking him out. Jessalyn blushed and looked away quickly, pretending that the ugly wood paneling on the elevator was simply fascinating.

The elevator rose to the 24th floor and suddenly jostled to a stop. Jessalyn braced herself against the wall for balance as the lights dimmed to the emergency lighting system. Mr. Handsome reached by her to the control panel, which was now blank. After pressing a few buttons, he looked at her and said, “I think we lost power”. Jessalyn didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at such an obvious statement.

“Does the emergency call button work?” Jessalyn asked. He pushed the big, red button and shook his head no.

“What about the phone?” Again, he shook his head no.

“Damn, this is just great,” Jessalyn sighed as she set down her briefcase. She rolled her head from side to side in a fruitless effort to release some of her tension. “I wonder how long we will be here”, Jessalyn mused. Mr. Handsome cocked his head to look at her. “I am not sure, but there is not a whole lot we can do about it”. Jessalyn offered him a smile, and slid to the floor. She looked up at him, and was aware he was looking directly down her blouse, not even trying to hide his gaze. She blushed slightly and started to move her jacket to cover herself.

“Hell”, she thought, “if you have it, flaunt it”. She worked so many hours that she barely had time for herself, let alone a sex life. She was beginning to forget what it was like to be a woman, to feel the lovely sensation of wetness caused by a man. Her fingers were one thing, but there is only so much a woman can do to please herself. Perhaps he could at least give her a new fantasy to live out while she was pleasuring herself. Jessalyn was running out of ideas, and faces to put with them.

In a move bolder than anything she had ever done in her life, Jessalyn leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes. She nonchalantly pushed her chest out, causing her ample breasts to strain against the silk of her shirt. She shook her head, allowing her long, blond hair to move about her shoulders. She crossed one thigh over the other, making her skirt rise slightly. She wondered if he could see the lace top of her thigh highs. Jessalyn opened her green eyes and looked at him intently. He was staring at her without abandon. “I don’t usually do this sort of thing”, she murmured. Perhaps the air in the elevator was thin- she sure as hell was not acting like herself!

He swallowed once and took a step towards her. He knelt in front of her and reached out a massive hand to touch her silky hair. “My God, you are beautiful”, he breathed, in his deep, lovely voice. He let the strands of her hair fall from his hand as he moved his fingers to touch the side of her face. Jessalyn leaned her cheek against his hand and looked into his eyes, which were dark with passion. He moved closer to her, placing a leg on either side of hers. He tipped her chin up with one finger, and brought his mouth to hers. He kissed her softly at first, letting his lips taste her. He continued to touch her face as his mouth worked magic, and she felt him press the tip of his tongue against her lips, urging them open. Jessalyn obliged, and his tongue caressed hers, gentle at first, then with more demand. Immediately, Jessalyn felt her panties grow damp with her own desire.

His hands moved from his face down her neck to the fabric of her shirt. He rubbed her breasts through her shirt and bra. She moaned as she felt her nipples harden. He moved his mouth and ran his tongue along her jawline to her ear. He sucked on her earlobe as his hands continued to work her breasts. He expertly unbuttoned her shirt, tugged her bra down so her tits were free. He leaned back to look at her. “Amazing, fucking amazing”, he breathed as he took one of her nipples in his mouth. Jessalyn ran her fingers through his hair, over his shoulders, feeling the tight definition of muscle underneath his suit. She had a sudden, overcoming desire to see the beauty of his body. He moved his head to her other breast, and Jessalyn clumsily worked the buttons of his jacket. He lifted his head to help her with the jacket, and shrugged it off of his shoulders. She started on the buttons of his dress shirt as he loosened his tie.

Finally, he was naked from the waist up, and Jessalyn sucked in her breath. He was beautiful- tanned chest, broad, hairless to the navel, where a thin line of dark black hair traveled down into his pants. Damn if she didn’t want to let her tongue follow that trail. The thought alone of having him in her mouth was enough to make her very, very wet. She reached out and lightly touched the tip of her fingers to his muscles. She grazed his nipples, and he jumped. She smiled at him and leaned in to kiss his chest. Her tongue explored his exposed skin, paying particular attention to the nipples. He brought his hands up to stroke her back as she did this and she sighed with pleasure. Jessalyn rose on her knees in front of him and leaned up to kiss him. Embraced in a passionate kiss, he grabbed her hands and placed them on the front of his pants. He was rock hard. She felt him pushing against the fabric of his pants. Not breaking the kiss, Jessalyn undid his belt, and unbuttoned his pants. She slid the zipper down, and, to her delight, found that he was completely naked underneath.

Jessalyn pulled back from him and he moaned in protest. She pulled the pants over his hips, completely exposing his cock. She bent her head to run her tongue over the head. The skin was silky, smooth and tasted wonderful. He grabbed her head and pulled her away. “Stand up”, he breathed in a voice that was thick with desire. She did as he told her. He shoved her skirt up, and slid her panties to the side, admiring the hairless, naked mound. He slid a finger up into her, and she shuddered at his touch. He removed a finger, and brought it to her lips. She licked her juices off of him as she stared into his eyes. He slid her panties off, and brought the tip of his dick to rest against her. She pushed her body forward, and he shook his head no.

He moved to lie on the ground. “Sit on my face,” he commanded. Jessalyn happily did as was asked. She lowered her body to his mouth, facing his dick. As he ran his tongue along the lips of her cunt, she leaned forward to enjoy his body. He grabbed her hips hard, and pulled her roughly against his face. Licking, sucking, pulling her clit with his teeth, his urge for her became more primal. Barely able to concentrate on her own task at hand, Jessalyn started on him. She matched his urgency with a teasing of her own. She blew against the drops of pre-cum that rested on the head of his dick before taking him completely into her mouth. He moaned against her pussy, but continued working on her. He thrust his tongue up into her, darting in and out, each time a little faster and harder than the last. She ran her teeth lightly against his shaft as she rubbed the tip of him against the back of her throat. She let her fingers rest on his balls, stroking them gently as she continued to enjoy the taste of his dick.

She felt the lovely tightening of his body as he stopped kissing her pussy. “I’m gonna explode, baby, right into your mouth…” he said huskily. His fingers gripped her hips tight as she moved her head up and down his cock. Finally, she pressed her lips against the base of him, and he shot deep into her throat. He thrust his hips up as he did this, delighting Jessalyn. She kept her mouth on him until he finally began to relax.

He pulled her back onto his face, and continued right where he left off. Jessalyn sat straight up, and began to ride against his mouth. She found a rhythm where she was moving back and forth, guided by his hands. He continued to tongue-fuck her soaking wet pussy as she felt her orgasm rising. Her legs weakened, and she felt the warmth rush through her. She let out a loud moan, which echoed through the elevator as she ground her body hard against his face. He murmured words of encouragement into her as she felt her body tighten and release. She came hard, harder than she ever had before, the juices flowing into his mouth. Her heart pounded in her chest and her breathing was rugged, as if she had just run a marathon. He drug his tongue lightly over her lips, cleaning her.

She lay on the floor next to him for a moment, resting her head on his chest. “You are not only beautiful, but you are a spectacular lover. I would love to be with you again”, he whispered against her ear. She smiled up at him. As she did so, the lights flickered on and the elevator began to rise with a jerk. He jumped up and hit the stop button. Laughing, they quickly dressed. He grabbed her and kissed her mouth as he reached behind him to release the stop. They rose to the 38th floor, and Jessalyn stepped out of the elevator. She turned around as the doors shut. He blew her a kiss and vanished. Fighting a rising disappointment, Jessalyn sauntered casually to the office, opened the door and let herself in. She stopped at the reception desk to check her messages with her secretary.

“My god, you look… I don’t know… like someone who just got laid…no wonder you are almost an hour late, without excuse or apology,” her secretary commented. Jessalyn flushed deep red and laughed.

“A lady never tells her secrets”, she quipped as she walked into the privacy of her office. Preparing her notes, she looked at the clock. 10:00 am. She had been stuck in the elevator for 45 minutes. And she did not even know his name. Embarrassed, but sexually high, she continued to work on her notes. Her secretary buzzed her a few moments later.

“Mr. Jennings is here to see you. He apologizes for this lateness, but ran into mechanical trouble on the way over.”

“Please show Mr. Jennings to the conference room and set him up with some coffee or water. I will be in shortly”. That bastard did not even have the decency to phone and let them know ahead of time that he would be late. He will pay all right. Brushing aside her anger, Jessalyn walked into the conference room. Noah Jennings stood in front of her and extended his hand.

“Noah Jennings, pleasure to meet you. You must be Jessalyn Hendricks. I look forward to working with you,” he said in his velvety seductive voice, flashing her a megawatt smile as his baby blue eyes danced with delight.

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