tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHurt Me Till I Feel You

Hurt Me Till I Feel You


I woke with the sound of a crack then the stinging pain as something hit my back. Then again as it snapped on my legs. Only then did I realize it was him and his belt. I headed for under the sheet and in the fetal position as I always do when he wakes me like this. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on better things, my Master and all the good times we had and will have.

With every thud I'd let out a groan as it stung on my back and legs. He was tugging at the sheet trying to rip it off me, I tried to hold on to it but the harder my grip the harder he swung the belt. My only hope to get this to end fast was to ease up and let him have the sheet and take what I had coming and get it over.

I stayed in the fetal position as he ripped off the sheet and at the same time I reached for my nightgown praying it stayed down. There would be hell to pay if he'd seen the crotch rope my Master wanted me to wear. Or my shaven mound, I didn't want to give him any more reasons to punish me.

As I reached for the bottom of my gown to pull it down I screamed as I felt the sting of the belt hit my hand and leg. I screamed and begged him to stop, I should of known better it was what he liked for me to resist, beg him to stop. I kept thinking I can get through this it'll be over soon hang on.

But every time the he swung the belt I screamed in pain, and prayed to god to let it be over to even end it all if it must be. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me off the bed kicking me once I was on the floor and yelling something, I couldn't understand him for some reason the pain was there I couldn't get into the zone I put myself in sometimes.

Unsure of how much more I could take I just stopped struggling I just laid there and let him do as he wanted and after 3 or 4 more hits and kicks he stopped. I just didn't care anymore I'd seen him swing the belt and his foot come on me but I didn't feel the pain. I just waited for it to be over and hear the door shut.

When it was over I laid there. I slowly opened my eyes and only then did I dare move. I slowly got up and my legs felt like I'd run 5 miles my back stung like I had done a wrong dive in a pool and hit my back square on with a slap. I looked in the mirror and I was shocked. I didn't feel the hits to my face; my nose was bleeding and lip cut or the bruises on my face shoulders and legs.

Throwing a towel over the mirror and thinking to myself that's where that will stay, I cleaned up and left my room and all its memories when I shut the door behind me. I was cold and uncaring I'd do things that made him angry just to feel more pain. He was silent; no remorse, no I'm sorry, no are you ok? My day went on with no feeling no caring.

I was to meet my Master that night it was a night I was looking forward to. As the evening went on I found myself doing as I usually did; getting angry. Not caring what I say or do only one person understood that feeling and he'd know what to do. I left him a message on his computer it simply said, "I need to feel Sir!"

When I arrived at his place he opened the door, not looking at him I heard him take a deep breath and say. "Get your ass in here slut."

As I walked through the door he said, "Respect girl what do you say?"

In a snippy tone I said, "Hellooo Sir!"

In one motion he grabbed my chin in his hand and said, "I don't give a fuck if your hurt or not, YOU WILL GIVE ME RESPECT DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

I looked him in the eyes cold and said, "Yes Sir!"

Only then did he know what I needed he shoved me to the wall pressed my body tight to it my cheek was hard against the wall and I closed my eyes and waited for what I needed. His hand reached in front of me and ripped away my blouse exposing my bruised shoulders. And then in a quick motion my bra was gone too.

I could feel my nipples and tits hard against the cold wall as he struggled with my skirt not taking it off but pulling it up. He grabbed for my panties and ripped them off I felt the material rip into my legs as he pulled a few times before they came off, only then did he speak to me.

"Tell me slut what do you want?"

I tried to talk with me face hard against the wall his hands on my tits and roughly squeezing them. My nipples were hard and it hurt as he tugged and pulled it, but god it hurt so good.

He yelled, "What do you want slut? Tell me!"

I screamed, "Hurt me please Sir; hurt me so I can feel you, Sir."

Only then did he kick my legs apart and shoved his fingers deep in my cunt. I moaned as he shoved them in hard in me, again and again. I screamed yes harder... I could feel his cock pressing against my ass.

He yelled, "You want this, cunt?"

I didn't answer cause I knew what he'd do. He grabbed my hair and yanked my head back. Looked me in the eyes and spun me around. Forced me to my knees and pressed his throbbing cock tight against my lips. I was still angry and needed pain I fought him yet and he knew it took a lot to break me down, yanking my head back he forced his cock in my mouth.

I gagged as he shoved it deep, in and out yelling for me to suck him, but I still refused to give up my anger. With every thrust in my mouth he'd yell suck bitch. I couldn't take it no more I found myself fighting him, reaching for his hands and to pull them off me. He grabbed them and pulled me to the bed.

Threw me on the bed and grabbed the rope from the drawer. Grabbing my hair he pulled me up to a sitting position and roughly tied my hands behind my back.

Yelling, "There bitch, let's see you fight me now!"

I looked in his eyes and I saw a glimmer of oh god please girl give up the anger.

But I wasn't ready I just glared at him and I was on the floor again and his cock was deep in my throat. Gagging every time he shoved it in, his hands in my hair pulling me to him. And him yelling for me to suck his cock. I thought I'd choke so I started to suck him, only then did he ease up and slow down and not shove his cock in hard and deep.

I looked up at him and he knew when he saw there were no tears in my eyes that I still had a need for pain. Telling me to stand he grabbed my hair again and helped me up. Shoved me on the bed and tied my legs open and to the bedpost. Only then did he shove a vib in me, I fought to feel I shook my head no and wiggled till it was out. I didn't want to cum, I wanted pain I wanted to feel him.

He tied my legs so far apart it hurt. My legs already hurt and how he tied me made them hurt more. I moaned as he stood side the bed and said you want more pain slut feel this his hand came down and slapped my naked cunt I screamed as he did it three times. I finally had tears and was feeling the pain he was giving.

He climbed on the bed, straddled my hips, grabbed my tits in his hands and squeezed them. I moaned as he leaned down and bit my nipples, I screamed for him to please fuck me and

He yelled, "I can't hear you slut, what!"


With one move he was in me, my legs still tied and he was shoving his cock hard in me. Every slam in me with his cock drove my head into the headboard. I screamed yes that's it fuck me Sir harder faster don't stop. My tits bounced and I could feel them hit my chin as he drove his hard cock in me,

I knew he hated doing this to me, and there were times I knew it. But I wanted him to hurt too. I think I needed, no wanted him to hurt as much as I did. Only when he seen tears and I was crying and saying I was gonna cum did he let me cum and slow down and he knew the anger was gone.

Only then did he leave me tied and bathed me there on the bed kissing every inch of my swollen bruised body both from him and the man I had at home. Only then did he look into my swollen eyes from crying that I felt his tear on my face as he leaned in and kissed me, only then did I know I would be ok and we'd be all right.

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