tagLoving WivesHusband and Lovers Ch. 01

Husband and Lovers Ch. 01


Hi everyone. This is Ankita Rao. The following happened to me immediately after my second marriage anniversary. Many of you may accuse me of being a worthless slut at the end of the story, but I am very very devoted to my husband and we share a wonderful marriage between us...

I am from a typical middle class Indian household and I have had a good middle class education i.e. I have done masters in English and was planning on taking up a course in journalism when my parents just couldn't resist a good marriage proposal and married me to Ashish.

Ashish was my dad's colleague's son and he is a dream find. There's a proverb in Hindi that you will not find a better match even if you went out and searched with a candlelight in your hand. Anyway, he was three years older than me, a successful computer engineer in his own IT consultancy. He was his college football team captain and is very handsome.

We are the perfect couple in fact. He dotes on me, cries with me in my distress and is genuinely happy to see me smile. He cooks food for me on special occasions, rubs balm on my back when I have a sprain and loves to watch movies with me snuggled in his arm. And sex...

Well, the sex is wonderful too. He had the excitement of a schoolboy when we started and he took seven days to break my hymen, because it hurt me when he tried and he used to withdraw... I urged him to ignore my painful cries and finally we managed to consummate our marriage on the seventh day of our married life, a couple of days after we returned from our honeymoon.

And then we went wild.. Initially we used to have sex like rabbits...

He gets up early, goes to gym daily. And then is back by seven o clock to find me usually in the bed. He would on occasions, take a bath, and then snuggle against me in the bed...myself getting up to his aftershave and cologne and then he would just make wonderful sex to me. I wouldn't be in any clothes having discarded them for the previous night of love making... He would snuggle up behind me...in the spoon position, rub his fingers down my side and encircle his hand around me to get to my belly. It would be ticklish and I would be sleepy, grumpy and the giggly... he would then gently wriggle his hand through my feeble defenses and feebler protestations and gently cup my breasts one by one... by now, I would generally be wide awake and be moaning in the ecstasy of his machinations. He would roll me over, bring his mouth to my breasts and set up a wild rhythm, a rhythm that would just send me to the hinterlands! And then he would mount me and spread me... I would be all wet by now with a terrible hunger between my legs!

My body would just be involuntarily twitching and squirming and my back would arch up as his penis would touch my vagina... He is circumcised and his penis head is pink and shiny... I would buck up my hips and he would be inside my pussy... Sometimes, I would be so horny by then that I would just hit KABOOM right away..! And he would just go on...torturing me and I would be laughing hysterically as he would pump me again and again... and again. I would usually have cum many times in the 10-15 minutes that he would take to reach his orgasm. And he would fill me up with oodles of cream... shooting right deep into my insides! I would be squirming, moaning, groaning... and he would then like a rascal, start rubbing me with his hands... and his fingers... and this agony will go on for another ten minutes. He would then roll off me, give me a goodbye kiss and get ready for work leaving me totally wasted on the bed.

Some days he would drag me out of the bed into the bathroom and he would enter me from behind...the shower water falling on my bare back! Oh what a sensation it is...!

We used to have sex like 3-4 times in a day for about the first two months...2 times for the next one year and now we do it almost every day. The initial madness returns if he goes out for some work and we meet after say a week to ten days. On one such occasion, he took leave from work on the day he returned after a trip from Bulgaria for 8 days and we got it going for seven times that day... seven times in 24 hours!!! I was all sore and literally ran out of the room when he started mounting me for the eighth time at 3:00 a.m. in the night! I locked him the bedroom to his groans and slept on the sofa in the drawing room.

But my past caught up with me and I betrayed him soon after...about 2 weeks after our second anniversary...

I had been to Delhi to spend some time with my brother and sister in law. Besides spending some time, I had to sign on some property related papers about a land that I had inherited from my parents. I was there for around a fortnight.

My brother worked is a financial consultant and was employed in a bank. My sister in law had recently taken up a job with an NGO and so it kept her out at odd hours. Nothing much happened the first three days. We roamed around, had dinner outside, went out to movies and then I settled down for what seemed like a dull two weeks ahead.

I was beginning to miss Ashish -- his cologne, his arms as my pillow, his smile and his passion in taking me over the brim...

On the fourth day of my stay, my brother came back from office and announced that Mukund was to arrive that night from Mumbai on a flight. His name sent shivers down my spine.

* *

All of us went to pick him up from the airport. He had changed a lot. He was no longer the lean and lanky guy that I had known years ago. He was more than 6 feet tall and had obviously been working out, having beefed up his muscles considerably. He wore a nice pair of rimless spectacles and the hair on his head was long enough to just graze his upper eyelids, swooping down gracefully over his forehead.

He saw me and he smiled.

I looked away.

We had dinner and all of us went to bed early after some chit chat. I basically sat there and listened to Mukund and my brother catching up on old times.

The next morning was rather gloomy. There was a hint of heavy showers and dark, monstrous clouds covered the sky from one end to the other. My brother had left early as he had to catch a flight to Indore as one of his client banks was opening a new branch there.

I slumbered down to bathroom, freshened up and dropped in for breakfast.

My sister-in-law was getting ready to leave somewhere. On asking she told me that she had to arrange some movie star's visit to an orphanage and asked if I would accompany her. I was excited at the prospect of meeting a movie star and was about to say yes but then I saw Mukund pass by in the corridor and the 'yes' that I was about to blurt moments ago got knotted up in my throat.

I should have gone.

After an hour my sister-in-law left.

I closed the door and turned to see Mukund staring at me standing leaning against a door on the opposite end of the corridor. I could not meet his gaze and silently walked back to my room.

God knows sleep was miles away from my eyes as I lay curled up inside a blanket on the bed. A thousand thoughts ran through my head and my neck was moist with sweat in the cold weather. I thought about what had been and what never could have been.

Mukund was my cousin brother.

What we did was wrong and yet it was so innocent and so lovely. It was perhaps some of the happiest days of my life that I had spent with Mukund. And yet we had kept it quiet and had kept it between ourselves.

And Mukund.

Mukund my noble and kind knight had loved me...and I had loved him immensely in return.

We had spent a summer holidays together, myself a bubbly school girl of ninth grade and him, a tall lanky college freshman, 5 years my senior.

And the summer had brought us close together...long chats at first, walks in the park, ride on the mobike and then he had held my hand tentatively on a warm summer night on the dark rooftop of our house under a thousand blinking stars. I had hesitated and yet he had persisted. I had withdrawn and he had dragged me closer. He had caught me by my arms and had then pushed me to a wall, cutting my escape. I had struggled and he had forced my shirt open. I had cried and he had hushed me. And then...

He had kissed me. He had removed my removed my tunic and had unhooked my bra, had held my small perky breasts and had mauled them. He had then sucked them and I had cried and had then cried a little less and then when he touched me below I had moaned...

We had felt each other that night, naked, under the stars. I had felt his body close to mine, his throbbing manhood in my hands. He had stroked me to my first orgasm that night and then he had gone on and jerked himself, having pulsatingly come on my belly.

We had stolen similar moments that entire summer.

And yet he did not penetrate me. I had begged him to and he had refused saying that was for my husband to do and that I should keep my virginity for my husband.

* *

The door creaked open and the noise brought me back from my reverie to the room in my brother's house in delhi...

There was only one person in the house at that time other than me.

It had to be Mukund.

I was lying on my side and my face was turned from the door. Mukund came upto the bed, gently lifted the blanket and slid beside me spooning me in a familiar cuddle in his arms...

(to be continued)

Please give me feedback to ponder on and to write on...

Thanks readers in anticipation of your comments..

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/23/17

Dear Ankita Rao, If you fuck Mukund, you will regret it; if you do not fuck Mukund, you will regret it even more! OK?

Don't worry about Ashish while you are in Delhi. What happens in Delhi will stay in Delhi. You must get Mukund out of your system.

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by Anonymous07/17/17

☆☆☆☆ [4.2/5.0 = 84% = B+]

The wife is a LOVING WIFE & a KEEPER!
She was ready to go all the way with her then boyfrend but wanted her to save her virginity for her husband.
Does she now have an obligation to sleep with her ex boyfriend?more...

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