tagIncest/TabooHusband Fucks Wife's Sister

Husband Fucks Wife's Sister


This is an extension of my incestuous fantasies but as it entails being told what happens and only watching, I have written it as if it already has.


My story starts with my husband, Andrew being at home alone. He is mowing the lawn when a car pulls up and out gets Kath, my sister. Kath is 37, mid length black hair, medium size figure, (British size 14) with quite large breasts (36DD). She is very annoyed and slams the car door as she gets out.

"Problems?" Andrew asks.

"Too right, that bastard Clive has been shagging some woman at the office again and I have had enough, where's Al?"

"Sorry Kath, she's not in, she has gone into town."

"Terrific, how long will she be?"

"Who knows maybe an hour, maybe two, maybe less."

"Well I'll wait, got anything to drink?" Kath asks.

Andrew puts the mower to one-side and takes Kath into the house. She makes herself comfortable in the lounge and he opens a bottle of wine.

The two of them sit in silence for a while, whilst Kath has a drink and fumes away at what her husband has been doing.

"Look I'll ring Allison on her cell phone, she'll come right home," Andrew suggests.

"No leave her, not a lot she can do anyway apart from offer me sympathy and help me drink this."

"So how long has Clive been seeing this woman?"

"Well he confessed to shagging her last year and said it would never happen again, but now it has, of course he is all apologetic, and promises he'll never do it again, but I think it will, I am just not good enough anymore." And with that Kath starts to cry.

Andrew, like a typical man, doesn't really know what to do, but decides to give her some comfort and goes over to Kath and gives her a hug. For a few moments Kath cries into his shoulder and then turns to him and says "If I was your wife, would you cheat on me?"

"Of course not Kath."

"Why not?"

"Well, Um, because your very nice and if you were my wife I would love you too much."

"Do you really think I'm nice?"

"Course you are Kath, your um very pretty."

"Do you think I have a nice figure? 'cause Clive seems to prefer skinny women."

"You've got a great figure Kath, you look great for a woman in her late thirties."

"I don't think he likes my tits either, have you ever known a man not to like big tits and to prefer little pimples like you see on some of those models?"

"Well each to his own Kath, you know we are all different and some men like some assets on their women and others prefer something different."

"What about you, do you like big tits? After all Al is not exactly Dolly Parton."

"Well you know Kath, I didn't choose Al for her breasts did I?"

"When we were younger though you used to look at my boobs all the time, I can remember that. Remember the time we all went on holiday to Spain , when I was about 18 or 19, you couldn't keep your eyes off me in my bikini and when I dropped my bikini top in front of you, I thought your eyes were going to pop out of your head. You certainly liked big tits then."

"Well yeah, but that is just natural, most men would have enjoyed the sight of you half naked."

"Not Clive anymore, it seems."

"Well more fool him," Andrew said wondering where all this was leading.

Kath jumped up and poured herself another glass of wine.

"Do you want to see my tits again?"

"Kath you're my wife's sister, that wouldn't be a good idea."

"Look she is not here, she'll never know, and you didn't really answer the question, do you want to see them or not?"

"Kath if I wasn't married to your sister the answer would be yes, but there is looking and there is what comes after looking," Andrew said trying to be diplomatic but at the same time wondering just how far this might go.

"I bet you have masturbated over me," Kath said "Yes?"

Yes he had masturbated over her, hundreds of times in the past 20 years and he really wanted her to know that, but at the same time, if all this was just a nonsense he could get into big trouble.

"Kath you are upset about Clive, you are not acting rationally," Andrew said.

Kath put down her glass and lifted up her T Shirt pulling it off, revealing a white lacy bra which Andrew could clearly see her large nipples through.

"Kath, what are you playing at?"

Kath reached behind her and undone her bra, releasing the largest pair of breasts Andrew had ever seen in the flesh. Her nipples were large, and already standing to attention. Kath put her hands underneath her boobs and said "As nice as you remembered?"

Andrew's heart was racing and his cock had already grown hard in his jeans.

"Kath you are so bad," he said but now stood up in front of her. Andrew reached up and caressed Kath's boobs with both his hands, running his thumbs over her nipples. She let out an almighty sigh as he fondled her.

"Kiss me," she said.

Andrew bent down and took Kath's left nipple into his mouth, slowly running his tongue all over it, feeling it grow even harder in his mouth.

"God, I've always wanted you to do this," Kath said, "Suck me harder."

Andrew obliged, sucking Kath's nipple and still using his tongue on it as he drew it into his mouth.

Andrew dropped his hands and ran them over Kath's arse, feeling the line of her panties through her trousers, squeezing her cheeks as the excitement built up in him. He moved his head up and started to kiss Kath on the mouth, their passion now taking over as they hungrily kiss each other, their tongues probing, their saliva mingling.

" I want you to fuck me, like you have in all your fantasies about me," Kath said.

"I've always wanted to fuck you, Kath babe and yes I have wanked myself off numerous times thinking about your lovely horny body."

Andrew grabs Kath's hand and takes her up to the bedroom.

I come home from town and notice Kath's car outside our house. I walk in expecting her to be in the lounge or kitchen but there is no sign of her. As I come out of the kitchen I hear some noise from upstairs. Half-way up I stop, I have just heard Kath's voice say "Oh yes lick my cunt darling."

I creep the rest of the way but near the top I stop again as I can see into my bedroom from there.

My sister is lying on my bed, I can see her entire body. She is virtually naked, apart from a pair of white lacy panties, she is fondling her own tits and between her legs I can just see the top of someone's head.

"That's good darling, tongue my clit," she says.

I watch as the head moves up and down, the "darling" is obviously licking her pussy from back to front whilst Kath plays with her own boobs.

I move to one-side as the head comes up and a face emerges. The "darling" is my husband, his lips are glistening with the wet juices from Kath's pussy.

"God you taste, fantastic," he says.

"Let me taste it babe," she says.

Andrew moves up and I watch as he starts to snog my sister, filling her mouth with her own sweet taste. As he does so, he grabs one of her huge tits, mauling it as his tongues pushes deeper into her mouth.

As he moves up I can see his erect cock, he is huge, his foreskin is stretched to its limit as he rubs his cock against Kath's leg.

Something within me says I should march in and put a stop to this, but something else within me is massively excited. In fact I can feel a damp patch growing in my panties as my pussy starts to seep juice in excitement.

I watch as they continue to kiss, not able to see what Andrew is doing with his hands, but I imagine he must be fingering Kath, as she is writhing around on the bed quite a bit.

I see her hand reach down and envelop Andrew's cock. She starts to move it up and down his shaft, wanking him off tenderly. Again I feel a bit angry, but also can't take my eyes off my sister's hand as she uses her thumb to spread his pre-cum up and down his cock.

"You are so fucking horny, Kath," Andrew says, "You are great with your hands."

"Doesn't All give you a nice wank?" she asks.

"Yeah, but you are more tender, Al is good, but she is quite urgent and often makes me cum too quickly."

"Well we don't want that do we? We want it to last babe."

Kath continues to play with my husbands cock, spending time gently caressing his bell end with her fingers, spreading his pre-cum about plus at times giving him long hard strokes from base to tip.

"How about I use my tongue?" Kath says.

Andrew smiles and moves up and from outside the bedroom I watch as my husband slips his cock into my sisters open mouth.

Kath's lips close around him and she reaches for his balls, as she starts to give him a blowjob.

"Suck me you horny bitch, suck me," Andrew says. He reaches down and I can just see him fondling Kath's right breast.

Her tits are huge compared to mine (34C) and he is obviously enjoying all that lovely heavy flesh. As my Husband continues to fuck my sisters mouth, I find that I have reached down and my hand is inside my trousers. I run my hand over the silk of my panties and then down to my cunt. I ease the gusset of my panties to one-side and slip a finger into my very wet pussy. In fact I am wetter than I have been for ages and realise that watching my husband and sister have sex together is the most horny I have felt for a long time.

I watch as Andrew pulls his cock out of Kath's mouth and I watch jealously as she runs her tongue up and down his cock.

"Fuck I'm going to cum," he says.

Then his cock starts to jerk, his cum spurting out like a jet over Kath's face and into her hair. She again takes him in her mouth and swallows like crazy as he continues to release his spunk.

As he finishes, Kath lets him go and my husband slides down the bed. He then starts to lick Kath's face, licking his own cum off her and then sharing it as the two of them continue to snog.

I have 3 fingers inside myself now and desperately want to cum but I don't want to miss any of the action, so hold back as I watch my husband move down to suck my sister's tits.

He moves from one to the other telling her how lovely and big they are and I find myself drawn to them, wanting to join him in sucking my own sister's tits. The thought of that is too much for me and my cum starts to flow, drenching my panties as I continue to watch them have sex.

My husband then climbs on top of Kath and I watch as he eases himself into and starts to fuck her. He does that for a while and then Kath insists on having it from behind. She kneels up on the bed and I get to see her arse still encased in her lacy white panties. Andrew gets behind her, moves the panties to one-side with his fingers and starts to ram his cock into her doggy style.

"Oh that is fucking marvellous," Kath screams, "Fuck me harder, harder."

My husband is moving in and out of Kath really quickly and as he does her whole arse is wobbling and her tits are bouncing backwards and forwards as they hang down beneath her.

He moves his hand up and brings it down with a hard smack onto her bum.

"Oh yes fuck, that is great," Kath says.

He smacks her again as he pounds her pussy with his cock.

"Don't stop," Kath says, "Hit me again."

Andrew smacks her a few more times and I notice just how red the cheeks of her arse are getting even through her panties.

Suddenly Kath lets out a massive yell and screams "Baby I'm cumming now."

Andrew continues fucking her as Kath's juices flow from her body in orgasm, soaking his cock and our bed. He manages a few more strokes until he too lets out a great big sigh and cums again.

Meanwhile in the hall, I am rubbing my tits with one hand and finger fucking myself with the other and as my sister and husband reach orgasm, so do I.

As the two of them relax on the bed, I hear Kath say, "That was wonderful, we'll have to do it more often. All we need is for Al to be out lots."

"As long as she doesn't find out, I'll fuck you whenever you want," my husband says.

As he starts to get up, I slowly make my way down the stairs so as not to be seen, thinking to myself that I can't wait until they get together again, as long as I can watch and masturbate whilst they have sex together.

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This got me really horny cause i recently started watching my husband play inside my sister and he loves it so much and personally thats extremely satisfying to see my husbands mouth and cock going wildmore...

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