tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHusband Likes to Watch While Hiding

Husband Likes to Watch While Hiding


My sexual tastes of changed over the years. We started out with meeting a single man in a hotel, then progressed to full swap swinging, going to different rooms, going to house parties, and so on. I've slowly settled into liking being intimate with just a single man in my home and in my bed. Sometimes my husband will be home and watch in full view and sometimes he will hide and watch with the man never finding out. This is a great sexual turn-on for my husband. If he can't watch or isn't home, then listening on the phone is the next best thing.

We first tried this several years ago after we had been in the lifestyle for about five-years. I was still working as a manager of the accounting department of the company I worked for. We had a lot of engineers and other highly educated people coming through all the time and they usually needed to come to my department sometime during their visit for money vouchers. By chance I had met a rather attractive younger man, named Victor, from New York who was there for a week getting some training. He needed to get his vouchers for his hotel and meals, and I was the one who was in the office at the time when he came in.

To keep this story short I will skip most of the details on what we discussed while in my office. I did sort of lie and told him my husband was out of town during our discussion. Needless to say that me being married didn't put him off and I agreed to go out with him that night.

When Victor left I immediately called Steven, my husband, who was at work, and told him what had happened and he quickly encouraged me to "go for it." I told him that I wasn't sure that he would want an audience. That is when Steven suggested that since I had already told Victor that he was out of town then he would just remain so but would stay upstairs in the guest room and just listen if things progressed that far.

I was intrigued and thought that this might work out. I normally don't meet with new men by myself in my home (a hotel perhaps) but since my handsome hunk of a husband would be there to protect me should the evening go wrong, I decided to try it. I told my husband that I would do it and that after going out to dinner with Victor if things seemed all right with him I would invite him home.

I went home and got ready for my date. Victor was supposed to pick me up, but not wanting the neighbors to see what was going on, I arranged to meet him at a local supermarket parking lot. I made sure I was dressed in a nice but casual dress and sandals and he arrived on time, which impressed me.

We went out to dinner where I found that he was 32-years old (to my 45) and was divorced with two children. He was a manager in the same oil company I worked for in the New York office. He seemed very fit and handsome and I could see going to bed with him.

We finished our dinner and had a nice conversation. Some men are such bubble heads that I don't want to waste a moment's time with them. Just because you are handsome doesn't mean I'll jump into bed with you (with very few exceptions) if you don't have common sense and a brain to match.

Well Victor passed all the tests and I decided to see how things would play out. I knew that he was interested in me. I made sure that he knew my age because I don't like to falsely advertise myself or give a false impression. He didn't bat an eyelid and seemed even more intrigued to be with me.

I ended up inviting him to my home. We both knew what was going to happen. He dropped me off at the supermarket parking lot I had left my car and followed me back home. I quickly telephoned my husband and told him to get himself well hidden and that I wouldn't give him a tour of the house, so he would be safe upstairs.

We arrived and since it was dark I didn't worry too much about the neighbors. I invited him inside and got him a glass of wine (only one because he wasn't going to spend the night and I didn't want him drunk). We sat in the living room and talked a bit and I noticed that he kept looking at my bare feet (a real turn-on for most men with a foot fetish) and I invited him to give me a foot rub. He took both of my feet into his hands and began to rub them. It felt wonderful. I love having my feet massaged. Suck and lick my toes gently and I'm yours.

We talked as he rubbed but he was being a bit too slow so I took the initiative and reached in and touched his upper leg and began rubbing him. I could see his erection springing to action and he seemed embarrassed about it but when my hand "accidentally" rubbed him on his bulge, his face turned even redder but that seemed to get him into action.

He leaned in and kissed me and I kissed him back. I then let his hands start to explore my body and I soon felt him touching my breasts. It felt good and I gave a little moan. We did some intense kissing (which I love) and touching through clothing. I was beginning to feel very, very good and decided that we needed to go to the bedroom. I got up and pulled Victor up by his hand and onto his feet and led him to my bedroom. I kept the door wide open so my husband could listen and maybe even catch a glimpse of us.

Once at the bed we began to take each other's clothing off and then fell naked onto the bed and continued with our kissing. Our hands explored each other's bodies and I took hold of his penis and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was nice and thick, just how I like it.

He soon was kissing and sucking my breasts and I moaned again since it was feeling so good. His hand then went between my legs and started rubbing the area near my clitoris. I had to guide his hand a bit to find just the right spot and to his credit he was able to maintain pressure where it needed to be.

Here I was with a very handsome younger man sucking my breasts with his hand between my legs rubbing my clitoris. I couldn't help but moan again. I turned my head at what I thought was movement at the door before I realized that it was my husband Steven standing near the doorway trying to catch a peek. I smiled for a moment before turning my head back to Victor and let him have his way with me.

I began to push him further down my body in the hopes that he would take the hint and give me oral sex. He did take the hint and I was soon rewarded with a tongue licking between my legs. I moaned as he got a bit harder with his tongue and the pleasure only increased when I felt his finger going inside of me.

I was feeling very good and I was crying out in ecstasy. I knew that my husband was enjoying himself and was probably about to over boil in the heat of excitement. When my orgasm began to sweep over me I let out a sharp cry. The wave of pleasure was intense and I cried out again. When it was finally over Victor had stopped and was resting besides me. I smiled at him and took hold of his penis and he began to push my head down.

Well one good turn deserves another so I lowered myself to his waiting penis and put him into my mouth. I'm normally not a big fan of giving oral sex to me. I will do it because it gives them pleasure, but truth be told, it doesn't really do anything for me. But Victor wanted it so I gave him a good suck. It was a little too good because I soon heard him cry out and I suddenly felt his penis spurting sperm into my mouth.

I was a bit angry at this because when a man comes, I want him to come inside of me and not in my mouth. But he didn't know so I decided to just go along with it. By the way, even though I don't take a man into my mouth often, when I do I always swallow and Victor's sperm in my mouth was no exception. I swallowed and then got besides him to let him relax a bit before I told him that I wanted another go, but this time I wanted him to come inside of me.

He agreed and we relaxed and talked while I played with his soft, very wet penis. I felt it grow in my hand and after about 45 minutes he was hard enough to go again.

This time I took the initiative and directed his movements and told him what I wanted. I had him kiss and fondle my breasts while his fingers played with my clitoris. When I felt ready I asked him to enter me. He asked if he could enter me from behind in doggie style and I agreed. But first I opened up the night stand, took out a condom and rolled it onto Victor's penis. I then got onto my knees and waited for him to penetrate me.

When he did the initial stretching of my vagina opening felt very good. He was circumcised, so the head of his penis was able to stretch me a little bit more than normal and, I felt a wave of pleasure sweep over me. He pushed inside of me all the way and after waiting a few moments began to thrust inside of me doggie style.

I much prefer the missionary position or me on top, but the doggie position isn't that bad. It's just that I like to be facing the man and feel his hot breath on my neck as he moves inside of me. His penis moving in and out of me still felt wonderful and his thick penis all but guaranteed that I would have an orgasm if he could last (he better last since I did swallow his sperm!).

I thought of switching positions, but as the pleasure began to rise I decided against it and keep things as they were. He was thrusting with all of his might when I saw my husband's face peeking at me around a corner. He was smiling and when he saw me I smiled back at him after making sure that Victor's eyes were closed.

I had my second orgasm. It was good but not as powerful as the one he gave me with oral. I knew that I wasn't going to have another one so I decided to go ahead and tell him that I wanted him on top of me. He pulled out of me and the condom got stuck inside of me. He had to reach in an find it before pulling it out of me. He tried to put it back on himself but I didn't trust it and got him a new one and put it onto him myself.

Once I saw that the condom was secured I got onto my back, spread my legs and waited for him to mount me. When he got on top of me I had to guide his penis inside of me and then I let him at it. I whispered into his ear that I wanted him to come inside of me and that gave him encouragement to speed up his thrusting. Suddenly I heard him tell me, "Here it comes," before I felt his penis pulsating and his thrusting get shallower.

I love it when a man comes inside of me, even with a condom. Make him a fit, young man, and I really go nuts. I let him make his last few thrusts inside of me so he could empty himself and then he relaxed for a few moments before dismounting me and resting besides me on the bed. I was a bit disappointed because I love for a man to stay on top of me after sex or at least get me into the spooning position and hold me. Victor didn't do neither, but I didn't complain.

I glanced over where I last saw my husband and I didn't see him. I guessed that he was probably around the corner. We rested for about 15-minutes before I got up and got dressed. He asked to spend the night but he hadn't impressed me enough to earn the right to do that. Plus I knew that my husband needed relief and quick! I told him that he couldn't and made him get dressed. I kissed him at the door and thanked him for a wonderful evening and off he went into the night.

Once he was gone, my husband came downstairs with a very red face and took me into his arms. A few minutes later I was flat on my back with my husband on top of me thrusting with very powerful strokes into my body. He didn't last very long (I didn't expect him to) but I still felt ecstasy as his sperm gushed into my body. He got me into the spooning position and entered me again with his still erect penis and we talked a bit as it slowly softened. I fell asleep in that position and woke up to the alarm so I could get ready for work once again.

I never saw Victor again and he never called me or visited my office again. It didn't matter since the real person who benefited in all this was my husband who told me that he had never had such a sexual high as watching me with Victor because he didn't know that he was being watched. So, huzza for my husband!


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