tagBDSMHusband Punished by Room Service

Husband Punished by Room Service


My wife was on a business trip and I decided to tag along. Although she was going to be fairly busy, I wanted to take advantage of her expensive hotel room! Of course it never hurts to have a quick 3 day vacation, and I figured that we could at least enjoy our evenings together.

Our first night was wonderful, we ate downstairs at the four star restaurant, drank almost two bottles of very good, and very expensive wine and finished off the evening in a fluffy king bed screwing our brains out!

The next morning I was on my own. My wife was going to be gone all day. I began by relaxing by the pool, I relaxed in front of the TV and decided to finish off the day by relaxing with room service. Sometimes you just need a break and I was feeling great! Maybe just a little too great for my own good? As I sat in my room and began to channel surf, I came across a very erotic movie on HBO. After just ten minutes I was ready for some action! Too bad Jenna wasn't coming home for another four hours. My mind began to wander and after my pre-dinner cocktail which I purchased from the in-room cooler I decided to try something I've only just fantasized about. I decided to order room service and when it was delivered I would answer the door wearing only a towel. Somehow I would find a way to drop it and flash the delivery girl. Assuming it was a girl of course. I went back and forth trying to work up my nerve. What if it didn't go as planned? What if I felt like a fool? But in the end the gin and tonic I had drank must have won, because there I was 20 minutes later standing in the bathroom with a towel around my waist waiting for a knock on the door.

Knock..Knock..There it was. Just a minute I said, I was really nervous but here goes. I opened the door and saw a woman in her very early thirties with long dark hair and a tray of my food. Please come in, I said. I'm starved! She didn't even pause, she smiled politely and walked over to the desk. I wondered if this was a common occurrence for wait staff in hotels? Were they often greeted by guests in towels? As she put the tray down and began removing the covers I made a move toward the bed. My pants were on the bed and I reached inside the pants pocket for my wallet. Now for the tricky part, I had to make it look like an accident. I dropped the wallet just as she turned to exit the room, as I bent down I loosened the towel and it fell to the ground! I quickly stood up and covered my privates and acted embarrassed. It wasn't hard to act it, I was nude in front of a very pretty woman I didn't even know. My cock began to grow ever so slightly. I'm sure she couldn't tell but it was embarrassing. Now what I thought to myself, my plan never went past this far? She smiled slightly and looked at me. She actually looked at my thighs and began to scan upwards! I reached down and grabbed my towel and quickly covered up. She looked at me and said it's Ok, has a nice evening sir and left the room.

Wow what a great feeling, it made me very horny! I was naked in front of her! She just happened to be hot too. Which certainly didn't hurt. I looked at the clock. It was ten p.m. My wife Jenna would be home any minute! I couldn't wait to fuck her!

Less than ten minutes later Jenna walked in the door and within seconds I was on top of her. We had great sex all night long. As I was plunging my cock deep inside of her, I would think about the sexy waiter who saw me nude just hours earlier. I came buckets!

6:00 a.m. came awfully early and that is when Jenna had to leave for a meeting. I got up and showered and began to plan the last day of my vacation. I made a pot of coffee in the room and figured I would hit the buffet in a few minutes. I was feeling great. Except for my dick which was just a little raw from the 3-hour sex marathon!

Knock..Knock....Must be house keeping I thought to my self. I am still here, please come back in a little while I said. Knock..Knock... I opened the door and saw a petite maid with an envelope in her hand? She was probably in her early twenties and from a south American country, maybe brazil or something. She looked cute though. Unusual to see a cute maid I thought. She handed me the envelope and just stood there. I turned to go back into the room when she informed me that I was to read it right now. As I opened the envelope, I was not prepared for what I was about to see. It was a note, hand written in a frilly script. It said "Last night you embarrassed yourself by flashing me. I do not appreciate your actions and have decided to teach you a lesson.

"You will follow the maid." I was stunned! Did the maid know what I was reading? Did she know I flashed the pretty waitress? And what did "Teach me a lesson" mean? No, I don't think so I thought. The last line of the letter was the worst! My heart stopped as I read on. "You will obey or I will Tell your wife Jenna!" I was in trouble. And it looked like I was going to be punished.

I followed the cute maid down the long hall. Perhaps if I wasn't so embarrassed, I would have enjoyed watching her cute bum wiggle as she walked, but I was too nervous to think about that. It seemed like an endless journey. Up stairs, through doorways and around corners. At one point we went outside and into another building. I think it was the sports building? I decided to ask the maid what was about to happen. She looked at me and said that I was bad last night and it was probably going to be a little humiliating. Just then we entered the room.

Standing in the middle was the pretty waitress from last night, she smiled at me and told me to get undressed. I didn't move. She quickly told me what was going to happen here today. Last night you flashed me and today you will pay for your childish antics. You will obey me or Jenna will get to here all about it. I just nodded.

It was just a small room with a cement floor. It had a table and two small folding chairs. On the table was a tv and some magazines. The maid tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a small pill, I tried to refuse but realized I better play along. I swallowed it without any water. The waitress told me to remove my clothes. I took off my shoes and socks. I took off my shirt and placed it on the table, and began to unbutton my pants. Just then she seemed to have a heart. She told me I could leave my underpants on. There I stood in front of two very pretty women clad in nothing but my boxers. Just then the tv came to life, at first it sounded like a porno, women panting...yes in fact it was a porno. Just then the waitress said that I was to stand here until they came back. Then they left.

My feet were a little cold, and I was feeling very odd at this point. The movie was good though, however it quickly donned on me why they had put nude women on the tv. The wanted me to get hard! I tried to resist but after just a few minutes I was hard as a rock. I thought about jerking off, but figured they may be watching me so I chose not too. Just then the Maid walked back into the room.

My face began to redden as she looked down at the bulge in my boxers. She smiled and took my hand and led me toward a door on the opposite side of the room. As we entered the new room, I noticed it was much different from the first room. It was dark except for what looked like a small stage. Standing on the stage was the waitress, she was wearing sexy black pants that flared out at the bottom and a tight white shirt. She beckoned me over to her. She also smiled at the bulge in my underpants.

I was hoping by now it would have disappeared but no such luck. She then told me to bend over and lean on the table with my elbows flat on the top. I did as I was told. She told me that I was to be punished now for my inappropriate actions. She quickly grabbed my waistband and pulled my boxers right off. I was naked again, but this time I was not in control.

What a cute bottom you have, lets have some fun. She took a small silver vibrator off the table and began to lube it up. She lowered it and slid it gently between my ass crack. Next she pressed it against my anus. I quickly tightened. She told me there was no point in resisting.

I have to admit it began to feel good. But I was too humiliated to think about sex. She worked that little vibrator slowly into my rear, ever so gently. In and out, in and out. My cock was throbbing. It was so hard. Harder than it had ever been. I could feel my muscle begin to pulsate. Oh God I was going to cum! I was embarrassed, I was nude and this hot woman was teasing my asshole. I began to move with the rythym I was close, so close, my cum was going to flow here it comes....ahhh, I groaned. My cock spurt a gallon of cum on the floor, my hard cock moved up and down and the waitress just smiled and slowly pulled out the tiny vibrator.

I did notice as I stood there bent over exposed for anyone to see that my cock was still very hard. Maybe it was because she had given me a prostate orgasm and that was why I was still ready for more? Just then the Waitress said in a commanding voice, who wants to try it next!

What was she talking about...what did she mean who? Who was she talking to? And then I heard several whispers and people talking! I was shocked....what should I do I thought. How many people were here? I began to get up, but the Waitress whispered in my ear that Jenna may not be happy with my actions. I froze. Glued to the table with a raging cock and a bare bum. I heard a woman approach and ask if she could do whatever was necessary? Necessary what does that mean? The Waitress said of course whatever you need to do!

Then the woman leaned down and whispered in my ear. She told me that she was a nurse and this was going to be fun. She also said she was turned on by my last little show. She put on latex gloves and once again my ass was the selected target. She had plenty of lube on the glove and within seconds she was in my ass.

She was a professional, in just seconds my cock began to twitch! She stroked my gland and almost instantly the cum shot out of me. I moaned loudly. The crowd giggled and laughed as I made the sounds, But this time it kept going. Her petite finger just kept stroking. My legs felt week, but my cock was strong. Was this real? How could I still be rock hard?

AaaaaaHHHh the cum oozed out from my penis. I heard clapping and cheers. Just then I felt a tug on my balls. The waitress was gently pulling them. And the nurse was still inside of me. Twitch,twitch..my anus was pulsing and so was my cock. How much more could I take, Her finger was sliding rapidly in and out, and she would curl it just at the right time to tease me and make me cum at her will. Here it comes....please stop. I said...I can't take it...just then a wave came over me and more of my cum shot from my body. Ahhh ahhh ahh ahh, I panted, oh God I clenched my anus as tight as I could but the lubricated glove didn't even slow down.

I think the audience was really into it by this point because they just kept cheering her on. Finally the nurse took my head in her hands and whispered into my ear "good job."

I was spent. My legs almost began to give, but the waitress told me to stand up and put my hands on my head. Just like if I were arrested. I did, and then she told me to turn around. As I turned around, I felt my stiff cock bounce as I moved. I was hard and apparently it was ready for more. I looked out past the lights and saw about 15 or so women. I don't know who they were? Maybe hotel staff, maybe not? I was so embarrassed though, I stood their naked and hard and humiliated. The waitress then asked who was to be the next volunteer? A woman quickly walked over toward me. What could possibly be next?

I was told to lie down on the table to my left. It was not really a table but more like an x-shaped thing. As I laid down on my stomach, my cock pointed straight to the floor.

The waitress and the latest volunteer quickly buckled my arms and legs to the x-table. Boy was I exposed and spread eagle. The waitress then began slapping my bum. This was stupid I thought, what does that do? But ten minutes later she was still spanking my bum. It stung, and she didn't appear to want to stop any time soon.

My bum was ablaze and I was squirming too. Left cheek, right cheek, left and so on. Not hard, but after a hundred strokes strokes or so, it hurt. As I tried to move from the assault my cock just bobbed around. I was looking toward the floor and saw the woman who had just volunteered. She was grabbing at my cock. Slap slap ouch...it really hurt, and now my cock has just been caught.

She quickly began to stroke. She was also very skilled because even though my ass was on fire, I felt myself grinding into her hand. My head swelled and the pre cum began to flow.. Just then my ass hurt even more. This time it was a loud sound.

Ouch..the waitress had a round leather paddle and she had picked up the pace. My cock was being jerked and my ass must have been red as a beet, I looked at the woman who was jerking me off, she just smiled and said I was a bad boy. Here it comes. I moaned. The cheering began. The waitress kept up the assault on each cheek. AHH, ahhhhhhhhhh and cum shot from the tip of my rock hard dick.

Are you finished young man? Said the woman below me. I felt the buckles being loosened and I was told to stand up. The waitress looked at me and told me that the pill I had taken earlier worked very well! I was still very hard and I just then figured out how they kept my dick stiff for all of those orgasms!

The women stood up and approached the waitress and myself. I still felt incredibly uncomfortable. I was nude with all of these clothed women. They filed past one by one, and then it was just me and the Waitress. I hope you have learned your lesson. She turned and walked out of the room.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/24/18


Whole story was good, so kinky. Very arousing.

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by Anonymous09/14/17

Punished for WHAT??????

The hotel patron (as a joke) flashed a room service waitress... This was tasteless and immature on his part, but not justifying what the waitress and other female hotel staff did to him in response.


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