Husband’s Wish Fulfilled


He pulled his head up, and I craned my neck and he put his arms around me. His face moved closer and I felt like we were alone in the room; the people all disappeared, leaving just us, and I felt my breath catch as his face came closer. But he angled, and kissed my cheek as he hugged me tightly.

"Thanks for the wonderful dance," he said softly. I was lost for words, wanting him to kiss me, hard and long, right there on the floor in front of everyone, not caring who saw, who cared. I didn't. But I peeled myself from him slowly, saying nothing, thinking only of his mouth, imagining his lips on mine, disappointed and eager as we walked from the floor, holding hands.

We gathered up our stuff and his drunk friend and headed out to his truck. Once again he helped me inside, this time taking a long look at my legs as I climbed in, and I enjoyed his eyes wandering over me. Drank Too Much climbed in after, and started bemoaning his awful luck at having to go home alone. Duncan and I grinned at the situation despite not being able to be alone. We dropped him at his house, and when we pulled away I stayed close to him. Once he bumped my knee as he shifted.

"Ouch," I faked, "I think you hurt me."

"Sorry about that," he said, and rubbed his hand lightly on my knee, then held it there a second. When I felt it slipping away, I put my hand over his and held it there, loving the feeling of his touch on my skin. There was a full moon, and we drove silently, enjoying the romantic moonlight. As we left the highway to head for my house, he saw the signs for the lake.

"How far is that from here?" he asked.

"Just a couple of miles, not far from my house."

"Is it big? I'd like to see it, if you don't mind." If I didn't mind? I wasn't ready for the evening to end, I was feeling so good with him, so I agreed, and pointed the way. We got there quickly, and parked, and he came out to help me down, watching my legs slip out from under my skirt as I slid down, holding his offered hand. W e closed the truck, and he kept my hand in his as we walked down to the path to the lakeside picnic area.

We stood there, holding hands and looking at the stars. (For you city folks, take the opportunity one night and get out in the country, far from city lights and see the night sky in its full glory, it is a wonder to behold.) I love seeing the night sky, but as we stood there, holding hands silently, like silly teenagers, I wondered if he was going to kiss me, or if I would have to make the first move. He slipped behind me, resting his ass on the edge of a table, and pulled me back against him, my butt nestled into his crotch. I snuggled in close, and he wrapped one arm around my stomach as he pointed out a constellation he knew with his other hand. Directing my gaze, he lowered his head, so his face was next to mine. I could feel the heat from his skin in the cool night, could smell him, feel his breath on my cheek. I had my head up, looking at the stars, and he turned his head slightly, and I felt his lips brush the side of my neck, below my ear. I leaned back, pressing myself into him, and turned my head, giving him access to my throat, and moaned a little as he placed light, tender kisses on my throat. I felt him stop them, but I would have none of that, and I turned to face him, looking into those beautiful green eyes, and then put my arms up under his, feeling his back, pressing him to me as I lifted my face to his.

He kissed me then, lightly at first, tentatively, and I swooned like a teenager. His kisses became more insistent, and his arms wrapped around me, holding me to him, and I returned the kiss, my lips parting for his, feeling his tongue touch mine. It felt so strange, so exciting to be kissing someone else; so forbidden and illicit, and I didn't care. I pressed myself against him and we kissed for a while, getting hotter, and I felt him getting hard against me. I pressed myself against his growing erection, squirming a little, and looked into his eyes.

"Do you want to go up to the house?"

He kissed me lightly on the lips. "Yes," he said softly. We went back to the truck, and kissed again before getting in, our hands rubbing each other's bodies, feeling the urgency and desire in us. We got in, not talking, and I was grateful that the lake is only ten minutes away, I needed to get him inside, and fast! As soon as we were in the door we were kissing again, madly, tongues inside each other's mouths, and I was breathing heavily. Our hands were exploring each other, but staying away from anything sexual, just rubbing each other's arm and backs and sides, and I was grinding my hips into his leg, feeling his hardness against my belly. I broke the kiss, needing to catch my breath, and not wanting to rush.

"Would you like something to drink?" I whispered hoarsely, betraying my passion.

He held me close to him, looking down into my upturned face. "I'd love one," he told me. I slipped from his arms and he followed me, silently watching as I opened some wine.

As I gave him his glass, I asked, "Would you .. uh ... like to go upstairs? It's more comfortable," and I cringed inside at how cheesy it must have sounded.

"Hell yes!" he said, relieving my momentary anguish, and I led him upstairs to my bedroom. At the side of the bed we kissed again, slowly and luxuriously, and I felt delirious with passion and now, need. His hands were on my arms, holding me above the elbow as we kissed, and then he slid them up slowly, grazing my bare skin with his fingertips as our tongues danced together, and then his hands were on my shoulders, and he subtly pressed down. Taking the hint I eased to my knees in front of him, rubbing his strong thighs, staring at the bulge in his pants, mentally gauging his size, thinking he might be bigger than my husband. My hands drifted to his crotch and I massaged him through his jeans, feeling the hardness inside, sensing the heat and power emanating from his member. He reached for his waistband and undid his pants, and I helped them down, sliding my hands up his bare thighs, and leaned in to kiss his cock through his briefs, straining to escape. I planted kisses up the length of it and decided he was definitely bigger.

Needing to touch it, to feel it, I pulled his briefs down, exposing him to me, and my pussy tingled and moistened more at the sight of him, hard and swollen, standing proudly from his body. I took the base in my hand and kissed along his length, worshipping his erection, delighting at the feel of the hot, thin skin on my lips, finally reaching the crown, and after a lick at the underside, I opened my mouth and took his huge cockhead between my lips. It felt so wonderful, filling my mouth, my tongue swirling around the spongy mass, and then I pushed down, fitting him as deep into my mouth as I could handle, and began sucking, bobbing my head, slowly at first, then more quickly, feeling his shaft slipping between my lips, wet with my saliva. I heard him groan, and was glad he was enjoying it as much as I was.

He reached down for me, his hands sliding down from my shoulders, down my back, and I struggled to hold him in my mouth as he reached the bottom of my shirt, and I pulled away momentarily to allow him to take if off me, and helped him with my bra. Topless, I sucked him back in as he straightened, and reached for my breasts, teasing my sensitive nipples as I sucked his wonderful cock.

I was almost disappointed when he stopped me, and pulled me up, and kissed me again, feeling his lips on mine, wet from sucking him. He pulled back from the kiss wordlessly and reached for my skirt, opening it and letting it slip to my ankles; as I stepped out of it his hand went between my legs and stroked me through my panties. I felt an orgasm beginning; as I said, I tend to cum easily, and oh, did I want him to make me cum! I knew he could feel how wet I was, and his fingers were so good, rubbing across my lips.

He turned me then, my back facing to the bed, and pushed me gently back, lowering me to the bed. I looked up at him from my elbows as he removed his shirt, and he crouched down naked between my legs and reached for my panties, and I lifted my hips to let him slide them off. He moved up between my legs, spreading them with his hands, and returned my oral caresses. He was kneeling on the floor, my hips at the edge of the bed, and he began licking me; my lips first, sending tingles throughout my body, and slowly dragging his tongue up to my clit. My button was hard, and I was wet and ready, and I wanted him inside me, but as soon as he began stimulating my little button, I felt my first climax, rushing at me, taking me without preamble, and he stayed there, working me through a series of small orgasms, writhing on the tip of his tongue.

He let me come down then, grinning up at me from between my legs, and looked up at me, his lips glistening with my wetness, and crawled up between my legs. Oh, my God, I thought, here it comes, and I scooted back, making room for him to climb onto the bed between my legs. My body trembled in anticipation as only the second man ever in my life settled his naked flesh between my legs, feeling his skin on the insides of my thighs, his hands caressing me, running over my bare flesh, eager to feel him penetrate me, to feel him inside me. I wanted to feel all of him against all of me, to feel all of his body on mine.

He moved up, closer, and I was breathless, waiting for it, wanting it, dripping for it, wanting to feel him inside me. The anticipation was killing me. My pussy was wet and open from his mouth, and I felt it ruling me, directing my actions, taking over my brain. I wanted him so bad, and I waited as he approached, seeming to take forever when all I could think of was him getting inside me. And then I felt the first touch of his hard flesh at the lips of my pussy, and I felt my orgasm poised at the edge, but he didn't enter me; he teased me, rubbing his dick on my lips, opening them, sliding it up to my clit, rubbing there, pushing me closer, then sliding back down to rub against my opening, hinting at the impending pleasure as his head touched me. I was panting with excitement already, and then I felt him push, and the head slipped inside, opening me, entering just a little, and then he pulled back, watching my hips follow him, trying to take him back. He rubbed more on the outside of my pussy, teasing me, making me groan, my hips pulsing up, trying to capture him. He entered again, and I braced myself for his full length and width but he pulled back again, rubbing and sliding in my wetness, touching my hard button mercilessly, keeping me on the edge.

"Please," I gasped, "please stop teasing," I pleaded, looking into his eyes as they sparkled mischievously.

"What do you want?" he asked in a deep, hoarse whisper. Could he not tell from my open legs, my breathing, my pulsing hips? What is it about men and their need to hear a woman speak her desires out loud?

"I want you inside me," I squeaked. I am not one for filthy talk, even in bed. But my desire did my talking for me. "I want your dick in me. In my pussy, please," I told him timidly, hoping this confession was enough. I watched him smile just slightly, and then his expression changed, his look became more intent, and I felt his muscles shift under my hands, holding him at his shoulders, and the head slipped inside me, slowly, and this time it didn't stop. It kept coming in, filling me, stretching me a little; I felt my pussy resist his size, then give way, accepting his length, welcoming him, and he slid all the way in, filling me, and my orgasm peaked and I came, hard, crying out my pleasure as I felt all of him inside me. All my pent up lust and passion released, the anticipation finally satisfied, the eagerness met and fulfilled as I came, flushing him in my juices, feeling myself clench and become wetter.

He kissed me then, as I came, kissing my open mouth until the crest passed, and I kissed him back, feeling him, definitely bigger, fuller inside me, not hurting, but stretched in an oh, so wonderful way! He lay on top of me, pressing his body onto mine, his hard shaft fully inside me, only the second man ever to be in me, and I was delirious with sensation and wonder. My hands were all over his back, his ass, his shoulders as we kissed and his wonderful hard cock filled me. And then his hips flexed, and we continued kissing as he pulled back, slightly, and began pumping slowly in and out of my heated pussy. All my awareness was on our lips touching, our tongues dancing, and his slick, hard shaft slipping out, then sliding back in, filling me again and again, slowly and completely.

We stayed in that position the whole time, his full body on top of me, pressing down on me as he pumped in and out, searing my body with sensations. We kissed madly, and then he raised his head and we stared hungrily at each other as he continued pumping, not speaking. I could hear my wetness as he slid in; a delicious naughty sound announcing my pleasure. His thrusts became more urgent, and I watched his face change, become more intent, feeling his orgasm approaching even as mine built inside me. He pushed into me, harder, feeling deeper, feeling him banging against my hard button each time, pulling most of the way out, leaving me vacant and desperate, then pushing back in completely. My orgasm built, teetered, and then I was cumming again, and I cried out, my legs wrapped around his, holding him as I came, and then he was cumming too, I stared at him as his face clenched and his chest and back muscles tightened, and he jerked himself into me, feeling him spasm inside he, filling me with his cum, feeling the liquid heat coating me, his cock still hard inside, as I overflowed and his semen forced out, dripping down the crack of my ass, soaking me as my climax receded and ended. His body relaxed, and he lay on me, pressing himself onto my entire body, feeling his weight, his skin on mine as I tingled in the afterglow of our mutual climax.

After a few moments of enjoying the bliss, feeling the warmth of his cum flooding me and his body heat seeping into my skin he slowly raised himself up, and slipped himself out of me slowly. Thinking he would roll over and lay next to me I started to roll over but he held me still, and moved up my body, straddling my chest, bringing his spent member to my face. This was not something I was accustomed to, but my lust acted before I could form a conscious objection, and I opened my mouth and began sucking. I was not familiar with my own flavor, and did not swallow in the past, but I found myself enthusiastically sucking his softening shaft, licking our combined juices from him, and not disliking the taste. Part of me loved how dirty I was acting, sucking his spent shaft and his semen and my own flavor, and liking that he enjoyed it. It felt important to me that he was pleased, and he moaned at my oral attention until he was soft, and he slipped from my mouth, slick and cleaned, and rolled to my side. My body relaxed, and I started to fade, feeling a little sleepy after the rewarding exertion, so I struggled to my feet and went to the shower to clean up. He followed me in, and we washed each other, and then dried off, and returned to the bed. We cuddled to one side, avoiding the large wet spot I had left from our fun, spooning out bodies, his arm wrapped around me, and we slept.

Early in the morning I woke to see him still sleeping next to me, on his back. I watched him sleeping, listening to his steady breathing, and thoughts of the previous night's adventure ran through my head. I felt no guilt; rather the extreme satisfaction and a little elation and pride in my actions. I had done it! I had experienced another man, here in my marital bed. I was astounded that I had made it happen, had enjoyed it so thoroughly, and had no regrets. In fact, thinking of what I had done aroused my desire again, and I started feeling the tingle of horniness again. Feeling brave and enabled by desire, I slipped the covers down off him, exposing his naked body to my eyes, drinking in the sight of him. My eyes settled on his flaccid dick, dangling off to the side, and stifling a giggle I moved myself into position above him and took his large, soft meat into my mouth. It was different, sucking him soft, and I relished the feel of the soft flesh in my mouth, feeling dirty and naughty and horny. He began to respond, and I loved the feel of him growing in my mouth. He drifted awake as he hardened, and I looked up into his eyes to see his delight at my behavior. I grinned at him, my lips smirking around his erection, and he started to move but I put a hand on his stomach, and held him still, and let him watch as I worked him with my mouth. He settled back and let me continue.

I started sucking him in earnest, wanting to please him, and enjoying the feel of him in my mouth. As I worked the head with my lips and tongue, then adding my hand, stroking his solid shaft, I realized that my lust had put me in a position from which I could not retreat. I had let him know that I wanted to suck him off, and it occurred to me then that he would expect me to finish. I suck my husband frequently, but not to completion, and I don't swallow his cum. But as the thought hit me, I knew I would do that for Duncan. I wanted to please him; I wanted him to be happy with my actions, to give him pleasure, and to enjoy it myself. I decided I would go all the way, make him cum, and I would swallow, both for him, and for me.

Energized by my decision, I began sucking more aggressively, working him harder and urging his release, and I soon felt him beginning to respond, first grunting his pleasure, then moaning, and then feeling small pulses in his hips. He was kind enough not to force himself deeper, and allowed me to pleasure him with my mouth. I felt the pulses become more frequent, more urgent, and I knew he was getting closer. I redoubled my efforts, excited at the thought that I would finish him, swallow him, feel him shoot his climax into my mouth. I started making little excited noises as I sucked, and I was really aroused, even though I was not being stimulated.

And then I felt him stiffen, and his cock swelled in my mouth, and I heard him grunt deliciously, and I closed my lips around his head as the first shot erupted, shooting into my mouth. It was so hot, and I was so excited by the action that I didn't notice the flavor until after; as he spurted I allowed it to fill my mouth, coating my tongue, noting the texture and flavor, and I swallowed, excited and proud that I was swallowing my lover's release, and that I was enjoying it. It was another new experience for me, and again I felt proud of myself for the pleasure I had given him.

It made me feel even better when he was done, and he relaxed and I lifted my head to see him smiling, and he pulled me up to him and kissed me. I hadn't expected that, and it made me feel so good, so warm, that I had been so nasty to swallow his cum and he still wanted to kiss me. My husband prefers not to kiss me after I've had his dick in my mouth, and here was this wonderful sexy man kissing me after I swallowed his cum! I lay on top on him, our lips and tongues sharing the remnants of his climax, until we lay staring into each other's eyes, grinning like only fools and lovers do. It was wonderful, and I felt so good.

We struggled out of bed and mostly dressed.

"Hungry?" I asked. I was still delighted that he had spent the night, and not disappeared after sex. In the back of my mind I'd been a little afraid of that, of feeling cheap and used, but he'd stayed, and then I wanted to take care of him.

"Definitely," he replied, and followed me downstairs to the kitchen.

"I drink tea," I told him, "but I can make coffee if you prefer."

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