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Husband Shares Wife


Dinner time was very quite as Mike avoided even a glance at his wife. Marie had realized that after last night's midnight shift her husband was certainly not in the mood to discuss anything. Marie had just expected too much from him lately and she was regretting the argument they had before he had gone to work.

Plates were cleaned, kids put to bed, and there were still no words between Marie and Mike. Marie could not stand it any longer and broke the silence saying she was sorry for the way she had been taking advantage of him and lack there of his time. She asked what she could do to start to make this up to him. Mike just glanced at Marie with a disapproving look to let her know he was still not ready to discuss it rationally. She backed off and started to watch a movie that had come on t.v.

While Marie watched her movie Mike was roaming the internet thinking about what she had said from time to time. He was tired and in a bad mood. He really didn't want to take up energy thinking at this point. He started to look at the voyeur pages and read a few stories on Literotica. The ratings on his last story were very good and had seemed to make his wife jealous as she had yet to get those sort of numbers. As he read a particular story, his mind started to race as he thought it would be the perfect way to get back at his wife. He completed the story with a smile on his face and excited to get his plan rolling into motion. He quietly excused himself to bed with a small kiss to his wife's forehead to let her know he wasn't still angry and off to bed to perfect his plan he went.

The next day was Saturday and he was off for the weekend! They passed the day doing normal household things and playing with the kids. He let Marie know that he was going out with his friends that night as he hadn't been out in a while. He started making calls to find who was available and after dinner met up with one of his friends at the local bar.

After several drinks and normal talk about their jobs, etc….Mike let Dave know that he had an ulterior motive to bring him out and that he needed to talk to him discreetly. Dave thought maybe Mike had gotten himself into trouble and listened intently. Mike explained about his wife's behavior and started to explain the story he had read on Literotica last night. Dave's eye's got wider as Mike continued to explain.

The story was about a husband that wanted to teach his wife a lesson and had one of his friends enter their home after dark and lead her to believe she was being raped. He didn't like the level it had actually taken but was a good start to his plan. He began explaining to Dave that he was going to give his wife instructions that he had a way for her to make things up to him but he wasn't going to tell her all of it. She would be given instructions as time went on and she would oblige in every request. Dave listened apprehensively and wantingly as Mike explained the plan and asked him for his opinion.

"You mean, you want me to actually have sex with your wife!?", questioned Dave! He was in complete shock as this couple was very conservative and certainly his wife would NEVER go for such a thing! Mike explained about his wife submitting stories to Literotica and urged him to read them making him promise not to tell a soul about them or who wrote them.

The next morning Mike received a call from Dave who seemed a bit more enthusiastic about the proposed plan after reading the steamy stories from innocent wife. They planned to meet for lunch to discuss the plan and make sure they could pull it off.

When Mike came home he was very stern with his wife to make sure she understood all was not completely forgiven. She again apologized and acted very remorseful. Mike saw his opportunity! He slyly told his wife that he had decided on something to make it up to him but she had to agree to do what ever he said when ever he said for the next 24 hours. Her smile suggested excitement but her words of, "what exactly do you have in mind?", was certainly cautious.

Mike told Marie that she would get no other information except that her first direction was to take a nice long shower after the kids went to bed and to put on something sexy and go to bed. He wanted her in bed by 9pm. Marie agreed as she looked forward to giving him a nice slow blow job. It had been three days since they had sex and she was dying! Marie could have sex all day long and keep going. She loved how open their sex life had become and longed for his cock in her mouth constantly. Wondering what was going through his head drove her crazy! Was he planning on taking pictures? Video camera? Hmmmmmmmm.

8pm came and the kids were put to bed. Mike had left to "help a friend with a plumbing job….he would be back as soon as he could!" Marie was very disappointed as she knew how long these things took and knew the evening would probably not happen according to plan. She was unaware that the cover story he gave her was just that…a cover story.

She took a shower and took her time shaving just the way he liked. As she smoothed on her after-shower lotion her mind still couldn't help but hope he would be home soon. She put on a pair of thongs and a see-through camisole. 9pm came and she quietly laid in bed waiting to hear the truck. 9:30pm she was still waiting and decided the heck with the clothes…..she took everything off and preceded to fall asleep as she knew it was going to be a lot longer by the fact she still had no phone call. Very disappointed, Marie fell asleep. About 10:20pm the bedroom door opened but Marie did not hear it. The voice called the dog out of the room and into the hall, shutting the door.

Feeling a slight movement of the bed she barely woke-up but still not very awake. She felt a warm set of hands touch her shoulders as she was laying on her stomach. Still too tired to really comprehend anything, Marie laid there feeling the warmth and how good it felt. Gently the covers rolled back off of her bare body. The warm hands started to rub her back and move downwards toward her ass. Now she was awake and remembered her husbands words earlier in the evening.

Good, she thought, "he still is in the mood!" The hands rubbed anxiously on her ass and the breathing got a bit heavier. Her legs were parted and she felt a tongue run on either side of her inner thighs as goose bumps ran up her whole body. As the hands ran back up her body they grabbed one hand and placed it gently behind her back. Then the other hand near it when she heard click, click. Oh my God she thought……He just handcuffed her. The idea of that sent Marie right into sexual bliss as she wondered what he would do to her.

A whisper broke the sexual tension in the room and said "you are to obey me and what ever I say, do you understand?" Marie whispered yes back as a warm naked body laid down onto her. Somehow she felt different, almost conscious of herself . The next words she heard scared the hell out of her as a voice other than her husband's tells her that she needed to role over. "who are you!?" she yelled in a startled voice. Dave (who was disguising his voice) started to roll her over without saying a word. They were still in the dark.

He promptly sucked on her neck not answering any of her cries for information. Slowly he moved is sucking down to her breast and sucked very hard as her nipples became quickly erect. Her mind was racing as she had never been with anyone else and couldn't believe what was happening! Dave moved to the other breast and pushed his hard member into Marie's thigh. She could feel it slide closer and closer to her pussy and tried to shift so it would not get any closer.

Dave whispered to her that he had wanted her for a long time and was all to happy to help out his friend with the plan to humble her. He told Marie that he was going to tease the hell out of her and make her beg for it. She laughed telling him she would never do it so he may as well go home! Challenging this already horny friend was her first mistake.

Dave started kissing down Marie's legs and thighs slowly teasing with his tongue. Marie was very angry with her husband and at first resisting Dave's intentions was not a problem. Dave forcefully pushed her thighs apart as he ran his tongue up her thigh and around her pussy. He sucked all around it not quite entering it which provoked Marie to use all her concentration to not enjoy it. She was failing miserable and she knew it. He moved her thighs up bending her legs back towards her body and teased her clit rotating his tongue all around it. She couldn't move at all with her hands cuffed behind her back and she started to breathe just a bit harder.

Dave heard her breathing quicken and took full advantage sucking her pussy into his mouth and tonguing her hole relentlessly. Marie's hips could not help but respond and as her sexual desires took over she couldn't resist Dave any longer. She was so wet now that she had almost forgotten how mad she was. Dave grabbed either side of her thighs and pulled her tight against his wanting mouth not letting her escape his rapidly moving tongue. Marie's groans became part of the air and just as she was about the cum he lessened the pressure and roamed his tongue up her clit, over her torso and stopped at her breasts. He sucked briefly on both and moved up to her neck asking if she was ready to beg. Marie replied that she didn't beg and would never be made to.

Dave knew that Mike was upstairs listening through the monitor and as soon as Dave said , "apparently I need a little help," that was Mike's cue to come on in. Dave started back on Marie's nearly throbbing clit and the door opened. In walked Mike, clothes already shed and massive hard on. Marie started to yell out profanities to him as he quickly muffled her with his tongue and mouth. Mike kissed her so hard and deeply that she darn near came right there.

As David continued sucking her pussy Mike grabbed her breasts and bit and sucked them without tenderness. Mike was hot and was not looking at his wife as his lover but as his sex-hungry slut. This may be the only opportunity he could take advantage and he was not there to be graceful. The pain from her teased nipples combined with the strong sucking of her clit threw Marie quickly into and earth-shattering orgasm. It lasted so long she couldn't stop groaning.

Dave asked her once more if she was ready to beg yet and Marie replied by asking him to fuck her. Dave wasn't satisfied with that and slowly moved the head of his penis up to Marie's pussy and circled around it but not penetrating. Her husband's attack on her breasts were sending her over the edge and all she wanted at this point was for her to be fucked and fucked hard. She didn't care how but she needed it NOW! She asked him what he was waiting for. Dave teasing reminded her that she hadn't begged for it. She tried pushing her cunt onto Dave's hard member but couldn't get the right leverage.

She asked for her hands to be uncuffed. Silence.

"Please, let me use my hands!". Still nothing was said. "God damn it, uncuff my hands and fuck me right now Dave!!!" That was enough for both men! Her hands were uncuffed as she pulled her husband off her breasts and told him she wanted his cock. He quickly obliged and she started sucking him off like there were no tomorrow. As she started with both hands devouring his entire cock into her mouth Dave grabbed her by the waist and forged his hot and swollen cock deep into Marie's pussy. She could barely groan with a mouth full of cock and Dave pounded away feverishly as Marie came again and again.

Her groaning and rocking from being fucked by Dave sent her husbands wad shooting forcefully down her throat. He swallowed all the cum as none escaped her lips. Dave could hear Mike moan loudly and flicked on the lights to see. Marie had Mike's member completely covered as her wanting mouth devoured all of his cum. Dave pumped harder until his seed sprayed all inside Marie and covered his cock completely with burning cum. Marie moaned loudly as she removed her husbands cock from her mouth until Dave was done ejaculating into her soaked womanhood.

She asked Dave to bring her his cock and he walked over to her as she grabbed his cock and sucked off all the cum. Her tongue quickly revived his hard penis and she sucked longingly forgetting that her husband was watching it all. "that's right, suck his cock, I know you want it!", Mike said as he approached his wife's pussy. She was on her knees giving Dave the blow job of the century as Mike pushed her down onto all fours and entered her from behind. Marie was swollen from the pounding that Dave gave her and Mike was enjoying the extra tightness.

He held onto her long blonde hair as he pumped her and watched her mouth enclose Dave's cock with each thrust. Her pussy would throb with each orgasm and was difficult for Mike to not blow his wad right there inside her as he wanted to wait a bit more. Dave started to groan and Marie removed his cock from her mouth and asked him to cum all over her face. As Marie rubbed the head of his cock twisting and rubbing with both hands, Dave yelled as he shot his thick white cum all over Mike's wife's face.

Trying to catch some in her mouth, Marie moaned as her husband pumped harder as she orgasmed yet again. Mike asked Dave if he was done or could he go a bit longer. Dave was up for anything so asked what Mike had in mind. Mike told Marie to suck Dave's cock till it was hard which didn't take very long. Mike stopped and had Marie get on top of Dave on the bed. Marie climbed on top of Dave's throbbing cock and started pumping up and down. Marie was groaning loudly now and ready to cum any minute. Mike stopped them and pushed her body down onto Dave's as he positioned himself on top spreading cum all around Marie's ass.

It was apparent to all what was next to come. Mike slowly entered Marie's ass. Marie could not control her loud moaning as both holes were stretched to the limit. Mike worked his big cock in slowly then started pumping. Once Marie was used to the sensation both men pumped together everyone feeling the total friction of the other. Dave sucked on Marie's breasts while Mike pumped harder and harder.

Marie came so hard her whole body spasmed as Dave was the first to shoot his hot seed into her cum soaked pussy. Marie cried for her husband to fuck her harder now and Mike happily accommodated her. As mike pumped her ass as hard as he could Marie cried out in pain and pleasure in yet another orgasm.

Mike cried out he was cumming just as Marie's spasms started. Mike's cum shot far into Marie's ass. Mike collapsed on top of them. Marie suggested they all take a shower as it was 2:30am. Mike suggested she go up with Dave as he was sure that she should get to know him better.

As Marie looked puzzled at her husband, he simply said "after all, he'll be back I am sure!"

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