Husband Training


"Just wait for what he'll do next." The young man got up and sat in a chair. The lady got up and then squatted over the man's face. "Does my little faggot want a treat?"

"Yes Mistress, please let me suck the cum from your shit hole."

"Open up toilet." She relaxed her muscles and then a stream on cum dripped from her ass into his mouth. The man swallowed the cum and asked for more. "Does my faggot toilet want more?"

"Yes please." The lady pushed harder and then her shit hole opened up and a nice cum mixed piece of shit went right into his mouth. "He's a piece of work." The observer said. "Oh, he does more than eat shit. Since he's got a worthless dick, I've been able to use in ways that I think he prefers to fucking." The man ate and swallowed the shit. "Is my faggot thirsty."

"Yes Mistress." She spread her cunt and then shot a long stream of piss into his mouth." The movie ended and Deb was totally shocked and excited about what she had seen. He cunt was soaking wet and then she realized she shit her panties while watching the movie. She sat in the chair with a load in her pants feeling nasty and dirty. She was beginning to like the new feeling. She left the SCAT website and then did a search on "big cocks". As before, the screen filled with links to sites featuring her request. Deb clicked on a site and was taken to a free site showing the different types of cocks. Deb never really knew of all the choices. Some were small barely 3 inches long when hard and others being 10 inches and more. She noticed one cock being uncut. Deb paused and looked at the fore skin covering the head. She liked the uncut ones. She flipped to other pages and noticed how they pointed while hard. Some were pointing straight up, curved to the left or right or pointing forward. She also notices the sizes of the balls on these cocks. Some were tight to the body, but the ones she really liked were the ones shaped like eggs and hanging low.

The phone suddenly rang. "Hello."

"Its Donna. How did you sleep last night?"

"Fine after a good cunt rubbing." Replied Deb. "All set for this afternoon?"

"You bet." Donna gave her the room number at the hotel and told her to see Jim at the front desk. Jim would have a key ready for her. "Is he....?"

"Yes Deb, he's the one with the kink." Donna asked Deb if she had anything special in mind for Bill. Deb thought for a moment and told Donna that Bill should be told his cock is to small to fuck her anymore and that she like the idea of him being forced to watching her get nailed with a real cock. "Anything else" asked Donna. "Yeah but I want to do this one on my own."

"May I ask what it is? "I want to show Bill that my only use for him to be my personal toilet."

"Damn girl, when did you get this idea?"

"Perhaps it was because of what you did with Jim." Replied Deb. "When you get to him to do Deb, I'd be happy to watch you to it." Deb responded "I'd love to have you watch and maybe I can let you have a go at it."

"Oh that would be wonderful."

"I've gotta go Deb. See you at 2PM. "Bye" said Deb and she hung up the phone. There she sat in a chair, panties full of her still warm shit and looking at large uncut cocks. Time to get ready she thought to herself.

Deb logged off the computer and got up. She went to the shower and turned on the water. She stood under the hot water with her panties still on. She rubbed her hard nipples while she felt the load in her pants. She pulled the panties down and tossed them into the toilet. When she looked at the toilet, she saw and image of Bill with his mouth open waiting for her load. Deb finished washing her body and looked at the bush over her cunt. She stepped out from the shower and got some razors. She lathered up her cunt and began to slowly shave the pubic hair that always covered it. After a patient 10 minutes, the bush was gone and Deb for the first time since puberty could see her cunt. Her large lips protruded outwards. She opened them up and exposing her clit. She squatted in the shower and began to finger fuck herself. She was lost in the new Deb and thought about all the nasty stuff she was going to do to Bill. As the pace picked up, Deb thought of the idea that once Bill was trained that perhaps, the family could use his services. She pictured Bill being used by her mom and sisters. Then she thought of Bill getting Dad's cock up his ass. This pushed her over the edge and she came so hard, her legs gave way and she slumped to the floor of the shower. After several minutes, she gathered herself and thought to her "I'm one sick fuck." She smiled and finished her shower.

After drying off, Deb rubbed skin lotion over her soft skin. She went the closet and pulled out a pair of old soft jean shorts. She put them on without panties. She could feel the crotch of the jeans rub against her. She grabbed a soft cotton t-shirt and put it on with out a bra. Her nipples poked at the soft material. Deb was not one to go out in public without underwear, but she liked the feel and decided that from now on, her underwear would stay in the drawer. She went down to the kitchen and fixed lunch. She looked at the clock when she was done and noticed it was only noon. She decided to run some errands before the event was to take place. As she drove around the city. She noticed an exotic shop catering to people with kinks. Last week she would have blushed at the thought of going in, but a sleeping giant within her had awakened. She parked the car and headed it. A girl younger than her greeted her at the door. "Welcome." She said with a smile. "Hi." Replied Deb. "First trip here." Deb nodded yes. "Is there anything in particular your looking for?"

"I'm not sure. You see I have a wayward husband who's in for a big surprise this afternoon."

"I see." Said the clerk. "May I inquire as to his behaviors?"

"Seems he'd rather pick up whores and sluts and fuck them rather than me." The clerk looked at her "How could one turn down a body like yours?" The comment caught Deb off guard and blushed. "My name is Tina."

"I'm Deb. Pleasure to meet you." As the Tina walked her around the store, Deb looked at the toys, whips, leather gear and the other items. Deb was looking at cock restraints. "Those are perfect for keeping the cock contained and from getting hard."

"How big is his cock." Asked Tina. "I used to think he had a cock, but after what I saw on the Internet, It's more like a dick." Tina giggled. "That small huh?"

"I'm afraid so. It's only 6 inches hard. What would you recommend?" Tina looked at the items on the wall and picked out one. "This should be perfect. The device has a stainless steel band that goes under the balls and over the top. It has a lock and attached to the band is a meshed stainless steel pouch. No room to get hard and when he has to piss, he'll have to sit down. The stainless steel won't rust or corrode."

"Perfect, I'll take it." Deb continued to walk around and arrived to the toy section. Her eyes widened, as she looked at all the toys. She scanned the didos and vibrators. Her eyes were fixed on the butt plugs. "Those are nice to train and stretch the ass."

"Which one would be a good choice?" Deb inquired. "The medium and large should be a good start. Use the medium size and make sure he wears is all the time and when it begins to slip out, use the larger one. We even have larger ones that you can special order."

"Sounds great." Deb took the two and put them in the basket." She continued to look at the toys and stopped at the strap-on ones. "How do these work?" Asked Deb. "These are simple to use. Tina removed one from the wall and opened the box. You slip the dildo you want to use through the opening and lock down the ring to keep it in place. All you need to do is find the size of the dildo you want." Deb looked at the choices and took one that was 8 inches and thick. Tina looked at Deb and told her to follow her. Tina took her into the dressing room. "Let's make sure this fits." Deb felt a tingle and with a smile, she dropped her shorts. Her cunt was wet. Tina looked at her cunt and helped Deb put the dildo in and then watched Deb put her legs though the straps. Deb was standing in front of Tina and looked in the mirror and looked at the fake cock pointing out from her. The crotch was open exposing her cunt. "I'd like to see the look on your husbands face when you plow his shit hole with this."

"You would huh?"

"I think it would be nice to have to have you there." Deb responded. "Deb?"

"Yes Tina."

"Would you like to feel that cock up your cunt?" Deb looked at her watch. She still had time. "I'd love to." Replied Deb. "I'll be back in a moment." Tina went to lock the door and posted the out to lunch sign. While she was doing this, Deb stepped out of the outfit. Tina returned and closed the curtain to the room. Deb watched her drop her jeans. Tina has her lips pierced. Deb was staring at the gold hoops hanging from her lips. Tina put on the device and walked up to Deb. Deb could feel the cock rub her cunt. Tina pulled up Deb's shirt and began to lick her nipples. As she licked them, she pumped the cock on Deb's cunt making her drip and getting the cock nice and wet. Tina gently bit her nipples and Deb began to more. Deb reached around Tina and grabbed her petite ass. Deb whispered to Tina "Bitch fuck me." Tina smiled and told Deb to turn around and lean against the wall. "Spread your legs and push that cunt out." Deb was slipping into a trance and showed her goodies to Tina. Tina reached into Debs' cunt and found her very wet. Tina licked the juices and told Deb she had this sweetest cunt she's ever tasted. Tina took the juices from Debs' cunt and rubbed the cock with it. Tina grabbed the cock and rubbed the tip against Deb's opening. Deb had both hands on the wall and pushed her cunt out further. Tina slowly slid the fat cock up her cunt. She knew it would take awhile for Deb to take a cock this big. Deb moaned as half the cock was in her. She felt her cunt stretching to accept it. Tina reached around Deb and began to pull on her nipples under her shirt. This caused Deb to squirt more juices. Tina noticed the juices running down. "My, aren't we a wet bitch. Do you want more? Deb was moaning and told her. "Just ram with me it and don't stop."

"Are you sure?"

"Oh God... yes...just fuck me like a bitch." Tina slipped the cock till it was almost out then in once quick thrust, she plowed Deb's cunt. "OH FUCK" yelled Deb. Deb could feel her cunt stretching and then she gushed another load. Tina began to pump her with the cock. "God this feels so good to have a what a real cock should be, in me." Deb squealed. Tina continued to bitch fuck her hard and pulled harder on Deb's nipples which were as hard as they had ever been. Tina dropped her hands and then began to rub Deb's clit with both hands. "Oh fuck yeah. I'm gonna fucking cum........Oh God damn......." Deb than began to yell words that she never even used before. "Fuck that cunt.....shit.....Oh fucking cunt is so full.....Fuck my bitch hole hard...Oh whore fuck me....God damn you fucking bitch....." Then it happened. Deb had the orgasms of her life. She could feel the cum squirting from her stretched cunt and running down her legs. A big wet spot was forming on the carpet. Tina felt really proud to be able to be the first to show Deb what a great fuck was all about. When is was over, Tina removed the cock slowly and saw the stretched cunt. Tina dropped to her knees and then licked the cum from Deb's legs. "God your cum tastes so good."

"Want to tasted something else?" Deb asked. "Oh yes. Please."

"Take me to the toilet." Demanded Deb. "Yes Ma'am." Tina said with her head lowered. Deb liked this new power and Tina took her to the bathroom in the back of the store. It was a unisex bathroom with a sink, toilet and a urinal. The urinal was one of the old ones that went all the way to the floor. Deb pointed to the urinal and without hesitating; Tina pulled off her shirt exposing her perky 34B tits with pierced nipples. Tina looked so young. "How old are you?" asked Deb. "Nineteen Ma'am"

"So how did you get to be this way?" Tina told her that she's a servant to the family. She briefly told her that her mom, a retired whore got her into this. When she's not working, she's at the house taking care of keeping it clean and servicing her mom, dad and two brothers. Deb got excited hearing this. This gave her ideas for how to use Bill. "Get ready my toilet." Tina layed on the floor and put her head inside the bottom of the urinal. Deb thought that this would not work. "Toilet move your head out so I can have total access."

"Yes Ma'am" and Tina slid out to the middle of the floor. Deb faced Tina and lowered her cunt to Tina. "Is my toilet ready." Tina nodded and Deb pulled her lips open and then let go a hot stream of piss. Tina swallowed it as fast as Deb could piss. Tina had done this many times before. When Deb was done. Tina eagerly licked Deb clean. "My what a very nice toilet you are."

"Thank you Ma'am"

"Perhaps next time I'm around I'll give you another treat."

"Ma'am. Your piss is the best and I'm sure what ever you have to give me will be equally delicious."

"Thank you toilet. That was a very nice compliment. Since I don't have to shit right now. Be my guest and put your finger in to get a taste."

"Thank you Ma'am, that's most kind." Tina pushed a finger up Deb's shit hole and then pulled it out. It had slight traces of shit on it. Deb got up and looked at this naked girl, belly full of piss, now sucking the shit off her finger. Tina smiles as she sucked her finger. "That was very yummy and I would be very grateful to have next time to have a mouth full."

"I'm sure that can be arranged." Smiled Deb. Both girls got cleaned up and then left the bathroom.

Deb took her purchases to the register and Tina told her that there would be no charge. "My family owns this store and we make a shit load of money on this stuff." Tina replied as she put the items in a bag. She added in some condoms to keep the toy clean with and a bottle of lubricant. "Thanks for the experience." Deb said as she grabbed the bag. "It was my pleasure Ma'am."

"See you soon." Replied Deb. "Oh I do hope so." Tina said with a smile. Deb put on her sunglasses and headed out the door. She got into her car and had just enough time to get to the hotel room.

Deb parked the car in the underground garage. She drove to the very last spot far away from the other cars. The last thing she wanted to happen was for Bill to see the car. After leaving the car, she took the elevator to the lobby area. She looked at her watch. It was 1:40 and she had plenty of time to get to the room and wait. When the door opened she looked at the big bright lobby of the hotel. She walked to the registration desk. A man in his 40's was behind the counter. "May I help you?" the man asked. "Yes. I'm need to speak with Jim."

"I'm Jim" the man replied. "You must be Donna's friend." He added. "I am." Replied Deb. "Please follow me." Jim walked from behind the counter and escorted her to the elevator. Jim pushed the button for the 9th floor. As the elevator headed towards the 9th floor, Deb was looking Jim over and wondering why a man with pretty good looks gets off in having Donna shit on his dick. "I'm sure Donna had told you about me."

"Hmm...not really?"

"What did she tell you?" Deb replied "That you like to have her shit on your cock and then you jack off." Jim just smiled back. "Everyone has their kink. May I ask what brings you here."

"Donna is going to fix my cheating fuck of a husband. Until today I thought he had a cock, but after looking at the Internet, I can to realize that what he calls a cock, I call a dick and it'll be a cold day in hell before he sticks it anywhere." Jim grinned and then a chime ringed signaling the arrival of their floor. Jim exited first and turned left. Deb followed him to the end of the hall. The room was the last one on the right and Jim slipped in the magnetic card to open the door. He turned the handle after the green light on the door lit up. With little effort, he opened the door and entered the room. Deb followed him into the suite. The room was very large. It contained a den area with a desk for working, a small couch, TV and wet bar. The bedroom was very large. Deb estimated it to be 20 by 20 and it had a four-poster king-size bed. She looked into the bathroom, which was very large and all done in marble. As she scanned the room, she saw a Jacuzzi tub in 1 corner, a bidet, a roman shower and a toilet. The vanity contained 2 sinks and was also made of marble. "Would you like a drink?" Jim asked from the other room. "Yes please. Scotch and water would be fine." Deb went back into the den and Jim handed the drink to her. "Thanks." Both sat down and Deb looked at her watch. It was 2PM. "Don't worry Deb. Donna will call the room before they come up. I'm sure it'll be about 30 minutes or so." Deb sighed and took a sip of her drink. "May I ask what's in the bag?" Deb told him about the cock restraint and strap on dildo." Jim displayed an evil grin. "Is there anything special you have in mind of your dick less husband?"

"I plan on denying him sex for the rest of his pathetic life and train him for toilet service. He'll have to watch real men plow their fats cocks in all my holes and then suck the cum from my cunt and shit hole." Hearing this made Jim's cock stiffen. Deb looked at the huge bulge in his pants. She figured she had some time before. Deb looking at Jim she demanded "Stand in front of me and drop your pant." This caught Jim off guard, but figured why not. Jim got up, stood in front of her, and unbuckled his pants dropping them to the floor. Jim wore plain old white Jockey shorts. She noticed his large balls in the crotch and the tip of his cock staining to poke out. Her hand ran between between his legs squeezing his balls. "Looks like we have a real cock inside." Deb purred. She put his fingers in the waistband and then slowly pulled them down. She let out a slight gasp as Jim's fat uncut cock throbbed in her face. "Pull back the foreskin." She barked. Jim complied and in doing do, revealing the piss slit. Deb leaned forward, grabbed his cock and then licked the tip of his cock. Jim sighed as her tongue licked and nibbled at the head. She then took his hand off his cock and then slid his mouth down his shaft as far as she could. While she slid up on down with her mouth, she opened her shorts and pulled them off. She fingered her wet cunt. Know time was critical she stopped sucking. She got her shorts off and looked at Jim. "Fuck my bitch hole." She slid to the edge of the couch and opened her legs. Her shaved cunt with its puffy lips extended awaited Jim. Jim got on his knees and grabbed his cock." He rubbed his slit a few times them slowly pushed his cock into her bitch hole. Deb could feel his foreskin being pulled back as his cock pushed further into her. Deb pulled up her shirt and began to pull her nipples. "We don't have much time. Fuck my bitch hole and Be fast about it." Jim began to quicken the pace. In order to get him to shoot his load quicker, Deb began to tell him all the nasty things that Bill was going to endure. "Do you like a tight ass Jim?"

"Oh yes indeed."

"Good then if your quick about his fuck, I'll let you fuck Bill's tight shit hole." This pushed Jim over the edge. His pumping was fast and Deb felt his large balls slapping her ass. Her cunt was taking all of his cock and spurting cum. "OH FUCK. CUM YOU PRICK!" Jim grunted then began to empty his balls into her. Deb felt the flood of his cum filling her bitch hole. "Oh GOD DAM.....FILL ME." She yelled. His balls tightened even more then he shot the rest of his load into her. By now, his massive load was dripping from along with her juices. Deb had a satisfied look on her face and Jim's cock slipped from her cunt. He stood up and Deb took his semi erect cock and licked the mixture of their cum off his cock. Jim looked down and saw the mess between her legs. Just then the phone rang. Deb froze for a second and then picked up the phone.

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