tagFetishHusband's Anal Adventure Ch. 01

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 01

byAnal Slave©

My wife becomes my Mistress a long time ago but I still remember the first time she ever started to play with my ass. We were in some heavy lovemaking and she was sucking my cock and pulling on my balls all of a sudden she started playing with my ass. First taking her finger and tapping my asshole then she rubbed the outer edge of my ass.

I noticed my cock was jumping all around and pre-cum was forming on the end of my cock, I told her that it felt real good and she said let me finger your ass. Well that was the start of a new sex life before the night was over she had fucked me with 3 fingers, my ass loved it and I was too. Over the next 4 weeks she had fucked me with a thin carrot with a condom on it and I was able to relax a lot now when ever I was ready to cum she would play with my prostate and I would cum more than ever. I started playing with my ass whenever I was alone masturbating I never let her know that I was starting to fuck myself with cucumbers, Hair brushes and thick candles.

Until one day she come home early and sneaked into the house I was laying in the bedroom masturbating with a big cucumber stuck all the way up my ass when I saw her It scared me and my ass tighten up and I shot that cucumber have way across the room. I thought she would be mad but she was amazed I could take something that big in my ass. She walked over to her dresser drawer and pulled out a vibrating dildo and said that I was a bad boy and that if I didn't let her fuck me with the dildo she would cut me off of sex for a month.

I let her fuck me with the monster dildo she fucked me harder than I ever had been ass fucked. She talked dirty to me and told me that I was her Ass Slave from now on. And that she had better never catch me fucking my ass again unless she gave me permission to fuck it. That was fine with me because she played with my ass every time we fucked. She has stretched my ass out so much she can fist fuck me now. It took over 10 months of training to be able to fist my ass.

When she has her fist in my ass I cum 10 or 12 times she massages my prostate and it feels like you are cumming but know cum comes out it is the best feeling I have ever experienced. She now has a strap-on dildo with 4 different attachments they all have different names and she enjoys fucking me with them. Her strap-on harness also has a dildo that goes inside her pussy while she fucks me. When she is done she makes me go down and lick all the cum off of the harness and her pussy. She has started making me shave all the hair off of my balls and cock; she says that it makes me cum more. And it reminds her of the young cocks she had back in Junior High.

One time she had to go to her mothers house for a couple days and she left me alone at the house I become real horny and wanted to fuck myself as I masturbated. She had locked up all of the toys and told me not to cum while she was away she said she would take care of me when she returned. I figured what the hell she will never know if I cum or not so I went to the store and bought the biggest cucumber I could find I went back home and rushed into the house went into the bedroom taking all my clothes off in a hurry I was so horny I got up and put a XXX movie in the VCR got out the Vaseline and started packing my ass with it. I was laying there trying to get this huge cucumber up my ass playing with my balls and rubbing my cock. The movie in the VCR was of two women fucking a man in the ass and mouth with strap-ons. I was in another world when all of a sudden I looked at the bedroom door and there stood my wife's best friend and her husband. I was stunned I didn't no what to do I just laid there looking at them. Linda my

wife's best friend said that they was driving by and seen the front door open on the house and thought I had went with my wife to her mothers so they was checking the house out.

I got up and started apologizing I looked at her blouse and her headlights were on bright I glanced away and noticed her husband's cock was hard in his pants. Linda reached over and took my cock in her hand and started jacking on it she told her husband to take off his clothes. I was standing there in shock when Linda said that if I did everything she told me to do she wouldn't tell my wife what her and her husband had seen.

To be continued...

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