tagFetishHusband's Anal Adventure Ch. 03

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 03

byAnal Slave©

I woke up this morning and my cock was rock hard and sore as hell. I was walking into the kitchen and it felt like I had been riding a horse without a saddle. My ass still had cum dripping out of it and my balls ached I was thinking about what happened yesterday and thoughts of my wife's best friend and her husband keep racing threw my head. I was getting horny and pre-cum was at the tip of my cock. I stuck my finger down on my pee hole and scooped the cum up and ate it. I got out the Vaseline and started to jack-off when the phone rang it was Linda she wanted to know if I wanted to come over and watch the video she took yesterday of me sucking and licking her husbands cock.

I said I would come over but I couldn't stay long because my wife was coming home tonight. I went into the bathroom and cleaned the Vaseline off of my cock and got dressed. I drove over to Linda's house and got out. This was the first time I had been to their house and it sat off of the road quiet a distance. I went up to the door and knocked and Linda came to the door in a leather mini skirt and thigh high boots she had a cat-o-nine-tails in her hand and said come on in we have been waiting on you.

As I entered the room Linda reached down and put her hand on the front of my pants. She whispered to me to take off my clothes and lay down on this table. I did as I was told and she started sucking my cock and balls. She told me to lift my hands above my head and her husband tied my hands to the table. She started sucking my cock real hard and in a matter of minutes I had cum in her mouth. She took all my cum in her mouth and was holding it there till she got up and opened my mouth and dripped my cum back in my mouth.

The bitch said that it looked like I was running out of cum and for me to recycle it. I swallowed it all down and thanked her for being so considerate. Her husband came over to the table and stuck his cock in my mouth, it tasted like he had been fucking Linda in the ass. I sucked and licked his cock till he was moaning and groaning he was fucking my throat real good. All of a sudden I felt his cock shoot cum right down my throat. I was pissed the bastard didn't even let me taste it, all that cum straight down into my stomach.

I looked down and Linda had a strap-on dildo sticking out of the front of her mini skirt. She said this is the John Holmes version of strap-ons, the motherfucker must have been 14inches long and 3 ½ inches in diameter. I was still on my back so she raised my legs up in the air and started working that dildo into my ass. Her husband had his hand around it and was massaging my asshole with it.

Once he got it started into my ass he started playing with my balls, my cock got hard again. He stopped playing with them and turned on the VCR There I was sucking his cock on film like a mad man, if you have never seen yourself on video you don't know what you are missing. Linda was still fucking my ass and I was breathing heavy I pleaded with Linda to take the dildo out of my ass. I told her that I didn't need to cum any more today because my wife was expecting a lot of cum out of me tonight and I was running low.

She laughed out loud and said that I was selfish with my cum and that she was going to make me cum 2 or 3 more times. She fucked me harder and harder I looked up at the VCR and there I was with cum dripping out of my mouth. And then another scene started where I was Eating her pussy and telling my wife on the phone I had been a good boy and hadn't jacked-off. Her fucking husband was filming me eating his wife's pussy and recorded the phone conversation. I couldn't believe what was happening to me, she was still slamming my ass and her husband started sucking my prick. All of a sudden she jerked the dildo out of my ass and I shot a load of cum down her husbands throat. He got up and there was just a drop of cum on his tongue. He told his wife to untie me that I didn't have any more cum to share with them.

She come around to untie me and the next thing I knew she was trying to stick her dildo in my mouth. She was saying come on clean John Holmes up. I resisted but it didn't do me any good her husband held my face as his wife fucked my mouth with the dildo that had been fucking my ass. She untied me and I got up my ass was real sore I started getting dressed when I Looked into the mirror I saw a hickey on the side of my cock, that fucking Linda gave me a hickey on my cock. I finished getting dressed and Linda said you better get home and take a shower before your wife gets there, you smell like spunk.

P.S. if you like this story e-mail me I'Il get horny too.

To be continued...

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