tagFetishHusband's Anal Adventure Ch. 04

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 04

byAnal Slave©

I told Linda and her husband goodbye and went out and got into the car my balls were sore and my ass was to. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw I had dried cum on the side of my face, I was a real mess. I was speeding home as fast as I could, trying to beat my wife home and clean up. When I pulled into the driveway I could see my wife's car in the garage, I knew right then that I was in trouble.

I pulled up and got out I could feel sperm running down the back of my ass, I didn't know what I was in for. I opened the door to the house and went in I could hear some moaning coming out of the bedroom. I decided to sneak over and take a look in the bedroom, when I looked in the bedroom I saw my wife laying on the bed with two other women. They were sucking and licking each other's cunts and one of the women had a huge double dong dildo in her hand.

And the other woman was wearing a strap-on dildo. The one woman with the double dong dildo started feeding one end of it in her juicy cunt, she must have stuck 10 inches of it in her pussy, this women was very tall and muscular and had very short hair. After she had the dildo inserted into her pussy she laid down on her back in the bed. My wife got up and opened the drawer were our sex toys were and pulled out a butt-plug the big tall women told her to bring it to her.

The women took the butt-plug from my wife and inserted it into her ass. Here was this giant women laying in my bed with 10 inches of dildo stuck in her cunt and a butt-plug wedged in her asshole. She looked over at my wife and told her to get on top of her and take the other end of the double dildo and stick it in her pussy. My wife crawled on top and started snaking the huge dong in her wet pussy, when she had the whole thing in her cunt you could see she was loving every inch of it. The other women with the strap-on got behind my wife and started tonguing my wife's asshole making it wet with her saliva. My wife was moaning and breathing fast, I could tell it wouldn't be long before she was cumming all over herself.

All of a sudden the women quiet licking my wife's asshole and got up and stuck her strap-on cock into my wife's asshole. There was my beautiful wife in the doggie position with both of her holes filled to the brim. She loved every minute of it; they started pumping her very hard. One would be sticking their fake cock in her and the other one would be pulling out. They pumped and pumped her; my wife loved the double fuck she was receiving. From where I was, I could see my wife's ass and cunt being filled with artificial cock it was turning me on.

She was saying that her pussy and ass felt real good and that she was going to enjoy the two women dominating her sex life for the next week. I was wondering what that meant, was these two women going to dominate me too? I started to turn around and leave when all of a sudden the phone rang. My wife looked around and saw me, the two women stopped fucking her and they were all staring at me. The tall women ask my wife if I was her husband, my wife nodded yes and that I liked to me dominated too. She told the women that I liked to be fucked in the ass and would suck a cock too. The tall woman pulled her half of the double dong out of her pussy. There was a sucking sound as the giant dildo slipped out of her cunt.

She walked over to me and looked me up and down. She told me her name was Donna and that my wife had invited her and her girlfriend to stay with us for a week. She walked over to me; I had to look up to see her face. She had to be at least 6'3" and was all legs. She reached out and removed a pubic hair that was matted to the side of my face. She said have you been sucking someone's cock or pussy. I had the look of terror on my face I was turning red and was thinking what my wife was going to say or do to me. And then Donna pulled my face to hers and she licked the side of my face. She spit in the floor and said out loud, that taste like male sperm. You have been out sucking cocks somewhere haven't you? My wife tried to get off of the other women's strap-on dildo but she was told to stay where she was or she would be punished.

There was my dominating strong wife under the power of another women; I had a hard time believing that she would obey anyone. Donna said, take off your clothes sperm boy I want to see how big your cock is. I pulled my clothes off and Donna seen my shaved cock and balls, my balls was all drawn up and my cock looked like it was a crispy cream donut. Donna said looks like he has been fucking something too; she grabbed my balls and told me to bend over. She spread my ass cheeks and there was sperm leaking out of my ass. She said to my wife that she thought I was going to save my cum for them.

She then stuck a finger in my ass, all the way in then she pulled it out and stuck it in my wife's mouth. My wife yelled out to me she called me a whore and wanted to know who's cum she had just tasted.

PS if you like this story e-mail me I get horny too.

To be continued...

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