tagFetishHusband's Anal Adventure Ch. 15

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 15

byAnal Slave©

Well, it's been about two weeks since me and my wife has done anything real kinky. She come home after work and said that Dee Dee and her husband Sam was going to be coming over tonight. She told me that Dee Dee has been wanting to fuck me and that she has fantasies of me and her fucking and me eating my cum out of her pussy. I have seen Dee Dee before and she is a knock out real sexy. I told my wife I was looking forward to sucking Dee Dee's pussy tonight.

She looked at me and said go get all the sex toys and put some of them in each bedroom she said things was going to be a little different tonight. I did as she told me and she said to go get a shower that they would be here in a couple hours. As I was in the shower she came into the bathroom and said, this is what's going to happen tonight when Dee Dee and Sam get here. I want you to invite them in and take them to the bedrooms. I want you to put Dee Dee in one room and Sam in the other. Then I want you to tie Dee Dee's hands and feet to the bedpost spread eagle. While you are doing this I will be tying Sam up in the other room. After they are tied up I want you to go into Sam's room and suck his cock, don't make him cum just keep sucking and stopping. Take his balls and tie them up so he can't cum. I want you to suck and fuck him all you want, do anything you want to him.

In the mean while I am going to be in the other room with Dee Dee sucking and fucking her. I'm going to teach this slut how to cum and how to eat pussy. Also I want you to train Sam to suck your cock and taste your cum. I told my wife that if she keeps talking like this I am going to have to cum. She reached over and sucked the pre-cum out of my cock and said; you better train Sam right tonight or I am going to cut your balls off. Well the doorbell rang and I opened the door naked, as hell it was Dee Dee and Sam. Dee Dee looked down at my cock and said; it's bigger than I thought it would be.

I said come this way folks I led them into the bedrooms and did everything I was told to do. When I was tying Dee Dee up she was telling me how she was going to fuck me and suck the cum out of my cock. I finger fucked her and tasted her pussy, I hope my wife doesn't find out I did that. Anyhow her pussy tasted so good I also licked her asshole. She said her husband had never licked her asshole. I thought to my self when I am done with him tonight he will suck your asshole. When I walked out of the room she said where are you going? I said I am going to teach your husband how to please your ass and pussy.

I told her my wife would be in here in a moment and she would explain what's going on. I left the room Dee Dee was in and went into the room where Sam was. I told Sam what I was going to do to him tonight and he said that he thought we were going to swap wives tonight. I said my wife has had a crush on your wife for a long time and that she wants to suck and fuck her and teach her how to eat pussy. Sam's cock was real hard when I started talking but now it was dead all drawled up in the head of it. I took my cock out and started jacking off real close to his lips, at first he wouldn't look at my cock, then I started rubbing it on his face and telling him he was about to suck his first cock he opened his mouth and started licking around the pee-slit. You could hear my wife and Dee Dee in the other room, it sounded like my wife was fucking her with a dildo. Dee Dee was enjoying what ever was going on. By this time Sam is sucking my cock and I am mouth fucking him good. I looked down and his cock was hard as a rock. I pulled my cock out of his mouth and started sucking his cock; he said I sucked better cock then Dee Dee.

I told him that if he would continue to do as I say I would teach him a lot of new sex tricks, as I sucked his cock down my throat and fingered at his asshole. I ask him if he ever had been fucked in the ass? He said his wife was drunk one night and played with his asshole but he has never been fucked. I pulled his balls out of my mouth and said you are going to get fucked right now. About that time I looked around and my wife and Dee Dee were in are room. My wife had Dee Dee a dog collar on and had a leash chained to it. She said Dee Dee wanted to watch her husband lose his virgin asshole.

Dee Dee looked over at my wife and said can I suck your husband's cock? My wife said sure after he fucks your husband's ass. I got up behind him and started sticking my cock in his ass a little at a time. Sam started pumping back on my cock and I knew right then that he loved my big cock up his ass and Dee Dee loved it to. Dee Dee come over to where I was fucking her husband and started putting her fingers in her husband's ass with my cock in there too that felt good. My wife got up and went in front of Sam and bent over and stuck her asshole right in his face. I shoved my cock so far into Sam's ass that he fell foreword and stuck his tongue up my wife's asshole. I told him to keep licking her ass till she had enough. Dee Dee said I need to be fucked, I pulled my cock out of Sam's ass and stuck it in Dee Dee's cunt and it felt like velvet.

Her pussy was so tight it was milking my cock with force, I couldn't stop I shot a big string cum deep in her cunt over and over, I just kept on fucking her I looked down at her cunt and we had whipped that cum up into a lather when I saw that I shot another powerful load of cum in her sweet pussy. She said she needed some more cock so we untied Sam and told him to fuck her to. Sam stuck his cock into her pussy and my wife got up behind Sam and fucked his ass with a strap-on dildo. We all started fucking and sucking one another. Before the night was over Sam ate the cum out of Dee Dee's ass and pussy. Dee Dee also sucked the cum out of my asshole where Sam fucked me and also sucked the cum out of my wife's ass and cunt. It was a very pleasant time and I look foreword to fucking Dee Dee and Sam again.

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To be continued...

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