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Husbands Birthday Gift


My name is Alan. The plan for this weekend was to spend it quietly with my wife Senda. Our kids had been shipped off to grandma's house.Sunday was my birthday, but we were going to make a weekend out of it.

Friday when I got home from work there was a strange car in the drive way. Once in the house, the story about the car unfolded. It belonged to Gloria. Gloria had once dated my good buddy Damon, and although they had broken up long ago, my wife and I had remained friends with her. Apparently Gloria and her current boyfriend had a huge argument. She stormed out and needed some place to stay while she contemplated her next move. This was extremely bad timing, but neither Senda or I had the heart to tell her she was intruding on our plans.

Friday night was uneventful. We ate, watched some television and retired to bed. We put Gloria up in the spare bedroom, and went to bed ourselves.

Saturday morning I awoke to an empty bed. Downstairs I found Senda and Gloria cleaning around the house. As I lounged around doing nothing in particular, my mind started to wander. To myself I thought what it would be like to have two sexy women living with me- to have them waiting on me, fucking me whenever I desired. Gloria’s presence has always made me horny. She and my wife are sexy black women. Both are very short, 4’-11”, but that is where the similarities end. My wife Senda has small breasts and is very petite at 100 pounds. She also has a dark complexion, and short hair. On the other hand, Gloria is around 125 pounds, light complexion, long hair, with medium breasts.

By the time we had dinner and shared several bottles of wine, I found myself checking out Gloria more than in just a casual way. I began thinking that it would be great if I could get these two cuties in bed together. And if I could manage to join them it would make my life-long fantasy come true. The thoughts running through my head didn’t make me feel guilty at all. You see Senda has been aware of my fantasy for years. Besides she owes me since a few months back I set her up to get royally fucked by 3 guys that had been lusting over her. Back then she told me that she would keep her end of the deal and give me a 3-some with 2 women. More drinks flowed and mood became very relaxed. By now I wasn’t even angry that we had company staying over on what should have been a private weekend.

After several hours of drinking and bullshitting, Senda let it slip that my birthday was Sunday. Gloria suddenly realized that she was there at a bad time.

"I feel awful," she said. “That’s why the kids are not here huh? Maybe I should go to a hotel for the rest of the weekend." I chimed in and told her not worry about it. I looked to Senda for back up which she quickly offered. Senda walked over to Gloria, put her arms around and assured her that it okay if she stayed.

After Gloria settled back down she asked Senda what I was getting for my birthday. Senda shocked both of us when she replied, “ Alan is going to have his way with us. It has been his fantasy for a long time."

Gloria looked back and forth between us. I was waiting for some type of reaction, any reaction,but then I spoke before Gloria did saying, “Maybe I could just watch you two make out if Gloria doesn’t want me to join."

After several silent, awkward moments, Gloria shot us both a sly smile and said, “I’d love to be part of his birthday gift." She mentioned that she had never been with another woman. Senda informed her that she hadn’t either.

With the ice broken, Senda suggested that I would probably like a birthday kiss from Gloria. My heart was pounding as Gloria walked over to the couch where I was sitting with my wife. Gloria leaned over and we started to kiss. Slow at first. It felt strange to passionately kiss another woman with my wife right next me. Once the kiss was over, Gloria asked what was next. I told my sexy women that I wanted to watch them for a while, so Gloria stood Senda up and pulled her sweatpants down. Senda slowly stepped out of them. The 2 women embraced and started a very long and sensual kiss. As the kiss lingered Gloria ran her fingers lightly through the pubic hair of my wife. Senda moaned softly into the mouth of Gloria. The sight of this had my dick hard as rock. As Gloria motioned Senda to lie on the floor I unzipped my shorts and pulled my dick out.

Senda was on her back totally nude with this sexy woman sucking her nipples, then working her way down her body. When Gloria’s mouth reached Senda’s mound I heard a quiet gasp. I got down on the floor and started kissing Senda while Gloria worked her tongue in and around Senda’s love hole. I was dying to get my hands on Gloria but I took it slow.

Gently I pulled Gloria up and had her lay on her back, knees up with the soles of her feet flat on the floor. Gloria was wearing a t-shirt and panties, which were very wet by the way. After removing Gloria’s undies, I got my first glimpse of the pussy I’ve lusted for. She was clean shaven, and had pouty cunt lips. Next I had my wife straddle Gloria’s face. By now I’m standing between Gloria’s legs guiding my straining fuck stick into the mouth of Senda. As I fucked her face, she lowered herself on Gloria’s face.

Two or three minutes of this was all I could take. Down to my knees I went to prepare for my new pussy. Senda held up our house guests legs while I stuck the head of my rod in her. As I sank my dick deeper and deeper into Gloria the more she moaned into Senda’s pussy. Leaning forward I kissed my wife as I fucked Gloria.

After a while of intensely boning Gloria, I stopped and moved in behind Senda. I pushed Senda forward and down so I could fuck her doggie style . My hard dick slipped in easily because of all the licking Gloria was doing. Senda’s face was very close to Gloria’s bald pussy. By placing my hand on the back of Senda’s neck I was able to slowly push her face into Gloria’s pussy. What a turn on. Watching my beautiful wife munch on her first piece of pussy.

As Gloria wiggled her hips, she reached up and grabbed Senda’s head and pulled her tightly to her wet hairless hole. Gloria’s legs began to tremble. She moaned louder and louder until finally she was screaming, ”Oh fuck I’m gonna cum!" Hearing this made me loose control. I pulled my sopping wet cock from Senda’s cunt and shot a tremendous load all over her back. It has been years since I’ve shot such a powerful load. I collapsed on the floor just as Gloria said, “ Fuck I’m cumming!" As Senda lifted her face from Gloria’s oozing snatch, she wiped away some of the love nectar from her face. Senda lovingly smiled as I complemented her on her first pussy eating experience. Gloria said, “Alan, your wife must have eaten out a woman before. That was great." Senda assured us that this was her first.

I suggested we all go to the bedroom to rest more comfortably. On our way to the bedroom Senda sarcastically reminded us that everyone except her had reached a climax. Now I realized the fun wasn’t over yet. Even though I gave Senda a good pounding, she wasn’t going to be satisfied until someone made her cum. I fell backward on the bed, with my wife climbing up to straddle my face. Gloria lying on her side next to me gave me a quick kiss while lightly pinching Senda’s nipples. Reaching up and grabbing Senda’s hip, I position her sticky gash over my hungry mouth. I stabbed her pussy with my tongue. She started dripping steamy hot liquid immediately.

While I worked feverishly on my wife’s cunt, Gloria worked on my manhood with her hand. Just as I was about to guide Gloria down to blow me, Senda slid down my stomach and impaled herself on my rod. I couldn’t believe I was hard again so soon. But then again what guy wouldn’t be with these two beauties in bed. Gloria leaned over and stuck her tongue in mouth. Then she licked some of Senda’s girl goo from my face. I was fingering Gloria’s smooth pussy while thrusting my pole into Senda. I removed a few fingers from the bald beaver and licked them clean. “ Gloria, sit on his face so he can get a good mouthful," Senda said. Gloria sat on my face facing my wife. I could tell that they were kissing, even though all I could see was Gloria’s ass cheeks.

Senda’s pace quickened and I could tell she was almost to the point of no return. She slammed herself down on me while holding Gloria tightly and shaking uncontrollably. I kept up the assault on Senda’s tight cat for a while before she climbed off. Since I had cum once already Senda knew my second time would last a little longer than the first. Senda started furiously jacking me off while Gloria ground her sweet snatch into my mouth. My body was tensing up which was a familiar sign to my wife. She knew I was close to squirting. Gloria reached her climax before I did, drenching my mouth and face with love juice. As Gloria fell over to side of me, Senda lowered her lips on the head of my swollen cock. This made me erupt for a second time that night. My wife caught as much cum juice as she could, but couldn’t handle it all. Seeing this Gloria licked the last of my sticky jizz from my pole. Then she licked my cum from the corner of Senda’s lips. They kissed and passed the spermy load back and forth until it was gone.

They both crawled up the bed and laid next to me…Senda said, “ Happy birthday baby."

The end.

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