tagIncest/TabooHusband's Cunning Dad

Husband's Cunning Dad


I vaguely remember Matt getting out of bed, he was on six to two shift this week, he is an engineer at the local machine factory, on the early one, I went back to sleep, it was Monday the first day of the new week.

We hadn't gone out on the Sunday night because he had to rise early.

We live with his divorced dad; and have been married 2 months, my wedding was on my 20th birthday, and we are trying to save for our first home.

Me? Im Sally, 20 years old, auburn hair past my shoulders, 5ft tall, I weigh about 7 stone, or 98 pounds wet through!

But, Im attractive enough, I've had plenty of men chasing me over the years, so I am confidant in my own skin, full pouty lips, perky sensitive tits, nicely rounded ass, my body was in sync with my size, shapely!

And I love a good fucking, whether it is me shagging Matt, or him shagging me!

Matt is 22, 6ft tall, good looking in a craggy sort of way, but I love the wildness in his eyes, the danger that to lurks there, and his ways, his demeanour, it was obvious he had got that life style, and out look through, and from his dad.

His dad is Thomas, or Tom as he is known to all, same build as Matt, Matt has his dad's good looks, if there wasn't an obvious age gap, they could have been taken for brothers, he is great fun, and welcomed me as one of the family, which I now of course am, and he is a really nice guy.

I was am in between positions at the moment, or if you want to be pedantic, otherwise unemployed.

So I had the honour of being able to stay in bed, instead of having to get up on a cold and frosty morning, which I greatly appreciated, so I snuggled back down into the bed.

I was in twilight zone, not knowing anything as I slumbered on.

I was slightly aware of Matt snuggling into me from behind; I felt his moustache tickling my shoulder which I absolutely adore, his arms snaking around me, clasped my left nipple between in set of fingers, my right nipple with the others, he squeezed and rotated them, heaven, I wriggled.

I got my hands, after a brief struggle behind me, and grabbed at his beautiful cock and balls, Mmmm I thought, that sure does feel different, and so good holding them in this position.

He was kissing my neck furiously, wonderfully, biting, nibbling, and sucking, I was shaking like a leaf now, I became fully awake, and becoming more than ready for a fucking, there was only one way this cock in my hands was going to go, inwards, and upwards, into my now hot wet pussy.

I started to twist around to get at him properly, but he held me tight, mumbled 'no' into my neck, I acceded to him, and stayed with my back turned toward him, he was beginning to drive me potty, I wanted to be fucked, and if he didn't do it in a moment, I was going to explode.

Leaning into me, he pushed me onto my tummy using his body; so I let him, I went with the flow, what was a girl to do?

Heaving his self over me, splitting my knees with his, I waited with baited breath for the first delicious thrust, I got it! Wow!

'My God Matt.' I stuttered, his prick seemed to split me.

'What's happened?' I said, 'you feel bigger somehow?'

He was murmuring into my neck, his moustache grizzling around it, as he bit and kissed me there, driving me over the edge.

I came like train, my cum gushed out of me, he exploded into me; my womb seemed to inflate like a balloon.

Yippee I thought, here comes my first baby!

I was right as it transpired, though not in the way I should have been.

I was still laying face down, trying to recover from that wonderful fucking, what a man!

He still had his prick in me, and it felt as if it hadn't gone down, Oh boy, I said to myself, am I going to get another one? I thought happily.

Not knowing, what my body's reaction was going to be or do, well, I mean, if a girl has just been fucked like that, Im sure forgiveness is in order.

I turned half over, his face was next to mine, and I do have 20-20 vision.

I was staring into the face of his dad, Tom!

My God! Was my first stunned reaction, his next reaction was to drive his prick right back into me, thereby negating all discussion.

I submitted immediately, or my body did!

How can a girl refuse a cock like this that is ravaging her, battering her wanton, and red hot pussy?

My capitulation was complete; he continued his monumental fucking of me.

Whilst telling me, in between gasps how much he had wanted me, and lusted for me from the day we had met!

I came, and came, and came, it was the most wonderful, unexpected fucking a girl could have ever received, and I was gone!

Used, and abused, is the only way to describe me now.

Utterly and completely fucked, and satisfied!

He rose and lay at my side, I managed to turn toward him, resting my head on his shoulder, looking over at the clock, Matt had been gone to work only 50 minutes, I had been fucked twice by his dad in that short space of time.

Trying to come to my senses, I moaned, 'Dad, what have you just done to me was wrong, it was fantastic, but so wrong, you know that don't you?

'Yes' he said, 'I know.'

'I am married, to your son for fucks sake!'

'Yes I know,' he repeated.

'This must never happen again dad,' I muttered.

'No' he grunted.

'Daddy,' he said to me. 'Sally call me Daddy, okay?'

'Yes okay, Daddy,' I said, 'but this must never happen again, Daddy!'

I never had the strength to move away, I seemed to fall into a light slumber.

I jumped awake with a start, my body was on fire!

He had his fingers in my pussy, and my bottom was dancing up and down on the bed, to the tune his fingers were playing on my clit.

'Daddy, please.' I moaned.

'Please? Please what?' he said.

'You are driving me crazy.' I gasped and groaned.

'Oh good,' he muttered, 'I thought it was just me.'

He kissed me then for the first time properly; I was lost in that one kiss.

There was no more complaining from me now, he had set out to get me, and get me he did! Was I was got? Yes, big time.

Here I was, 20 years old, only married 2 months, a new bride, and I had been comprehensively seduced, over whelmed, and fucked twice, very solidly, and very wonderfully, by my husbands cunning, 45 year old father.

We carried on all morning; we never got out of bed until 12:00 noon.

But one thing I was going to absolutely insist on was, Tom had to lose his moustache, I already knew this wasn't going to be a one time thing, how can a girl with my sex drive refuse?

That moustache had to go, so I would know in future who was fucking me, at any given time! I didn't want to be calling out the wrong name did I?

Matt came home at 2:30pm, to a now very sheepish wife, I didn't feel particularly guilty, why I don't know, maybe because it was his dad I had been unfaithful with, and not an outsider, or a friend of Matt's, but guilt wasn't present in me.

I felt more flustered than anything, Matt put it down to me just being a woman, I put it down to knowing I had been fucked senseless by his very virile dad.

We went upstairs after his dad went for an early evening drink at his local, and we had great sex, I was so pleased, I came as usual in buckets, he did too, I think more in response to me that anything else.

I was now my normal happy self, not only because I now knew my love for Matt was still intact, but my body had responded the way that it always had with my husband

And I also knew, I would be getting fucked senseless from now on too, as often as Tom would feel like fucking me senseless!

It wasn't up for discussion, or an option for refusal, Tom had already told me that.

I had said. 'Yes I know, and you wont have to urge me, I'll be ready, willing, and able, at all times possible for you, Daddy.'

The following morning, Matt got up for work; he had hardly gone out of the door before I was up, showered, and on my way to Daddy's bed, but not before quickly changing into a very tiny sexy negligee

He was asleep, but not for long, I woke him up by gently sliding under the covers, and sucking powerfully on his gorgeous cock. he was getting hard in my mouth as he was waking up.

I sucked as hard as I could, I had learned, before my marriage that a man loves having his prick almost sucked right off his body, and daddy was no different, he came in bucket loads into my mouth, I struggled to get it all down, and not stop breathing all together, but I did!

I worked my way up his tight body, kissing and gently biting all the way.

'Oh Daddy,' I exclaimed, as I came up for air, 'that was just the best ever ever ever!'

'Daddy,' he moaned, 'I love it when you call me that; I get all amorous, horny, and protective of you when I hear it.'

'You are going to hear it a lot more now my lovely Daddy, especially when you make love to me the way you do!'

I made him lie on his back and began to kiss him, I loved the feeling of control it gave me, holding him down, although I knew he could get away any time he wanted, but why should he want to, when his beautiful young daughter in law was giving him every thing a sexy Daddy could ever want? And I wasn't going to stop, now it had started.

My sexual arousal was taking me over, I moaned into his mouth, the sounds coming from me were guttural, I had his balls in my right hand as I caressed them, my left arm around him, holding his left wrist, his submission position!

It was then that the most extraordinary tidal wave plunged through me, I had an enormously massive orgasm, this had never happened before in my young life, it shattered me.

I have been having sex since I was 18 years old, and never had this momentous event been anywhere near to me, it was a totally new experience, I had orgasmed because of the sexual arousal my own body, and the fact I had Matt's potent dad under me.

I buried my face into his neck and cried, I crushed myself close to his body, I just couldn't get close enough, I just wanted to force my body into his.

I went to sleep, he never disturbed me, I woke up under my own steam, my eyes opened, oh so slowly,

I wasn't aware of where I was, dreamland I think, or heaven, my body was trembling from the inside, I still felt the effects of that orgasm, my face was still into his neck.

'Oh daddy,' I whispered, 'I love you.'

'I love you too my baby girl.' He said into my hair.

As I moved a little so I could wrap myself around Daddy a bit more, my thoughts turned to Matt, he must never find out about this, I was talking to myself, kind of rehearsing what I was going to say to my darling Daddy.

I had read stories about unfaithful slut wives, who fuck other men, just for the thrill, and I suppose in reality, that's what I now was, although in my defence, it was his dad that had cunningly seduced me!

I didn't like that thought one little bit, me a slut wife, No! I wasn't.

I was and am a faithful wife to my husband.

And that's what I was going to be to Matt, I said to myself.

I really do love Matt, but I also knew I could never stop this love for his dad now either; it was already a permanent fixture in my heart and mind.

No, I had to come to terms with it, and get on with my life.

Matt would never ever know.

I felt fingers searching my tits, looking for a nipple that wanted attention, and stood to attention they were, a gasp of pleasure rippled through me as he squeezed it, my hand drifted down his body in natural response from a sexily aroused woman, to find his fully erect, and powerful cock, I raised up my head so I could kiss him.

'Get on Sally' he said.

'Yes Daddy' I readily replied. I got up, and on, and forced my hot abused pussy down over his beautiful cock, and we made the sweetest of love, it was ecstasy, we both took a long time to cum, it was utter, sensual love making at its best.

I couldn't take any more that day, there was no more in me to give, and there certainly was no more in him!

We slept and rested, loved and kissed, then took a sexy shower together, we were in for about 45 minutes, and its amazing the fun you can have in there, if your imagination is a bit wild like mine is!

Downstairs, we had a good breakfast, still very touchy feely between us, I discussed with Tom about how I felt, he totally 100% agreed with me, Matt would never ever know of this, and he is true to his word, no indications.

Whatever shift Matt is on, I automatically become Tom's wife and lover, and when Matt is home I'm his.

I live in a utopian world now, I get fucked daily by at least one of them, and sometimes by the both of them, it's wonderful. Oh and one final thing, Tom no longer has his moustache!

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