tagLoving WivesHusband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 01

Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 01


[Author's note: This is a re-write of my story "Husband Encourages Wife." That story took a direction I didn't like. Maybe someday I'll finish it, but for now I've written this story. If you don't like stories where the husband, who fantasies about his wife with other men, is tortured by conflicting emotions of jealous and lust, then you'll hate this story.]


Jen walked into her bedroom, her face flushed from the conversation at lunch. Her pussy throbbed. She didn't normally masturbate in the middle of the day, but she needed relief, and the kids would be at the sitter's for a few more hours. She lay on the bed and pulled up her skirt. She touched herself. Her panties were so wet. She slipped her hand inside her panties and rubbed herself, her eyes closed, remembering what Tina had told her at lunch.

"Hey, what's this?" a surprised voice said from the doorway.

"Oh my god!" Jen cried in embarrassment, pulling the covers over her. "Mike, what are you doing home so early?"

Mike laughed, enjoying his wife's embarrassment. "My meeting ended early, so I decided to come home. I'm glad I did." Mike threw the covers off his wife. Her dress was still bunched around her waist, and he admired her long shapely legs. Even after 10 years of marriage, he couldn't get over how fantastic her legs were.

"Stop!" she protested, trying to pull the covers back up, but Mike laughed again and batted her hands away. Jen covered her blushing face with her hands. "I can't believe you caught me playing with myself."

"So, what got you so excited?" Mike said as he put his hand on his wife's knee. "Did you watch McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy?" he teased. But he suspected why his wife was so aroused in the middle of the day. "Or, did Tina tell you more about her sex life over lunch?"

"Oh my god, you won't believe what she did last night," Jen said excitedly. Tina and Jen had been best friends since high school. Tina divorced about six months ago, after catching her husband Bill cheating on her. Not yet ready for a serious relationship, but craving male companionship, she started going out with younger men about 2 months ago. Still pretty and desirable at 34, Tina pleasantly discovered that she didn't lack for male attention, and soon she was sleeping with a new young stud every few days.

"She met a guy at a bar last night," Jen said. "He was only 23, in grad school! She let him pick her up. He took her to his apartment, and his roommate was there. Both guys started flirting with her, and before she knew it all three were in bed! She ended up doing it with both of them!"

Mike pulled off his pants and climbed between his wife's legs. "Did Tina like getting gangbanged by those two college kids?"

Jen moaned as her husband pushed into her. "She said it made her feel so slutty. She had one guy in her mouth, while the other was inside her. Then they traded places, and she felt so naughty tasting herself."

"Did they make her cum?" Mike grunted as he pumped his cock in and out of his wife's pussy.

"Yeah," Jen gasped, her own orgasm near. "She said it was incredible. She'd cum with one guy, and then the other would take his place."

"Oh god!" Mike groaned as he came in his wife. Jen came too, her toes curling and digging into the mattress.

"Wow," Mike sighed a few minutes later. "That was great."

Jen giggled and poked her husband's side. "I bet you were thinking about Tina when you came," she teased. "You like hearing about how she's being so slutty. It turns you on. Come on, admit it."

"Okay, I admit it, Tina's attractive," Mike said honestly. "But you know what really turns me on? It's you, getting so excited hearing about Tina acting like a slut."

"What?" Jen asked, surprised.

"I'm not kidding. I guess in my head, I'm thinking you're wishing it was you, not Tina, getting fucked by those guys."

Jen's jaw dropped. "And that turns you on? Thinking about me with other guys?"

Mike laughed. "Come on, don't be such a prude. There are a lot of guys with that fantasy. They even have a name for it, it's called 'hot wife' fantasy."

Jen glared at her husband. "I know what they call it, Mike, I don't live in a fishbowl. I just never thought my husband was one of those perverts who wanted to see his wife fuck other men."

"Hey, wait a minute," Mike said, holding out his hands. "You're the one beating off in the middle of the day."

"I don't want to talk about it anymore," Jen said dismissively, getting out of bed and pulling down her dress. "Come on, the kids will be home soon."

Chapter 2

"What do you think of Jason, isn't he gorgeous?" Tina asked excitedly. Mike and Jen looked toward the restaurant door. Jason had gone outside for a smoke.

"Uh, yeah," Jen said. She felt awkward talking about Tina's new boy-toy in front of Mike. "Where did you meet him?"

Tina shrugged. "At a bar -- where else?"

Mike laughed. "It must have been a college bar. What is he, 19?"

"Twenty-four, you jerk!" Tina said, playfully punching Mike in the arm. "And it wasn't a

college bar, it was a hotel downtown."

"Excuse me," Jen said, standing up. "I have to go to the bathroom."

"I guess you don't approve of my new love life," Tina said to Mike as Jen walked away.

"That's not true. I know Bill treated you like shit, and you've had a rough year. I'm happy to see you're happy again."

Tina broke into a big smile. "Thanks for being so understanding." She reached under the table and squeezed Mike's thigh. "It's such a relief to hear you say that. I've been worried my friends would think less of me."

"No, not at all," Mike said, his voice caught in his voice. Tina's hand on his thigh almost made him shudder with excitement. She was so different from Jen. She was an attractive brunette with large breasts. Jen, in contrast, was a cute, leggy blonde with small perky breasts. Tina wasn't leggy like Jen, but her legs weren't bad. Thinking about this, Mike's eyes wandered down to Tina's legs. Mike admired how, since her divorce, her skirts had gotten shorter and shorter. He also liked the way she wore fuck-me pumps with high stiletto heels.

Mike noticed that Tina's skirt had hiked up her legs. His eyes widened when he saw the lacy welt of her stockings. He realized she was wearing thigh highs! That surprised him; he didn't think girls wore them in real life. He thought things like that (real stockings and garter belts) were incredibly sexy, but Jen preferred pantyhose and only wore stockings on special occasions like their anniversary.

Tina followed Mike's eyes, and realized she was flashing her stocking tops. "Oops, sorry," she said, embarrassed. She pulled down her skirt. Tina shrugged. "Okay, I admit it, I'm a slut. But stockings are better than pantyhose -- less fumbling and easier access."

"Uh, no problem," Mike managed to say, feeling uneasy. "Like I said, you're entitled."

Tina smiled, and again squeezed Mike's thigh. "Thanks!" Tina let her hand linger on Mike's thigh, only pulling away when Jen approached the table.

Jason returned a few minutes later. As they ordered drinks and then studied the menu, Jason's hands were all over Tina. Tina giggled and pushed him away, but he was relentless, caressing her legs under the table. When the drinks arrived, he gulped down his beer, then stood up, pulling Tina up with him. "Come on, babe, let's get a smoke."

Giggling, Tina said "We'll be right back," then let Jason lead her outside.

Awkwardly, Mike and Jen continued to study their menus. Then Mike reached under the table to Jen's legs. "Don't," Jen said giggling as Mike moved his hand under her skirt. But Mike wouldn't stop, and Jen gasped when he touched her pussy. She had soaked through her panties and pantyhose. Mike pulled his hand away when the waitress came to take their order. Mike told the waitress that their friends had gone out for a smoke. As he did, he smiled a wicked, mischievous smile at his wife. Jen hid behind her menu, not quite stifling a giggle.

"You're such a hound dog!" Jen playfully scolded when the waitress had left.

"You're the one who's soaking wet," Mike teased back.

About 10 minutes later, Tina and Jason finally returned. They ordered, and then Jason got up. "I need a smoke," he said.

Jen looked quizzically at Jason's disappearing form. "I thought you guys just had a smoke," she said. Jen looked at Tina, who had a mischievous smile on her face. "What?"

Tina hesitated, debating with herself whether she should tell them or keep quiet. But she couldn't hold it in. "Oh my god," she said elatedly. "Jason just did me!"

Jen's eyes grew wide. "You're kidding?"

"No!" Tina almost shouted, her face excited and covered with a big smile. "He pulled me into the alley next to the restaurant, and he did me against the wall! Oh my god, we were right around the corner, I could hear the people walking on the sidewalk!"

"Oh no," Tina said in a concerned voice.

"What's wrong?"

"I can feel him running out of me. I'll be right back, I have to go to the bathroom, I don't want the back of my dress to get wet."

When they got home from dinner, Mike paid the babysitter while Jen checked on the kids. Then, by silent agreement, they met at their bedroom. They groped each other like teenagers, practically ripping off each other's clothes.

"Fuck me!" Jen pleaded. Mike pulled off Jen's pantyhose and panties, then pulled out his cock.

"You so wet!" Mike growled as he penetrated his wife. "Did it turn you on, Jason fucking Tina in the alley like a whore?"

"Did it turn you on?" Jen answered as she pushed back against her husband's thrusts.

Mike's words came out between pants. "It turned me on, imagining it was you instead of Tina! Imagining Jason was fucking you against the wall!"

"Oh god," she moaned.

"I'd like to watch you act like Tina. Become a cougar. Let young guys pick you up, and go home with them and fuck them!"

"Oh god, Mike," Jen panted between moans. "You're so bad!"

"I want you to be my hot wife," Mike said lustfully. "Didn't you see how muscular Jason was? Wouldn't you like to feel a young hard body on top of you? Ramming his big cock into you? Shooting gallons of his cum into you, so it floods out of you and runs down your legs?"

"That would be so slutty!" Jen cried as she raised her hips to meet her husband's thrusts. They were both so close, their passions fueled by their nasty fantasies.

"Yeah, yeah, and I know that's what you'd like, to act like a slut just like Tina, to be a fucking MILF! That's all I've been thinking about! You being a cougar and fucking all those young guys!"

"Oh god, oh god!" Jen cried as she came, Mike joining her just seconds after.

Chapter 3

"You haven't touched your lunch," Tina said after she finished telling Jen about her latest date with Jason.

"I'm sorry," Jen said. "I guess I'm distracted."

Tina reached over and grabbed her friend's hand. "What's wrong? Are you and Mike okay?"

Jen looked up in surprise. "How did you know?"

"Jen, we've been friends since high school," Tina said, concern in her voice. "I was your maid of honor. I think I can tell when things aren't going right with you and your husband. So what's wrong?"

"It's just -- god, this is so embarrassing. But I've told Mike some of the things you've told me. You know, about the dates you've had with younger guys. Lately, Mike's told me about some things he fantasizes about."

"Oh," Tina said, her interest suddenly more than just concern for her friend. Has Mike been fantasizing about sleeping with her? She remembered the dinner the other night, when she put her hand on Mike's thigh. She shouldn't have, but she couldn't resist. She could tell he was hard. It gave her a naughty thrill to flirt with her best friend's husband.

Jen hesitated, considering whether to tell Tina. But then she realized she needed to tell someone, and who better but her best friend. "You can't tell Mike I told you this."

"I promise," Tina said immediately, trying to hide her intense curiosity.

"Mike told me that -- he has fantasies about -- about seeing me with other men."

"What?" Tina said, wide-eyed. "You and other men?"

"Yeah, I know, it's crazy. He's never mentioned it before. It's only been since you've been going out with younger guys. He even said he fantasized it was me who Jason did in the alley."

"Wow," Tina said, shocked. She had heard some guys had this fantasy, but Mike seemed so straight-laced. Also, she remembered when Jen started dating Mike, over 10 years ago. Mike had been jealous of guys even speaking to Jen. She couldn't believe Mike had changed so much, that now he'd like to watch Jen in bed with another man. "Do you think he really wants you to do it?"

"I'm not sure," Jen said. "I don't think so, but he always talks about it."

Tina considered her friend for a long moment. Then, almost impulsively, she blurted out, "Well, I think you should do it."

"What?" Jen said shocked. "Where did that come from?"

"Look, I'm not crazy. You wouldn't believe how great sex is with these guys. They're so young and strong and gorgeous. And huge! I'm having the time of my life."

Jen looked doubtful. It wasn't too long ago that Tina couldn't stop crying after her divorce.

Tina shrugged, seeming to read her friend's thoughts. "Okay, I admit, my life isn't perfect. But YOU can have the best of both worlds! You can be married to a great guy who loves you, and fuck other guys on the side! Don't you see how lucky you are?"

Jen shook her head. "Having sex with other men isn't something I dreamed about when I got married. I mean, you're saying I should cheat on Mike."

"Jen, it's not cheating if Mike wants you to do it," Tina insisted.

"I don't know about that," Jen said skeptically. "Besides, I don't know if Mike is really serious about this."

"What if he is serious? Would you play along?" Tina smiled affectionately at her friend. "I mean, it would be fun to have someone to go clubbing with, like we did back in college."

"I don't know," Jen said honestly. "Those days were a lot of fun. But I've been married for over 10 years, and I have two children. I love Mike. Okay, yes, he has these strange fantasies, and I admit, I'm kinda envious when you tell me your stories, they're so exciting. But I love Mike, and I don't want to hurt our marriage."

"But Jen, honey, Mike wants you to do this. You wouldn't be hurting anything, this could improve your marriage."

Jen still looked doubtful. "I told you, I don't know if he really wants me to do this. God, I can't believe we're talking like this might actually happen!"

"Okay, I have an idea. Come clubbing with me Saturday night. Just you, not Mike. If he says no, then you know he wasn't serious."

"I don't know," Jen said warily.

"Jen, what's the harm? This will help you and Mike figure out what he really wants. He probably doesn't know himself. And it's not like you have to let some guy pick you up. We can just go out and have fun, like we used to do in college."

Jen thought about it for a few moments, then she found herself nodding.


"Can we talk?" Jen asked. "I mean, we haven't really talked about the other night."

They were at dinner, at a downtown restaurant. Jen didn't want to talk about this in bed, or even at home. She wanted Mike to be thinking with his head and heart, not his penis.

"Sure," Mike said, putting down his menu. "It probably seems like my fantasy came out of nowhere, but it didn't. I've had these fantasies a long time, I just never had the courage to tell you."

"Really, of watching me with other men?" Jen said incredulously, but also intrigued.

"Yeah. It's always excited me, watching guys flirt with you. Remember last year, at our vacation in Cancun, when that guy hit on you? He kept asking you to dance? I was so hard I thought I was going to burst through my pants."

Jen leaned back in her chair, feeling blown over by her husband's revelation. "Wow. Why didn't you tell me this before?"

"I don't know," Mike said, looking sheepishly. "It's hard to tell your wife that you fantasize about other men fucking her. But I guess, well ... lately, whenever Tina told you about one of her dates, you got really excited. Also, well, we're done having kids. I've thought maybe you might be open to some games, before we get too settled down."

Jen frowned. "What kind of games, Mike?"

"You know what I'm talking about," Mike said.

"No, Mike, I want you to say it, tell me exactly what you want."

"Okay," Mike said. He was getting excited, and so he was trying to control his breathing. "I'd like you to go on dates with younger guys, like Tina does."

"Just like Tina?" Jen asked. She wanted to find out how far Mike wanted her to go. "You know that Tina lets them kiss her, right? You'd want me to let another man kiss me?"

"Yeah, I would," Mike said without any hesitation. "As long as that's what you wanted."

"What about touching me? Do you want me to let another man feel my breasts? What if he ran his hands under my skirt? Should I let him do that, too?"

"Yeah, god, I'd want you to let him do that," Mike gasped. "God, you've gotten me so excited."

Jen shook her head. "I don't understand how this turns you on. I mean, the thought of you with another woman ... it hurts just to think about it. But you get excited thinking of me with another man."

"I can't explain it, but it does. I mean, it makes me feel jealous, too. But, I don't know ... that makes it even more exciting." Mike looked around to make sure no one was looking. Then he took his wife's hand and lowered it to his crotch. "See?"

Jen's eyes grew wide with surprise. Mike was rock hard. His excitement was starting to turn her on. Also, she couldn't deny the allure of a young, hard body. "Tina wants me to go out with her Saturday night."

"She does?" Mike asked. "I think you should go!"

"Why?" Jen asked, acting coy. She massaged his erection. "Do you want me to play your game?"

"Oh god, yes!" Mike said excitedly. "I want you to flirt with other men. I want you to kiss them, and let them touch you. God, I want you to touch their cocks, and suck them, and even fuck them!"

Jen's breathing was heavy now. "Come on," she said urgently. "Let's pay the check, and go home!"

Chapter 4

Jen was going to be late. Tina was going to be there any minute, and Jen still wasn't dressed. It had been a long time (over 10 years!) since she had gone out dancing without Mike, and she didn't know what to wear. She finally picked out a silk, white blouse and a short black skirt. Underneath, she wore a bra, panties and black pantyhose. She finished the outfit with black pumps.

Tina had already arrived when Jen finally came downstairs. She smiled when she saw her friend. "Wow, now I understand what husbands mean when they say it takes forever for their wives to get dressed," Tina teased.

"Sorry," Jen said sheepishly, kissing her friend on the cheek. "I couldn't figure out what to wear."

Tina eyed her friend. Jen had always been fashionable, and being a wife and mother hadn't changed that.

"God, you have great legs, I hate you," Tina said admiringly. Then, as if seeming to remember Mike was in the room, she added, "Don't you think so Mike?"

Mike could only nod; his throat was dry from excitement. Waiting downstairs for Jen to get dressed had been excruciating, but exciting too. All Mike could think about was his pretty wife in the arms of another man while dancing at the club. He was thrilled she had chosen to wear a mini-skirt, not pants.

Tina easily read the excitement in Mike's face. "Your pretty wife is sure going to be popular with the guys at the club," she teased.

Mike tensed. How much had Jen told Tina about his fantasy? He had his answer when he caught his wife giving Tina the evil eye.

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