tagLoving WivesHusband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 04

Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 04


Chapter 9

Jen woke the next day after Mike had left for work. She got out of bed and looked at herself in the mirror. She had dried cum all over her body. She literally stank of cum. Her entire body ached, and both her pussy and mouth were sore. She took a long shower. Being with both Darius and Kyle had been amazing. It seemed for hours non-stop a big beautiful cock had been in her mouth or pussy (or both). Just thinking about it made her pussy tingle. But there were parts she wished she could wash away. Did the taxi driver really fuck her, and cum inside her? The degrading memory made her shiver with disgust and self-reproach. Once again she promised herself to stop taking drugs.

Later that day she found a small clear packet in her purse. Inside was white powder. She knew what it was immediately. Kyle had given her some of the cocaine he'd bought from Tyrone. She went into the bathroom intending to flush it down the toilet, but at the last moment she stopped. She put the packet in the medicine cabinet behind the big aspirin bottle.

Wednesday morning she went to her dance class. It was an advanced class, and most of the girls were teenagers hoping to make dance a career. She was proud of herself that she could keep up with the much younger girls. She was working out regularly 4 or 5 times a week. She'd always been petite, and had never gained weight even after having the two kids, but now she was in the best shape of her life. Her arms and legs were toned, her tummy tight and flat and her ass firm. She looked better now than when she was 18, and of course it really paid off with all the attention she got from the Stallions.

The edginess began the day after the threesome with Darius and Kyle. It felt like a mixture of anxiety and emptiness. She found herself snapping at Maria and the kids for no reason. Thursday morning, Mike called and told her he'd be home late. Jen thought about it. She could take a little of the cocaine now, just a little to take the edge off, and by the time Mike got home it'll have worn off. Maria was here so she didn't have to worry about the kids.

She went into the bathroom and took out the envelope. She poured a little of the white powder on the counter, and with a razor blade she formed it into a thin line. She used a straw from the kitchen to sniff the magic powder into her nose.

As before, she immediately felt wonderful. Surprisingly, she also got extremely horny. Maybe it was because her body associated the cocaine with sex. She masturbated once, but that just made her longings greater. She was going out of her mind with horniness. She could wait for Mike to get home, but, well ... she knew he couldn't really satisfy these intense longings. And anyway, he was getting home late, and she didn't think she could back it until then.

She thought about it. It was just passed noon. Mike wouldn't be home until 9 probably, and Maria was here all day (she was a live in nanny). She called Darius's number. "Hi, it's me," she said when he answered. "Do you want to get together?"

She could almost hear him smile. "Come on over," Darius said.

She quickly showered, brushed out her hair, and put on make-up. She put on a halter-top, mini-skirt, thigh high stockings and high heels. She didn't put on a bra, so she knew her nipples would form dents in the silky material of the top, just like Darius liked it. The halter-top of course exposed her back, so her tattoo would be visible over the low-rise skirt. She wore lacy pink panties, but only because she knew Darius loved it when they rode up her back and the lace peeked over her skirt. The outfit was on the slutty side of respectable, but no one would see here, and anyway, she knew she wouldn't have her clothes on for long. Just before leaving her bedroom she took off her engagement and wedding rings and put them in her lingerie draw.

The kids were napping. She kissed them both. Downstairs, she lied and told Maria she was going to a late lunch with Tina and then some shopping, and she would be hope by dinner. She saw Maria's disapproval of her outfit. She blushed, avoiding Maria's critical eyes, and hurried out the door.

She drove over to Darius's apartment as fast as she could. In his apartment, she resisted his attempts to immediately jump into bed. She wanted to tease him first, make him want her as much as she wanted him. Finally he got impatient and he threw her onto his bed. She was on her stomach, and he roughly pushed up her skirt, and then he tore her panties off. She loved it! She'd made him crazy with lust.

He took out his cock and rammed it inside her. Even though she was soaking and he'd fucked her dozens of times by now, it still hurt because he was so gloriously long and thick. "Is this what you need?" he growled into her ear as he fucked her from behind.

"God Yes! Yes!" she screamed.

They didn't last very long, and minutes later they lay panting next to each other, Jen's pussy tingling and full of Darius's cream. "God I needed that," Jen said as she labored to catch her breath. "God, Darius, you give me the best orgasms!"

Darius turned over on his side and stroked around Jen's breasts and down her flat stomach. Jen giggled and pulled away, her body still too sensitive to handle his caresses.

Darius grinned. "So I fuck you good, huh babe? The best you've ever had?"

Jen didn't hesitate. "God yeah!" he gushed honestly.

Darius grinned, looking both pleased and smug. Jen noticed and for a moment thought of Mike, and felt guilty. Darius sensed the change in her mood and leaned into her to get things back the way he wanted, cupping her breast.

"Don't start," Jen giggled. "I have to get home."

"Maybe this should be your home," Darius said seriously.

Jen's smile faded. "What?" she asked hesitantly.

"Move in with me, then I'll be able to fuck you all the time."

"Darius, what are you talking about?" Jen said gently. "I have two kids --"

"They can move in too," he said immediately. "Listen, I know this is a lot to throw at you. It's not all about sex you know. I've never felt this way with any other girl."

Jen huffed. "Is that why you put me in a cab the other night?"

Darius looked startled. "I would have driven you home, but I thought you didn't want to take the chance of your neighbors seeing me dropping you off." Then Darius narrowed his eyes and angrily said, "Why, did that taxi driver touch you?"

"No, nothing happened," Jen quickly said. She wasn't certain the driver had done anything, and was afraid of what Darius might do. She was still trying to process these emotions coming from Darius. She'd too felt an emotional connection, but until now she didn't realize he felt the same way.

Thirty minutes later, Jen was in her car driving back home. She felt confused about Darius. She decided to put that out of her mind for now. At least she felt more confident with the cocaine. She knew how much she could use to take the edge off without losing control.

As Jen drove home, Darius took the CD out of the hidden camcorder. He wrote "Jen" and the date on the CD and added the CD to his collection. He liked fucking women who belonged to other men, and he secretly recorded them whenever he could. He was serious about Jen moving in. He'd love to have her tight body non-stop for a few months.

He had more CDs of Jen than any other wife he'd fucked, because she was so fucking hot. He had a trust fund from his deceased parents so he didn't have to work, but he knew if he ever needed money he could sell these real-life candid movies of hot wives on the internet for a lot of money.

Chapter 10

Tina looked at her best friend nervously as the waiter placed their lunches before them. She didn't know how to bring it up, so she decided to jump directly into it. "Jen, I'm worried about you. I've seen you when we're out. You need to lay off the hard drugs."

Jen looked sharply at Tina. "I'm okay Tina, I can handle it." She felt edgy. She'd taken the last of Kyle's cocaine over a week before, and she felt empty and jittery.

"Jen, honey, I don't know," Tina persisted. "You have to be careful, you can get addicted on cocaine."

Jen scoffed. "Tina, come on, coke isn't like heroin, it's not addictive!" she snapped. "Tell the truth, you're giving me shit because you're hoping I'll stop partying with the Stallions and you'll have less competition."

Tina looked aghast, and tears rolled down her cheeks. "I'm just trying to be a friend. But now I see what you really think about me. God, Jen, it's all about you, isn't it?"

"Wait, I'm sorry!" Jen cried, as Tina ran away crying. But it was too late. Jen pressed the palms of her hands into her eyes. God, what's wrong with me? he thought. I just need a hit, and I'll be okay.

She called Kyle. He didn't have any left, but he gave her Tyrone's number, and told her how much a bag would cost. Jen gawked at the price, but she went to the ATM and withdrew the money. Then she called Tyrone. He seemed pleased to hear from her. He gave her his address, and she told him she'd be there in half an hour.

"Hi," Jen said as she entered Tyrone's apartment. His place overlooked Central Park and it was magnificent. She looked wide-eyed around his place. "Wow, this must have cost a fortune."

Tyrone shrugged, more interested in taking a good look at Jen. She wore her long blonde hair in a high pony tail and wore no makeup, not even lipstick. She wore a sleeveless tailored white blouse, slim capri pants, and ballet flats that tied around her ankles. Before now, whenever he'd seen her, she'd been dressed to impressed in slinky outfits that showed off just as much as it hid. Now though, she looked like a normal mom and wife. A very pretty mom and wife.

Jen felt his eyes on her and felt uneasy. "So, um, cannot I buy a bag?" She took the money out of her purse and offered it to him.

Tyrone ignored the money and instead took her left hand in his. He looked at her wedding and engagement rings. "So, Jenny, you're really married? That's what I heard, but the way you party and fuck around --"

"My husband and I have a special arrangement," she said interrupting him, her cheeks reddening with embarrassment. She felt awkward talking to him. It was one thing flirting with him when she partied with the Stallions. Then, she could pretend to be someone else. But now, this was her real-life persona, the young wife with 2 kids and married to Mike. "So, um ... can I buy some from you?"

"I can set you up, sure," Tyrone said, and his smile turned wicked. "But it's not money I want. Not from you."

Jen sighed inwardly. She'd expected it might come to this, and she was prepared for it. "Okay, but I only have an hour, my husband will be home soon."

"You make it sound like work," Tyrone said still grinning.

"No, I mean -- " Jen stammered.

"Besides, I thought you said your husband is understanding."

"He is, it's just --"

Tyrone laughed. "That's okay, Jenny, I get it. He's understanding to a point, but not in the middle of the day."

"Right," Jen said sheepishly, embarrassed.

"You seem edgy Jenny. When was your last hit?"

Is it that obvious? Jen thought. "Um ... about a week ago," she told him.

Tyrone nodded understandingly. "Maybe you might enjoy this more if you had a hit before we started. How does that sound? A freebie on me."

"Yeah, that sounds great," Jen said with growing excitement.

Tyrone led Jen into his bed room. On a table, he formed a long line of coke and handed Jen a straw. Jen inhaled the magic dust and she arched her back and rolled her head back as the euphoria and feeling of well-being overtook her. Tyrone watched her. She was a pretty girl, very pretty. And her body was amazing.

She finally opened her eyes and the awkwardness was gone. "Do you want me to let my hair out?" she asked, her hands moving to her hair.

Tyrone stopped her with a gentle touch. "No, you're fine. You're more sexy this way." He laid her on the bed and they kissed, and he fondled her. He slowly undressed her and himself. Tyrone noticed she wore a plain white cotton bra and panties, although the cups of the bra were fringed with lace. He reached behind her and expertly unsnapped her bra, pulling it off of her. She raised her hips as he pulled down her panties. He rose up on his elbow and admired her. She had an incredible body. Slim and toned, her breasts small but perky, long shapely legs, pretty petite feet, her skin smooth and airbrushed perfect. "You have a fantastic body," he admired, his fingers caressing her firm taut stomach.

He got on top of her and paused. "Do I need to wear a condom?" he asked.

"Um ..."

"Don't worry, I'm clean."

"Oh, ah, okay, then you don't have to."

Jen saw Tyrone smile and felt him rub his cockhead between her pussy lips. She was moist. She'd never been fucked by a black man before (although she came close once in college before she met Mike). Tyrone's kissing and fondling had excited her, and now what she'd originally considered a chore she looked forward to. Tyrone pushed in with little effort. He wasn't that big, just a little bigger than Mike. His smallish size surprised her, because he was a big man (tall and muscular), and his cock seemed small compared to the rest of his body, and then of course there was the stereotype about black men that he didn't seem to meet.

But still it was exciting, a black cock inside her for the first time. He moved in and out of her, slow and steady. They kissed as they fucked. Although he lacked in size, he was good with technique. He moved and rotated his hips so his veiny shaft rubbed against her clit as it moved in and out. She felt the beginnings of an orgasm, and she knew if he could keep this up for a few more minutes she'd cum.

But she felt his cock pulse inside her and she knew he was close. He confirmed it when he said, "I think I'm gonna cum. Have you cum yet?"

She shook her head no. "I'm close."

"I'll try to hold off," he said. "I want to make you cum."

"Okay," Jen said, moving with him now more urgently, trying to reach orgasm before he came. "Can you -- can you play with my nipples?"

Tyrone immediately rubbed one of Jen's nipples between his finger and thumb, and she immediately moaned. "Your nipples are really sensitive, aren't they?"

"Yeah," Jen moaned, her eyes closed as she concentrated on cumming.

While still rubbing one nipple, Tyrone leaned down and took her other nipple in his mouth. "Yeah, that's good," Jen moaned, "Just like that ... yeah ... yeah."

Tyrone had a good touch, and he kept stroking her, long and steady, sucking her nipple, rubbing her other nipple.

"Yeah, yeah, god, I'm cumming, I'm cumming," Jen groaned, arching her back. Feeling the pretty blonde spasm on his cock, Tyrone let himself cum too, the black man and the white girl locked in an orgasmic dance as they rubbed their sexes together, pushing hard against each other, moaning into each other's mouths, Tyrone's hot sperm shooting into Jen's married pussy.

They lay panting, their faces so close they could feel each other's breathe on their faces. "Was that good for you?" Tyrone asked.

"Yeah," Jen said honestly. It wasn't the best orgasm she'd ever had. Not like the ones Darius gave her, certainly. But it was nice. "You too?"

"It was fantastic!" Tyrone gushed. "Jenny, you're fucking hot! Give me a minute, and I'll be up for round 2!"

Jen giggled at his pun, then smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry, but I really have to go." She untangled herself from him and quickly dressed. Tyrone handed her a bag of cocaine and she put it into her purse. "Thanks." She kissed him softly on the lips. "Thanks," she said again.

The next morning Jen began feeling jittery again. She snorted a line of cocaine and the world got a lot better. She got into the routine of snorting a line of coke every morning. Sometimes the coke wore off before the next morning, but she wouldn't allow herself to take more than once a day. She worried about her use of the drug, but she rationalized that many people regularly took pills to calm their nerves, and this was really no different.

She got intensely horny whenever she took cocaine, but she wanted to keep to her promise to Mike only to see the Stallions every other weekend. To help ease her longings, she bought a dildo that was about the same size as Darius (it kind of looked like his penis too). In the morning, after taking the cocaine, she'd spread out on her bed nude, and slowly rub her clit until her pussy was wet. Then she'd push the dildo into her. With one hand she'd rock the dildo in and out, and with the other she'd rub her nipple. As she fucked herself she'd close her eyes and think of Darius. Sometimes she'd fantasize about Kyle or another Stallion -- one time she even fantasized it was Christy fucking her with a strap-on cock -- but usually it was Darius she fantasized about. Often she'd say his name as her orgasm got closer. Finally her orgasm would hit and she'd arch her back off the bed, driving the dildo deep and hard into her pussy, rubbing her nipple hard.

Sometimes she'd do it again in the afternoon, sometimes even a third time. It depended how horny the cocaine made her.

She made love to Mike too, of course. But her relationship with him had changed.

She often thought of Darius's offer to leave Mike and move in with him. But she knew he wasn't the kind of man you married. She had her two kids to think about, and she still loved Mike, although her love for her husband was becoming (at least for her) more platonic. She gave him sex whenever he wanted, but he didn't excite her like he used to.

Whenever she took cocaine she felt a little unsteady on her feet. It didn't affect normal movements, but it made it hard to follow the complicated routines of her dance class. So whenever she took cocaine she didn't go to her dance class. Sometimes she rescheduled her class from the morning to the afternoon, but still, her workouts decreased from almost every day to just once or twice a week, and often some weeks she didn't go at all.

About two months after getting the packet of cocaine from Tyrone, Jen woke up after Mike had left for work. They'd made love the previous evening, and she'd slept in the nude after. She could hear Maria downstairs feeding the kids breakfast. She looked at herself in the mirror. She'd gained a little weight, around the stomach mostly. Her stomach wasn't as flat as it had been just a month ago, it had a soft roundness. She stepped on the scale and was alarmed to see she'd gained almost 4 pounds; that was a lot on her petite frame. She immediately resolved to go to dance class more often, and to eat more salads instead of the PB&J sandwiches, mac and cheese, and spaghetti and meatballs that Maria often cooked for the kids. She loved the attention her firm tight body got from Darius, Kyle and the other Stallions like Tyrone. Luckily she had good genes, but she knew it took work to keep her looks at her age.

She opened the medicine cabinet and fished around for the little packet. Only a little of the cocaine remained. She made a line and snorted it, and then waited for the wonderful effect the magic powder had on her body. As euphoria cascaded through her body, so did the feeling of horniness. She gasped; the lust she felt was really strong today. She crawled back onto the bed. She reached into her night table and pulled out the dildo, and she was so horny she actually licked it like a cock for a few moments. She was feeling so horny she knew she'd need to fuck herself at least twice today, maybe even three times. Maybe she'd go to her dance class tomorrow.

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