tagLoving WivesHusband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 09

Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 09


A week later Jen woke up from a restless sleep. Mike had long ago left for work. She could hear Maria downstairs with the kids.

Her body felt terrible. The cravings were really bad today. She'd finished the new cocaine four days ago. The old cocaine -- the stuff she kept in the shoe box -- didn't seem to have the same potency with her, and it was almost all gone anyway. Her hands shook as she tried to brush her teeth. She desperately needed a good hit. She looked in the mirror -- she looked terrible -- but she didn't care. The only thing she could think about was getting a good hit. If she got something good everything would be better.

She knew she had no choice. Tyrone terrified her, but her cravings were so strong. It would be okay, she just had to be careful, she couldn't disrespect him like before, before she'd done that he'd always treated her nice, okay there'd been that time with Bob and Jeffrey but really it hadn't been that bad, she just had to be really careful around Tyrone and nice to him, she could do that, she felt manic, her thoughts jumbling together, but she knew what to do, what she had to do, call Tyrone, call Tyrone.

She held out until lunch, hoping she could deal with it, hoping she could will away the cravings, trying to remember how she was before she took drugs, before she had these cravings, and trying to will her body back to those times. But then the kids did something, it was minor really, but she had the shakes and felt frenzied inside, and she yelled at them, and before she knew it she slapped her daughter across the face, and her little girl cried and ran to Maria like she was her mother, and she pressed her head in her hands, she had to do something, she had to call Tyrone, she had no choice, she had to call Tyrone.

Upstairs in her bedroom, Jen dialed Tyrone, her hands shaking both from fear and her cravings. "Hi Tyrone, it's me, Jenny," she said when he answered, doing her best to keep the quiver from her voice. "Can I come over to your apartment? You're at Ecstasy? Oh .... Well, um, can I meet you there? About an hour, is that okay? Okay, um, see you soon."

Jen dressed as fast as she could. She needed to see Tyrone, she needed a hit, something really good. Looking in her closet, she reluctantly settled on the "freezes over" dress. That's what she and Mike playfully called it. He bought it for her a few years ago, but it was so daringly short, low cut and tight that she'd playfully told him she'd wear it "when hell freezes over." She wore it for Mike once (in their bedroom), but since then it'd been hanging unworn in her closet.

She paused, not wanting to wear the dress. She knew what Tyrone would want from her, but she didn't care, she just needed a hit, something to make the cravings and anxiety and despair go away, to make her feel good again. So she pulled out the freezes over dress and laid it on her bed.

Then she hurriedly did her hair and makeup. She put on a garter belt and rolled stockings up her legs. Her hands were shaking so bad she couldn't attach the garter snaps to the stockings. She almost cried in frustration, but finally she managed to do it. She didn't bother with a bra or panties. A bra wouldn't work with the dress, and she knew what Tyrone would want, so why wear panties. She squeezed herself into the dress, and put on 4 inch stiletto heels. She knew what Tyrone would want, and she didn't care, she'd give it to him as long as he gave her took care of her.

Maria looked disapprovingly at her, but Jen didn't care. She had the good sense to put on a long coat and she called a taxi instead of trying to drive herself. The taxi driver hungrily oogled her in the rear view mirror during the entire drive into the city. Finally they arrived at the Ecstasy club. Only as she approached the door did she pause. But she had no choice, so she took off her coat and went in.

Unlike last time, Ecstasy was crowded with people, most of them black men and a lot of girls. This wasn't the Stallions crowd, she'd never seen any of them before. Every head turned when she walked in, and despite the terrible state she was in, she felt fear from all the black men looking at her. This was where she'd been raped after all, by Tyrone and his black henchmen.

The girls turned to look at Jen too. They didn't like the way she'd immediately gotten so much attention from the men. They whispered to each other about how slutty Jen was dressed, especially in the middle of the day. Her dress was so tight you could easily see the dents made by her nipples, and the bumps of her garter belt. She looked like a prostitute, especially with the fuck-me-pumps she was wearing. Many of the girls whispered disparagingly that Jen's dress was too tight. The dress was tight on Jen even when was at her sleekest and firmest. But now, after gaining weight, the freezes over dress did nothing to hide the bulges around her tummy, ass and upper thighs. In fact the revealing dress emphasized the imperfections in her body.

Despite all that, the men still salivated at the sight of Jen. Part of it was her gorgeous movie star face and thick luxurious blonde hair. But a lot of it was the dress. When a painfully hot girl with a perfect tight body (the way Jen used to be) wears a dress like that, she's sending the message "I know I'm hot and you have no chance to get into my pants." But when a pretty girl with a not-so-firm body (the way Jen is now) wears such a tight dress even though it shows all her bulges and other imperfections, she's saying "I need it bad -- make a pass at me and I might suck your cock and let you cum on my face."

Jen didn't see any faces she knew and her nervousness grew, while at the same time her knees and hands trembled from drug withdraw. Then she saw Tyrone walking up to her. At first the sight of him scared her. But he had a friendly smile on his face and his arms out to embrace her. He hugged her, and even though he'd done terrible things to her, Jen felt comforted by his friendly greeting in this sea of strangers.

Tyrone led her to his table, away from everyone else. "You don't look good Jenny," he said, concern on his face and in his voice.

"I don't know what's happening to me," Jen said, tearing up. "I feel terrible."

"When was your last hit?"

"Almost a week ago."

"Oh baby, you should have called me sooner," Tyrone said in a soothing voice, squeezing her hand reassuringly. He opened a small wooden box. Inside were vials and needles. "This is the stuff you took last time. It'll make everything good again."

Jen looked scared. "Can't I just have some coke?" she asked in a little girl's voice.

Tyrone looked thoughtful. "Sure, if that's what you want," he said obligingly. "But is coke still doing it for you?"

Jen looked unsure. "The old stuff doesn't seem to do anything. But I liked the new coke you gave me."

He looked apologetic. "Baby, I'm all out of that," he said. He pointed at the box. "You take this shit, and as soon as I get more of the new coke I'll give you some." He was lying of course. He had bags and bags of the new cocaine stashed in his apartment and the back room of Ecstasy (he owed the place). But he wanted Jen completed addicted to drugs, and he knew if she took more heroin even the new coke wouldn't do anything for her anymore.

Jen felt unsure, but she nodded anyway. She let Tyrone teach her how to inject herself. Following his instructions, she pulled up her sleeve and injected herself with the powerful liquid drug. Immediately her world turned wonderful. "Oh my," she sighed, her head rolling back as the wonderful drug made all her worries go away. It was like clouds opening up and sunshine beaming down on her. It was happiness where before there was despair. She felt like herself again.

"You look better now," Tyrone said with a smile and friendly pat of her hand. He closed the box and handed it to her. "Here you go now. And next time you call me before you run out."

Jen looked surprised. "You don't want me to stay?" she asked awkwardly. She'd expected him to want sex with her (or something worse).

Up to that moment Tyrone had been treating her like a platonic friend. His face changed, and he gave her a lecherous, hungry grin. "I wish I had more time, you look stunning today," he said. Under the table he squeezed her thigh. "You look absolutely fantastic in this dress. But I have a meeting to go to."

Then he got up and held out his hand, helping her out of the booth. He escorted her through the bar. She was glad he did, as the men looked at her like they'd rape her if given the chance, but none of them dared approach with Tyrone at her side.

Tyrone hailed a taxi and gave her a kiss on the cheek, and suddenly she was back in a cab going home. But unlike her ride to Ecstasy, now she felt wonderful, nothing bad had happened, and she was holding a box full of more goodies. She couldn't believe how easy it'd been!

Her pussy ached though. As always, the hit got her horny, and heroin aroused her more than coke. She thought of calling Darius, but it was too late for that. She didn't have enough time to see him (even for a quickie) and still get home before Mike got home for work. She could always have sex with Mike tonight, but she knew that wouldn't satisfy her. She tried to cheer herself with the possibility of hooking up with Darius or another Stallion tomorrow, but that didn't help her now. She was so horny she was tempted to jump on the Mexican taxi driver who repeatedly looked at her in the rearview mirror.

As the taxi pulled into her driveway, she saw Zack walking into his house. He was a typical middle age man. Not ugly, but not handsome either. He wasn't terribly out of shape, but his body was soft and he had a big beer gut. She'd never thought of him as anything but her middle aged neighbor, and certainly had never had sexual thoughts about him. That is, until the other day.

Before getting out of the taxi, she put on her coat. She paid the taxi, but instead of walking into her house she walked over the Zack's. She rang the doorbell, thinking of an excuse if Millie opened the door.

But it was Zack who opened the door. He grinned when he saw here. Jen looked over his shoulder into the house. She didn't see Millie. She opened her coat slightly, letting him see what she was wearing. Any neighbors who might be looking would only see her talking to Zack in her long coat. Zack's grinned grew excitedly when he saw what Jen was wearing.

"Is Millie here?" she whispered.

He shook his head, his eyes greedily looking her body up and down. "No, still at her sister's."

"Well, are you going to invite me in?" she asked. He hurriedly moved to the side and she stepped in, closing the door behind her.

She threw her coat over the sofa and he stared at her. He couldn't believe Jen was in his house again. And the way she looked! He'd never seen her dressed this way! A wet dream come to life! Jen silently stood in front of him, letting him get an eyeful of her, like a queen letting her subject worship her.

Finally he asked, "Do you want a drink?" His throat was dry and he was so excited he found it hard to talk.

"No," Jen said. She pulled up her dress, shocking Zack. He gawked at the sight of her stocking tops, garter belt, and pantyless pussy. "I want you to fuck me." She turned and bent over the sofa. She arched her back like a porn star, giving him a good look of her upturned ass. "And hurry, I don't have much time."

Chapter 18

Jen pulled up her sleeve and injected herself with heroin. The pinch of the needle hurt at first, but the euphoria and ecstasy that immediately followed made it worth it. It always took her a moment to collect her wits after taking heroin. She closed her eyes and tried to get her breathing under control, holding onto the countertop for balance. Finally the initial rush passed, and she opened her eyes and released her grip on the basin. But the feelings of wonder and bliss remained, and they'd stay with her all day. She felt wonderful!

But she only had two vials left. She picked up the phone to call Tyrone. It was getting easier to call him. She'd gone back a few times now for re-fills, and each time he'd been friendly and nice. He gave her whatever she wanted, and typically she came home with both heroin and the new cocaine. She liked heroin better, it made her feel incredible. Coke didn't seem to do much for her anymore (even the new coke), so she stopped asking Tyrone for it.

But she didn't call Tyrone. Tonight was her night to party with the Stallions. She knew Tyrone would be there, so she'd get more stuff from him there.

She dressed and went into the den to kiss Mike goodbye. As always, he looked both melancholy and excited. "You're going to be with Darius?" he asked.

"You know I will be," she said with a flirty smile. Then she whispered into his ear, "Admit it, you'd be disappointed if I didn't end up with him tonight."

Mike smiled sheepishly. He moved his hand up his wife's leg, feeling the straps of her garter belt under her mini-skirt. He knew that by the end of that night Darius would be running his hands up his wife's legs. Jen saw hurt and anxiety in her husband's face, but also a tent in his pants. She inwardly sighed. "I'll see you later," she said, pulling away from his hand. At the last moment, feeling guilty, she leaned back in and gave him a quick kiss.

Jen waited outside the club for her dance instructor Teri. Teri arrived and the girls kissed each other hello. "I can't wait to meet your friends," Teri said excitedly.

"We call them Stallions," Jen giggled. She gave her friend a quick up-and-down look. Teri had a voluptuous body, and she knew how to show it off. The plunging neckline of her tight blouse showcased her fleshy cleavage, and her short skirt emphasized her lean dancer's legs. Teri had a pleasant face, but you wouldn't call her pretty. Still, with her tight young body and outgoing personality, Jen knew she'd be popular with the Stallions. Feeling anxious and insecure about her own body, she reluctantly curled her arm into Teri's and led her into the bar. "Come on, I'll introduce you around," she said with a forced smile.

"Hey babe," Darius said as Jen approached. He grabbed Jen around the waist and kissed her, but his eyes looked over her shoulder at the newcomer. Jen noticed. "This is my friend Teri," she said feeling uneasy.

"Hi Teri," Darius said, giving her a long look, focusing mostly on her ample chest. The three sat down at a table with Darius in the middle. He turned towards Teri and talked to her. Jen started feeling like a third wheel when she felt Darius's hand on her leg, moving up her thigh and under her skirt. She parted her legs slightly to give him easier accessed. Her face went hot as his hand traveled higher up her skirt.

Breathing hard, Jen glanced over at Teri. Her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes partially glazed over. Jen realized that Darius was also playing with Teri. The bastard, he sure works fast, Jen thought to herself. She squeezed her legs shut, pushing Darius's hand away. Darius didn't seem to mind, as now he had both hands to play with Teri. Angry and hurt, Jen stood and walked away. Almost immediately she ran into Tyrone.

"Hey Jenny," Tyrone said. He looked over Jen's shoulder at Teri. "Who's the new girl?" Tyrone asked.

"My friend Teri," Jen answered. Although still feeling put off by Darius, she had something she needed from Tyrone. "Um, Tyrone, can I come by and pick up more stuff?"

"Sure, sure, come on back," he said distractedly, still looking beyond Jen at Teri. Darius and Teri stood up to go dance. Teri pushed her skirt down and smoothed it as she stood. Nice tits, Tyrone thought to himself. He watched as Teri danced, his eyes on her ample chest. It was pretty clear her tits were fake. They didn't bounce at all as she danced. But she was a tall girl so her big tits, while clearly fake, still looked good on her.

Tyrone remembered Jen, still standing next to him. "Come on, my shit's in the back," he said with a chuckle.

In the back bar (reserved for Tyrone), Tyrone loaded a small box with a number of vials, then he added a bottle of red and blue pills. "What are those?" Jen asked.

In answer, Tyrone handed a red pill and a blue pill to Jen. "Something special for you," he said with a big smile.

"I'm high already," she said looking wary. "I shot up just before coming here."

Tyrone nodded reassuringly. "This cocktail will blow you away. It's better if you're already high." He handed her the 2 pills. She didn't want to take it, but she didn't feel like she had a choice, so she warily put them in her mouth and swallowed.

After a few moments, Jen's body began tingling as rapturous waves of euphoria washed over her. "Oh -- my -- god," she sighed, her head rolling back. "What is this?" she asked awestruck holding up the bottle.

"It's fucking expensive, that's what it is," Tyrone said laughing. He sat down into a booth and pulled Jen down next to him. The motion caused her skirt to ride high up her legs. He looked down and ran his fingers along her garter straps. "You've got fucking great legs, have I ever told you that?"

"Oh, you think so?" Jen said with a flirty smile, feeling extra playful and flirty from the drugs. She demurely crossed her legs and pulled down her skirt. "You don't think my skirt is too short, do you?" she asked with feigned innocence.

"Not short enough more like it," he said with a grin. He reached out and cupped her tits. "I hear you're getting new ones of these."

Jen gave him a playful scoff. "Typical man. All you care about are big breasts."

"The bigger the better," Tyrone joked back. He motioned at the main bar. "Like your friend Teri."

The drug induced euphoria cushioned against any sting Jen might otherwise feel from Tyrone's words. Instead, she giggled. "So you think I should get double Ds?"

He nodded. "You'd be every man's wet dream."

"I'm already every man's wet dream," she said with a playful smile. Pulling her blonde hair behind her neck, she lowered her head to his lap and wet down on him.

Chapter 19

(A few weeks later)

Veronica pulled Jen aside. "Jen, honey, are you expecting?" she asked, her eyes sparkling with thinly veiled amusement.

"What? Of course not!" Jen said, pulling away from her neighbor.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Veronica said, coughing to hide a giggle. "It's just, well, you look like you've gained weight."

Jen mumbled something, detaching herself from Veronica as fast as she could. She felt like crying. Was it that noticeable? She'd even worn a loose fitting dress. She glanced back, and saw Veronica giggling with other neighbor wives across the room. Were they all laughing at her?

"What's wrong Jen?" she heard behind her. Jen turned and saw it was Lilly, another neighbor.

Jen scowled at Veronica and the other neighborhood wives. "Veronica just asked if I was pregnant. That was so mean. I hate these neighborhood parties sometimes. People can be so mean and petty."

Jen expected sympathy from Lilly. After all, asking a woman if she was pregnant was a major no-no, every woman understood that. But she didn't get it. Instead, Lilly said in a judgmental voice, "Well, you bring it on yourself, you know."

"What?" Jen said, so surprised she practically took a step back.

"A lot of times I see you walking around in leotards and tights --"

Jen didn't know where this was going, but she interrupted to defend herself. "That's because I take dance class."

"I know, I know," Lilly said impatiently. "But you also wear short skirts and high heels." She waved her arm around the room. "You don't see anyone else dressed like that, do you? And I've seen the things you wear under your skirts. It's hard to miss sometimes when you cross your legs."

"What are you saying?" Jen said feeling dumbstruck.

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