tagLoving WivesHusband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 11

Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 11


Two months later ...

Jen felt nervous about tonight. She hated these neighborhood parties. She hadn't socialized with her neighbors since that last time, when she'd fucked Lilly's husband Kyle. That was enough to make her nervous. But also, she hadn't spoken to any of her neighbors since getting her boob job. Given the reaction she got the last time she'd spoken to the neighborhood wives, she wasn't looking forward to this evening.

She did her hair and makeup, her hands shaking a little. They always shook a little nowadays. She knew it was the drugs.

She picked up the lacy white bra and looked at it for a moment. It was heavier than her old bras, which looking back she realized had been little more than wisps of lacy fabric. Now, of course, she needed something more substantial to hold her breasts. Not that they needed holding up. Despite their large size they didn't sag at all. But if she didn't wear a bra they'd jiggle and her nipples would show. So she pulled her arms through the bra straps and then reached back and snapped the clasp. She immediately felt the weight of her new breasts on her shoulders from the bra straps. It was another reminder of how big they were. But really, the only reminder she needed was to look in the mirror.

They were huge, DDs. Since getting them, she always felt like she was tipping over. When nude, they didn't look natural on her small frame. They didn't look natural when she was dressed either. What she'd found since the operation, though, was men didn't care if they looked natural, they just liked big tits. So that was good, right?

She managed to get on her blouse and skirt before the shakes started. Not just trembling hands, but her whole body. She knew what was coming, the anguish, the despair, the misery. She quickly reached into her lingerie draw for the pill bottle. She took out a green pill and a yellow pill, and pressed them into her mouth. Her breathing calmed down, and her body stopped shaking. She felt better, a lot better. She loved the way the drugs made her feel!

Looking into the mirror, she liked what she saw. Her thick wavy blonde hair was longer now, almost down to her ass. Her face was still very pretty. Her big DD tits stretched her blouse, straining the buttons. Her knee-length skirt showed off her shapely long legs. Okay, maybe her hips and ass weren't as slim as before, but with her big tits it wasn't as noticeable.

On a whim, she decided to put on sexier lipstick, so she put on hot pink wet lipstick. Jen went back and forth about whether she liked her new fuller lips, how she felt typically depending on whether she was high or not. The fuller lips didn't take away from her pretty looks at all. They gave her a younger, pouty look. Dr. Sengupta said she'd signed off on the lip treatment, and on the larger DD breasts too, and he showed her a paper with her signature. Could she have signed the paper and not remembered, maybe when she was high? In the end, he agreed not to charge her anything, so what could she do? (he didn't want Jen to sue him, and anyway he made a lot of money from his arrangement with Tyrone).

Satisfied with the wet look of her pouty lips, she looked herself up and down, stopping at her feet. Smiling, she flipped off the flats she wore and put on high heels. Her skirt hid the thickness of her upper thighs while revealing her knees and calves which remained perfect, and they looked even better with high heels.

She smiled looking into the mirror, the drugs helping to make her feel confident and sexy. She knew the neighborhood wives like Veronica, Millie and Lilly would disapprove of what she was wearing (thinking it too sexy), but screw them! She had a great body and there was nothing wrong with showing it off, and if their husbands couldn't tear their eyes from her then that was their problem, not hers.

Entering the party, Mike and Jen immediately ran into Lilly and Veronica. Their eyes ran up and down Jen, going from her fuller lips, big breasts and what she was wearing.

"Wow, Jen, what a -- pretty blouse," Lilly said staring at Jen's chest.

"Yeah, ah -- is it new?" Veronica said, her eyes flitting between Jen's chest and lips. Before Jen could answer, the 2 neighborhood wives giggled and scampered away.

Jen's cheeks blushed red. Seeing his wife's distress, Mike hurriedly got 2 martinis. Jen swallowed it down as soon as Mike handed it to her. "Another one please?" Jen said handling the glass back to Mike.

"Are you sure you want another so fast?" Mike said concerned, already hearing Jen slur her words. But he knew it wasn't due to just the drink, he knew she was taking drugs too.

"Mike, just get me another one!" Jen snapped. "Oh, never mind, I'll get it myself!" she said annoyed, walking away. Despite the sting of his wife's rebuke, he couldn't help notice how every male eye turned her way as she walked to the kitchen. It had always been that way with Jen and men's attraction to her, and that was one of the reasons why he liked going to these neighborhood parties, the way the other husbands obviously lusted over his wife. Of course, Jen had handsome men like Darius wrapped around her finger, she wouldn't give these ordinary neighborhood husbands the time of day.

The kitchen was empty when Jen walked in. She looked through the bottles but didn't see any vodka.

"What are you looking for?" a voice behind her said. She looked back and saw it was Zack.

"Do you know if there's any more vodka?"

Zack smiled and reached for the cabinet behind her. He purposely brushed against her back and she felt his thick shaft rub against her ass. The memory of his thick cock made her shiver. Having retrieved a new bottle of Grey Goose, Zack made her a Cosmopolitan, looking her up and down as he did. A lecherous smile was on his face. "God you're fucking hot!" he whispered. He stared at her big chest like he wanted to eat her (which he did). "I think about the times we fucked all the time, and now you look even better! Any chance we could do it again?"

Jen scoffed and took the martini from him. "You don't waste any time, do you Zack?" she said in a chastising voice, but inside she was pleased by his admiration and lust of her. Besides, she had enjoyed fucking him, and at that moment her pussy was tingling with horniness (drugs always made her hot). She gave him a smile and brushed her hand across his crotch. "Maybe the next time Millie is away --" she whispered suggestively, and then like a cock tease she walked away.

As she did she ran into Lilly again. This time Lilly was with her husband Kyle. They were both smiling at each other, and Kyle was lovingly rubbing Lilly's pregnant stomach. They looked up when they saw Jen approach.

"So when are you due?" Jen asked Lilly, purposely being extra friendly. She felt bad about seducing Kyle at the last neighborhood party, and seeing them like this (a loving husband dotting on his pregnant wife) made her felt even more slutty and guilty.

"This month actually," Lilly said sourly at Jen. Then Lilly's face took on a catty look. "So Jen, is it hard to walk with those two big fake things on your chest?" Lilly gestured sneeringly at Jen's feet. "Especially when you wear those fuck-me shoes?"

Jen was speechless, which made Lilly gloat even more. Just then Lilly heard Millie call her name. "Honey, can you get me a glass of water?" she said rubbing Kyle's arm, giving him a quick kiss. Then with another sneer at Jen she walked back into the main party room.

"I don't know why she hates me," Jen said with a troubled look on her face. "I've never done anything to her." Then Jen remembered what she'd done with Kyle. "I mean --"

"It's okay," Kyle quickly answered, his voice low but reassuring. "I'm just as much to blame. She doesn't know what happened, of course." He looked Jen up and down, his cock growing in his pants. "I think Lilly hates you -- I think all the wives hate you -- because they don't look like you."

Jen looked at Kyle sharply. His compliment surprised her, considering how loving he'd just been to his pregnant wife. Kyle seemed to read Jen's mind, and said, "I know it's terrible, but I can't stop thinking about you."

Jen looked away, brushing her hair behind her ear. "Kyle, Lilly's about to have your baby."

"I know, I know," he said, guilt on his face. But there was something else there too, and Jen saw it -- desire. "Jen, are you -- I mean --." His throat was hoarse with lust. Looking around guiltily to make sure no one was looking or within earshot, he asked, "What are you wearing under your skirt?"

Jen couldn't help smiling. She knew the effect her legs had on men, especially leg lovers, and clearly Kyle was one of those. Reaching down, she pulled up her skirt just enough so her lacy stocking top showed. "Is this what you're wondering?" she whispered.

Kyle gaped at the sight, and began to practically pant. "God you're incredible!" he gushed. Once again he scanned around the room. Seeing no one close or looking, he feigned a confident debonair smile and whispered, "Feel like going out for a cigarette?"

Jen gave him a disbelieving smile. "Kyle, I never knew you were such a bad boy." She was tempted. Her pussy still ached from the horniness she always got when high. And she remembered that Kyle had a long cock. Not too thick, but definitely better than what she'd get with Mike later tonight at home. It was her turn to look around the room. Mike was nowhere around -- probably he was downstairs watching the football game. Then she saw Lilly, her face so happy with the glow of pregnancy, no doubt thinking about what a wonderful faithful husband she had.

Jen looked back at Kyle. "Where?" she whispered.

"In the garage, there's a workshop there," he said excitedly. He filled a glass with ice water. "I'll give this to Lilly, then I'll meet you there in 5 minutes."

A few minutes later Jen faced Kyle in the workshop. He moved to kiss her but she pushed him away. "Not so fast big boy," she said teasingly.

She pressed her big DD breasts together with her hands, just like she'd seen big titted porno stars do in the x-rated movies Mike always rented. "You want these, huh?" she said sultrily.

"God yes!" Kyle panted, her eyes locked on Jen's chest.

With a flirty smile Jen slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Kyle's cock got even harder in his pants as Jen's lacy white bra came into view, her new breasts practically spilling over the soft lacy edges. "Is this better?"

"Yes! Yes!"

Jen beamed inside as she watched the happily married man drool over her new breasts. "I haven't even taken my bra off yet," she thought to herself. She let her blouse fall off her shoulders and reached behind her, unsnapping her bra. She teasingly held the cups in place and said, "Do you want to see them?"

"God yes, please!" Kyle begged.

Jen thought of that bitch Lilly. "I could take him away from you if I wanted, it would be so easy," she thought to herself. Then she let the bra fall from her breasts.

"Oh god," Kyle moaned. Jen's breasts were huge and magnificent and perfect. They looked even bigger, enormous even, because of Jen's slight frame. They gracefully swooped down to her nipples, which were upturned, and then filled out to form gloriously wonderful DD breasts. Dr. Sengupta had done a wonderful job of keeping the natural form, shape and slope of Jen's breasts, just making them a lot bigger.

Kyle reached out to touch them but Jen batted his hands away. "I said not so fast," she said, then ordered, "Get on your knees big boy."

Kyle got on his knees immediately. Jen pulled up her skirt and put her foot on his shoulder, the pointy toe of her high heel digging into his shoulder. She pulled her panties to the side. "Eat me first," she ordered him.

The sight of Jen's completely bare pussy (with just a trimmed blonde landing strip above her clit) had Kyle salivating. It was so differed from Lilly, who trimmed her thick pubic hair only when they were going to the beach, and not since she'd gotten pregnant.

Kyle eagerly lapped at Jen's pussy, running the tip of his tongue up and down between her lips, rubbing the flat of his tongue against her clit. "Yeah, boy, that's right," Jen breathed, her excitement as much from Kyle's betrayal of his pregnant wife as his tongue on her clit. She put her hand behind his head and pushed against his mouth. "You love my body, don't you Kyle, don't you," she chanted, her eyes closed.

Kyle grunted assent, not taking his lips and tongue from Jen's love box. Although it felt good, Jen didn't think she'd cum from Kyle's tongue. She lowered her leg from Kyle's shoulder, breathing hard. Kyle wiped Jen's pussy juices across his sleeve. Jen pulled her skirt up around her waist. "Come on big boy," she taunted him. "You wanted this, didn't you? Come and get it."

Kyle didn't have to be asked twice. He eagerly pulled out his cock and bent at the knees to be at the right angle, and then he thrust hard upward, both of them grunting as his cock penetrated her pussy.

"Yeah, yeah," Jen moaned as Kyle fucked her with his long cock. She hadn't had anyone inside her except Mike since before her boob job, and she missed the feel of a big cock inside her. "Do you think my body's hot? Do you, do you? Do you love fucking my hot body?"

"Fuck yes! Yes, yes!" Kyle cried, beyond caring if anyone heard.

"You love fucking me better than your wife? Don't you? You love fucking me better than Lilly?"

"Yeah, yeah! Your body's made to fuck, a whore's body, a fucking cheap whore's slutty body!"

"Wait, what?" Jen said. "What?" she repeated, pushing against Kyle's chest.

But Kyle was too far gone, he didn't stop. "You're a dirty slutty whore, I love fucking you!" Kyle cried. "Lilly's not dirty like you, she's not a dirty slut like you, you're made to fuck!" Then Kyle groaned and he came, pumping a huge load of his cream into Jen's pussy.

A few minutes later, as Jen fixed her stockings and pulled down her skirt, she asked, "What was that about?" She was annoyed both by what he'd said, and also she hadn't cum.

Kyle saw the annoyance in Jen's face but he didn't understand at first. Then he realized what she was talking about. "You mean the dirty talk?" He looked apologetic. "I'm sorry, I thought you liked that."

"Yeah, but ---." Jen didn't know how to explain what was bothering her. "Made to fuck? Cheap whore? What did you mean by that? You were playing right?"

Kyle didn't understand what Jen was getting at. Was this part of her game? "I don't know, I mean -- well, look at you," he said, gesturing at her chest. Then he realized how long they'd been gone. "Shit, I've got to get back!" He looked down, like a shy boy. "Maybe we can get together again?" he asked timidly. Giving Jen a weak smile, he did a half wave and then hurriedly left to go back to Lilly.

Jen followed Kyle a few minutes later, still feeling bothered. As she walked she could feel Kyle's spunk running out of her, he'd cum that much. Feeling the wetness on her thighs made her feel cheap and dirty. Also, her pussy still throbbed since she hadn't cum.

"Where'd you go?" Mike asked when he saw her.

Jen didn't want to deal with her husband right now. "I don't know Mike, where'd you go?" She snapped back. "I'm going home," she added, and Mike followed her.

The neighborhood wives were around the door. Lilly seemed to be the center of attention, which made sense since she was giving birth soon. Some of the wives rubbed her big tummy, and Kyle had his arm affectionately around her. Jen looked at him but he didn't return her look. Jen felt guilty, like a home wrecker.

Jen walked straight to the door without saying anything, wanting to get away. Mike said their goodbyes. Just as Jen opened the door, Lilly called out, "Bye Barbie."

"What?" Jen asked.

"I said bye Barbie," Lilly repeated, and then all the neighborhood wives giggled.

Mike felt sorry for his wife. Because of her beauty, all her life she'd fought against the image of being a dumb blonde. But then, she only had herself to blame, what with getting such big breasts, pouty lips, and letting her blonde hair grow so long. In truth, she did look like Barbie.

Jen turned and hurried away, clearly upset. Mike rushed to follow her.

At home, Jen was near to tears as she undressed. She considered herself a classy lady. Yes she was pretty, yes she was sexy and desirable, yes she could wrap men around her finger, but she wasn't what Kyle called her, a "dirty slutty whore with a body made to fuck," and she wasn't a dumb blonde Barbie. But looking in the mirror, having undressed to just her thigh high stockings and high heels, she realized she did look like a Barbie, and thinking back to what she'd done with Kyle, and other men like Darius and Tyrone and Kyle (the Stallion), she knew she was a dirty slut.

Mike had forgotten about the Barbie comment. His eyes were on the moisture between his wife's legs. "Who'd you fuck?" he asked. He wasn't mad. If anything he was surprised, and definitely excited.

Jen scowled at her husband. She wasn't up for any of his games tonight. "I'm going to bed," she said, walking passed him towards their bed. She kicked off her high heels and began rolling the stockings off her long legs.

"You fucked someone tonight. Who?" It surprised Mike that Jen would give any of the neighborhood husbands the time of day, but what bothered him was not that his wife had fucked one of them, but that she hadn't immediately told them. After all, that was the quid pro quo of their game, right? She could screw whoever she wanted but she had to tell him about it.

Jen felt angry and impatient. "It was Kyle, okay?" she admitted angrily as she finished rolling her stockings off her legs. "You want to know all the details? Okay, here they are. He's got a big cock and I fucked him because otherwise I'd only have you to get me off tonight. And you want to know something else? Not only is his cock bigger than yours, but he can eat pussy better than you. So you're basically worthless to me. How's that, are you happy now?"

She looked down at Mike's crotch. He had an erection. She looked at him with contempt. "My god you're pathetic!" She threw her stockings at his face. "If you're horny you can get off with those tonight!"

She got into bed and pulled the cover high up, rolling over away from Mike. Mike heard her crying, but he knew better than to try to comfort her. Eventually he heard her regular breathing and knew she'd fallen to sleep. Feeling disgusted with himself, he wrapped his wife's worn stockings around his cock and masturbated, fingering the parts of the lacy stocking tops wet with Kyle's spunk.

Chapter 22

Jen felt terrible the next morning, but then nowadays she always felt terrible after waking up. She no longer hesitated. She immediately shot heroin up her arm, and took a pair of green and yellow pills. This was her routine now, and the drug cocktail always made her feel so much better.

After taking the drugs, it was like the party last night had never happened. She didn't have a care in the world. She was beautiful and had a sexy body, and men drooled when they saw her, especially when they imagined fucking her big tits or with her pouty lips around their cock.

She did feel bad about how she'd treated Mike last night. She called him, but he didn't answer. She shrugged. It didn't really matter, Mike was easy. Tonight she'd be nice to him, tell him all about how Kyle had fucked her. He'd play with himself as she told him how bad she'd been and then he'd be happy again.

Until then, she needed to take care of herself. Taking drugs and getting high always made her super horny. She crawled onto her bed, reaching into her nightstand for her dildo. The dildo was about the same size as Darius. She began by caressing her tummy and upper thighs, and then circling her pussy with her finger tips (but not touching her clit yet). She reached up and cupped her new breasts. Their bigness and fullness made her ecstatic, she'd always longed for big breasts.

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