Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 11


Her nipples tingled, but it wasn't a good tingle. She'd lost sensitivity there. It used to be, a touch of her nipple was like an electric shock of pleasure to her clit. Before her boob job, it hadn't been unusual for her to cum just by stimulation of her nipples. But now her nipples were mostly numb, and she could only feel a slight tingling.

But she still had her clit, and she went to work on it. She put lubricant on the dildo and pushed the head inside her pussy. Then, moving the dildo in and out of her pussy with one hand, she rubbed her clit with her other. She fantasized about fucking Kyle last night, with his bitchy wife Lilly not 50 feet away. Then her fantasies turned to Darius, looking up into his handsome face as he fucked her with his glorious cock.

After 10 minutes of furiously rubbing her clit she stopped, frustrated at not having cum yet. After resting for a moment she rubbed herself again, starting slow. Out of habit she brought her other hand to her breast to rub her nipple at the same time as her clit. That always worked, working her nipple and clit at the same time, it always made her cum. At least it used to.

But as she touched her nipple, she felt the dull tingle, the numbness. She rubbed her clit faster and pinched her nipples hard, her frustration growing, but she couldn't cum, it was like the numbness of her nipples was like a barrier to an orgasm, like the desensitizing of her nipples also desensitized her clit.

This wasn't the first time this had happened. Since getting her double Ds, it'd been hard for her to reach orgasm. Last night she hadn't cum with Kyle. She felt like screaming in frustration! She was so horny, she needed the release of an orgasm. She tried again, concentrating and biting her lip as she rubbed her clit, giving up on her nipples and instead grasping the dildo and moving it back and forth, her eyes watering with tears as the more she tried the farther away an orgasm seemed.

At that moment, Mike was downtown in a Starbucks, looking into the distance as his coffee got cold. What was going on between him and Jen? She didn't seem to care about him anymore. Was she going to leave him for Darius? Clearly she loved Darius, and she was remaking herself to please Darius. First it was the tattoo. Then the bigger breasts and lips. That wasn't even counting all the drinking and drugs.

In a way, he was relieved she'd had sex with Kyle last night. In a strange way it seemed to say that maybe she wasn't so committed to Darius that she would leave him. But why hadn't she told him about it, and why had she been so irritated and angry at him when he'd asked?

Mike was brought out of his reverie by a tap on his shoulder. "Hi Mike."

Mike looked up. It was Tina. He hadn't seen her in months. "Hi Tina, what are you doing downtown?"

"My divorce was finalized today, Bill and I signed the papers," Tina said. Suddenly she began to cry. "I'm sorry," she said when concern spread over Mike's face. "Bill was a real shit, but we were together forever -- I'm close to 40, I don't have a husband, I don't have any kids, I'm not sure what I'm going to do."

Mike immediately hugged her to comfort her. "Come on, it's not so bad," he said reassuringly. "First off, you've not close to 40. What are you, 35? You've got a long way to 40."

"And you know what else?" Mike asked, extending his arms so he could look at Tina. "You're a knock-out, you always have been, men will be standing in line to go out with you." Mike did think Tina looked great. A natural brunette, it looked like she had highlighted her hair, because it seemed lighter. She had large breasts, and they seemed perkier today (Mike didn't know Tina had gotten a lift a few months ago). Tina wasn't as pretty as Jen, but she certainly was attractive, and at least her eyes didn't have that drugged up glassy look like Jen seemed to always have nowadays. Tina's skirt was short and showed a lot of her legs, and she wore hose. Tina's legs weren't as slim and shapely as Jen's, but they were certainly good to look at.

Tina smiled at Mike's compliment, wiping her tears away with her hand. "I admit, I wore this dress today so Bill would see what he's missing."

Mike grinned. "Did it work?"

"The bastard made a pass at me," she said with a scowl, but then she giggled. "So I guess it did work."

Then Tina noticed the unhappiness on Mike's face, and she sensed what it was about. "Jen's still dating Darius?"

Mike nodded, his eyes downcast. "More than ever. And taking drugs too."

"I'm sorry I ever introduced her to those guys," she said regretfully. "I'm sorry about the video room, encouraging Jen to go out more, everything."

"Don't Tina, it's not your fault. It's not even Jen's fault. It's my fault. You know how perverted I am. I'm the one who caused all of this."

Tina put her hand affectionately on Mike's cheek. "Jen's so lucky to have a man like you."

A couple of weeks later, Jen finished dressing. She felt nervous. She hadn't seen Darius or any of the other Stallions since before her boob job (she'd wanted to heal before seeing them), and she worried about what they'd think. Earlier that week she'd bought a new dress. Actually, since the boob job she'd needed all new tops and dresses because none of her old clothes fit with her new DD breasts.

But this was a special dress by one of her favorite designers (Fendi). It had a tight scoop top, so it did a wonderful job of showing off her two new favorite assets. It flared out at her waist and ended at her knees, so it hid the weight she'd gained around her waist, hips and upper thighs, but showed off the rest of her shapely legs. Looking in the mirror, she loved how the dress looked on her. It had cost a small fortune and Mike had frowned when he got the bill, but the least he could do was buy her clothes that made her feel good about herself.

Jen checked in on the kids (they were already asleep) and then went to see Mike. "I'm off," she said.

"You look great!" Mike gushed looking Jen up and down. He preferred the way his wife used to look, her slim ballerina body, but like all men he could appreciate big tits. Then he noted her glassy eyes. "You're high again, aren't you?" he asked in concern.

"Mike, just stop!" Jen snapped irritably. "I've told you, I'm fine!"

"Okay, okay," Mike said soothingly, not knowing what else to say. "When do you think you'll be home?"

Jen inwardly sighed. She'd gotten tired and even irritated with the games he liked to play. She gave him a tight smile. "Late -- you shouldn't wait up." Then the doorbell rang and she turned for the door. "That's my taxi," she said, not bothering to give Mike a goodbye kiss.

Mike gloomily watched her go. He'd notice she wasn't wearing her wedding ring. She hardly ever did anymore. But, despite all his concerns, he felt himself getting excited. He felt disgusted with himself as his cock stiffened in his pants.

Riding to the city in the taxi, Jen felt a stab of guilt of how she'd treated her husband. But couldn't he understand she was nervous about seeing Darius and the rest of the Stallions? She was also going out of her mind horny, and that was adding to her frustration and irritation.

She nervously rubbed her legs together, her nylons making a swish-swish sound. Her pussy ached, and she knew she was already moist down there. She thought longingly of Darius. She missed him, missed his wonderful body, missed his popularity, missed how it felt to be on the arm of a man everyone looked up to. She wanted him again, she wanted to be popular again, to be in the "in crowd." It hadn't gone so well the last time she'd seen him, all because of that conniving bitch Teri. She couldn't get over how Teri had betrayed her, after all, it had been Jen who had introduced Teri to the Stallions.

But she knew Darius was fickle when it came to girls. Jen couldn't deny that Teri had a good body. But Teri wasn't nearly as pretty as her, and now Jen's tits were just as big as Teri's.

Jen was confident she could win Darius back. She knew she looked good, especially in her new designer dress. Her face was just as pretty as ever, and sexier too with her fuller, pouty lips. Her legs were still great (even despite the thickness in her upper thighs), and now she had big boobs.

She remembered how Darius had asked her to leave Mike and move in with him. She'd given that a lot of thought, and if Darius asked again she'd say yes. Of course, she wouldn't really move in with him. Instead, she'd spend most nights with him, and then go home during the days. Her kids were young enough not to notice.

Mike wouldn't like it -- he was so conflicted about her relationship with Darius -- but he'd eventually agree, just like he always did with anything she wanted to do. More than any other man, she had Mike wrapped around her finger. All she had to do was bat her eyelashes at him, or flash a little stocking top, and he'd agree to do whatever she wanted.

Just like the last time she was here, there was a long line to get into the club. She went to the front of the line and saw the same bouncer as last time. She sultrily looked up at him though her eyelashes. "Remember me?"

Jen was pretty enough that he did remember her. He looked her up and down, his eyes resting on her ample cleavage. But only super hotties got to cut the line, and this chick wasn't a super hottie. Her face, while pretty, revealed her age (the bouncer thought she looked like a young 40 -- he didn't know she was only 35). And while she had big tits, they were clearly fake (which was a big strike against qualifying as a super hottie), and the loose cut of her dress from the tits down were clear giveaways that she was hiding some wobbly flesh, definitely a no-no if you wanted to be a super hottie.

The bouncer shook his head. "Back of the line," he commanded.

Jen heard laughs and catcalls from the people in the line. Three guys at the front of the line were particularly heckling her. They looked to be in their early 20s, maybe recent college grads. One was skinny with pimples all over his face. One was fat with long greasy hair. The third was fat and had a pockmarked face, and he smelled like he hadn't showered in a week.

Jen couldn't believe she was being jeered by losers like this. She glanced around nervously, hoping no one she knew saw her. It would be too humiliating if she got in only on the coat tails of someone she knew, like Teri last time.

She got close to the bouncer. "Please!" she begged, whispering so only he could hear. "I'll -- I'll blow you if you let me in."

The bouncer looked Jen up and down again. It was pretty common for him to get propositioned like this. A lot of the girls in line right now would go down on him to cut the line, and almost all of them were a lot younger and had tighter bodies than this MILF. But this blonde chick WAS very pretty. And she had sexy pouty lips that gave her a slutty, Alice in Wonderland look. And she was desperate. He liked girls who were desperate.

Making a decision, the bouncer motioned at another bouncer to take his place. Then the bouncer took Jen's arm. "Let's go," he said, moving so fast Jen almost stumbled in her high heels.

More laughs, shouts and catcalls came from the line. The deal Jen had struck with the bouncer was clear to everyone, especially the way the bouncer was dragging Jen into the club. It was humiliating, but Jen told herself that all would be okay once she had Darius's arm around her. Then everyone would see how popular she was. She'd be the homecoming queen again, she'd be the captain of the cheerleaders, she'd be the one everyone envied, and they'd be the ones kissing her feet to get any of her attention.

The bouncer shoved Jen into a small storeroom and roughly pushed her down onto her knees. "Hurry up, I don't have all day," he said as he pulled out his dick.

The bouncer's cock wasn't very large, which didn't match the rest of his body because he was a big man (well over 6 feet and very muscular). His cock was set in a thick patch of black pubic hair, and he smelt musty down there, attesting to the fact that soap and water weren't among his best friends. Jen wrapped one hand around his shaft and swallowed his cock head into her mouth. With her other hand she caressed the back of his thigh and his ass. She was pleased when she heard him moan, her ministrations having their intended effect.

She sucked and stroked him, using all her skills, hoping to get him off fast. After a few minutes, the bouncer pulled his cock out of her mouth. He lifted her so she sat on a tall box. "What are you doing?" she said surprised.

"Now I'm gonna fuck you!" he growled, pulling her dress up around her waist.

"No!" Jen cried as the bouncer shoved his cock into her pussy, taking her bareback. He fucked her hard, roughly groping her new DD breasts. "You think I'm sexy, right?" Jen asked as he fucked her and mauled her tits.

"Sure, whatever," the bouncer grunted uncaringly, then he covered Jen's mouth with his, wanting to kiss her pouty lips, and thrusting his tongue down her throat.

After it was over, to add insult to injury, the bouncer made Jen pay the cover before he would let her go into the club. After the bouncer finally left, Jen pulled down the skirt of her dress and went to the bathroom, her eyes watering with tears. Luckily no one saw her, so she had a few minutes of privacy to pull herself together. She pulled up her dress and did her best to wipe up the bouncer's spunk from her pussy and upper thighs. Then she straightened her dress. Luckily the bouncer hadn't soiled her new dress. Wiping away the tears, she fixed her hair and makeup.

But her body shook with the humiliation and violation she'd just experienced. Needing something to pull herself together, she reached into her purse and took a pair of green and yellow pills. The pills calmed her down and she felt better, as if the bouncer had violated a different girl, not her. She left the bathroom, feeling high and at the top of the world again, but also feeling tipsy and swaying in her high heels.

As usual, the Stallions were camped out in the center of the club where everyone else could see them. She walked up to Darius. "Hi cowboy," she said with her drug enhanced confidence, her hand on his arm.

Darius turned. "Well, look who's here. Haven't seen you in a while." He looked her up and down, his eyes focusing on her chest. "I see you're the new and improved Jen."

Jen heard the interest in Darius's voice and glanced away, pretending indifference. She knew how to play this game. She looked around. "I don't see Teri."

Darius shrugged, keeping his eyes on Jen. "She's old news," he said dismissively.

Despite the coarseness of Darius's declaration, Jen's heart leaped. As she'd predicted, Teri (despite her big tits and tight body) hadn't been pretty enough to hold Darius's attention for long. Jen's spirits lifted because she knew she had a chance to get Darius back.

Jen didn't know that, at that moment, Teri was crying her eyes out. Weeks ago, Teri had moved in with Darius, breaking up with her longtime boyfriend Justin (who'd asked Teri to marry him). Screwing with other people's lives was Darius's thing, and it wasn't enough that he manipulated Teri into breaking up with her longtime boyfriend. For the past month he'd fucked Teri non-stop. He'd enjoyed it -- she had a great body (from the neck down) and was an energetic lover -- but mostly he'd done it to knock her up. Teri was allergic to the pill and relied on condoms. But in love with Darius and having moved in with him, she wasn't as diligent as usual and more than a few times she'd let Darius fuck her bareback, and Darius always took the opportunity to shoot his seed deep inside her fertile womb, hoping to impregnate her. Last week, Teri told Darius she was pregnant. Darius immediately got hard and fucked her. Then, the next day, he broke up with her. Teri was only now realizing what a scumbag Darius was, and how wonderful Justin had been. But her strong religious beliefs didn't allow her to get an abortion. How could she get back together with Justin while pregnant with another man's baby? Darius had planned all of this, of course, and he got hard whenever he thought about it.

Trying to look confident but with butterflies in her stomach, Jen looked back and caught Darius checking out her cleavage. Emboldened, she said (trying to sound nonchalant), "Maybe we can get together tonight."

Darius smiled lustfully at her. "How about now?"

Jen's confidence and self-esteem soared! She WAS still hot and desirable to handsome men like Darius! "I haven't even had a drink yet!" she said merrily.

"No problem, you get yourself a drink," Darius said. "I've got to talk to some people, then I'll meet you back here."

Jen frowned as Darius hurried away. In the past, he'd always gotten all her drinks. In fact, she couldn't remember the last time she'd gotten her own drink.

She looked around and saw the other Stallions looking at her. "Look all you want, but you'll never get into my pants, you had your chance," she thought to herself. Then she saw the Stallions' girls looking at her and whispering to each other. "You're just jealous of me," Jen thought to herself. "Now I've got big tits to go along with my pretty face and great legs, I've got everything, including Darius."

One of the girls -- her name was Mandy, and she was about 23 -- approached Jen. "Still a party girl, huh Jen?" Mandy asked, noticing Jen's glassy eyes. She looked Jen up and down, and added cattily, "Nice dress though. Fendi, right? I'm surprised you had the money for it, after buying your new tits and lips."

Jen's eyes narrowed. "You're just jealous," she answered back.

"Yeah right," Mandy laughed derisively. She arched her back, as if showing off her young tight body in her body hugging mini-dress. She leaned closer to Jen and lowered her voice, but everyone close could hear. "Next time you get nicked and tucked, don't forget the liposuction."

Mandy triumphantly walked away and rejoined her friends, all of them laughing at Jen. Jen saw that Christy was in that group too, although she was frowning. Jen turned away, her cheeks red. "They're all just jealous," she told herself again. "I'm the one going home with Darius, not any of them."

Jen turned her back on the Stallions and their girls and went to the bar. She ordered a Cosmopolitan. Just then Tyrone came up beside her. "Where have you been Jenny?" he asked in a friendly voice. He looked her up and down, his eyes on her big breasts and full, pouty lips. "You look good, Jenny girl, real good. How about you and I do the dance tonight?"

"Um -- well -- I'm going out with Darius tonight," Jen said nervously, still afraid of the black drug dealer.

But her fears eased when he shrugged and smiled at her. "No worries, Jenny girl, maybe next time."

Jen smiled back, relief on her face. Feeling more confident, she said, "Um, Tyrone, I was wondering if, well, if I could buy things from you with money, you know, instead of ..."

Tyrone's face clouded. "You think you're too good to party with me, is that it?"

"No, no, that's not what I'm saying," Jen said hurriedly. She grabbed his armed and pressed herself against him. "I LOVE partying with you," she said in her most sultry voice. Then she stammered, "It's just your friends -- I mean, I don't --- I mean ..."

Tyrone grinned. "Okay Jenny, I get you," he said in a friendly voice. He reached over and grabbed Jen's ass. "Next time though, you're my date, you hear?"

"Of course," Jen said sultrily, again pressing her new big tits against his arm.

Tyrone reached into his pocket and showed her a plastic container of green and yellow pills. "You need some of these?"

Jen's eyes lit up. She did need some of the magic pills, she was almost all out. "Yes!" she said reaching for them.

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