tagFetishHusbands Panties Lead to a Surprise

Husbands Panties Lead to a Surprise


This weekend actually took place about 4 months before Steve's business trip to Las Vegas. It was suggested by someone on Literotica who likes to read about the panty play that my husband and have enjoyed together for almost the last year. This all started with a funny idea and a single pair of panties I bought Steve on a shopping trip together and it has turned into a part of our daily routine (a very good part).

Steve was wearing panties everyday of the week at this point. We had shopped for panties for him together a couple of times, I had sent him on a couple trips to the mall with orders of what I wanted him to buy, and I still enjoyed bringing him panties home just as a surprise because I knew how much he liked them. He had bought a couple of sex toys for me and I for him and we were just getting comfortable using them on each other. I had a large jelly dildo that filled me up just as well as his cock, but when he used the dildo on me, I had the added benefit that he could use his tongue on my clit at the same time. This was heaven. He had also bought me a very nice rabbit vibrator and a "G-spot" stimulator. I would have never guessed that I would have owned, much less enjoyed these toys two years ago.

Steve also had a small toy collection, he had a blue jelly masturbation sleeve that I would use on him certain times of the month as well as when I just wanted to watch him make himself cum. Lately I enjoyed watching him make himself cum in his panties, it was easy he was very good at it. I would have him change into a sexy pair of panties and then I would hand him a second pair of panties to rub his cock with. The feeling of satin rubbing over satin must feel pretty good, because it always did the trick. I could get him hard as a rock again in about 5 minutes and then I had a good 30 minutes of sex before he was ready to shoot his load again.

Anyway, he also had a pair of butt plugs that we had just started using to try to find his prostate gland, the male version of the clitoris or "G-spot". The small one never seemed to do the trick, but it did prepare him for the medium sized one. It was made soft jelly material and it was about 5 inches long and maybe an inch and a half around at the widest part. It had a small head and the body got larger and then tapered into a base that was meant keep it from going in too far. My only problem was that it was very hard to keep it in place once I took my hands off of it.

I tried several different things to help hold it in, the best of which was pretty simple and effective, but not always the most convenient. I would have him put on a pair of bikini panties before we started making out. When the time was right, I would have him either lay on his back, or get on his hands and knees and pull the back of his panties to the side. I would lubricate the buttplug from the tip to the base and then tease his ass with a little bit of the KY jelly and before he knew it, there it was, in all the way up to the base. It was just long enough to rub his prostate when it was in all the way, but it would often work its way out when we started having sex. I used to just reach back and push it in, but that was not what I wanted to be doing when I was trying to find my orgasm so I had an idea. I had him put a thong on over his bikini panties and it did the trick.

Now, I could get on top of him and thin piece of fabric from the thong would hold it in place while I rode him or he had me missionary style. I would just pull the front of his panties to the side and it was perfect. But one day I received an email from one of you with a suggestion and it really did the job and gave me a great idea for something else, which if you have read my other stories, I am sure you can figure out.

So back to that weekend that happened several months ago. Steve and I had an average week I would say. Nothing special planned for the weekend, one of our children was going to be at a sleepover on Saturday night and there was plenty of football to be watched on television. We had sex on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights so it was no surprise that we didn't on Friday. Saturday rolled around and it was a little after noon and our oldest son was ready to go to his sleepover so I took the kids and headed out. I dropped him off headed to Target on Santa Monica Blvd to do some household shopping. I had finished finding the paper towels and dish soap and was looking for myself when I came across the bathing suits that were on sale because the end of the season was going to be here before long. The selection was still pretty good and I picked a nice, modest bikini for myself for next year. It was then that I remembered the email I had received and I thought 'What a perfect way to give it a try!'

I made my purchases and headed home, unloading the groceries and our youngest wanted to play out back with a neighbor, so I had a little bit of time alone to work on my little surprise for tonight. That evening before dinner I pulled Steve into the bedroom and pushed him down on the bed.

"Strip if you know what is good for you, and do it quickly," I ordered.

"I know that you are what is good for me, what do you have in mind between now and the time our dinner burns in about 5 minutes?"

"Look Pantyboy, just get your pants off now." He undid his button and zipper and I pulled his shorts off and left him laying there in his panties and t-shirt. They were a cute white pair with a little yellow bow and some shimmer from the rayon that made them sparkle just enough to make them sexy. His cock was bulging and his panties outlined it nicely.

"Your panties are cute, but take them off also and do it quickly, be sure to keep your hands off of yourself." He smiled and pulled his panties down and tossed them at me. I slapped his ass for the fun of it and reached inside of my bag and handed him what I had been working on for the last hour or so. They looked like a pair of yellow bikini panties with a ruffled waistband, but when he took them from me, I could see he was a little confused.

"Is this the bottom of a bathing suit" he asked?

"No honey, it is what you are going to be wearing under your shorts to dinner tonight and you will love every minute of it, I promise."

Upon closer inspection he noticed that I had cut a hole out where his cock was going to be sticking out the front of it.

"Okay, now I am really a little confused, what the hell is this?"

"Just lay your ass back on the bed and pull them up so I can see if they are going to work or not. If you don't, you are going to find yourself wearing the matching top under your shirt," I said with a straight face. He took the bikini bottoms in both hands and pulled them up over his waist and I could see his cock getting hard again. I reached in the waistband and grabbed his member, sticking it out through the hole that I had just created. I had done so with a pair of scissors and my skills with a needle and thread. I had folded the newly created edge back on itself and made a new seam that would keep the fabric together and my nice hole in perfect shape for later. It really did look a little funny having his cock stick out the front his new bikini bottoms, but I knew he would like it. The fabric was much thicker than any of the panties he had and there was a lot more stretch to them as well.

"Stand up and spin for me so I can see your backside as well."

He got off the bed, with a fully erect cock and did a quick spin for me. The size was perfect and I knew that they were going to do the job. I picked his panties back up off the floor and handed them back to him.

"Good, now put these back on over your new bikini, I can't have your pecker sticking out at the dinner table, can I?" I asked with a smile.

He bent over and pulled the white satin panties over his yellow bikini. His dick was now sticking straight up, but his panties were keeping it check so it was not sticking straight out anymore.

"Now, turn around and bend over the bed, quickly." I reminded him again. He turned around and bent over placing both elbows on the edge of the bed. With that I grabbed his medium buttplug from next to the bed as well as the tube of KY jelly. I lubed its full length and told Steve, "Now reach back with your hands and pull your panties to the side and spread your cheeks apart for me to make this a little easier, I don't want to get too much of this on my hands yet."

He knew what was coming and he rested his chest on the bed and reached back behind himself. He used his right hand to pull his panties and bikini bottom to the side, exposing my target for me. Without warning I pressed the cool tip of the butt plug against him and in one firm motion I slipped the entire length inside of him.

"Whoa, that is cold!!" he yelled and he fell forward on the bed reflexively letting go of his panties to catch himself. I reached behind him and fixed his bikini and panties so they were covering his ass again, with the butt plug resting snugly in place. I pressed my fingers against his ass just to be certain it was in nice and deep and I was very pleased with how well the bikini bottom was holding it in place.

"Get dressed, dinner will be on the table in just a minute, be sure to wash your hands," I told him. Dinner that night was very pleasant except I noticed that Steve was wiggling in his seat a little more than normal, but it was understandable. After we had all finished I sent our son up to take his bath and Steve started washing the dishes. I walked up behind him and reached down the back of his pants and grabbed the base of the butt plug through his panties and bikini. I slowly started pulling it out and then pushing it in as much as the tight bikini would allow me to. With my left hand I reached around the front of his pants and slid it down the front of his panties, grabbing his cock. I could feel his precum on the top of my hand that had soaked through the front of his panties.

I started the conversation, "You know what, my pussy really needs a good licking tonight Steve and these panties I made for you are really special. I think that you owe me that. Do you think you can lick me through my panties until I cum?"

"Oh yes..I think that is the least I can for such a good wife," he replied.

Steve turned around and lowered the zipper of my skirt but I grabbed his hand to keep him from doing any more. "Nope, you need to finish the dishes and get someone into bed.....I'll be waiting in the bedroom for you."

I had at least twenty to thirty minutes to myself and I took the time to get ready for what I had asked for. I hoped in the tub and cleaned myself, paying particular attention to pussy. My soapy fingers made their way inside of me and I was surprised how wet I already was. I couldn't help but rub my clitoris for a minute while I soaked in the warm water. I knew that I could make myself cum, and I was tempted, but resisted the urge and instead I shaved my pussy and ass in anticipation of the feeling of thousands of taste buds making their way across my smooth skin.

I finished and dried off and picked out a nice pair of sheer yellow panties. Steve had bought these for me a while ago, but I had never worn them for him. They were 100% sheer mesh, including the crotch, which meant that my entire pussy was visible through the sheer fabric. The waist band was a lacy ruffle and there were several rows of lace across the back. I laid on the bed and waited another five minutes before Steve walked through the door. I was laying on the bed spread eagle with nothing on but my yellow panties. He walked through the door and his eyes went immediately to my panties and of course, my pussy.

"Strip, but leave your panties on, both pairs, I don't want that thing inside quite yet," I ordered. He stripped down to his panties that were still holding his firm cock in place. I pointed to my pussy and said, "There it is, why don't you hurry up and get busy. You have a job to do."

He lay at the foot of the bed and then positioned himself between my legs. My thin yellow panties were only a few inches from his lips and I could feel the warmth of each breath on my pussy through the fabric. I was so smooth under my panties that they lay perfectly flat and outlined my pussy nicely. I traced my fingers over my panty covered pussy lips and could feel them swelling as I stroked the soft panties. I could feel the crevice between my lips easing open as I rubbed myself a little harder.

"Lick my pussy Steve, make me cum," I told him as I sat up just enough to move my hands to the back of his head and pull his face within an inch of my waiting pussy. I looked down and could see a wet spot forming where his mouth would soon be. I so wanted to just turn him over and fuck his face with my pussy. I spread my legs a little more and my lips opened a little more and my panties stretched a little tighter pressing my pussy firmly against the transparent mesh fabric.

I lay back again and pulled his head closer to me and I could feel his tongue make contact with the thin mesh fabric. His hands worked their way behind and then underneath me until he was grabbing my ass firmly. His nose pressed against panties as he began licking me. The tip of his tongue was soon sliding between my lips pushing my wet panties deeper and deeper inside of me. His tongue began licking in circles and he would pause and suck my lips and clitoris. I then felt one of his hands move from my ass to my pussy and stroked my clitoris just right, making it swell and the tip barely stuck out giving his tongue the access that he was looking for.

I sat up again in the bed and shifted position so I could reach Steve a little better. I could see the waistband of his panties and the thin outline of the buttplug that was still being held firmly in place by the bikini bottom under his panties. I reached down his back and slipped my hand underneath the waist of his panties until I could feel the buttplug through his bikini. I grabbed the base and began pressing it deep inside of him and then pulling it out about an inch or two and then pressing it in again.

Steve began to moan and I could feel his tongue pause on my pussy before the doubled his efforts. My panties were totally wet now and I could feel my juices seeping down over my ass. His fingers slid underneath my panties and I could feel it slide inside of my wanting pussy. He slid it up and down the length of my wet lips.

"Oh yes, Steve you are a wonderful panty boy, lick and rub me just like that. Eat my pussy. Eat it and fuck me with your fingers."

His mouth was working so hard, all he could do was moan a little as I continued rubbing the buttplug over his prostate gland. My other hand was still on the back of his head, driving his mouth and tongue deeper into my pussy. He knew how I wanted to be rubbed and then he surprised me by sliding his finger out of my slit and moving them into my wet ass crack. His finger was very well lubricated and before I knew it, he had slipped it inside of my ass past the second knuckle. I couldn't have stopped the orgasmic wave if I wanted to. He was still licking my clit through my panties as I rode his face harder and harder, and his finger slid deeper and deeper inside of my ass. A second finger then worked its way next to the first and then it started.

"Oh yes baby, harder, harder, I'm cumming, oh my God I'm cumming, fuck my ass baby."

He was licking and sucking and fingering me and my mind and body exploded with pleasure. It lasted for a good twenty seconds and when my orgasm subsided I was still a little shocked by the strength it all. I released head with my one hand, but kept slowly fucking his ass with the buttplug with my other hand. He continued licking my panties slowly, now being sure to avoid my swollen clitoris.

I pushed him back off of me after pushing the buttplug deep inside of him once again.

"Take of your panties and then take off my panties," I said with my eyes still closed. He didn't hesitate and his cock sprung forward as he pulled the cute white panties with the yellow bow off and let them drop around his ankles. He was left standing in his bikini bottoms with his dick standing straight out. It was odd not to see his balls too, but they were still tucked nicely inside of his yellow bikini. He then reached down and slid my soaking wet panties off and over my legs. I grabbed a pillow and slid it down, tucking it under me so that my waiting pussy was sticking up a little higher in the air.

"Stick that big cock inside of me and fill me up. Please fuck me hard, you really earned it."

I didn't need to tell him twice. He lowered himself down on the bed and positioned himself between my legs. His cock dangled down and touched my asshole and I jumped just a little. I could feel the tip and shaft rubbing over my sensitive hole. I had never had his cock inside my ass, but was silently hoping he would try to put it in me because it was so wet it felt empty without his fingers inside of it. My hips rose against him trying to give a little encouragement and I felt the tip of his cock wiggle against my virgin hole and it felt incredibly wonderful. I was getting aroused again, much faster than I ever had before. I think I could have cum again if he had pressed it deeper inside of my ass.

"I really want to feel that inside of me, put your cock inside of me, I really need to feel it inside of me."

I now know that he misunderstood what I was trying to tell him. He pulled himself back and I lifted myself a little higher off of the bed, pulling my knees up and exposing my asshole just a little better. I was expecting to feel his cock penetrate my tight ass but instead he slid easily between my slick lips and buried his cock deep inside my pussy in one motion. It felt wonderful as he worked his cock in and out, pushing a little harder each time, until I could feel the fabric of his bikini rubbing against my clitoris.

"Oh yes, fuck me baby, take my pussy, fill my cunt."

I reached back and rammed the buttplug into his ass and as I did so, I could feel him begin to pump his cum into my pussy. I could feel the warmth filling me up and then he suddenly pulled out and stroked his cock as he continued to cum on the outside of my pussy lips and the crack of my ass. The look on his face was one of sheer enjoyment. When he finally stopped pumping his cock he grabbed the shaft and slid it down my slit and between my asscrack, stopping right at the entrance to my ass. He gave just a little pressure and I could feel my hole open ever so slightly.

"Maybe next weekend..... But that is another story completely."

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