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Husband's Revenge


She was pressed against the wall. He had one hand pinching her right nipple hard, the left was down below. He had reached under her short skirt only to find that she had no panties on. He was vigorously finger her, focusing on her clit while reaching deeper and deeper inside her, drawing out her juices to spread them around her lips.

She felt her wetness increase, against her will. The thought of all these people watching her getting molested by a stranger was turning her on in ways she didn't think possible. She heard the hoots and laughs, the cheering on of her molestation. She was appalled but loving it.

He pressed his mouth against hers forcefully, moving back and forth across her lips as if seeking an entrance up top that he had already achieved down below.

She remembered what her husband had told her about the house rules for this party. She couldn't break from the kiss, or she would face the consequences. As the night wore on and each hour passed, these went from just having to chug some very spiked punch, to having to remove clothing, then to having to either caress or be caressed by someone chosen at random. Whoever broke the kiss first had to pay the price.

It was after midnight and she didn't want to have to perform a sexual act on the couch. That was the current penalty and she'd already watched two women get hammered from behind by total strangers. One looked like she liked it, but the other cried.

This man that was pressing against her was an animal and had been stalking her all night, waiting in hiding for her to walk under the mistletoe. He'd grabbed her and claimed the right of a kiss six times already. So far she'd chugged more booze than ever before and was so drunk she could barely stand. She also had to remove her panties in plain site for one of the penalties. For the last one she had to allow a stranger to stand behind her and pretend to masturbate her, complete with personal lubricant. She had nearly orgasmed with that one, but the timer had rung and she was able to stagger away.

She complained to her husband but he said he couldn't do anything about it. He did say that the guy was acting like a bully and therefore a coward underneath. If she could just embarrass him publicly, he would leave her alone. He suggested that she match fire with fire. If he caressed her tits, she would rub his pants. If he felt her up, she should take his dick out for all to see. On and on. Eventually she would do something that would embarrass him and he'd give up. She just had to stick to it. Her addled brain seemed to think this was a good idea.

What she didn't know was that her husband had found out she had been cheating on him and was pissed. He hid it, waiting for a way to pay her back. This was his chance, to totally humiliate her in public for what she'd done. She didn't know that he had told this stranger that he'd seen her before and had bagged her at a party like this one but didn't really know her. He said how hot she was when she got drunk. He urged him on, telling him just how to touch her to get her going.

So there she was, legs spread, her skirt up around her waist with a strangers hand practically up her pussy and her tits out, being pinched and fondled in a way that always turned her on. She had tried to do what her husband suggested. She had rubbed his pants as he was feeling up her tits, but that only seemed to arouse him more. She was so drunk that she could barely stand.

She tried to stop his hand as it went down and between her legs, but he was too strong. His weight against her and the two hands in and on her just pinned her against the wall. He put a knee between her legs and spread them as his left hand found its mark. She still had plenty of lube between her legs and dripping out her pussy so he had no difficulty in getting his fingers in her.

He was shorter than most men, but what that meant to her now was that he was just at the right height to get between her legs when standing. Her tall husband could never enter her while standing as his cock was pressed between her tits when he pressed her to the wall. This man was shorter and was forcing her hand, still rubbing his cock, between her legs.

In one quick moment, too fast for her drunken mind to respond to, he removed his left hand from her pussy, momentarily letting in some cold air and shocking her, and pulled the hand she had on his engorged dick. He pressed it against the wall while taking his right hand from her tit and pressing her other hand to the wall. She stood there, legs spread and hands against the wall, pinned like a fly.

In one smooth motion, he crouched down just a bit to get the head of his dick under her skirt and thrust up. The head pressed against the top of her slit and slid back. It pushed hard against her clit and she gasped at the pressure. It continued back and in. His knee pushed her leg sideways more to give him better access with his hips. He pushed hard when he felt the entrance to her hole.

He entered her fully and so quickly that her hard shut eyes popped open with shock. In just a moment's time, she had gone from holding him back to getting royally fucked against the wall. His curved penis slid in and up. It pressed against the roof or her vagina and touched a sensitive area she hadn't known existed.

He quickly pulled almost all the way out and lunged back in. With each thrust she grunted and air poured out of her lips around the kiss he was still forcing on her. Her mind was locked up and swirling. Her eyesight dimmed and she could only see in tunnel vision. The others in the room were also surprised at the fast change in activities and when they finally realized that this guy had finally conquered her and was fucking her brains out right there in front of them, they cheered wildly.

The tempo of his thrusts started to quicken and she felt his penis quiver and grow in size. She couldn't move away and could only stand there and take the intrusion. Then something snapped and she felt her excitement grow. Whatever it was with his curved dick, it was touching her inside in places no other cock had. She had heard about this and wondered if the stories were true that there was a G-spot inside the top of the vagina and if it was properly touched, could give incredible orgasms.

This guy had found her spot and was relentlessly pounding her and exciting her. His tension built more and more until finally he threw his head back, roared and sprayed her insides. He seemed to buck and push endlessly, each thrust adding more juice to her own fluids. The feeling of his come against that spot in her was too much and she yelled with her climax, moving her hips to match his final thrusts.

He collapsed against her, still filling her with his dick. They both panted and helped each other stand, their knees weak. The crowd cheered and she opened her eyes. She couldn't believe what she'd done. He finally slipped out, kissed her, said thank you and buttoned up his pants.

She stood there with come dripping down her legs and her tits out for all to see. In shock, she didn't know what to do. Some men from the group came over and helped her to the couch nearby. She was laid down and given a drink of some sweet punch, liberally laced with many types of booze. Before she could recover, she felt her skirt pulled down and off. She was lifted up by strong hands and her top was pulled over her face. She fell back and looked up and three guys getting naked, each looking down at her with hungry eyes.

The closest man practically fell on top of her, spread her legs and forced himself inside her. She felt a moment of pain, but she was so wet that he slipped in with out any hindrance. He fucked her like a bucking bull, bouncing his hips up and down on her, bouncing her ass down to the springs in the bottom of the couch.

One man said something that her mind couldn't interpret and the man fucking her rolled over and pulled her on top of him. He slipped out of her momentarily and he thrust back in, making her gasp.

Her ass was in plain sight and the other two men began to touch it and spread her cheeks. She was so wet that one of their fingers found and easily slipped into her asshole. He probed deeper and deeper, in and out, moving the lube down into her.

She couldn't see him behind her but felt him get on the couch. He lowered himself and the man below her held her hips tightly. She tried to move but felt the cock press between her cheeks. She clenched her butt but couldn't stop his dick from finding its target. He pushed slowly but steadily into her ass. His dick pushed in and felt the dick of the man below who was still slowly fucking her pussy.

They started a rhythm where one dick would go in as the other was pulling out. It causes a wave like movement on the couch and was the most amazing feeling she had ever felt. Never before had she had two dicks in her at once and this was mind blowing. The man on top started grunting and filled her ass with come. Each thrust filled her more deeply and hurt.

Finally the man on top rolled off and fell to the floor. Then she felt another man climb on the couch and he too found her ass to exciting to leave alone. As he fucked her ass, the man below tensed and released himself into her pussy. He stayed in her until the man fucking her ass finally came. They lay there, sandwiched and wet. Juices flowed around them and down onto the couch. Applause filled the room.

The man below her rolled out from underneath and she lay on the couch, breathing hard, naked for all to see. For the rest of the night, she lay on the couch and made herself available for any dick that wanted her. After six guys she lost count. Finally, three men helped her up and made a chair with their arms and carried her to the huge master bathroom. They showered her and helped her get dressed.

She headed home with her husband in the dark.

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Cuck shit.

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Certainly the husband couldn't complain about her as he new the rules and was taking part himself, what else would he/she be at such a party for, I assume that when they got home that they went to bedmore...

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