tagLoving WivesHusband's Revenge Ch. 02

Husband's Revenge Ch. 02


The next morning while lying in bed, Jim couldn't stop thinking to himself how turned on he was watching that Adam penetrate his Jennie.

Jim couldn't believe how much Jennie enjoyed Adams size. Jim had always fantasized of Jennie being fucked by other men while he watched. And introducing Adam made he want her to make his fantasy a reality.

Jennie was waking up. The room was dark because of the drop shades.

"How did you enjoy Adam last night?"

"Jim that was such a surprise! I really enjoyed myself. Adam was so big. I've never had a real cock that size" she said.

"I remember you saying that your fantasy was to be with two men, was that close to your fantasy?"

"Well it was close. I want to have more attention, two men touching me and pleasuring me. It's a fantasy" she said.


After realizing he and his wife have a similar fantasy, Jim decides to make an online profile on AFF. He has some sexy pictures of his wife. He posts them and states in the profile that they are looking for a 3rd.

30 minutes pass and Jim has several messages.

One catches his eye the man is 10 years older in his late 40s. His white 6'0 with a huge cock that he sent a picture of.

Jim saw the cock and thought how nice it would be to watch it go into his wife.

Jim sent him a message. "We are interested. Please send me your number to set up a meeting." Jim also let his contact info.

Later that day Jim received a text message from a number he didn't recognize. Jim opened up the message and saw the pic of the huge cock that was emailed to him earlier. There was also a message that said hello it's Fred from aff.

Jim responded, "Hello Fred this is Jim nice cock. Could you speak on the phone?"

Jim's cell phone rang.


"Hey Jim this is Fred. How are you doing?"

"I'm good, how about yourself?" Jim said.

"I'm great."

"Fred did you like the pictures of my wife?" Jim said.

"Jim she is hot, and I enjoyed them!"

"Would you be ok with an mfm? There is just one thing, this is a surprise. Are you ok with that?" Jim asked him.

"Yes!" Fred answered.

"Ok Fred here is how things will go down..."


Later that night Jennie came home from work. To her surprise Jim had a guest over. The guest was tall and in good shape. A little bit older than her husband.

"Jennie, this is my friend Fred from the gym. I invited him over to watch the game." Fred said.

"Hello Jennie, nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you Fred. Ok do I need to get you guys you anything?" Jennie said.

"No babe."

"Ok then I'm going to change." Jennie went to her room took off her clothes. She put on her lulu lemon yoga pants without panties. And a sports bra on with a workout tank.

Jennie came back out. Jim handed her a margarita. It was strong. She drank it and chit chatted with the men. Jim asked her to go grab a couple of beers. She got up and went to get them. She had forgotten that her yoga pants were see through in the back and her ass was visible to the Fred and Jim. When she came back in, Jim asked her,

"Babe, could you show Fred that you can do a back bend?"

Jennie was excited. She enjoyed showing off her yoga skills. She proceeded to do the back bend. As she was in the back bend the boys got up and walked around and told her that she was amazing. She stood up and thanked them.

She didn't notice that Jim had walked Fred around to see her pussy which was visible during the yoga pose.

Jennie had another margarita, and noticed a bulge in Fred's pants. He was huge. She thought of the night before and her husband using 10 inch dildo Adam on her. She was starting to get wet.

Jim noticed the bulge in Fred's pants and that his wife was getting wet.

"Fred, last night Jennie was a rock star. She took every inch of 10 inch dildo." Jim said.

"Jim, that's private information between us, and you're telling your new friend!" Jennie said.

"She took 10 inches wow that's impressive. I'm about that size and love when a woman takes every inch!" Fred said.

"No way you're 10 inches Fred, prove it." Jim said.

Fred stood up infront of the couple and dropped his pants. He was fully erect. And was at least 10 inches of manhood. Jennie looked at that big cock with hungry eyes. She could feel her pussy was soaking.

"Fred come a little closer. Do you mind if you we touch it?" Jim said.

Fred walked closer to the couple and Jennie wanted that cock but was usually very conservative. And she didn't know what had come over.

Jennie reached out for the cock. She grabbed it with her hand. He was so hard. She started having very lustful thoughts...

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