tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHusband's Revenge Ch. 04

Husband's Revenge Ch. 04


I can't say that I slept like a baby on Saturday night, but for the first time since I had found out that my "loving wife" had been cheating on me for our entire marriage, I felt some satisfaction.

I was a bit worried about how my sons would feel when they found out about their mother, but I loved them both despite their questionable parentage. I vowed to myself that I would continue to love them and would never say anything about who fathered them. They were all that I had left of my family now. Originally I had thought about contacting their possible biological fathers and suing them for back child support. But I didn't want them to have that pain. They were going to go through enough with their Mother's situation so I decided to continue to be the best Dad I could. I even spent much of the evening remembering all the camping trips, ball games and other father and sons things we had done together. They were good kids and they shouldn't have to suffer for the sins of their Mother. Although I knew they would suffer when they found out what a slut, whore Sally was. I just hoped that it would help them find a woman who was worthy for them to marry, and not make the same mistake that I had made in selecting a mate.

I also must admit that while I felt like no punishment was too extreme for Sally I did have a few pangs of guilt. We had had a lot of good times together....

"No," I thought to myself, "Don't wimp out. She is the one who has made a mockery of my life and love. She deserves whatever happens to her. She deserves the same 24 years of pain that I was now experiencing. Twenty four years worth of pain," I repeated over and over to myself.

The way I figure it, that is the rest of her natural life.

On Sunday morning I woke and puttered around the house. Cleaning it and making sure that the letters and photos I had found were locked away safely. I wasn't sure what would happen, but I assumed that I would be getting a visit from the police after the raid on the crack house.

Mid afternoon while I watched a football game a pounding at the door was accompanied by, "Open up, this is the police."

I opened the door and a piece of paper was slapped into my hand by a burly cop.

"This is a warrant to search the premises for illegal drugs."

"I... this must be some mistake. I called to report my wife missing."

Four cops, one with a dog brushed past me into my house. "Ah, your wife has been found."

In an concerned husband act that was deserving of an 'Oscar' I said, "Oh thank God. Is she OK? Where is she?"

"Just sit down and be quiet. We are going to search the house and if everything checks out then we will explain," the burly cop said, pointing to a chair that the dog had just finished sniffing.

"I.. what.. I don't understand."

"Just sit and shut up!"

I meekly followed the instructions, wanting to be seen by the cops as Mr. Cooperation.

It didn't take long. Fifteen minutes later the cops and dog left the house, looking at me with sad eyes. This left the one burly cop to tell me the bad news.

"I don't know how to tell you this. A woman who gave this address was arrested this morning in a drug raid."

"Is it my wife?"

"I am not sure she didn't have any identification on her. In fact she didn't have anything on her. She was naked in a crack house on the south side of town. She was obviously high, and next to her was enough crack to get her busted for possession."

"I don't understand. She didn't come home last night...I...."

"Did you know she was arrested for public nudity and prostitution a few days ago?"

"What...." I was laying it on thick, and the cop was eating it up. He obviously felt bad for me as the unwitting husband. Well I had been an unwitting for 24 years so the act was easy to pull off.

"Damn I hate it when I have to tell a spouse that the person they married isn't who or what they thought. Frankly usually I have this conversation with shocked wives."

30 minutes later, with crocodile tears streaming down my face the burly cop left saying, "I am sorry man. It looks like you had a great family. At least you have the kids. Don't blame yourself."

He patted me on the shoulder like a brother and said, "You should go to a shrink to help get past this. Or call me if you want. I see this kind of thing a lot. I'm sorry. You can visit her in County lock up after dinner. But she won't have a bail hearing until tomorrow morning, so she is going to be spending the night in jail." It wasn't two minutes after the cop left that my phone rang.

"This is Nancy, Sally's friend."

"Yes Nancy what can I do for you."

"I don't know how to say this. Sally just called me to try and bail her out of jail.... "

"What.....," I acted surprised once again.

"Ummm I bailed her out a few days ago and she wanted me to do it again. But now my husband has seen a video that she was in and he won't let me have anything to do with her anymore. She used her one phone call from the police station to me. When I said I couldn't help her anymore, she asked me to call you. So I am."

"Thank you for calling Nancy. You are a good friend to Sally."

"Not anymore! I don't want anything more to do with her... ever. My husband will kill me if I even talk to her again. And I am afraid that when word of her video gets out, she won't have any friends willing to have anything to do with her. Sorry, and when you see her tell her to never call me again. Bye"

It had started. My cheating wife's life was starting to unravel.

"She is still trying to hide the truth from me. Calling Nancy so she wouldn't have to face the consequences of her actions." I said to myself. "Well it is time for me to let her know that I know."

I couldn't wait for visiting hours at County Lock-up."

The County Jail doesn't have the fancy glass visiting booths that you see in the movies. There are just two rooms with bars down the middle. Inmates enter through the door on one side and visitors through a door on the other. There are about 15 inmates during each 30 minute session.

As I walked into the room I scanned the Orange Jump Suit clad prisoners. There in a far corner sitting curled up in a fetal position was Sally. When she finally looked up and saw me she stood and ran to the bars. I stood out of her reach and stared at her with unfeeling eyes. She looked terrible. There were bruises on her cheek and her filthy hair was plastered against her head. I could see the ink stains on her fingers from when she was fingerprinted. The overly large, shapeless jump suit said "Dept. of Justice" and hide her body, all except for her feet, which were in plastic, slip on shower shoes.

"Oh thank God you're here, Please help me. This is a big mistake. This place is terrible you HAVE to get me out!" she wailed.

"A big mistake!" I answered with a laugh. "The cops came by and search our home. I mean MY home... MY boys home."

"Please get me out... then I'll explain everything."

I laughed again, this time evilly. "You are not going anywhere. You're here for the night, until the judge sets bail tomorrow. And then you won't be going anywhere unless you can find someone to post your bail."

"What... all night...no! Bail."

"You think I'm going to bail you out?"

"What, Oh God... what?"

"You can rot in here forever. YOU WHORE!"

I fairly shouted the last words. The rest of the room became quiet. All heads turned to us.

A large black woman who sat at the back of the room laughed, "You hear that girls?" She announced to the whole room. "Miss Priss here is a whore. She's been acting like she some nice innocent housewife." The room burst out laughing.

Then the woman said in an even tone right to Sally, "I'll see you later baby."

Sally cried, "Please get me out of here! I am your wife, help me. I've been raped!"

With a tear in my eye, but a steel resolve in my voice I answered, "You are not my wife."

She was so shocked she couldn't answer. I continued, "I know Sally. I know everything. I know about you and Bates... and all the others... for our entire joke of a marriage."

I let that sink into her shocked head. Then continued, "You haven't been raped. A slut like you can't be raped. You just get fucked. A faithful wife and mother could get raped. But that's not you. You can't refuse anyone!"

She opened her mouth then fell to her knees.

"I know about the years of betrayal and lies. You are not my wife. I thought I had a faithful wife who I loved and who loved me, but I was wrong. She never existed. And now she doesn't exist for her friends, or even her children."

I gazed at her for a moment. "I guess you better throw yourself on the mercy of the court." I turned and walked away.

I ignored her plea, "Don't go.... I... I... I love you! Please help me!" As the door shut behind me I heard the black inmate say, "Hey momma, bring your cute little self over here by me. Don't make me mad now! You don't want to get Big Shanequa mad."

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by Anonymous

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by sas644601/16/19


She's a slut, he's an ass-wipe and your a fucking idiot for writing such shit!

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by Anonymous01/12/19

She Deserved to Suffer,But...

I hope,as he left the jail, that asshole of a husband got run over by a bus! Two shitty people who will suffer in their own ways.

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by Anonymous01/02/19



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by SwordWielder12/15/18

Good, but a few errors

In one of the earlier stories, you named the friend as anne richardson (or something close to that) and you changed the name completely in this. I would suggest making notes on who your characters are.more...

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by MollydaKat11/29/18

Good one !

Thats the way you handle a cheating slut .
I hope Shanequa uses a pickaxe handle on her ass .
I love those liberal tears in the comments section to , that is worth reading this long series ! Cry you shitsmore...

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