Husband's Roommate


John, shocked by Kathy's bold question, quickly became tongue tied as he tried to answer, "Y-Y-Yes, I think so. It's k-k-kind of a t-t-turn on. I t-t-think all guys like that."

Pushing further, my half-drunk wife shocked us both by slurring, "Do you like hearing me get fucked John? Do you like the way I talk and moan and squeal when Troy fucks me. Do you like hearing me holler like a slut? Do you like the sounds I make?"

"Y-y-yes, Kathy," John responded guiltily as his face turned red. "I like listening to y-y-your s-s-s-sounds."

Seemingly enjoying my shy friend's unease, Kathy asked him if he ever jerked off while he listened to us. John nervously confessed that he did and a big smile lit up Kathy's 23 year-old face. Seemingly unconsciously, her hand slid down to my shorts and she drunkenly fumbled with my zipper.

Too stunned and too turned on to stop her, I watched as her tiny hand pulled out my hardening cock. Looking over at John, Kathy teasingly asked, "Wanna watch John? Wanna watch this time? Wanna watch me suck of Troy's big hard cock? I'll let you!"

Slowly jerking my cock in her soft little hand, Kathy then looked up into my eyes and whispered, "Let him watch, Baby. Let him see me suck your cock off. Please?" It will be really hot, I promise. I like being watched!"

A little embarrassed, but extremely aroused, I moaned as Kathy began to lick her little pink tongue all around the head and shaft of my turgid cock. Careful not to look over at John, I nonetheless heard him moan as he watched Kathy polish my cockhead with her gifted tongue. Slowly and deliberately, Kathy licked my dick for long minutes; teasing it and making it swell hugely in her grasping fist.

"You like that, John?" She asked our roommate as she paused her licking for a few seconds. "Do you like it? Does it look as good as you thought it would?"

John, thankfully, did not respond, and Kathy went back to work on my steaming dick, this time sucking it slowly into her mouth. Bobbing her head ever faster, she took more and more of my hot cock into her mouth with each passing minute. Soon, Kathy had worked all 7 inches of my cock into her throat and mouth and was gurgling approvingly. With my cock wedged to the balls in her throat, Kathy looked over at John and let out a questioning moan, seeking his approval of her cocksucking prowess. Getting no response from my stunned roomie, she slid her hand down to her pussy and began to finger fuck her little cunt inside her lacy pink panties.

Despite the minor embarrassment I felt from having my roommate watching my wife finger her own pussy while sucking me off, I found myself ready to cum. Using her other hand to softly squeeze and caress my balls, Kathy worked harder on getting me off. My balls tightened from her touch and her noisy cocksucking sounds filled the small living room. I started to pump my hips at her face, urging her to swallow my cock to the balls on each stroke.

Sensing I was about to cum, my cocksucking wife lifted her face completely off my cock. "Where do you want him to cum, John?" She hissed wantonly. "Where do you want Troy to cum? In my mouth? Or all over my face? Do you want to see me swallow his cum? Or you want him to cream in my face?"

Not sure if he would offend me by answering, John sat silently, his hand rubbing the bulge in his pants.

"Tell meeeee!" Kathy whined loudly. "Tell me John; tell me where you want me to take it. Tell me or I'll stop! Troy, make him tell me or I won't finish!"

"Fuck, John," I groaned in frustration. "Tell her! Just fucking tell her!"

"F-f-face" he stammered. "I w-w-want to see him c-c-cum in your face..."

Smiling wickedly, Kathy shoved my twitching cock back into her greedy mouth and continued kneading my swollen balls. Simultaneously, her hand rapidly stroked her clit inside her tight panties and I could tell she was close to orgasm.

"Cummmmmphhf," she moaned around my hard cockmeat. "Cummpphfformeeeee! Mmmmmmcumforme! Mmm! all out...mmmm...spray my face with your stuff!"

"Agghhhh," I roared as I pulled my erupting cock from the sucking confines of her hot mouth. "Here it cums!"

Kathy fixed her eyes on John as a huge wad of spunk exploded from my cock and smacked her in the face. Two, three, four, five, six ropes of jizz jetted out of my cock and covered her face in squiggly lines. I stared in amazement at the amount of cum I had shot out and how it had drenched Kathy's pretty face.

"Yesssss," Kathy squealed when the first blast of cum splattered against her face "Yesssss! Cover me in it! I'm cumming! Cover me with cum. I'm gonna cum! Soak my face with it! Make a mess all over me!"

Kathy's petite body spasmed and rocked as she came violently while my cock squirted cum on her. This was the fifth or sixth time I had seen her cum simply from having me cum in her face, but the sight never ceased to amaze me. Granted, she had been stroking her clit in tempo with her cocksucking, but the though that taking a facial could push her over the edge like that was still surprising..

As I finished emptying my balls all over my wife's face, she took my semi-hard cock and began rubbing my cockcream all around her face in what I noticed was a semi-ritual with her. Muttering softly, she whimpered, "So good! Sooo good and nasty! I love it all over my face. It made me cum, you know? I came while you were cumming on me again! I love cum on me...such a slut...such a fucking slut...feels so fucking hot and naughty."

Looking up from her sperm splattered face; I hazarded a glance at John. He was trembling and a huge wet spot had appeared on the front of his pants. Kathy noticed the same thing and giggled, "Look Troy, I made John cum in his pants. I guess he liked my show."

Slightly ashamed and somewhat embarrassed for John, I dragged Kathy off the couch and into our bedroom without another word.

Things were a bit awkward around the house the next day between John and I, but Kathy carried on as if nothing had happened--as if John watching her suck my cock was the most normal thing in the world.

Two nights later, Kathy begged me to let John watch us fuck. For some reason, lust I guess, I agreed, and John watched me lick Kathy's cunt and fuck her for a good five minutes before I blasted her full of baby batter. Over the next ten days, John watched us eight more times and I started to look forward to putting on a show for him. Unfortunately, Kathy excited me so much, I could never go for very long, but I was sure that no one could last for long in her tiny little pussy.

Two weeks to the date of letting John first watch us; Kathy stunned us both yet again. As she lay on our bed with me lying between her legs, sucking and licking her oozing pussy, she motioned John closer as she neared orgasm.

"C-c-come closer, John!" she panted, "Get close so you can see my pussy cum all over Troy's face! Bet you never seen a shaved one before. Do you like it?"

John, who had grown less hesitant and bolder over the weeks, quickly replied, "No K-K-Kath, I've never s-s-seen a girl's shaved p-p-pussy. I've only had sex with two women before."

"Poor, Baby," Kathy pouted teasingly at John's confession. "You can look at mine while Troy sucks it for me."

With that, she pushed my head down and slowly humped her wet pussy into my face. I knew that Kathy got off on teasing John and performing for him, but strangely it did not bother me--it made me hot too! I eagerly attacked her tight little twat with my tongue and lips, making her squirm her taut, tanned ass all over the bed.

As a licked and sucked, I heard Kathy encourage John, "Rub it, Baby, go on rub it. Rub that cock while you look at my pussy getting tongue fucked!"

She had urged John to do that a few other times, but I was shocked when she continued; "Take it out John. Take that cock out and jerk it for me."

Not really wishing to see John's cock, I kept my face buried in Kathy's cunt as she sighed and moaned contentedly.

I wasn't sure that John would do as Kathy asked until I heard the whirring sound of his zipper being pulled down. Suddenly, Kathy stopped squirming and started whimpering and gasping as if shock, "Ohhh... fuck...ohhh fuck...ohhh God...ooh fuck...ohhhh fuck!"

Quickly, I looked up and my jaw dropped in amazement. Shy, nerdy, computer geek John was slow stroking an almost grotesquely thick cock that had to be over 9 inches long; and he was doing it just a mere foot from my wife's face! Neither of us had ever seen John in anything but his uniform and jeans, so we had no idea of his size: he was huge!

Kathy, John and I had come to an arrangement a few nights before: John could watch all he wanted, but he was not allowed to ever touch Kathy nor would she touch him; those were my rules for his continued "allowed voyeurism." Both of them had agreed to the "rules", but after seeing his massive cock, Kathy it seemed, wanted to renegotiate our agreement.

Staring at John's hugely swollen cock as if in a trance, Kathy began to pant and plead. "Please. Please. Please. Please. Ooh please, Troy! Please, let me touch it, Baby. Just this once! Please! Please! Let me feel it! Let me touch it!"

Shocked, I looked up at her and said, "Kath...nooo Baby, you know the rules"

Never taking her eyes off John's monster cock, Kathy continued her whimpering pleading as if she had not heard me, "Please! God, please! Just this one time, Baby. Look at it! Look at it! It's so fucking big! So big! I need to. I have to. God! Oh God! Please, please, let me..."

And with that, totally ignoring me, she reached her hand up and grabbed hold of John's thick dick!

John, let out a long, loud groan as Kathy wrapped her small hand around his steel hard prick. From where I lay, it looked like her hand only fit about 3/4 of the way around John's cock, and Kathy moaned softly as she felt his hot dick burn in her hand. Drops of precum had already appeared on the head of John's cock, and a few helped lube the way as Kathy began to slowly, carefully pump her hand back and forth along John's amazing fuckstalk.

Mesmerized, I stopped licking Kathy's pussy and watched her stare in adoration at John's cock. "Mmmm! So big! So big; so fucking big!" She touted. "Damn your balls are huge too!"

John was already breathing raggedly from Kathy's slow pumping hand job, signaling he was about to lose his load, and I saw him shudder violently as Kathy rubbed his balls softly with her other hand. Two weeks of watching and teasing came to a head in one moment, and John's mighty cock recoiled in Kathy's teeny hand and sprayed a huge load of cum all across her plump tits!

"Ehhhhhhhh!" Whined Kathy loudly as the scalding hot spunk splashed across her chest. She frantically gyrated her hips in an uncontrolled roll and I realized my wife was cumming hard as John hosed her big titties with his boiling cum. "Cum on meeeee...John cum on me! Shoot it on my tits! Shoot it all over my fucking tits! You're making me cum, John! Making me cum!"

John had a stunned, dazed look on his face as he shot stream after stream of hot ball goo all over my wife's tits and tummy.

"Ohhh...ohhh...ohhhh!" he moaned as he blanketed Kathy's torso with a thick glaze of nut batter. "Oh my God, I didn't mean to...I'm sorry Kathy! I didn't mean to!"

Ignoring him, Kathy pulled his cock to her tits and rubbed it all over her nipples, smearing his cum all over her tits and upper chest as she coasted down from her own orgasm.

"So much cum! So much!" She muttered repeatedly, "Who knew? Who knew all this was in there? I have cum all over me. I love it! I fucking love all this cum."

As if ashamed of what he had done, John quickly pulled away from Kathy and went into the living room. I looked down at her cum covered body and felt nothing but lust. Desperate to cum I kneeled between Kathy's legs and tried to shove my cock into her slick cunt. Kathy squirmed and twisted as I tried to find the opening to her little pussy.

"Push it in," she teased. "Come on; try to push it in!"

She stared at me, taunting, with a wicked gleam in her eyes, as my cock slid all over her oily pussy lips; she was not going to make it easy for me to slip my cock into her. I shuddered as I realized that her intent was to get me off before I could pump my cock into her, and I also realized she was going to be successful--I was not going to make it. Sure enough, my cock exploded all over Kathy's shaved pussy as I attempted to force it up her tight drooling cunt.

"I knew you weren't going to be able to get it in," She giggled softly. "I knew you were overexcited again. Seeing my tits coated in John's cum made you extra hot, didn't it? Seeing me cum as he hosed my tits got to you! Admit it, you liked seeing him cum all over me! You liked seeing me jerk him off over my tits. You liked seeing that big cock shoot all that stuff on me. You don't have to say anything if you don't want to, but I know you liked it!"

John jerked off over Kathy's big tits the next two times she and I fucked. Each time, after watching him whitewash her luscious tits, I barely managed to get the head of my cock into her twitching pussy before I filled her fuckhole with my hot cockcream.

Not content with just jerking off John's huge cock, Kathy was soon begging me to let her suck on it. Despite a few misgivings about her seeming addiction to cock and cum, I gave in. After all, John was my best friend and there was no harm in a little oral sex between friends. Plus, I was finally getting another girl to do the things that Dawn had done for me so many years before--so what if that girl was my wife!

Soon, Kathy was sucking both our cocks after I ate her pussy. She'd suck John all the way off, letting him cum all over her gorgeous face and hair or letting him spew a big load down her greedy throat. She'd save me for fucking, and I'd usually manage to last a good 3-5 minutes in her tiny cunt if she didn't talk too nasty or tease too much.

This lasted for about two weeks until Kathy broke the rules again. When I told her she could suck John's cock, it was with the stipulation that I would always be there and that it would always be in conjunction with her and I having sex. John was still not allowed to touch Kathy and he never made any move to do so. He was content with watching her perform with me, and with her sucking him off every few nights. He didn't want to do anything to jeopardize the fortunate position he was in.

One scorching hot day, I was stuck with an unusual number of meetings and tasks following my flying schedule. I called Kathy at work to let her know I'd be home late and she indicted she'd be home around 4:30, and would see me when I got in a 7:30 or so. Fortunately for me, the last meeting of the afternoon was cancelled and I left for home at 6:00.

I entered the house and did not see either Kathy or John in the living room or kitchen. Our bedroom was also empty, and the air conditioning was off, so I figured John and Kathy must be out for a run. After a few minute, though, I heard strange noises from John's bedroom, so I cautiously went to the back to investigate.

What I saw stunned me. John was sitting, naked, on his bed with his back against the headboard and his legs spread wide in front of him and his eyes closed. Clad in nothing but a pair of light blue thong panties, Kathy was curled up on her side eagerly licking all over John's huge boner, moaning and sighing with pleasure. John had an arm around her shoulder and was gently squeezing one of Kathy's plump, sweaty tits.

"What the fuck!" I angrily demanded. "Kathy, what the hell is going on?"

Caught in the act, both John and Kathy looked up with alarm and guilt coloring their faces.

"Ohhh, Baby, I'm sorry!" Kathy said as she continued to slowly pump John's cock with her hand. "I was just so horny. I really didn't think you'd mind. After all, it's just John and it's nothing we haven't done before. I would have told you about it later, you know, to make you hot. Besides you aren't supposed to be home anyway," she said trying to rationalize her actions.

John, wisely, kept his mouth shut. He knew there was no real excuse for breaking the rules we had agreed on.

"Come on, Baby, don't be mad," Kathy implored. "It's just a little blow job."

It may have been just a blowjob, but I noticed that John's hand was still cupping and kneading one of Kathy's sweaty flawless tits, something he had never done before.

Seeing that I was not going to intervene, Kathy ducked her head back down and began to once again lave John's cock with her saucy little tongue. Looking up at me with a naughty twinkle in her eye, she slid one hand down to John's swollen nutsack and caressed his huge balls while gently lapping at his cock.

John, still avoiding my eyes, moaned in appreciation and spread his legs wider to allow Kathy's hand unimpeded access to his balls. His hand moved back and forth between Kathy's tits, now crisscrossed with tiny rivulets and drops of sweat, squeezing and rubbing them more vigorously than before.

Licking slowly up and down his shaft, Kathy soon had John's cock glistening under a fine sheen of saliva. Shifting a bit lower, she ran her tongue all around John's wrinkled ballsack, making him shudder in delight. Without the air conditioning running, the heat in the house had soared to well over 85 degrees and Kathy's little tight body looked amazingly sexy all covered in sweat as she sweetly licked John's massive cock

For a good 3 or 4 minutes, I stood at the entry to John's bedroom, transfixed, watching my petite, sexy wife skillfully lick all over his cock and balls, making them wet and shiny with her warm spit. She never really stopped looking me in the face, and the sight of her clear gray eyes flashing in obvious pleasure made my cock ache.

Finally, despite the fact the spectacle of my wife's tongue-lashing of John's cock was making my own cock throb, I decided I had to show my disapproval of this blatant "rule breaking." With a scowl at Kathy, I tramped on into the living room and turned on the TV. I was confident that my show of displeasure at her actions would soon have Kathy by my side seeking forgiveness.

Five, then ten, then fifteen minutes went by, and Kathy had yet to emerge from John's room. More curious than anything, I quietly made me way back to John's door and peered in.

Kathy and John had changed positions. Now, Kathy was lying back against the headboard, her kegs bent up at the knees, head supported by a pillow, while John straddled her torso. Kathy was grasping John's clenching ass in her hands as John face fucked her harshly with his throbbing boner. I could clearly see little lines of drool running out of the corners of Kathy's mouth, down to her sweating, heaving titties, as John feverishly worked his blood-engorged erection in and out of her mouth

Without the sound of the TV as cover, I could hear John urging Kathy on with words I'd never use: "Suck it, Bitch! Suck it! Suck that cock down your fucking throat! Take it all you fucking cocksucker! Take all my cock! I'm fucking your face hard you little cunt, just like you want! Suck it, Bitch!"

Squealing excitedly at John's filthy talk, Kathy used one hand to push and pull John's sweat covered ass forward and back as she helped him face-fuck her. She was using the other hand to gently fondle the back of his balls and his asshole. Despite John's massive size, Kathy was taking 7-8 inches of cock down her throat on each thrust.

"Mmmpphhh, Mmmmppphh, Mmmmppphhh," she moaned repeatedly as John reamed her tight, clenching throat with his spit-covered cockmeat. "Face fuck me! Fuck it down my throat!"

John grabbed the back of Kathy's head and announced, loudly, that he was about to cum! "Aaagggh, gonna cum Kathy! Gonna cum cocksucker! You're gonna make me cum, you little slut!" Holding her head tightly, John fucked Kathy's face hard and fast, making her gag repeatedly.

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