tagRomanceHush Hush…My Lady

Hush Hush…My Lady


Dedicated to all the ladies, married, mature, metaphysical. Your very essence is the source of the river.

I caught your eye at the bookstore. Or perhaps you caught mine first, though you'd never admit. I was reading, having a coffee, always available but not really looking. You were in your tight jeans, white blouse, understated but elegant. I noticed your wedding band. Your rings, your clothing, classy.

I became self-conscious, my face, my look, my body. I flexed almost involuntarily, and then looked up. Now your eyes were in a magazine, but you felt mine all over you...your curves, full breasts, big ass. I liked your nose, your cheekbones clean hair. I waited, you would not look up. I sent you a message, telepathic, unable to block it..."Baby would I like to fuck you deep!" I looked down again, attempting to read, feeling my heartbeat.

Your eyes were on me; I sensed it and looked up. I caught your eye. Got you! We froze. The electricity static. I smiled, broadly. You responded. I got up, walked over. You waited, predator or prey? I didn't care.

We spoke a little, my smile never leaving my face, your interest piqued all the while. We kept the conversation superficial: books; magazines; spirituality.

I could tell you were married, settled, enduring a slight ennui with the passing years. I just wanted to tear through it, release your inner daemon, feel you break in my clutches. But I held off, showered you with compliments, straining not to touch you whilst all the while caressing your ego.

"Your cleanliness makes me feel clean."

"Your mind turns me on."

"I like your style, sassy, classic."

You were understated, gave no indication of excitement, but I sensed your interest.

"Life is a moment," I said, "it passes but never ends. We will soon be gone, but the moment goes on. Seize it with me."

You responded, saying just enough to let me go on.

"You're a stunner you know. Your natural sexuality is driving me wild, beastlike."

Your eyes said, "Continue".

"The first thing I noticed about you..."

"Yes..." (You are alert, attentive).

"Your ass...God what an ass. Your feet, sultry, feminine...your nose, oozing sensuality"

"Oh don't" you interjected, shy but willing. "Stop."

"Never, my lady..." I continued, "I could devour you right here, right now."

You went red, flushed with excitement and embarrassment simultaneously.

"But your mind, your mind is the greatest of all the turn-ons."

"But what do you know of my mind?" you interjected.

"The way you move, the way you sip, the way you talk...all are a factor of your sensual, feline mind. I can feel it. You endure the masses, you're one of them, but you feel superior, unique, un-noticed. But I notice..."

You smiled, shifted. I had hit a chord, but you weren't sure whether to pursue it.

I went on, "You know there is more to it all than this."

"Yes but..." now you responded, "but that involves so much more. So much more. My meditation teach..."

"Hold on." I stopped you, "hold on... You are your own teacher. You are your own light. Your life is yours, and you need no teachers. You have the moment right here to seize..."

There was a long silence, filled only with the cat-like stare we shared. My eyes penetrating your eyes, and yours mine.

"May I whisper?" I asked, feeling for the vulnerability of the moment.

You smiled, allowing me for the first time, deep into your space, your scent, so personal.

I moved in. I hesitated, smelling your neck, your hair, allowing my lips to touch your ear as I whispered:

"Is your pussy very wet my love?"

I waited, letting our skin encounter each other in my slow retreat, noticing the wrinkles in your neck that betrayed the youth, which you had so skillfully retained in your appearance and image.

You were crimson now, the previous flushes were nothing compared to his genuine outpouring of emotion.

"But" you hastened, "but I'm marr..." I put my index finger on your lips and you were instantly silent.

"The light shines on us today, the light that burns within you, burns within me. Don't question it...don't analyse it, leave your opinions behind with the rest of your burdens..."

I lent in again, uninvited but completely welcome.

"I want you."

I stayed in your field of dreams. "I want every inch of you. Just get up with me now, don't look at me, don't talk to me...but walk with me, side by side, my equal, my destiny..."

We were very close now. A closeness of heart, of companionship. A closeness that knew no contracts or commitments other than the unfettered attention of each other. The total absorption of our persons in each other's space.

I got up off my chair. You off yours. You did look at me. I was not smiling, but my heart shone within and you felt it in yours. I got into my car, you got into yours. I drove, you followed.

In my apartment we didn't speak, not even knowing each other's name. I put my lips to yours, we touched our tongues. I felt your heart beat against mine. I listened to your quickening breath. I felt my temperature rise 1 or 2 degrees, the sweat slowly forming in droplets on my temple, my neck, my chest.

I felt all of you, your ears and neck. The soft folds of skin under your arms. The flesh at your navel, human and real, and oozing with sensuality. Your feet. How I devoured you, smelling, kissing, breathing in your naked feet. Your thighs, heavy and full, concealing the avenue to my nirvana...and your scent, your every scent, fuelling me, making me wild and free and visceral.

And every time that I broke the law of your past, the perversions disallowed in your ritual past, I set you free, and in so doing gained my own liberty. With every touch that was forbidden, every place man was not allowed to go in a woman, every ecstasy that culture and creed had disavowed, I set you free my lady, raised you high and catapulted you far, and exposed your shining reflection.

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