tagRomanceHush My Love Ch. 01

Hush My Love Ch. 01


Note: This is my first time writing so please be nice LOL... but do give out comments and VOTES!! Thanks.

I wasn't sure on which category to put... either mature or romance but then I figured romance would probably be better. What do you think?


He captivated me.

The very first moment I laid my eyes onto him, my heart seemed to swell and grew into this unknown tingling feeling that left me shivering. He was just sitting there with the rest of the lecturers -- innocently, since he wasn't aware of the pounding he caused in my heart, his hands folded neatly on his chest and he just listened to the lecturer's welcoming speech to the rest of the students. I was among them. The new 2009 batch of Grayson University, I mean.

He couldn't be that old. He looked like he was in his early thirties.

He must have been a postgraduate student or maybe a technician. He couldn't be one of the lecturers for my course.

But boy, I was so surprised to see him in the next day, walking into the lecture room with his briefcase and placed it on the lecturer's table and said, "Welcome to Mechanical Engineering Department," he smiled. Oh that beautiful smile... "My name is Dr. Michael Matthews but you can just call me Mr. Matthews."

Oh. He was a doctor? But he looked so young to have held a PHD qualification.

Perhaps he sensed the shock wave coursing among his new students since he cleared his throat and continued to explain, "I graduated earlier than what was expected," he continued to smile, "Perhaps I'm too nerdy."

That made a few people cracked a smile.

I smiled too.

"All right then," he proceeded to click on his laptop on the table. The screen on the wall turned blue and then a presentation popped out. "I won't start the lesson today as I need to give an introduction on this course. So, I'll be teaching Engineering Mechanics in the next class." He clicked on the mouse and out came a list of the topics which we will learn in the following weeks. Some of the topics were familiar with my A' Level work so I guess I'll be fine. Michael -- well, I will call him 'Michael' and not Mr. Matthew, at least not to his face -- continued to talk and talk about the course and although he sounded a bit monotonous and I could see a few students falling asleep and yawning, I kept on my focus at him. I never wanted to divert my gaze away. My heart continued to pound and I felt this warm sunshine feeling in my heart.

Oh God.

Was I falling in love?

It seemed impossible as I had just met him yesterday. His beautiful brown eyes reminded me of the colour of my hazel nail polish. He kept on talking and pointing with his laser pointer on the screen but I couldn't hear him. My mind seemed to block any sound as my eyes focused onto him. The way he cracked a little smile when he accidentally pressed a command 'Next' button and even how he looked at us. Suddenly, I felt equally disgusted with myself, why am I acting like a freaky obsessed stalker here? I wasn't like this. I was prim and proper. I wouldn't let myself get swayed by random guys even a really cute one like my lecturer but...

Yes, there was always 'but' in this case. The but can never be forgotten; it seemed like it -- to me anyway and before I could even realize and fathom my weird stalkerish behaviour, his slide presentation reached to the end and before I could even register that fact, people around me started to get up and leave the lecture room.

Michael managed to say, "Oh yes, do not forget to obtain a copy of Engineering Mechanics textbook from the bookstore."

I felt sorry for him. The people didn't even bother to thank him or was this norm of university life? A student can just go out whenever he likes? Was this the normal way? Was I going to have a full culture shock to boot?

Sigh. I guess I will find out soon enough.

I walked down the little stairs to the landing and my eyes seemed to be attracted to see what Michael was doing. My heart kept on pounding and pounding. It seemed to pound faster when I got to him closer and before I could even realize where my treacherous feet had taken me. I was already standing in front of his table.

Michael looked up to me. His brown eyes seemed to be lighter at front. He broke into a smile, "Yes?"

At first I wondered what he was agreeing to. Did I ask him something without realizing it?

"Miss..." he looked at my name tag that hung on my neck, "Miss Lim?"

"Um, Andrea," I corrected at him impulsively. I didn't like to be called by my first name, it made me feel old. I knew that it was strange of me to think like that but that was how I am.

"Oh yes, Miss Andrea Lim, how can I help you?" he asked me.

You can help by kissing me, I thought quickly but then mentally erased that scandalous thoughts. "Um, it's nothing really," I paused, noticing that everybody had left the room. Michael and I were the only ones left. I knew that I had a class after this but my body didn't want to move. Somehow, I had this feeling that this was the only chance I'd get to be alone with him.

He waited for me to tell him what I want and truthfully, what I really wanted would probably scare his pants off. I bit my lips; there I went again, thinking those naughty bad thoughts that should be left forgotten. I shouldn't think this way, especially with a lecturer in mind.

"What is it?" He asked me kindly.

"Is the course difficult?" I blurted out, knowing that I sounded silly.

But he didn't seem to think that way. He smiled and I felt like my legs would buckle since it felt like jelly right now. "Do not worry, Miss Andrea Lim, I'll give enough tutorials to last you this semester. Just continue to revise and keep a good schedule for mechanics and you'll be fine."

I nodded and started to blush without any reason at all. He raised his left eyebrow, perhaps curious on why I would blush. "Um, that's all," I said, taking a step back. "I have class... I should go." I added nervously.

He didn't say anything to me but just smiled.

My heart melted away...


To be continued...


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