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Hey everyone!!! Well this is my fourth story on Literotica and so far I haven't gotten very much feedback, though what I have gotten was very kind and helpful. If you read stories here please take the time to comment and vote, the authors really appreciate it!!! Thanks, and enjoy because if you like this I can write another chapter to it if I get responses :)...Happy Reading!


The moon hung low in the ink-black sky, casting an eerie glow over the small wooded mountain side. The brook flowed around and down the side of the mountain, babbling all the way down and out through the lush green valley that lay sleeping beneath the black blanket of night. Molly McDonnel sat shivering beneath the majesty of an endless looking pine. She had truly under estimated the trail by night, and could not navigate a single step before dawn. She sat with her legs bent, her chin resting on her knees, which she had her arms wrapped tightly around. Her dark brown hair was still wrapped neatly at the nape of her neck, and her eyelids drooped heavily over her emerald green eyes.

Molly started at the sudden snap of a twig nearby, craning her head around on her neck like a periscope, scanning the area for any sign of the noisemaker. That's when they came out. Four, maybe five hulking figures slunk out from the cover of a nearby tree grove, teeth bared, salt and pepper colored fur raised and positively bristling. A pack of wolves stood before Molly, squared off against her, and if they were as hungry as they looked, she was in trouble. The leader sniffed the air, and then lunged at Molly with out warning. She shrieked in terror as his jaws closed on her leg, his sharp teeth working to rip through her jeans, successfully beginning to pierce the tender flesh below.

The pack howled and pranced behind their leader, urging, encouraging him to rip her apart. Suddenly, the howls became yelps as another wolf, far larger then even the alpha male that still held his deadly jaws clamped tight around Molly's leg, leapt into the small clearing. Molly shuddered, realizing this one would have no problem at all ripping her apart. The dog was massive, standing about four feet tall from top of head to foot pad, and about five feet long from the tip of his glistening black nose to the tip of his bristling gray tail. The newcomer pounced onto the back of the wolf attacking Molly and began to bite, gnashing and snapping his powerful teeth into the other animals flesh. Soon, the air was filled with the yelps and retreating howls of the pack. Molly sat, gasping to catch her breath, tears flowing heavily down her ashen cheeks as the big wolf stood watching the path the others had fled down.

Molly thought the worst was yet to come. Maybe not, for maybe a wolf this size would be done with her more quickly then the smaller one. The wolf was more akin to a bear in size, and as he turned, he met Molly's big, frightened eyes and whimpered, trotting over to her and laying his massive head in her lap. He nudged his snout against her heaving chest, nuzzling her as if to calm her down. Relief washed over her. Perhaps this was someone's pet! As she thought this she entwined her fingers in the thick, almost black hair on the back of the Wolf's head. Suddenly, it felt like silk between her fingers, and the mass on her lap was much lighter.

"I could be your pet, if you wish me to be." Molly screamed, jumping to her feet in shock, immediately tumbling back to her knees, unable to support her weight on her injured limb. There, lying in the place where the massive wolf had eased her troubled nerves lay a man... at second glance she noted, a beautiful man. This creature she now gazed upon in awe and fear was even more beautiful then the animal he replaced. "Well thank you. That is most flattering, kind lady. No one has ever thought so highly of my human form." The man said in a voice that was soft and low, sweet like a warm breeze on a cool summer night. Molly's mind raced with possibilities and she tried to shut it off, to block all her thoughts since he knew what they were.

The man gave a laugh that started long and low and rose in pitch until it was a howl. "Even if you force the thoughts to stop, the feelings will not. I smell emotion." He continued. Molly sighed, gazing at the being before her. He was a massive man, like the Wolf that had been here. Where had the animal gone? Surely he was not... "I'm afraid so, dear lady. I am a werewolf." Molly gasped at the utterance of this fact, faced with a being that only came to life behind the closed eyelids of slumbering children to torment their resting hours. He was about six feet tall, lean and muscular. His face was angular, like a wolf's... His eyes were still the color of honey, dripping sweet and sticky in front of a sunbeam so that it glowed like amber fire. His hair was black, wavy tendrils of it flowing to his chin, which was partially covered by a courser matte of the same color.

"Thank you..." Molly started quietly. The man smiled, his sharp teeth glinting in the pale moonlight.

"Thank you." He replied. He came out from under the pine, crawling slowly to where Molly still sat, one leg tucked beneath her and the other sprawled uselessly in front of her. She winced only slightly as she watched the man hold out a hand and change... His hand became a paw from which deadly claws grew. The transformation stopped there, however, and he used the claws to tear through the jean material that was clotting to her leg in her own blood. His hand went back to normal as he pressed his fingers gently around the wound. His hands were soft, and tender. Molly found herself unnervingly happy from his touch. Was this what it was like to be petted?

"Less painful." The man said, frowning into the deep bites on her shin and calf.

Molly looked at him, confused.

"What is?" She queried.

"Being petted." He replied softly. A shiver ran the length of Molly's spine.

"What is your name?" She asked softly, putting a hand lightly on his forearm. He smiled sadly at the gesture.

"I am Leland." He said softly, gazing in wonder at the delicate hand grasped around his arm. "No human girl has ever been kind enough to touch me when they know what I am." He whispered. Molly looked into his sad soft eyes and let a tear trickle down her own cheek. He was positively captivating. She reached out, hesitantly, and then placed her hands against his cheek warmly. She felt the damp rivulets of tears slide into her palm.

"I am Molly." She whispered, stroking her thumb back and forth over the line of Leland's chin. He leaned into her touch eagerly, whimpering softly like a satisfied pup.

"Can I be your pet?" He asked, sounding suddenly the complete opposite of what he was. A fabulous display of muscle and masculinity, and this simple question made him sound like a scared little boy. Molly felt her heart clench in her chest.

"No. Pets are like prisoners. You can be my companion." She murmured softly. Leland smiled his grin sparkling and, well... wolfish. He stood up suddenly, towering above her and casting a long shadow on the hardened dirt floor before he stooped and, very tenderly, picked Molly up in his arms.

"Where is it you need to go, Miss Molly?" He questioned gently. Instead of answering, Molly merely sputtered on her words, for she was staring at what Leland wore... or lack thereof. "Ah, yes! I forgot full humans are not used to nudity. It is just how I change. I go from fur to flesh with no in between." He explained. Suddenly his face got very red and Molly knew he had read her last thought. "Not THAT impressive..." he muttered, sheepishly beginning to walk down one of the trails.

Molly told him where she was going, and though she still couldn't have navigated through the darkness, even with both legs in perfect condition, Leland had the two of them back to her Cabin in no time. As Leland leaned to place Molly on the bed she gazed up into those amazing amber eyes. His body was perfect, he was beautiful and... she forgot herself and let her imagination run free. She landed on the bed and bounced, having been dropped on the mattress. Leland stood next to the bed looking very shocked and frightened.

"Leland, what's wrong?" Molly asked gently. He looked into her eyes longingly.

"I... I can't. We can't!" He said, shaking his head. Molly looked at him, confused. He sighed, sitting on the floor beside the bed. "When humans mate, they sometimes mate many times with many different partners. They have marriage, and divorce and so on. When a wolf mates, he mates for life with one female. If I did what you were thinking, you would be my mate... for life." Molly looked at Leland tenderly.

"I didn't mean to upset you, Leland." She murmured gently. He nodded, leaning his head onto her knee from his perch beside her bed.

"You didn't upset me, Molly. You did something far more dangerous..." he looked at her with searching eyes. "You aroused me."

Chapter Two.

Leland had busied him self tending to Molly's leg and getting her a bite to eat after his confession, his cheeks tinged rosy with a bit of embarrassment. Molly had given him a pair of sweatpants she kept laying around that had been her brothers until she took them to lounge in. She couldn't help but gaze longingly at his perfectly sculpted body as he moved about. His abs were perfect ripples of rock hard muscle, his hips defined by the sexy little dimples that disappeared into the sweatpants, and for a creature that was rumored to be damned, he surely had an ass on loan from God himself. Every now and again as Leland passed the bed, he picked up on one of these thoughts and growled, low and deep in his chest. This made Molly color, and more then a few times Leland began to fill the sweat pants out a bit more thoroughly then before he'd read her thoughts, and it probably didn't help that Molly was now clad only in a large t-shirt.

Molly closed her eyes, drifting off to sleep for a time. When she awoke, Leland was curled beside her on the bed, his head on her stomach, his fingers laced through hers. Molly smiled softly at her new friend, who was sleeping soundly there beside her. Suddenly his eyes fluttered open, that startling amber glow shining up at her. "How does your leg feel?" Leland asked, stretching languidly and giving a soft, dog-like whine as he did so.

"It's stiff, and sore, but alright besides that." She replied. 'It's not the only thing that's stiff and sore...' This last comment she heard in her mind, but it was not a thought. It was distinctly said in Leland's voice, but not out loud. She looked at him sharply. "What did you say?" she asked. 'If you only new, Miss Molly...'

"Nothing at all, Miss Molly." He said softly, stroking her hair from her face. Molly's eyes grew round and large.

"If I only knew what, Leland?" She said softly. Leland looked at her suddenly, his head snapping up, his eyes flashing wide open and burning with an intense glow.

'You can here this?' Leland thought to see if he was right about what was going on. Molly looked him in the eye.

"Yes. What does this mean Leland?" she asked. Leland howled softly, a wide grin spreading across his face.

'It means, dear Molly, that you are my one.'

Molly looked a bit confused at this last comment, shaking her head and looking at Leland with disbelief evident in her eyes. "One what?" she said. Leland gently took her hand.

'Werewolves don't just choose a person or a bitch to mate with and decide that they will do until one of them, or both, dies. You see, every Werewolf has a soul mate. This person or dog is the only one who can hear a werewolf's thoughts without themselves being a Werewolf. So either you are a Wolfie too, or you are my one. Tell me, Miss Molly, are you very hairy? Moody? Insatiably hungry for meat?'

Molly looked at Leland in bewilderment, shaking her head in response to his questions. She gazed at him uncertainly for a moment before asking the question. 'Is there any way to be certain?' Leland nodded.

'If you can not resist making love to me just before the next full moon rises, that is how we know. Literal Animal magnetism.'

Molly thought about the lunar cycle and where it was at now. The next full moon was... 'Tomorrow night!' she said. Leland nodded slowly. "So, if you can get me to have sex with you before tomorrow night, I'm your soul mate?" Leland nodded happily in answer to Molly's thought. She sighed heavily, lying back against the pillow, stroking his hair. It wouldn't be so bad to be stuck with a gorgeous, strong, tender man forever... but he was part animal! Molly couldn't keep up with her own thoughts and was soon drifting in and out of a troubled sleep.

Molly woke to find Leland, sans sweatpants, sprawled next to her, his facial hair tickling her neck softly. She sucked in a breath, resisting the urge to wrap her hands around his length. He was extremely hard, and his muscled body pressing against her was not helping her own state. She gently brushed back a few strands of hair hanging in front of Leland's eyes, only to find them wide open and gazing at her. She couldn't stop looking into those eyes... "Leland, where are those pants?" she asked softly, squeezing her thighs together, fighting back the building moisture. Leland pointed nonchalantly to the floor.

"Too hot for pants." He murmured. He ran his hand over her stomach, resting his head on her shoulder and drifting off to sleep once more. Molly sighed heavily, stroking her hand tenderly through Leland's hair. It was becoming increasingly difficult for her to control herself. His hard body was bathed in a silver beam of moonlight that filtered in passed the tree branches and in through the window. His muscles rippled under his smooth, perfect skin as he moved slightly, shifting over Molly's body in his sleep so that his hand was cupped over her ribs, just beneath her left breast, his left leg draped over her left thigh, his erection pressing insistently into her hip. She moaned soft, and low in her throat, feeling the silky skin of his solid appendage pressed into her flesh. He made her burn, a hot flame fanning it self from her loins and spreading to her toes and fingertips, her lips trembling slightly, her face flushing. Molly's breathing became labored, heaving sighs. She couldn't fight the temptation to touch him any longer. She ran one slender finger along his side, down toward his hip, over that delicious curve and down his thigh. Leland shivered slightly, his skin rippling with goose-bumps where her finger had touched.

Suddenly, his eyes snapped open, and his hand darted out, clutching her wrist gently, but very firmly. "Miss Molly, go no further, I beg you, unless you are willing to go as far as we can." Leland murmured softly, looking at her with his pleading wolf eyes. The inferno in her abdomen flared, burning hotter and driving Molly nearly insane. He was perfect...

She rolled herself on top of Leland, straddling his perfect, chiseled hips. Leaning forward, she took his soft lips with her own, kneading them against her mouth, her tongue gliding softly across his bottom lip. He let her tongue slip softly into his mouth, suckling softly on it, rolling and caressing his own tongue against hers in a frantic, loving dance. He broke the kiss, looking up at her, his chest heaving, his features tight and on edge. "This is for real, it's for life. Are you sure you want this, Molly?" She looked at him soberly. He had called her Molly...

Raising herself up slightly, Molly answered Leland by positioning herself over his hard-on, rocking back slowly and deliberately when he was in place. Her slick, soft folds of skin enveloped him slowly, making him gasp at the sensation of tight, wet skin grasping him, flexing around him. Molly looked at him shyly, hesitating for a moment, and then allowed her self to sink down fully upon his shaft, the tip of his erection piercing the thin layer of her purity. Now there was no turning back... Molly cried out at the sharp pain that shot through her lower body suddenly and quickly. Leland's face softened as he scooped her up in his arms, her legs wrapped tightly around his hips, never losing contact. He laid her down beneath him on the bed and tenderly held her, keeping him self still as the pain subsided. "Are you alright, dearest?" he whispered huskily. Molly looked up at him with wide glistening eyes, reaching her hand up and caressing his cheek before nodding slightly.

He looked at her with love, so much love as he very slightly withdrew his hips from contact with her body, gently pressing forward again, repeating this a few times. He slid back and then into her, her silken flesh driving him mad with desire and need, but his love which burned just as fiercely as his lust told him she needed him to be slow. He gently slid one hand up her stomach, under the folds of cotton from the t-shirt she still donned, grasping it from underneath, just below her breast, and ripping it cleanly away from her body. He wrapped his arms under her bent knees, supporting her shapely behind and hips as he raised their connected bodies off the bed, pinning her gently to the head board as he slid back in, each thrust pulling from her body a bit further, and coming back into her a bit faster.

Molly's hands flew to Leland's back, her nails skating over his flesh with the threat of puncture at every flex of her slender fingers. Her whimpers became deep, excited moans as she urged him inside of her faster. Leland began to pick up his pace drastically, plunging in and out of Molly's body like a rapidly working piston. Molly's breasts bounced enticingly, he cries filling Leland's ears like sweet music. He brought his lips to hers with bruising force, one of her hands gliding up to tangle her fingers in his wavy locks of hair. He looked at her excitedly and Molly nodded, knowing they were both on the edge of completion. Leland threw back his head, howling long and loud, mingling his voice with Molly's satisfied cries. They trembled together, Leland's seed flowing into Molly in hot streams.

The two of them collapsed against the bed, Molly still favoring her bitten leg, not even realizing she had been bleeding through the bandages from the effort it had taken to keep herself clutched to Leland. "Leland..." she whispered softly. He looked at her tenderly, smiling softly and then let his gaze go to where Molly was pointing. Gently he kissed her forehead and got up to get some more bandages. As he was re-dressing the wound, Molly watched him fondly. "Now what?" she asked.

He shrugged while twisting some gauze around her calf. "We have two options. You have the cub that's growing inside of you as a human mother joined to a hybrid father, or you become hybrid yourself. But for now you need rest, this is a matter for daylight pondering." Leland climbed into bed beside her, laying his head on her chest and drifting off to sleep, and so Molly left the decision for morning.

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