Hymens Ch. 06



Date:    06/06/04 To:        Lieutenant Eric Johnson

From:    Dr. Andrew Bain             Crime Lab Director

Subject:  HYMENS investigation video analysis

Message:   Pursuant to your request we immediately put three technicians on your case to review the surveillance videos you provided from the mall and dude ranch crime scenes. Specifically we reviewed in detail the one tape from the mall and three of the five tapes you provided from the dude ranch.

Our technicians will be forwarding the significant data from the tapes including an enlarged photograph of the individual you noticed in the dude ranch video, whom, by the way, we also found in the mall video. The technicians cross referenced this individual in our data base and identified him as one Randolph Finney, a college student and local performer.

We also spotted the specific piece of equipment he carried at both scenes, which appears to be some type of light emitting device. This device appears to emit at a frequency that has hypnotic effects on anyone observing the light. We have determined that the spontaneous orgies, that broke out at both scenes, were a direct result of the device that Mr. Finney activated.

It also appears that the light frequencies emitted affect the part of the brain controlling libido and sexual response. We have also found that the frequencies can be recorded and the recording has the same effects.

In watching a video of my three technicians, two young men in their early twenties and an older woman in her mid fifties, I noticed that immediately upon viewing the light frequencies the three techs removed their clothing. The woman and two men frolicked through an incredible array of sexual positions and practices that seemed beyond comprehension.

Between the three participants, we counted over ten orgasms, all followed by copious ejaculations. Apparently the female tech was capable of the female ejaculation many of us have read about. Anyway, it took our cleanup crews over a week working with black lights and the latest investigative equipment to clean up the splattered cum.

I am not complaining about this incredible mess, because it provided an excellent training opportunity for our crime scene investigators. The video of the occurrences in this lab also will provide hours of intense viewing.

Initially attempting to view my video of the three technicians as they reviewed your video tapes, I had no direct view of their TV monitor, but found that the light frequency that shined on the surrounding equipment had an equivalent affect on my secretary and me.

As you know Lieutenant Johnson, I am seventy four years old and to be blunt, have been well past my years of sexual potency. Under ideal conditions, viagra will work for me at home only about twenty percent of the time. Well, when the light began flashing, I realized I had achieved an erection of a quality I had not experienced in nearly thirty years.

My young secretary (she just turned nineteen) noticed it also and reached down to grab it. I dropped my pants to my ankles and she immediately slipped her mouth over my throbbing organ, bobbing her head up and down. Well, excuse my exuberance, but I felt like a seventeen year old again, and found myself filling her mouth with my semen.

Not wanting the young lady to go unsatisfied, I lifted her up onto my desk, pulled her skirt up over her hips and pulled off her panties. Sitting on my desk, she spread her legs wide and opened her beautiful vagina to me. I dipped my tongue into an ambrosia of the likes I have never experienced. Remembering some of the techniques I learned from some Korean women during the war, I ate he in ways she never imagined.

Especially enjoying my dim sum tongue technique, this girl came and came until my face was absolutely covered in her tasty juices. Seeing and feeling her come reinvigorated me, so after her third orgasm, I lifted her up and lowered her onto my towering inferno. Why that young lady rode me so hard that my chair rolled all the way across my office and when we both came together, we were leaning against the back wall.

My secretary and I have watched the beginning of the video every day since then, in fact, we are now engaged to be married. In fact, I watched the video with my fiancé and three of her bridesmaids just yesterday with some stupendous results.

The reason I am contacting you personally with this memo, is not only to thank you and I do humbly thank you, but to also encourage you to get your hands on that device. If it falls into the wrong hands it could become a weapon of mass destruction. Our history on Mr. Finney indicates he is just a talented research assistant at the local university, with no connections to outside parties, but who knows what might happen for the right amount of money.

It is important you apprehend Mr. Finney and secure his device so it can be turned over to the proper authorities. Good luck and thank you, thank you, thank you.


Dr. Andrew Bain.

PS. Angela, my secretary thanks you too, along with Celia, Annie and Megan.

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