tagToys & MasturbationHymens Ch. 08

Hymens Ch. 08



Detectives Margret Jackson and Christine Miller walked back to their desks at the station, meeting Detective Juan Estaria and Lieutenant Johnson. Still a bit disheveled from their viewing of the tape and subsequent spontaneous interlude, they both grabbed their purses to head to the restroom to tidy up.

“Wait a minute ladies, before to spend too much time fixing up there’s something we need to do,” Johnson said.

“We both got a good look at the perp, all we need to do is go pick him up,” Christine replied.

“Juan, tell them what you just said to me.”

Estaria stood up from where he was half-sitting on the desk and began, “Look, we now are pretty sure it is the light that is creating the spontaneous sexual response, right?”

The two women nodded.

“Well, if we are going to have any chance of apprehending this guy, we’re gonna need to have a way of avoiding falling into an orgy when he turns that light on.”

“Either that or catch him when he is away from the device,” Christine replied.

“Either way, I think we need to figure out a way to overcome that device, if you excuse my weak pun.”

“Overcum? Yeah Juan, you’re really humming today,” Margret replied.

“Look, Juan suggested we each grab some different types of sunglasses, individually go into different interrogation rooms and see if the sunglasses work. I assume ladies, even though you just finished a session, you can handle another… just in case your glasses don’t work,” Johnson said.

“Yeah I guess,” Christine replied, “just keep the viewing rooms locked when we do this, there’s probably semen still running down the double mirrors from the rest of these perverts watching Margret and I.” She pointed her finger, sweeping it across the squad room as several of the men quickly shuffled papers and began typing on their computers.

“Good point Christine, I’ll personally lock all the viewing rooms,” the lieutenant replied. “Juan, do we have four copies of the video?”

“Yes sir, the one Christine has and here are three more.”

“The eyewear?”

“I picked them up today, some differently shaded polarized ones here and here, a cheap pair of pink shaded ones and some “blue blockers” like those advertised on TV.”

“Okay, let’s all grab one and head back to the interrogation rooms. Ladies, if you need any special equipment, you might go visit the evidence lockers, theirs probably some interesting stuff back there that vice has rounded up,” Johnson said, smiling as both women shuddered a bit.

“Not unless you got a sterilizer here,” Margret said.

“Yeah, no telling what those things have been shoved up,” Christine added. “I think I can manage the old fashion way,” she continued, licking a finger.

Feeling a twinge in his cock, as Christine sensuously licked her finger, Lieutenant Johnson said, “Okay, let’s go.”

The four of them each picked up a video and a pair of sunglasses and headed for the interrogation rooms. Lieutenant Johnson locked all four viewing rooms before entering his room.

Detective Miller had paused at her door making sure the lieutenant had locked the door to the viewing room adjoining her room. She then stepped inside, locked her door, slipped the tape back into the VCR and settled into a chair. She loosened her already disheveled clothes, put on her “blue blockers” and started the tape.

In moments she saw the man walk into the room and turn on the device. She immediately was overcome and quickly unbuttoned her blouse and unfastened her bra. He ample breasts sagged out into her hands and she held one up, touching her tongue to the nipple. She teased her breasts for a few moments, but soon the ache between her legs drew her hand downward.

Slipping her hands into her pants and moving down to her wet opening, she had an idea. With one hand in her pants, she reached her other hand to her cell phone and speed dialed Lieutenant Johnson. Her fingers entered her cunt just as he answered his phone.

“Is it working,” she asked with a husky voice.

“No, I have my cock out right now.”

“You can’t come over here?” she asked.

“Too late, I can’t stop stroking myself. What are you doing?”

“I pushed my fingers into my pussy and now that they are wet I’m touching my clit. Oh god I wish it was your tongue on my clit. What are you doing?”

“I’ve got my hand in a fist, sliding back and forth, just over the head, imagining your mouth sucking me in. Are you wet?”

“Oh yes, I’m so wet for you. Here listen,” she said, lowering her phone as her fingers moved back to her cunt. She moved them quickly, trying to make as much noise as possible.

Hearing the wet, slurping sounds, Johnson moved his hand faster over his engorged cock. He reached his other hand down and toyed with his balls.

“Did you hear that?” Christine asked.

“Yes, put your fingers in your mouth and taste yourself.”

“Do you have some pre-cum?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“You taste yourself too.”

“I want to taste what you are tasting Christine.”

“I want you too, and I want to taste what you are tasting,” she replied.

“Oh god, I am coming Christine.”

“Tell me, tell me.”

“Yes, here it comes. I’m shooting all over my stomach, it’s warm Christine.”

“Is it sticky?”

“Oh yeah, and it’s all over me. I wish I was coming on you.”

“Yes, your white cum running on my breasts,” she replied.

“You come now, are you close?”

“Oh yes, so close. Talk to me baby.”

“I want to slide my hard cock deep into your pussy right now, so deep. Can you feel it?

“Yes, yes, I feel it, I’m almost there.”

“I want to feel your pussy wrap around me, I want to feel you come on my cock.”

“Ughh... yes, I’m coming baby, I’m coming, coming. Oh fuck me baby, please fuck me,” she moaned arching her back. She felt the waves roll over her body as she came, wishing Johnson’s cock was deep inside her.

After a few moments spent catching their breath and whispering back and forth on the cell phones, they regained their composure and got back to business.

“I wonder how Juan and Margret are doing.”

“Yes, let’s get ourselves together and go back to my office. Hopefully something worked here and we can round this guy up.”

Detective Miller put her bra back on and slowly buttoned up her blouse. She ejected the videotape and walked toward the door, wondering whether Margret was coming now or not.

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