tagInterracial LoveHymens Ch. 09

Hymens Ch. 09


Detective Margret Jackson took her videotape and entered the interview room. Carefully placing the silver colored polarized sunglasses on her face, she started the VCR. Once again, she watched their suspect walk into the room, carefully place his lighting device and then walk to the back corner of the room.

She paused the videotape and took a long look at the suspect, trying to get an insight into this individual. He seemed odd, fairly small, and almost feminine in his movements. She slowly forwarded the tape, frame-by-frame, watched the small hand rise, holding the remote control. She paused the tape once more, looking at the hand, it just seemed too dainty to be a man's hand. She wondered if there was something more to this suspect.

Finally, knowing the others would be waiting, she started the tape and watched as the light immediately began flashing. Without another thought, she unfastened her belt, opened up her pants and reached her hand in. Sliding between her soft skin and her laced panties, she moved down, moving her fingers down her slit.

Her cell phone suddenly rang. It was Juan, "Quick, unlock your door, it's working. The flashing light is not affecting me."

Margret quickly rushed to the door, unlocked it and pulled Juan inside. He was wearing the cheap, pink tinted glasses. Ignoring his sunglasses, Margret fell to her knees and began fumbling with his pants. He grabbed her hands and pulled her up, saying, "Listen to me, it worked."

Margret, aching now, quickly removed Juan's sunglasses and said, "I don't care, just fuck me."

Juan pulled off his clothes, exposing his well-developed body. Margret ran her hand over his chest, enthralled in how her white skin contrasted with his light brown. She loved his skin, especially at the tan line at his ass. Instead of the bright white skin she had, his was lighter, but still had the beautiful dark undertones. She kneeled again, cupped his light brown ass and moved her mouth over his cock.

He leaned back against the door, pushing his hips forward and watched his brown cock disappear between her white, white lips. Her mouth on him felt wonderful, but now he wanted to taste her lily pussy. He pulled her off his cock, pulled her pants and panties off in one quick motion. He lifted her onto the table, and then it was his turn to kneel.

He moved his face up to her delicious cunt and penetrated her with his tongue, tasting her tart juices. She ran her white fingers through his dark hair, pulling his face as she ground her pussy onto him. His tongue alternated between dipping into her cunt and running up her slit to her clit. She continued to pump her hips, her pussy making his face glisten.

Taking her clit into his mouth, sucking, he pushed three fingers into her soaking hole. Turing his hand he curled his fingers, trying to find her g-spot. She simply lost herself into the sensations of her Latin lover, as he drew her closer and closer to orgasm. Drawing her hips back, she moaned and the thrust herself onto him, wrapping her legs around his shoulders.

"Oh Juan, you are so good."

He shoved his fingers deep into her as she went wild on her clit. Feeling her cunt begin pulsating, he removed his mouth from her sensitive clit as she squeezed him tight with her legs. He waited until the pulsations in her pussy calmed and then removed his fingers.

Standing up, he grabbed her thighs, noticing how his dark hands looked against her milky white skin, and pulled her to him. She took his cock and carefully guided it inside her, savoring its length as he slowly pushed himself to the hilt.

Reaching down to her feet, Margret grabbed her ankles and held her legs wide open, giving Juan an incredible view as his brown cock disappeared into her pink lips. Turned on by this incredible view, he wildly rammed himself into her, feeling his balls bounce onto her ass. They both could hear the distinct slapping sound as their bodies collided together in their fiery dance.

Feeling a surge come over him, Juan grabbed her thighs and pulled her onto him. Arching his back and looking down, he watched his glistening rod plunge again and again into her light, wet and beautiful pussy.

He moaned and shot his load deep into her soft, wet hole. He felt his cock pump and pump as he filled her with his hot cum. Finally feeling the last of the sensations subside, he slowly eased himself out of her, watching as each inch came out of her, glistening in their mixed juices. Once he withdrew completely, he kneeled again and ran his tongue into her hole, licking out some of their combined cum.

Margret sat up, drew her to him and kissed him hard, both sharing the intense flavor of their lovemaking. Gazing into each other's eyes, they heard a knocking on the door.

"Yeah," Juan hollered.

"You two okay in there?" asked Detective Miller.

"Yes, give us a moment."

Juan and Margret quickly dressed and with one final kiss, the two opened the door and followed Miller to the Lieutenants office. Stepping into the office, Juan started, "It worked, the cheapest pair of sunglasses, the pink ones, blocked the effect."

"I just received a phone call from downstairs," the Lieutenant replied.

"And?" Juan asked.

"Our suspect just turned herself in."


"Yeah, turns out he was a she, who'd have known," Lieutenant Johnson said.

"I thought something seemed odd, he just seemed too delicate."

"We'll you were right. They are getting her lined up for questioning. Once her lawyer arrives we can get started."

"She lawyered up already," Miller asked.

"Yeah, actually the lawyer set up the deal, apparently some word got out about Homeland Security's interest in the case and wanted to avoid any Federal involvement."

"Yeah, nobody can fuck up a good thing more than the Feds."

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