Hymens Ch. 10



Detectives Miller, Jackson and Estaria huddled around Miller’s desk, waiting for the lieutenant to finish up some paperwork before heading over to the Sheriff Department's lockup to talk to their suspect. “Strange how our guy turned out to be a woman, I didn’t see that coming,” Juan Estaria said.

“Well, something sure seemed strange about him... her in the videos,” Christine Miller replied.

“Aren’t most sex crimes committed by men?” Margret Johnson asked.

“Most, but you’d be surprised how many women get involved,” Christine answered.

“Well, looks like we got our woman,” Juan said. “Just when it was getting interesting.”

Noticing his leering gaze Margret said, “I can’t decide if you’d be better wearing those cheap sunglasses or without them.”

“Oh, you are inspiration enough for me Margret.”

“Cut the chatter, we’ve got to move,” Lieutenant Johnson said briskly, rushing past their desks.

Quickly grabbing their gear, the three detectives followed him toward their cars. “Lieutenant, what is going on, I thought we had her?”

“Apparently our suspect had a small scale device, used it in lockup. Does everyone have their sunglasses?”

“Yeah, were all ready,” Juan replied.

“Good, we’ve got some more video to watch.”

“Did she get away?”

“No, they still have the suspect,” the lieutenant said, climbing into his car.

The two automobiles sped out of the parking lot toward the Sheriff’s Office. The lieutenant quickly detailed everything for Christine.

“They were setting up to transfer her over to us and apparently one of the guards thought he’d get a little friendly with her.”


“Well, I’m not sure exactly the turn of events, but our suspect either accidentally or purposely set off the device and... well, lockup went kind of berserk. Then one of the guards carried the device out into the main entrance.”

“Are you...”

“I’m not kidding Christine, the County Sheriff’s Department had an orgy,” Lieutenant Johnson said, suppressing a laugh.

“This isn’t going to be pretty,” Christine said, taking a deep breath.

Pulling up to the station, there were no parking places; vehicles were parked all over the place. The two cars pulled in behind several Sheriff’s vehicles and the detectives moved quickly toward the entrance, avoiding several news reporters. Christine filled Juan and Margret in as they walked.

Stepping inside, the detectives were immediately coated with the smell of sex. Numerous office workers, deputies and bystanders were wrapped in blankets as police interviewed them. Christine shook her head and nodded toward Margret, pointing out the black lace panties that slowly revolved on the ceiling fan. It looked like the aftermath of a wild, drunken fraternity party.

Lieutenant Johnson came back from talking to the Sheriff and drew the three aside. “Look, we’re going to visit our perp, but we need to watch another video. Let’s make sure we have our sunglasses on, we surely don’t want to look like a bunch of bumkins,” he said, looking around the room.

The four detectives followed a deputy into an interview room, sitting down at a table while the deputy set up the VCR. He then inserted the video and pressed play. Johnson, immediately picked up the remote and paused the tape. “Thank you deputy, if we need anything we’ll come and get you.”

The deputy grimaced, nodded his head and stepped through the door, closing it gently behind him. The lieutenant looked at his detectives, made sure their sunglasses were in place and then started the tape.

“Okay, here’s where the deputy enters the cell, locking the door behind him.”

“It’s almost like she is encouraging him Lieutenant,” Christine said.

On the TV, they saw the woman moving her hands up her sides and then over her breasts. There was no sound, so whatever they couldn’t tell what was being said. The large man moved over closer to her and then appeared to fumble with his pants. From behind, they could see him bend his knees a bit and move his hand to the back of her head.

Suddenly the light began to flash and the deputy fell back against the bars. He quickly removed his clothing and moved back to the prisoner, who had removed her blouse, running his hands over her breasts. Fumbling with her skirt, he suddenly stepped back again.

“Lieutenant, she’s a man!” Juan exclaimed.

“Not entirely,” Christine replied, looking at her breasts.

Naked now, their suspect stood up. Her breasts, though small, were distinct, with two small, but very erect nipples. Looking downward, past her taut stomach and below the thick patch of pubic hair stood, a small, but definitely hungry cock. She moved over to the macho deputy, kneeled down and took him in her mouth, moving slowly back and forth over his large member.

In a few moments, she removed the glistening rod from her mouth, and spitting some more saliva over it, she turned and bent her self over the cot, resting her arms on it. The deputy moved up behind her, slowly sliding his cock into her diminutive ass.

The detectives watched as the deputy eased his cock past her anus and into her rectum. He began a slow rhythm that built up in intensity as the prisoner reached between her legs and began stroking her own cock. Watching the deputy’s ass flex with each thrust, Christine felt a tingling between her legs. She quickly held her hands close around her sunglasses, trying to avoid letting any of the flashing light in the video leak around the pink tinted lenses.

In a few moments the deputy arched his back and came, flooding the prisoner’s rectum with his cum. Withdrawing from the woman, he sat down onto the cot. The prisoner stood up, furiously stroking her cock. The deputy got a strange look on his face and then pulled the prisoner closer and took the hard rod into his mouth.

His head bobbed back and forth for a while as he savored this beautiful woman’s cock. Soon she arched her back and came, grabbing the deputy’s head as she jammed her cock hard into his mouth. Coughing and gagging a bit, he pulled back, using his tongue to catch the last bit of dribble from the tip of her cock.

Only then did the prisoner dash for the keys and try to unlock the door from the cell. The deputy, still naked, lifted her up and tossed her to the back of the cell. He quickly dressed, without removing his eyes from his prisoner. He retrieved the keys and went through the door, locking it behind him. The prisoner sat naked on the cot, weeping.

The videotape stopped as the lieutenant pressed the remote. “So it appears we have a lot to talk about with our perp,” he said, removing his sunglasses.

“Now, let me get this, it turns out the prisoner was a man, living as a woman, but disguising himself... ah herself as a man? Juan asked.

“Looks that way,” the lieutenant replied. “I thought we’d talk to her here before taking her back to our station.”

“The sheriff’s letting her go?” Christine asked.

Opening the door and stepping out into the chaos in the reception area the lieutenant replied, “Well, considering all this, I think they’ll be glad to see her... ah him, go.”

“What about her lawyer?”

“See the hairy gentleman over there?” he asked.

“You mean the guy that looks like a bear?” Margret replied.

“That’s him. When we get some pants on him we’ll go talk with him and his client.”

“Make him wear his shirt too,” Christine replied with a shudder.

The lieutenant smiled and nodded.

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