tagInterracial LoveHymn Ch. 01

Hymn Ch. 01


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Mae was alone in the glen with only assorted flowers gracing the landscape like drops of sparkling dew, encouraging the grassy knolls to sing; blues and crimsons, mustards and olives. There she sat as the brook streamed for lunar affection. The trees whispered listlessly, their leaves warning of the power of rain to their thirsty surroundings. Moments later it began to pour, but still she sat, unmoved.

She was here only to escape the consequences of releasing her personal control to an entity capable of remarkable evil. If the physically blows weren't repercussion enough, the scarring to her soul was a satisfactory casualty to give her reason to excuse herself from the cruelties she faced every day in her past life. To escape his twisted infatuations.

She was awakened from the deepest recesses of her mind by heavy droplets falling off of her eyelashes, adding to the tears that fell from her eyes, and the soft gasps for air that she was fortunate enough to be breathing. She felt free. Something about the crying sky cleansed her conscious as they cried in unison, happy and thunderous. A happiness not long lived.

Her eyes shot open as she felt a cold, familiar metal pressing into the back of her skull. She listened on as a cold baritone voice heavy with warning ran ice cubes down her back. "You're trespassing."

Apart of her was unafraid. This was not the first time she had been threatened this way, but she had hoped the previous incident would never happen again. She spoke calmly in return, "I wasn't aware that this was someone's property. If you drop the gun, I'll go." She wasn't one to pray for release or salvation, but the moment seemed appropriate. All those years of oppression, only to be killed after her escape because of the area lacked the proper signage. At the hands of a stranger. "I didn't see any signs along the road."

He looked down on the woman sitting entangled in the long grass, frustrated with his own assumptions. What reason did she have to lie? It was obvious she was not and had never been here before, or she would never had stepped a foot out of her vehicle. But if she was out here alone, and others knew about it, they could both be elbows deep in trouble.

As his gun uncocked, she stood and faced the low hanging trees he was partially hidden in, but only saw an outline of his tall shadow . As he came forward into the moonlight and met her eyes, she could tell that resting in the darkness did him no justice. His lincoln green gaze was almost painful to keep in contact with. He had short dark hair and broad shoulders, undoubtedly from years of labour intensive work. His jaw was perfectly square, coming gently to the point of his chin, buried in his beard that connected up his face to his sideburns. His lips were well arched, and slightly pink under his mustache. His cheeks were bright and high and his brows were thick and black as the rain dripped down his pale face. His flannel clung to his broad body as he stood shoulders and head above her, holding nothing on his face but disinterest.

"Hurry and get off my land. You've probably brought enough attention to give me trouble for weeks." He said loudly over the thunder that began to clap.

She stopped her daydreaming and clung her arms to her body as the cold set in. "I'm sorry I sat down for a second, and did such irreparable damage to your property." She didn't fight the annoyance creeping out of her voice as she grew livid. She couldn't imagine getting so upset over such a minute problem.

He put the safety lock on his gun and put it in his waistband, grunted under his breath instead of responding, and disappeared back into the treeline towards the road.

She wiped a hand across her face, attempting to clear some of the water that had blurred her vision. She should have been the one upset. After he threatened to shoot her. She fought with herself for a moment, but chose to leave it alone. She no longer wanted to be someone who would get trampled over, but some battles were not worth fighting. She followed him away from the brook, feeling the leaves brushing pass her arms as she pushed towards her aggressor and her vehicle.

Mae watched him as they came to the empty country road. "This your car?" He nodded to her high end, brand new black car as he passed it, and walked to his pick up.

He was stunningly attractive, and his southern slur was swoon worthy. Facts she still noted in her fury. "It is." She was proud of it. And she had paid in cash. "Don't worry, I'll take it and go. But thank you so much for your friendly reception."

He laughed harshly with no smile on his face, "You came to the wrong place if you were looking for friendly darlin'. Do yourself a favour and take that as fast as you can out of here." He pointed down the road to her left. "Highway is that way." He walked over to his grey pick up and opened the door just as a car began to pull to the side next to them.

He controlled his disbelief. He had tried to get her on her way. 'Five more minutes.' He grumbled to himself. That was all she would have needed to have been undetected. He approached her quickly as the Sheriff's vehicle pulled closer to them. He closed the door and walked quickly over to her, shutting the driver's side door she was about to get into. She moved back against her car as he spoke quickly. "Do exactly as I do if you don't want to end up unidentifiable in a body bag."

"What?" She narrowed her eyes in confusion, not knowing what he meant in the slightest. "What the hell are you talking about?"

He took her arms in his hands and shook her lightly, trying to knock her out of her shock. "Listen. I don't know what your problem is, but I'm trying to help you. So don't talk for just one second." She only nodded in response as he stood closely to her, speaking softly over the thunderous rain. His hair was glued to his face from the moisture, and his flannel clung to his physique. The clinging fabric displayed the muscles of his arms, and the thickness of his biceps. She temporarily forget how angry she had been from his rudeness. She met his gaze to find that this time, he had also taken a moment to examine her.

He looked down at her as the white dress grasped her body tightly from the unceasing rain, causing the fabric to constrict and become transparent over her curvy body. She wasn't wearing any undergarments. As he met her eyes again, he felt the space between them warming considerably as the mutual attraction set in.

"Okay." She whispered back to him as his eyes softened for the smallest fraction of a second.

He told himself he would do this one favour for her, and make sure she left unharmed. But he wasn't sure if someone like her would ever be able to just past through. No one who had her soft brown skin ever had. But he would try. Because she couldn't keep her eyes to herself, and he found he was having a hard time just the same. One favour and he would be done. Only because of her vulnerability. He noticed how full her lips were.

She could feel chills running up her body from lack of clothing, and his perusal.

As the Sheriff got out with an umbrella, she saw a sly smile on his rough face. It complimented his opaque energy. In a brown suit and dress shoes with a golden badge slapped on his chest. He looked to be in his fifties at the very least. "What do we have here?" He coughed, approaching the handsome strangers pick up first, looking inside of it and around before circling back to the huddled acquaintances.

She moved from behind him, in hopes of explaining their situation when her stranger spoke first. "Evening Dom." He walked over to the sheriff to stop him from coming closer, and her from making their predicament worse. She had no idea what she was immersed in.

The Sheriff continued to peer over at her from behind the taller man. "Who you got there?"

"No one of importance. Go on and enjoy your night now. We were done here, no trouble concerning the station."

The Sheriff stared at her incredulously, "No trouble?" I could argue. If you've been havin' problems here tonight Mr. Dwyer, we've been having complaints about the shanty a couple of miles out. You from the shanty, girl?" He nodded and walked over to her, temporarily shielding her from the rain and blocking her vision of the other man.

She was awestruck. Shanty? She looked like trouble? Girl? What century was this? "Look Sheriff-"

He held up his hand to interrupt. "Your name girl, what-"

She cut him off this time. "Are you going to let me finish?" She seethed, standing straighter now. She peered into his soulless eyes as he began to laugh. He was taken aback by her blunt nature.

"Wow!" He laughed and looked to Dwyer. "She's got a fire to her!" He finished his laughter and straightened his jacket. "We used to beat that out of 'em." He tsked and walked away towards her stranger. Leaving her to pick her jaw up off of the wet grass. "Who is she to you Grant?" He asked, and switched the hands the umbrella rested in.

It was then that he knew exactly what the Sheriff's dead eyes were implying. "She's a guest of mine." He lied swiftly as the little man blew his coffee breath upwards into his face. A scent much different from the lilacs she emitted.

"You said she wasn't important. What's she your guest for?" The Sheriff said flatly as he narrowed his eyes.

"Family business you have no part in Dom." He said calmly trying not to attach him to the back of his truck and drag him through the muddy road by his earlobes.

Dom Davis. That much she had picked up from his badge. His eyes were filled with unmistakable hatred, much different from Grant's. She looked at him glowering down at the Sheriff, who threw up his hands. "Fine. None of my business?" He turned back to her. "You know," He reached out and grasped her chin tightly causing her to yelp from pain, and tilted her head as he examined her. He leaned his face close as she struggled to remove his hands, but he was too firm. The pain from his heavy hand crushing her jaw made it difficult for her to breathe. "She fits a description that was called in not too long ago. I'm going to have to take her with me to the station." He said as he breathed heavily against her cheek.

She closed her eyes as she struggled, hearing Grant's voice come closer to her, "If you disrespect a guest of mine, you disrespect me. If you disrespect me Dom, I might just forget that you have that badge on your chest." She opened her eyes just as he motioned for her to come stand by him. She knew she could do nothing but obey. So she slipped from the sheriff's callous hand as it unclenched her, and went toward the man with the kinder eyes.

She tried to hide her embarrassment as she let Grant shield her. She fought off the unmistakable feeling of pending shame, feeling powerless against her attacker. As she tried convincing herself she was not to blame for the Sheriff's attack, Grant looked down behind his shoulder at her, giving her a glimpse of his humanity. She gave a quick nod to signal that she was okay. She was enormously happy to have somebody to protect her as she reenacted her nightmares.

The Sheriff took a minute to collect himself. "Make sure your guest doesn't part too soon. I have questions for her." He said, not looking at either of them, as if he was still fixated on her ghost. He tipped his hat and walked back to his car, shaking the umbrella as he got inside and pulled back onto the road.

For a minute she stood there, dumbfounded. To be talked down to was never pleasant. But she had felt something akin to murderous radiating off of Sheriff Dom Davis. "Well." She said as he faced her, "Thank you for your help, but I should get going like you wanted."

He was stupefied. He looked into her eyes, they were such a deep blue, they almost looked violet. She didn't believe the Sheriff's threats? "You can't go now. You have to stay with me."

It was her turn to laugh. "Right. I get it now. It was just some backcountry racism. I really appreciate your help, but I'm sure I can go." But as she said this, his features furrowed and hardened. She began to understand. "You're not being serious?"

He shook his head and began to hitch her car to the back of his truck. She stammered watching him. "No. No. I have to keep going."

"No." He said with finality. "I lied for you." He said slamming the pieces together. "Now I have to keep it up if you want to live. Because I can guarantee that if I let you drive off, Dom and his boys will be waiting on both sides of this road for you to be alone.

She put up her hands, signaling him to pause. "Weren't you about to shoot me. How am I supposed to believe I'm any safer with you?"

"I didn't say you would be. But I can guarantee you'll be alive longer with me." He finished and drew near to her. "Let's get out of this rain."


After much convincing, they sat in silence, letting the heater wash over their wet bodies. She focused on the gentle pressure of the heat on her legs and face, feeling her eyelids become heavy. She sat up, to try and fight off her drowsiness, just in case her captor chose to shoot her and dump her body.

He watched her battle with sleep as he reflected on what was still unraveling before him. She did have a powerful nature to her. A fearlessness that only reared its' head after she was tired of being preyed upon. When she had given the sheriff's attitude back to him, he did feel himself admire her courage. But he became angry again as he thought of Dom grabbing her face. He wanted to burn his fingertips. A man who preyed on women was no man at all.

Grant imagined himself being near to her body. But, instead of aggressively gripping her, he would hug her hip, pull her long black curly hair, and press her against her tiny car in that barely there white dress. He thought about her full lips parting slightly, revealing her soft, warm tongue. "Grant." She said to herself, pulling him out of his daydream.

"Grant Dwyer." He said holding his breath to control his wild thoughts.

"You want me to say the whole thing every time I address you?"

"Grant is fine."

She watched him stare blankly at the road. He looked as if he was thinking of something painful. "Do you want to know mine?"

"No." He said shortly.

"You don't?"


"It's Mae Bennett." She said as she rolled her eyes at his coldness.

"I didn't ask."

"Why? You don't keep a list of your victims? Haven't you ever heard of organized crime?" She rubbed her sore cold fingers and held them to the heater.

Was she being sarcastic after he had saved her life? He didn't understand. But he admired her slightly dark and dry humour.

She was shocked to hear him chuckle slightly. It was so quick she could have missed it if she breathed. Her face was hot. She felt a little shy after hearing his deep laugh. "Thank you. I'm probably not coming off as appreciative. That man was really something." Her voice dropped off as she said the last sentence. She became preoccupied with the window, trying to find solace in the passing tree line.

He looked over to her again, feeling briefly sorry for her as she shivered. "There's a jacket in the back." He suggested, hoping she would oblige. He kept catching himself glancing at her chest, clearly visible underneath her dress. "If you're still cold." He forced out, knowing she was. He gripped the steering wheel tighter as she sat up and reached into the backseat. The fabric stretched and showcased how firm her nipples were as the dress stimulated them. He turned his attention back to the road. 'Stop' he said to himself, attempting to right his mind. Nothing could come from bedding her except for intense trouble. Something she had already brought him.

She heard him gasp lightly as she was about to put the jacket on. Thinking he was equally as cold. "If you don't want me to wear it-"

"What?" He intercepted, thinking she had discovered his arousal.

"The jacket? If you need it more?"

"No. Put it on." He said in a low growl. He reached over and thrusted it at her for emphasis, gently grazing her shoulder in the process.

She shivered as he touched her shoulder attempting to help her put it on quickly. She breathed deeply as she enjoyed the warmth of this thick fingers. She looked into his face, hoping to catch emotion, but found none. "Do you mind if I come closer to you? The heater isn't as warm as you are."

He tightened his lips as he saw his mailbox. "We're here." He said thankfully as he pulled onto a curving dark path leading to a brick and mortar Colonial encapsulated by trees. Decorative lanterns graced the doors and windows and the rust colour of the bricks were deepened by the rain. Heavy trees swung close to the roof, giving it their excess rain. As she opened the door, the smell of the wet cedars encapsulated her senses.

He got out, enjoying the light appreciation displayed on her face. He hadn't looked at this house that way for as long as he had lived there. "You can go inside. I already told them you were coming. I'll bring up your things and move the car's around back. He said as he unhitched the car.

She eyed him as his back rippled from his task, the raining trailing lazily down his neck. "I can help. It wouldn't be right for you to do this by yourself in the rain."

He stood to his full height in front of her as she held the jacket closed. For a second, he did wish her to stay. Just so he could look at her. He was trying to embody 'out of sight, out of mind' but everytime he regained control, she tested him again. He could not place why he was struggling so much to retain composure, he wasn't in need of female attention. But something about the sadness in her eyes made him desperate to comfort her anyway he knew how. "You don't take direction well, do you?" He said sternly as water dripped from his hair down to her neckline.

She did not take offense to his words as his eyes fixed to hers. She felt warmth in her abdomen as he continued to look through her. His intensity began to make her whole body warm, just as his fingers on her body had been. "I would rather wait for you."

He continued to stare as she pleaded with him. But he knew he could not indulge. He looked at her lips, imagining how sweet they would taste mixed with the rain, and licked his own. He turned away. "It's late. Go in and get ready to get some sleep. Rebecca should still be in." He cursed himself as he continued his task, taking deep breaths and trying to quiet his mind. He had only known her an hour, but he had watched her longer than that. He had been coming back from town and pulled over when he saw her car. He had assumed the threat to be more dangerous than just a woman crying softly and admiring her surroundings. He didn't know why he pulled the gun on her. He had already known he wasn't going to shoot her. He just couldn't believe anyone could look at the land he hated with such love.

With his dismissal, she left him and went up the red steps as the big white doors practically flung themselves open. Revealing a beautiful interior and an overly excited older lady who looked to be in her sixties with short gray hair pulled back from her face. Her pale cheeks were blushed and prominent. Her thin lips pulled into a full smile and then dropped, replacing with a look of shock and fear in her eyes.

As Mae watched her struggle with her appearance, she introduced herself. "Hello I'm Mae-"

"Of course. Come on in outta that rain." She replaced her look with one of sympathy and kindness. "Let me show you were you'll be staying. We've got to get you out of those wet clothes."

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