tagInterracial LoveHymn Ch. 02

Hymn Ch. 02


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Please be advised, that this story is a murder mystery. Some of the scenes may be a bit aggressive for those seeking a different type of satisfaction. I've toned down some of the scenes so that Hymn is more welcoming to our faint -hearted friends. Please let me know if more adjustment should be made. Feedback is valued, and I appreciate all the comments I have received on every one of my submissions. Thank you.


Mae tossed and turned restlessly as the heat began to become overwhelming. She flipped the covers off and turned her pillows so she could feel the cool fabric on the other side. She groaned out loud in the darkness of the room, thankful that her door was shut. She stayed perfectly still with her arms raised by her head, as she begged her body to cool down.

It had been two weeks since she had tried to leave, and nothing had changed for the better. Still, they had found no kind words to say to each other, if they even spoke at all. Most days they only communicated through yes and no's, only speaking if there was something she needed for the library. Other than the rides to and from town, they were rarely alone. She was always ready when he came home from his morning rounds, and after he dropped her off at the library, she almost never saw him until he came to pick her up in the afternoon. On slim occasions, if she needed more time completing the tasks she had set for herself as she recreated the library, he waited for her in the back office making phone calls and shuffling through bottomless piles of papers. When they got home, he would retreat to his study, and take all of his meals in there, not coming out until she had settled in bed. On nights where she found it hard to sleep, she listened for his heavy footsteps coming up the stairs, and his door shutting quietly.

In his absence, Rebecca had become a fast friend. When she was home, she never let Mae sulk in the silence of the old home. Instead, they talked and laughed for hours as they completed Rebecca's duties. At the library, Sweeney often dropped by to converse as Mae straightened the leaning shelves. Together, they had read no less than five mysteries aloud, and always ate family style lunches on their breaks. He was finding it easier to confide in her, but if his son ever came up in conversation, he quickly reverted to his nervous state.

She cleared her throat as the heat brought her out of her dream. The still air was causing her mouth to become unbearably dry. She released her ponytail as she got out of bed, knowing that the frequent movement had loosened it considerably. She opened her door slowly, attempting to prevent it from creaking with purpose, and made her steps soft as she worked her way down to the kitchen, clinging to the walls instead of waking him up from the lights. She said a prayer as she reached the cold kitchen floor without bumping into any of the fixtures and opened the refrigerator, savouring the cold air as it circled her legs.

"Couldn't sleep?"

She screamed in a whisper and clung a hand to her chest. She looked over at the corner the deep voice had come from where Grant had a cup of water to his lips. "You scared the shit out of me." She took a deep breath and grabbed a cold bottle of water from the shelf. "The heat was keeping me up. I can't believe you don't have air conditioning."

He watched her dig through the shelves looking for something else. As her hair drifted in front of her face, he noticed she had straightened it, and it had gotten much longer. She bent down and placed both of her knees on the floor as she continued to dig. She was only wearing a thin tank top and short shorts as her pajamas. He eyed her as her nipples hardened from the cold air. "You changed your hair."

She rolled her eyes as she dug. The first off topic comment he made, and it was nothing more than an observation. She had seen a green apple in there just this morning, and something inside her would not rest until she had cut it up in a bowl of peanut butter. "I had nothing better to do after you shut the library early, and it's Rebecca's two days off."

"I didn't want you to die of heat stroke while you worked." He took another sip and sat the cup on the counter. "What are you looking for?"

She looked over to him, catching his body illuminated from the dim refrigerator bulb. "An apple. And it's no better here. I can't believe you don't have any fans."

He walked over to the opened door and bent down, grabbing the green apple from the shelf in front of her face. "I never said I don't have any fans."

She smelled his musky scent as he angered her. She tried to pluck the apple from his hands only to have him move it out of her reach. "Maybe I want this apple now."

She narrowed her eyes and sucked her teeth. "You wouldn't."

He only lifted his brows in response and stood up, grabbing a knife and a bowl from the counter. As he began to cut, he heard her shut the door and watched as she hoisted herself onto the countertop. He grabbed the peanut butter from the cabinet next to her and a spoon, placing them next to the empty bowl. "How did you know that's what I wanted?" She said softly next to him as he removed the core and slid the apples into the bowl.

"I've had to buy a lot of apples and peanut butter since you got here. And Rebecca is allergic." He opened the bottle and stared into it, unsurprised that the bottle he had bought yesterday was already half empty.

She stifled a laugh, knowing what had frustrated him. "Sorry." She watched him as his hands worked, scooping out the spread and dalloping it into the small blue bowl. He started to put the cap back on when she stopped him. "Can I actually have more?" She gave a small look of plea as he unscrewed the cap again. "What are you doing awake? I heard you come upstairs earlier."

He tried not to pursue why she had listened for him, choosing instead to pass on her inquiry. "I had work to do." He closed the cap and turned the water on in the sink.

She reached for the finished bowl as he started to clean the silverware. "Thank you." She picked up a slice and dipped it graciously. This was the most they had talked in some time, and she was thankful the mood was casual. If she thought about their interactions long enough, she could feel a spot in her chest growing dense. As time had passed, she had begun to forgive their first few days, not wanting to turn this place into another hell of her own making. She looked around the kitchen as her body cooled from the snack. "So, you've had a fan this whole time?"

He dried the spoon and put it in the dish rack. "It's on my ceiling." He gripped the edge of the counter and looked into her eyes, seeing the disappointment his answer caused. He thought for a second as he became frustrated with himself. He had learned quickly that her subtle faces played his feelings expertly. He found himself almost always trying to give her what she wanted. Whenever she asked him for new items in the library, he would say no. But he always ended up tracking down what she requested. Even today, after she had asked to stay longer, he had told her no, but had picked up mobile fans so she could stay as long as she wished as time went by. Because he hated the weight disappointment laid on his soul. "If you're finding the heat to be too much, we can switch rooms."

She put the apple she was halfway through down and shook her head. "No. That's okay. I wouldn't want to invade your space."

He looked at her for a second, knowing that deep inside she didn't mean a word of her humility. He pulled the bowl from her hands, ignoring the angry flashes on her face. "Come on." He said as he nodded to the doorway.

Mae tried to grab the bowl from him, but was too slow. Only half a second had went by until he was already halfway up the stairs. She hopped off the counter and hurried after him, catching up just as he reached the top. She looked down his section of the hallway, pausing before he gave her a reassuring glance. He turned the knob with her water in his hand and walked in.

She felt cold air rush her body as she followed him through, and felt out of place. His room was much cleaner than she had expected. His bed was larger, and framed with dark wood. His dressers and desk matched, and his quiet fireplace was wider than hers. She felt her way through the dark, using the moonlight that poured through the windows as her guide. She looked over at the corner and saw a long grey couch.

He placed her bowl and drink on the bedside table. "I'll be across the hall if you need me."

As he began to leave, she reached out for him, catching a small portion of his sleeve. "Can't you sleep on the couch? I won't be able to sleep if I know you're suffering in the heat."

"I'm used to it." He said hoping she would accept his answer.

"Please?" She said softly, hoping that for the first time, she would hear him say yes.

He stared into her eyes, wishing desperately that she hadn't said that. He felt her let go and walked over to the door. He shut it and went back to the bed, taking a pillow from it and placed it on the couch.

Mae smiled as she climbed into his bed. It was considerably taller than hers. She took another apple before sliding under the covers. She watched him as he covered his eyes with an arm and sighed deeply. "Sorry." She said again as she started to chew quieter. "Last one." She slid the bowl back onto the table and laid back, enjoying the cold air from the fast moving fan. Sleep was upon her before she could convince herself to re-adjust her pillows.


She woke up in the darkness breathing heavily, as tears streamed down her face. She stopped herself from screaming as she saw Grant standing above her in the shadows. "Calm down. It's just me. You were yelling in your sleep."

She wiped the tears from her face and scooted back against the headboard, trying to steady her heart. "I'm sorry... I..." She pushed her hair from her face as he looked down at her with worry. "I can go back to my room if you want. I'm sorry I woke you."

He said nothing as he waited for her to calm herself. He had woken quickly as she began to scream, thinking that someone was attacking her, only to find her tangled in his blankets, crying her eyes out and screaming 'no'. "Move over." He said as he began to get in with her.

"What? Why?" She said as he pushed her gently, making room for himself. She moved her body as he laid against the pillows.

"When I was young, Rebecca used to stay the night. I had nightmares that kept me awake most days. She would come and lay with me, and that was the only thing that would get them to stop." He rested his hands on his chest as he stared at the ceiling. "My own mom would never do it for me. Even after I begged her. Only Rebecca."

Mae felt his pain as he whispered into the darkness. She knew how important parents were supposed to be to young children. She slid down beside him, resting her head on his shoulder. She let her last heavy breath go and settled into his chest as he opened his arms for her. She rested a hand on him and turned her body against his. She tugged lightly at the soft fabric of his shirt as they sat in silence. "My mom used to sing to me. She only knew one song, and she wasn't very good." She felt his chest rumble from his chuckle and smiled against him. "But she did it every night. Until my father took her from me."

He looked down as she clutched him tighter. He rubbed her back gently and tilted his head towards her hair to smell her soft fragrance. "I'm sorry."

She brought her body closer as he touched her. "Me too. After I was born and I opened my eyes for the first time, he lost it. The nurses tried to explain that most babies eyes change over time. But when mine never did, he was convinced that she had been unfaithful. Eventually, he couldn't look at me anymore, and he killed her for it. I loved my mom. And I miss her everyday." She went quiet, and listened to his even breathing. "I know I'm oversharing."

He set his free hand on his chest close to hers, their fingertips touching lightly. He glady listened as she confided in him, the late night was generously loosening their inhibitions. He closed his eyes, feeling naturally remorseful for how he treated her.

She felt his hand come close and moved hers closer to his long digits, finding comfort in his open demeanor. She listened as he sighed heavily, his chest falling dramatically under her head. "Mae, I'm sorry for before."

She looked up at him, surprised to hear him apologize. She had noticed he had only been kinder with his actions, not verbally, until now. "I'm sorry too Grant. I shouldn't have yelled at you the way I did." She sat up slightly to bring her face level to his. "Especially not in front of poor Sweeney." She watched his lips curl lightly into a smile. She returned it as his eyes warmed, filling her with joy. As his smile fell, and he looked at her, she felt herself becoming entranced again in his presence. She moved her hand slowly up his body to the bare skin of his neck. She ran her thumb along his ear as he held her waist closer to himself. Her heart began to beat loudly in her chest as she leaned forward, stopping her lips before she connected with his. She gripped his shirt as he traveled the rest of the way, parting his lips against hers.

She felt his chest as the passion between them built, lifting a leg over his lap as he deepened their kiss. She felt him as his warm, wet tongue rubbed against her own. He palmed her smooth leg underneath her thigh, lifting it higher so she wouldn't feel his pants getting tighter. She took a fistful of his shirt as she moaned into his mouth, the air around their bodies becoming heavy from the heat they were making. She felt him bury a hand in her hair and pull it gently, making her mouth open further for his exploration. He held onto her leg as he placed himself on top of her, and her arms instinctively wrapped around his neck and torso. He gripped the sheets behind her head as he felt how warm she was becoming against his clothed crotch, wishing only to bury himself in her just as he had weeks before. She felt him set a path of fire up her body as he slipped his hand underneath her top, cradling her breast in his hand and running his thumb along her nipple.

As soon as she smoothed her hand down his stomach and into his waistband, he pulled away quickly, feeling himself becoming lost in her. As their noses touched, he spoke to her quietly, "I should go." He released her and got up as quickly as he could, not wanting to shame her by taking her again in her confusion.

She grabbed for his hand as he began to slip away. "No, please. I'll stop. Please don't go?" She waited for him as he debated. He took three prolonged breaths, trying to settle himself. She moved further away from him as he laid back down on the bed next to her. She turned over and faced away from him, knowing he would need his space. She tried to slow her heart as she touched her lips, trying to imitate how he felt. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight." He returned as he stared up at the spinning ceiling.


Mae opened her eyes slowly as they adjusted to the bright light coming in from the windows. She lifted her head, feeling Grant's chest rise and fall beneath her. She looked up into his face to see him still soundly sleeping, and his dark hair falling into his face. As she heard light knocking on the door, she looked over to see it slowly opening as Rebecca peeked through. "Hey you two, it's noon. Come down when you're ready." She shut the door, smiling broadly to herself.

She sat up, causing him to wake from her movement. "It's almost noon Grant."

He got up quicker and reached for his phone on the nightstand. "Shit." When he confirmed, his heart dropped. "I had a meeting with the builders this morning. Fuck."

She tried to touch his back as he sat on the edge of the bed, but he soon got up, dialing numbers in his phone. She righted her shirt instead, and climbed out of his bed, sneaking out of his room as he furiously spoke with someone on the other line. She paused after she shut his door, trying to collect her thoughts. She began walking towards her room as his door swung open again, "Hurry and get dressed, I'll drop you off on my way there."

"Oka-" She said softly as he shut the door just as quickly as he had opened it. She closed her door as she walked in, feeling the heat she had left behind the night before. She kept the temperature in mind as she picked her clothing, choosing a floral romper with thin straps. She had learned the errors of her ways the day before as she suffered in jeans. She ran a brush through her hair and opened her door just as Grant was rushing out, still talking on the phone as he motioned for her to come along. She said a quick goodbye to Rebecca as they rushed out, moving with haste to his truck.

As they arrived and unlocked the library, still he spoke into the phone. As he hurried her in, he took the phone from his ear for one second. "I'll pick you up later." She only nodded in response. He saw the look in her eyes. "There are fans in my office. Plug them in before you start working Mae, not after."

She smiled at him, grateful that he had listened to her request. She went to his back office as he left, pushing the heavy boxes out into the partially cleared aisles. She finished setting the last of them as the front desk phone rang. She hurried around the corner and picked it up. "Griffith Library."

"M. Bennett! I was afraid for you."

She relaxed the grip of the phone in her hand and continued to stack books onto the desk. "Sweeney. I'm so sorry. We got around a little late today. I'm sorry I missed our lunch." She continued to speak lightly as she calmed him down, begging his forgiveness for her absence. "Okay, get some rest in this heat. Come by tomorrow, I promise I'll be here. Okay, bye."

Just as she hung up, she saw a small brunette woman in her late forties push open the door. Her sweater was buttoned high, and her skirt was long, touching the floor as she walked. She had small plain features, but Mae noticed just under her top button was a purple bruise. She immediately knew what she was going through. The small woman's eyes filled with shock as she saw her. "Welcome. What can I do for you?"

She grasped at her sweater and looked around, "Where's Sweeney?" She said so quietly that Mae almost missed it.

She came from around the corner. "I'm actually taking over for him for awhile. I'm Mae, Is there something I can do for you?"

She shook her head furiously and backed away from her hand. "No, heavens, no. Sweeney was supposed to drop off the new books today."

Mae looked on as she understood. She knew exactly who this was. "You're Mary. Sheriff Davis' wife, right? You run the children's home next door?" The look of fear in her eyes told her what she needed to know. "I just finished putting them together, I could bring them over for you Mary. I really wouldn't mind."

Mary backed away again. After Dom had come home two weeks ago, he would not stop talking about Grant and Mae. He kept saying he would take care of them, and that she was not to engage with any of them. If he saw her here, she would not recover from his rage. "No. have Sweeney come. Please. I can't be here."

Mae watched her as she left, feeling sorry that they had undoubtedly caused more trouble for her. She gathered more books from the desk and began putting them away. She placed a foot on the second level of the shelf as she thought about her past life, and what Mary must have been feeling. She extended her arm, trying desperately to get the last book in her arms correctly placed, when firm hands grabbed her sides and sat her back on the ground. "What are you doing?!" She hit Grant's chest as he pulled the book from her hands and placed it for her.

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