tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHyperactive Testes Disorder Pt. 03

Hyperactive Testes Disorder Pt. 03


(This is a continuation of this series, if you don't read part one and two, you probably want understand the setting very well. Also, I always read through these before I post them, but I still miss things. I appreciate constructive criticism about my stories, but grammatical critiques are pointless once this story is posted. I can't change anything. I hope you, like me, can deal with a few grammatical errors for the enjoyment of the greater story.)


Aahna woke up covered in cum, it was also dripping out of her pussy and butt. She was also very sore. Before last night she had only had sex maybe a half-dozen times in her life, and had never even thought about anal sex. But last night they went at it like animals. She lost count at twelve or thirteen.

As much as she loved the feeling of warm cum all over her body, what she was covered in had dried and gotten crusty. She slowly climbed out of bed, partly to not wake Mike, but also because she felt like she just ran a marathon the day before. Aahna waddled slowly to the bathroom and turned on the shower. She winced as she lifted her foot to step over the tub wall.

Once in, she let the warm water cascade over her body. It was like a warm massage on her sore muscles. Once her skin was cleansed of sperm, she tentatively spread her sore lips and was amazed by how much cum streamed out. She figured the warm moist environment must have kept it from drying out. She had to penetrate her butt with her fingers to get that cum to spill out.

As she finished soaping up and washing off, she wondered if last night was worth all of this pain. The answer came quickly when she remembered the pleasure from last night and felt herself getting excited again. She reached for her clit, but quickly remembered how sore she was and had to let the fire die. For good measure she drenched herself in cold water before stepping out of the shower.

She dried off and dropped the towel into the hamper. As soon as she stepped into the hallway, Mike was walking out of her room. He saw her naked and immediately turned around and blushed.


Aahna laughed uproariously. "You screwed nearly every hole I have last night, and your still shy about seeing me nude?"

Mike turned around, smiling in embarrassment. "Sorry, typically the only naked women I see are on the internet." Then he looked down and noticed her nipples were hard as diamonds. Nature took over and he was instantly covering her in come again.

Aahna laughed, turned her head away, and held out her hands like he was spraying her with a water hose. When he finished, she could see that he was horrified at what he had done.

"I'm so sorry, it's just your nipples were so hard."

"Mike, it's OK. I understand your condition. You really must have a never-ending supply though, if you can still cum that much after last night."

They worked together to clean the mess up off the floor, and then threw Aahna's sheets and bedspread in the washer. "Why don't you come keep me company while I take another shower? You can sit on the toilet and drain a few more loads while you watch me."

"I would love to, but I'm afraid I'm a bit too sore to touch myself right now."

Aahna looked at his already thickening shaft and joked, "I don't think you will need to."

Three loads later, Aahna climbed out of the shower, and Mike stepped in. "I'm going to cook some breakfast while you shower, do you want some?"

"Absolutely, I'm starving. Thank you."

When Mike walked into the kitchen, about 15 minutes later, he was surprised to see Aahna was still butt naked.

"You're still naked."

"And so are you?"

"Yea, but you know why I have to be?"

"I know, but I'm too sore to put on clothes. Besides, I figured if you can be constantly nude, why can't I? Unless you have a problem with my body."

"I absolutely don't have a problem with your body."

"Good." Aahna said as she handed him a plate with food on it.

They sat at the table, and Mike was about to excuse himself to drain his rapidly filling balls when Aahna stopped him. "Just cum under the table. We'll clean it up later."

Mike looked at the table, it was a small table that could barely seat two. "But I'll end up cumming all over your legs."

"Even better, skin is easier to clean."

Mike wasn't going to argue with her. So they sat down and he immediately came under the table. Aahna felt the warm blasts all over her legs, feet, and even stomach. It felt like warm lotion caressing her sore muscles. She tried not to show her enjoyment on her face.

"So, I was thinking. It's not fair that this disorder rules your life like it does."

"I agree, but what can we do about it?"

"I have a few ideas, this being one. It really breaks the flow of conversation when you have to go running out of the room every thirty minutes or so. So, from now on, when we are sitting here eating, I want you to just cum under the table, and we can clean it up later."

Some jelly dripped onto Aahna's right breast. She pushed the breast up closer to her mouth, and with great effort, licked the Jelly off. That made Mike tighten up again and hit her with another load underneath the table. Aahna acted like nothing happened as she smiled inwardly.

Secretly, she loved being able to make him cum so easily. It gave her a delicious feeling of power. It also made her feel like the sexiest woman in the world, that she could make a man cum just at the sight of her.

"Do you have any other ideas?" Mike asked.

"A few, but some of them need some prep work."

Mike had an awkward question he wanted to ask. "Umm, are we... This is going to sound weird. Are we a couple now?"

"No." Mikes stomach dropped. "Don't get me wrong, you seem like a great guy, but I still barely know you. I don't date someone until I'm pretty sure there is a decent chance of marriage. We may get to that point someday, but that's not today."

"Does that mean we have to stop having sex?"

"I sure hope not. Last night was incredible. You can have sex with someone without being in a relationship with them."

"OH, like that friends with benefits thing."


They talked for a while longer about other things, before Aahna steered the conversation back to his condition. "With as much money as you make, I think you should hire a cleaning person to come in every day. That way you can cum when and wherever you want. Think about how much time you will have back in your day."

Mike thought about that. Between his frequent trips to the bathroom, and all the time he wastes cleaning up accidents, it would make sense. "There is no way we could find someone who would be OK with me walking around nude, and cleaning up my cum."

"Actually, I already have someone in mind. She kind of already does just that. A friend of mine that I have class with, cleans porn sets."


"Yes, and they pay her poorly. Actually, if you let her stay here with us for free, then she would probably accept the same level of pay." The prospect of having another girl in the house made Mike cum again. He was starting to get curious how covered Aahna's legs were. "I'll take that as a yes." Aahna joked. "I'll talk to her about it Monday."

With that, Aahna stood and took her plate to the kitchen. Mike was shocked by the sight. It almost looked like she was wearing a white apron from the stomach down. Aahna then walked back to the bathroom and heard the shower start running again.

Mike felt like the luckiest guy in the world. Not just because he had a hot roommate that wanted to have tons of sex with him. But she was actually so kind-hearted that she was trying to make his existence better. He wanted to pay her back for her kindness.

He stood and walked into the bathroom. He could see all the cum was already gone. He climbed into the shower with her and began kissing her. She was into it at first, but then she pulled back and said, "No, I'm to sore for sex."

"Who said anything about sex? Trust me."

Aahna's loins were instantly on fire as she looked into Mike beautiful brown eyes. "OK." She said breathlessly.

Mike kissed his way down her neck and chest until he was sucking on her nipples. He sat her down on the edge of the tub and took the detachable shower nozzle from its mount. He pointed it at her pussy and rotated his wrist so that the water hit her clit in cycles. Her eyes were already rolling back into her head and her chest rose and fell rapidly. Mike kissed his way down her stomach, until his tongue took the place of the spray.

He sucked on and toyed with her clit while teasing her pussy with the stream. She began to moan loudly before shuddering and cumming hard. Mike wasn't sure if she had squirt or if that was just the water from the shower. In the time that it took him to do this, he had cum twice. He started to wonder if there was a limit to how much he could cum. He came one last time when they were sharing a passionate kiss.

Their faces were inches apart when Aahna whispered, with a sublime look on her face. "Thank you."

To be continued.


(This wasn't the chapter I intended to write. It's not even the full chapter that this chapter was turning into. But I like short self contained chapters, and if I didn't chop this chapter in two, it would probably end up being way to long. Hope you enjoyed it.)

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by Anonymous

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by sthsth04/30/19


Thanks. I always prefer to have at least a little bit of romanticism in my stories.

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by Anonymous04/29/19

I love this series!!

The romantic aspect of it really makes it!

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by sthsth04/20/19

Thanks for the encouragement.

I'm happy you two liked it so much. The next story is currently written, it's just making it's way through literotica's clearing process. There has been filling to overflowing in this series already, Imore...

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by wellhun_dan04/20/19


Cannot wait for the next story. Great writing, especially Aahna. I love that she's flattered and not grossed out at all. Will you be taking this gallons-of-cum opportunity further into other fetishesmore...

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by Anonymous04/19/19

Next chapter

It was amazing please write.... Next part with another girls as early as possible..

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