tagNovels and NovellasHyperspermia Pt. 01 Ch. 03

Hyperspermia Pt. 01 Ch. 03


This is module one, chapter three. This is going to be a novella of sorts. The intent is to have 3 modules total covering different times in our main characters life. While it is feasible to read any of these independently, this is a carryover story, so reading them in order is beneficial.

Module one, our main character is a senior in high school. He learns of his condition and figures out how to manage the changes in life that come with it. In chapter two, Stanley had another sexual experience to try to determine what his condition might be. This is the continuation of the story.

Disclaimer: Nearly all chapters have some exposure to young/old, group sex, lesbian sex, swinging, and/or cum sharing, etc. Some of them have exposure to incest or relations with step family members, etc. If any of these things offend you, please move to another story.


Stanley heads home after his time at his dad's with Stacy. He has no more answers than he did before he went there. He did however get his second blowjob and let loose another huge bust; his second in 24 hours. He is not sure how to react to these new changes, but he does know he is going to spend a lot of his time at his dad's until they can figure this out. He grabs some clothes, lets his mom know he will be at his dad's for a couple days, and was able to avoid his sister or her friend Kerry.

The rest of the evening went uneventful, but the pain in his balls started to creep back in as he laid his head on a pillow to go to sleep. Stanley wakes up the next morning with a lot of pain in his balls. It is even more than the previous morning. Lucky for him that he has no football or weight training today.

Stanley walks downstairs and sees his dad and his dad's wife Trish. He looks at his dad and says, "Dad, can we talk?"

Stanley's dad replies, "Son, I have briefed Trish on your situation and the happenings of the last day or so. She is up to date. You can speak freely in front of her."

Stanley is hesitant, but continues, "I have more pain this morning. It is slightly worse than yesterday morning. Can we call Stacy and see what the deal is?"

"Yes son. We'll call her."

Stanley's dad gets up and grabs his cell phone and calls Stacy. There is a discussion in the background that Stanley can't really hear. Soon he comes back and sits down at the table.

His dad explains, "I spoke to Stacy. She is certain of what it is. She'll be here late this evening to explain everything. Her advice is for you to have another orgasm to relieve the pain. Do you want to head upstairs and take care of your business?"

Stanley replies, "Dad, that's not really my thing. I have never really masturbated before."

Stanley's dad replies, "Well, I am going to call a good family friend of ours then. Her name is Mazy. I am sure she will be interested in assisting you with your situation."

Stanley looks down a little embarrassed, "Dad, I'm not so sure."

His dad responds, "Son. Having an orgasm has helped relieve your pain before. It is also the advice of a doctor. I think you'll like Mazy. She is fantastic."

Stanley looks confused, "Dad. Why do you know people like Stacy and Mazy? You're married. Trish, are you hearing this?"

Stanley's dad looks at his wife and they both smile. Trish nods in approval to her husband and says, "I think it is time to tell him Chris."

Chris then looks at his son and says, "Son, let us bring you in on a little secret. Trish and I are swingers. There are several family friends that we have sexual relations with. They are great people and we enjoy our time with them. I have kept it from you because I was not sure how you would take it. But I think now is as good of a time as any to tell you."

Chris continues, "It might be too much to tell you everything right now, but just understand that this is a safe house and I would never introduce you to anyone who I thought would not have your best interests at heart. Do you trust me?"

Stanley responds, "Yes dad. But I am still nervous."

Chris puts his hand on his sons shoulder and says, "Then let me call Mazy and ask her to come spend some time with you. She will take care of you."

Stanley's dad picks up his phone and calls Mazy. The one side of the conversation that Stanley can hear confirms that she will be here this afternoon. Stanley decides to go get a workout in to try to take his mind off of his current situation.

Following his workout, Stanley gets food and then heads to the shower upstairs. He is halfway through his shower when he hears the door open.

"Hey Stanley." It is his dad's oldest stepdaughter Brook, a couple years older than Stanley.

Stanley stutters a little and responds, "Brook, don't you see that I am taking a shower. Why are you in here?"

Brook replies, "I overheard Chris and my mom talking about your situation. I am fascinated. I want to see it for myself."

Stanley sticks his head around the shower curtain and sees that Brook has sat down on the toilet with no intention of moving.

Stanley looks at her and says, "No way. You're basically family. I can't do that."

Brook replies, "Well. I also heard that your dad let you in on the family secret. Did you know that I am involved in the swinger lifestyle as well? If you get involved, it is only a matter of time before you and I hook up."

Stanley takes a few minutes to finish up his shower. He reaches around the curtain and grabs a towel and wraps it around himself. He opens the shower curtain and sees Brook, naked, and spread open on the toilet. She is rubbing her bald pussy and moaning slightly.

Brook is tanned, with dirty blonde hair. She has long muscular legs, a flat stomach with visible six-pack abs, and full natural DD tits. Her face is very pretty with kissable lips, pretty eyes and a few random freckles across her cheeks.

With a seductive look Brook says, "Stanley, I want you. I want you to blow your big load all over my body. You can't tell me that this doesn't turn you on."

"Uh... well... Uhhh..."

Brook smiles and looks down at Stanley's pitched tent, "Your erection betrays you Stanley. I want to see this amazing cumshot I have heard about."

Brook stops playing with herself and reaches over and pulls the towel off of Stanley. His huge erection points back at Brook. She smiles and says, "oh my."

Stanley says, "My dad called someone to come over and help me get some relief. I think you're out of luck."

Brook smiles again, "I like Mazy a lot. She and I have shared many orgasms together. But I cannot pass up on this."

She leans forward and grabs Stanley's erection with her hand. She uses her grip to pull him closer and then slides her mouth over his member. She bobs up and down leaving lubrication behind. She pulls her mouth off of Stanley's cock and starts jerking it with her hand. She looks up at Stanley and remarks; "You have an amazing cock, just like your father."

Then she goes back down on it, almost to the base. With each pump of her hand, she twists it slightly before going back down. A surge of pleasure pushes through Stanley's body. Stanley stops resisting and starts enjoying the blowjob. Within a few minutes, he says, "If you keep doing that, I am not going to last."

Brook pulls her mouth off of his member long enough to say, "I don't want you to last Stanley. Blast that cum all over my body."

As if it were an invitation, Stanley leans his head back and groans that he is ready to cum. Brook lets go of Stanley's cock and leans back on the toilet. She grabs her tits and starts massaging them roughly.

"Jerk that cock and spray your load all over me," Brook taunts. The she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue like a runway.

Stanley grabs his cock and starts jerking. Brook is about 2-3 feet away now. Within seconds, he starts firing. The first shot hits the wall above Brooks head. The second shot hits the wall a little lower. The next two shots land on top of Brook's head, splattering her hair. The next shot hits Brook square in the face, making a mess. Stanley tries to aim toward her open mouth. Some of the next several shots land in and around her mouth. Her face is completely covered now. Stanley aims lower and the next few shots land on her chest and ample tits. One shot hits her belly and another lands on her leg. Finally the remaining dribbles land on the floor in front of Stanley.

Stanley grunts a little and shakes his head as if he just had the most exhilarating experience of his life. Brook sits there with a stunned look on her face. Stanley looks at her amazed. It is the third girl he has covered in cum in less than 2 days.

Brook finally speaks up, "You are a stud. I am going to have so much fun with you."

Stanley replies, "Aren't you a little weirded out? I am."

As Brook starts pooling cum with her fingers and putting it in her mouth, she responds, "Stanley, you will soon learn to go with the flow and to do what makes you feel good. Life is too short to get caught up in what society thinks is right or wrong."

Stanley does not respond, but instead picks the arrant towel up and starts drying off. When he is finished, he wraps the towel around him and heads for the bathroom door. Before exiting, he turns around and asks, "Do you need anything Brook? I am going to get dressed."

"No Stanley. I am good. Thank you!"

Stanley heads to his bedroom to get dressed. While Stanley is in his bedroom, Mazy arrives and heads upstairs. She decides to hit the bathroom before knocking on Stanley's door. She opens the door and sees Brook still on the toilet, partially covered in cum.

Mazy comments, "You look like a mess. What happened?"

Brook looks up and responds, "Hello to you too. Stanley. That's what happened. The rumors are true. He just covered me in one hell of a load."

Mazy licks her lips and says, "Let me help clean you up."

She walks over to Brook and leans down and kisses her. They exchange a passionate kiss for several moments. Then Mazy backs away, licks her lips, and expresses, "Man that cum tastes good."

Mazy hikes up her skirt, kneels on the floor and starts licking Brook's body. She starts with her neck, then her chest and finally her breasts. She spends time really making sure that Brooks nipples are clean. Then Mazy puts her hand between Brook's legs and starts rubbing her pussy.

She looks at Brook lustfully and says, "You are very turned on aren't you?"

Brook shakes her head and moves her hips forward to give easier access to her pussy. Mazy kisses her way down to Brook's pussy and then opens her legs wide and dives in. She licks up and down Brook's hairless pussy eventually stopping on her clit. She slides two fingers into her pussy while maintaining the oral pressure on her clit. It only takes a few minutes before Brook is jerking in orgasm. Mazy cleans up the juices on her pussy and leans back and says, "I love your pussy. It is so juicy and tastes like peaches. I think you are mostly cleaned up. You may need a shower to wash that cum out of your hair. And I'll let you clean the wall."

While this is happening, Stanley heads down to the kitchen to get food. All this activity is making him hungry. No one else is home; so he helps himself to the fridge and sits down to eat alone.

Mazy exits the bathroom and sees that Stanley's door is open. She slips in lightly calling Stanley's name. No one answers. Quite horny from her time with Brook, Mazy gets undressed and lies on Stanley's bed. She spreads her legs wide and starts twirling her clit with her left hand while punching the nipples on her breasts with her right.

Stanley finally comes back upstairs to his room and when he walks in he sees Mazy on his bed, naked, with her fingers plunging in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Mazy beckons him over. He hesitates, thinking how surreal this is. He acknowledges that he has been with his first three women in the last 2 days and another one is naked in his bed in front of him.

His feet finally start moving slowly as he continues to take in this view. Mazy is a brunette with very curly hair. She has a nice tan that covers her flawless body. She has medium size tits maybe a B or a C. She has a well-trimmed landing strip that leads to a nice pink pussy that has juices glistening off of it already.

Halfway to the bed, Stanley notices that she has a wedding ring on. He stops. Mazy sees the hesitation and recognizes why.

Mazy leans forward to close the gap to Stanley and says, "Yes. I am married. So is Stacy. Brook has a boyfriend. So does that cute girl Kerry. It is the life of a swinger Stanley. My husband will hear about our adventures tonight and he will smile. Then we will probably make love or I will blow him. Women love cock as much as men love pussy. I love a nice cock and I hear yours is to die for. Come spend time with me. I want to make you feel good."

Stanley hesitates and then engages in conversation, "You know about my cum explosion problem then don't you?"

Mazy smiles and says, "Yes I do. I love a good load. In fact, I helped Brook clean herself up a few minutes ago and you taste delicious. I am looking forward to some more."

Stanley looks surprised, "Oh. I didn't know."

Mazy reaches her hand out again to bring him in, "It's okay Stanley. We'll go slowly. I'd like to show you some things. Maybe we will do some things that you've never done before."

Stanley slips out of his shorts and takes his shirt off. Mazy just stares at his hot body and his big cock. Then she asks, "Stanley, have you licked a girls pussy before?"

Stanley shakes his head. Mazy indicates he should approach. He does. She directs him down to slide his face between her legs. She spends the next several minutes instructing Stanley on how to properly eat a woman's pussy. Finally he has the hang of it and Mazy is squirming in pleasure. She cums and Stanley licks up her pussy nectar and keeps going.

Brook comes in just as Mazy is finishing with her orgasm.

"Can I get some of that," Brook asks.

Stanley pulls away and is obviously nervous. Mazy reassures him that they will be gentle and go slow. She reminds him that this is a safe environment. Brook reminds Stanley that she and Mazy have been together many times and that the most recent time was in the bathroom sharing his cum. Stanley blushes.

Mazy continues, "Stanley, I think this is a good opportunity for you to have sex. Do you have a preference which of us you'd like to have first?"

Stanley thinks long and hard. The length of silence is uncomfortable. Finally Brook speaks up, "Stanley, I hope after today, Mazy and I can continue to have fun with you regularly. This is just the beginning. It is safe to assume that both of us would like to have your glorious cock in our pussies today."

Stanley is still hesitant. A million thoughts are running through his head. Finally, he just decides he needs to go for it. He nods his head. Mazy suggests that Stanley lay on his back. He does and his erection flops on his stomach. Brook, still naked from the bathroom, climbs on the bed and takes his manhood in her hand. She leans down and puts it in her mouth. She bobs up and down several times leaving a generous saliva trail. Then she pulls away still holding his cock up to the sky.

Mazy climbs on the bed and hovers over the top of him. She massages her pussy and moans. Then she looks at Stanley and tells him it is time. Brook aims his hard cock at Mazy's pussy. Mazy lowers herself slowly. Brook takes Stanley's cockhead and flicks it around Mazy's wet pussy. Then Mazy lowers herself down a little letting some of Stanley's erection inside. He is huge and it takes some effort to get his monster inside her tight pussy. She spends the next several minutes working his big cock deeper and deeper inside.

Brook starts kissing Mazy while she continues to rock on Stanley's rod. Mazy puts Stanley's hands on her breasts and he begins to squeeze and play with them. Stanley starts to feel that recently familiar feeling boiling up in his groin. Mazy has only worked herself about halfway down his erection when Stanley tells her he needs to cum already. Mazy breaks the kiss with Brook and lies down on his chest and starts grinding his cock. She whispers in his ear, "I want to feel you fill my pussy up with your cum Stanley. Cum inside me."

Stanley starts cumming immediately after. His legs go stiff as he fires shot after shot of hot cum inside Mazy's warm box. Mazy moans and grips her pussy muscles as she feels every shot hit the inner walls of her pussy. The continued pulsing of Stanley's manhood leads her to her own orgasm. They take a few moments to recover from their shared orgasm.

Brook is standing by the bed and comments, "That was hot. I want a turn."

Mazy moves around a little enjoying the feeling of Stanley's still erect meat still inside of her. Reluctantly, Mazy rises all the way off of Stanley's cock. Cum comes pouring out of her pussy all over Stanley's groin. The girls spend the next several minutes cleaning Stanley up. Then they start kissing each other. The scene is really hot. Stanley still hasn't lost his erection yet.

After being mostly cleaned up, Brook climbs on top of Stanley and slides his big cock into her very wet waiting pussy. As she inserts his cock, Brook lets out an audible moan. She rides him for a several minutes to try to loosen her pussy up so she can get more of him in. Stanley's stamina is better this time.

Brook then asks him to do her doggystyle. Mazy instructs him on what to do and where to put his hands. Soon he finds a good rhythm. Mazy sneaks under Brook facing the opposite way and the girls lick each others pussy while Stanley continues to fuck Brook from behind. Between the oral stimulation from Mazy and the girth of Stanley's cock going in and out of her pussy, Brook moans through back-to-back orgasms.

Stanley tells the girls he is almost ready to cum again for the third time in an hour. Mazy tells him to pull out and shoot his cum all over Brook's back. Stanley increases his pace and when it is time for him to cum, he pulls his cock out of Brook's pussy and starts to jerk it hard. The fist shot of cum flies out and covers the left side of Brook's back. The second one covers the right side. The next two paint the middle. Then the flow slows down. Three more shots paint Brooks ass and run down her crack onto Mazy's face. The last little dribble lands directly on Mazy.

Mazy slides out from underneath Brook licking her lips. She looks at Stanley and exclaims, "Damn you taste good. What do you eat?" Stanley just smiles and moves to the top of the bed and leans against the headboard exhausted. Mazy starts licking up the cum all over Brooks back. She uses her fingers to share some with Brook. Then Mazy cleans up Brook's ass and pussy. Brook uses her tongue and fingers to clean up the dribble on Mazy's face. Then the girls kiss each other and swallow all the remaining cum dribbles on Brook's body.

After several minutes of recovery time has passed, Brook looks at Stanley and says, "Stanley, I am looking forward to more encounters with you. That is a wonderful piece of manhood you have there."

Mazy shakes her head and says, "Me too."

Stanley responds, "My huge amount of cum does not scare you off?"

Brook responds, "No. I just need to be prepared for it."

Mazy says, "No. You taste amazing. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it."

Then the girls head to the shower to finish getting cleaned up. Stanley gets dressed and considers taking a nap. He lays there thinking about the past couple days. He doesn't know what is wrong with him. He can't wait for Stacy to get here. He falls asleep wondering how else his life is going to change.

A few hours later, Stanley is woken up by a knock on his bedroom door. His dad comes strutting in and sits at his desk next to the bed.

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